Cue Fed Faux Fury At "Complacent Markets" As VIX Plunges To 10-Handle

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What does Yellen know? Nothing apparently (if she says 'sell') US equity markets, juiced by China's GDP data (but missing China's retail sales and home price slump) and helped by Portugal 'reassurances' that have yet to materialize, are soaring this morning... VIX is back at a 10-handle as Dow hits record highs, the S&P nears record highs and even small-cap, social media, momo, tech fantasy stocks are ripping... you can't keep a good market down... It seems "fight the Fed" is the new "Don't fight the Fed"


Dow record highs...


as VIX is slammed to a 10-handle again...


But don't look now as Russell 2000 is dumping off the spike open...

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  The markets completely ignore retail sales(yesterday) and industrial production misses... The fucking Hindenburg is on autopilot to the sun.

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A thrill just ran down my leg. Thrill is urine, as I just pissed myself once again.

(This message brought to you by the proposed Murdoch merger.) With all this debt and free health care, I may never have to work again!

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If I recall correctly, it took about 2-3 years between Alan Greenspan's "irrational exuberance" comment and the dot-com crash.  

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How does a white knuckled "Everything is fine!" comment stand up?

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It was a very different "market" back then.  Simply put, when it comes to debt (sovereign debt especially) the Fed is the "market".


Does anyone really expect that they will short/indict themselves?  No, I think not.

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There is going to be a morning when I wake, read the headlines and this phony market is imploding and the muppets are shocked and horrified.

or maybe not and this ponzi just goes on forever

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I heard a man sing that nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky.

And that all we do, crumbles to the ground though we refuse to see.



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Party hearty you ignorant fucks!

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The Fed cannot allow rates to rise and to normalize. The US debt will just continue to rise again until the US hits a currency crisis. So it could be a while

The Fed is trapped. It's all talk and slight of hand while debt continues to climb.

disabledvet's picture

Rates simply aren't going to rise.


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and this will cause absolutely no unforseen or negative consequences.

Hooray for central planning and our god-like masters!!!

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Come on, Janet. Hike rates on their punk-asses. Show 'em who's boss, mama!

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Ole Yeller is NEVER raising's all bullshit talk to alleviate Repo Mkts...we're in a fukking depression

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Even so, the Russell is where it's at today.  Did a nice opening short down to the 15m lower Keltner, now will be interesting to see if the RUT barons do a "buying vacuum" down to the 200 MA today as Janet speaks, or if they'll take advantage to goose newer shorts who may have come in after hearing her warning and join today's irrational exuberance.  I'm convinced this index's behavior near term is more important than it's big brothers SPY and DOW.

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Re: goosing new shorts.. The Fed can monkey hammer any squeeze attempt. Today will be interesting for sure.

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Historically, Russell barons have been the most powerful in fighting anyone, including the Fed.  Is it possible a little kryptonite entered the picture this week?  With that in mind, opened another short during the retracement with a lower target, and if I get 2 Russell shorts to work in a single day, well, then I'm going to Disneyworld :)

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May Kevin Henry trade with you today, my friend.

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

Took my profit and will sit, like Kevin, and listen to the Janet show.  May kick myself for missing the "big one", but I don't like to trade while FedHeads are talking.  It's never worked out for me, ever . . .

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" It seems "fight the Fed" is the new "Don't fight the Fed" "


Greenspan dropped the rate twice in January, 2001.  The market kept going down until October, 2002.  So much for don't fight the FED.

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"Bond vigilates" actually existed back then.  They don't anymore...

The Fed, is the market, period.  Are they going to fight/indict themselves?

I think not.

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What/who would Zero be without the Fed? <<crickets>>

Except for waking up with the Wookie, he is a very lucky man to be living in these times where the markets for the rich are skyward and entitlements for the poor/immigrant benefits doing same. Everyone in UStopia, except the hard working middle class, is doing exceptionally well. Well enough to cover scandals, treat our servicemen like dogs, party lika a rock star, shirking every crisis and blaming Repugs or Congress, and living like a king.  Zero is a surfer dude riding Fed's mandate. Speaking of man-date....

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Bullish Bitchez!  Seriously, why fight it?  Though I haven't received a re-entry signal yet, this market is a dream for traders.


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Bids just keep going higher and higher.

The Federal Reserve have to keep it going higher before the November election.

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Yellen "stretched"... now that's a disgusting thought

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Well they forgot to cut the data feeds the other week when they tested the VIX trading at $5 so we know the plan now.

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If VIX keeps bouncing around like an EKG I'm going to have steller year