If You Own A Kalashnikov Rifle, Obama Just Sanctioned You

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If you thought the latest round of US sanctions against some largely unknown Russians and a few new companies listed here, most notably Rosneft and Gazprombank - but not Gazprom, never Gazprom - that would cut off Russian gas to Europe and Merkel doesn't want that - would be largely a non-event, you are right. Unless you own a Kalashnikov, aka AK-47 rifle. In which case read on.

From the updated sanctions FAQ:

If I own a Kalashnikov product, is that product blocked by sanctions?  Am I able to resell a Kalashnikov product at a gun show or other secondary market?


If a U.S. person is in possession of a Kalashnikov Concern product that was bought and fully paid for prior to the date of designation (i.e., no payment remains due to Kalashnikov Concern), then that product is not blocked and OFAC sanctions would not prohibit the U.S. person from keeping or selling the product in the secondary market, so long as Kalashnikov Concern has no interest in the transaction.  New transactions by U.S. persons with Kalashnikov Concern are prohibited, however, and any property in which Kalashnikov Concern has an interest is blocked pursuant to OFAC’s designation of Kalashnikov Concern on July 16, 2014.  If a U.S. person has an inventory of Kalashnikov Concern products in which Kalashnikov Concern has an interest (for example, the products are not fully paid for or are being sold on consignment), we advise that U.S. person to contact OFAC for further guidance on handling of the inventory.


If I have Kalashnikov products in my inventory, can I sell them?


If a U.S. person has an inventory of Kalashnikov Concern products in which Kalashnikov Concern has an interest (for example, the products are not fully paid for or are being sold on consignment), we advise that U.S. person to contact OFAC for further guidance on handling of the inventory.

In other words, the US just froze any transactions involving products made by the world's most popular assault rifle: both purchases and sales. For now, however, one can still buy Russian-made gold and silver. And US rifles, of course.... For now that is.

As for Putin's response, once he is done laughing, we hope to see the newly-launched BRIC bank provide its first bilateral liquidity swaps with the named individuals and companies. Because that would conveniently frame what the endgame will look like.

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idea_hamster's picture

What if I own a Kalashnikov-made fully-automatic co-located quote-generator/canceller?  Hottest cyclic rate on the market!

Does that count?  No?  Oh, thank goodness.

NoDebt's picture

I wonder when they're going to tell Obama his mic has been turned off since Russia took the Crimea without firing a shot (a feat in which I still stand in amazement).

Leonardo Fibonacci2's picture

Putin has Obamba by his  Kenyan minature balls. The Chicago thug got bitch slapped again!!

gh0atrider's picture

What if you're only allowed to own a SKS pinned to 5 rounds?  Or does that make you a virtual homo?

Xploregon's picture

Pssssssst. Keep it on the down low but I didn't hear the word "Seiga" mentioned. Shhhhhhhh.

MiguelitoRaton's picture

...as AK-47 prices shoot up (literally)

Rick Blaine's picture

It depends what you want it to do...

As for this new layer of bullshit, I don't know what all this really means...but I'm willing to bet that Obama thinks he just essentially banned the importation and sales of AK-47s (more more specifically, AKMs).

I'm pretty sure most AKs available on the market right now have nothing to do with the Kalash Concern (Izhmash)...

...like Bulgarian Arsenals, Zastava, etc...and plenty of older, good ones - like Polytechs and Hungarians.

...and if you don't one...or three...yet...I suggest you get them sooner than later.

Latina Lover's picture

What a dirty Bastard! Russia won't care about sanctioning AK 47's,  but this really plays into the gun grabbing agenda.  Obama really is a piece of shit.

12ToothAssassin's picture

I love me a good ZH gun thread!

TeamDepends's picture

Lots of "I'll take 'em out at 1200 yards" when most likely it'll be "I had to pump 'em full of 12 ga. buckshot"....

Save_America1st's picture

The Dick-taster in Chief strikes again.  Give it up, Commie.  If you and you're Marxist scum want our guns, well...


Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

You are clueless as to what Marxism is.

Your reference to the "molon labe" warcry is quite telling as well. Sparta was, by any objective measure, a fascist state.


Headbanger's picture


I just made a fortune on my AK, SKS, Mosin and SVT!!!

Damn!!   I better run out and buy up all the Tokarevs I can still get for $120!


AK versus AR versu Mosin..  MUST READ!



Betcha 7.62x39 Tula and Brown Bear (=Wolf too) double in price overnight!

mjcOH1's picture

"I'm pretty sure most AKs available on the market right now have nothing to do with the Kalash Concern (Izhmash)..."

Looks like the import ban hammer has just been dropped on the Saiga 12.   Izhmash is the sole supplier.

Rick Blaine's picture

Yeah...assuming we're not misreading this, this covers all Izhmash and Saigas - and those two combined are a pretty big part of the market.

...especially when you consider all the various calibers of Saigas...

N2OJoe's picture

What the fuck is a US person?

Colonel Klink's picture

Just bought another case of AK ammo.  The link is absolutely correct.  With AK you buy it by the case, $225 shipped.

MachoMan's picture

Yep.  Just bought 1k sp and 1k fmj in 7.62x39...  Also ordered a vepr 12 w/ pinned side folder/19" barrel...  had been hankering for one for a while and this nudged me to buy...  was literally checking out when centerfire and classic sold out of them...  ended up finding one through kvar, since no one ever actually goes there since their prices are so high usually.  I think they and atlantic firearms still have a few left for anyone else interested.  Will worry about mags later, hopefully they honor the prices and ship the thing.

N2OJoe's picture

I don't think I'll ever have to buy 7.62x39 or 7.62x51 again for the rifles but I could sure use some more 12ga for the Saiga shotty.

Save_America1st's picture

Lighten up Francis....4 weeks, 6 days on ZH, and you say something that lame? lol

Don't be a douche.   

Lore's picture

Eirek: You quibble on details out of context and seem to miss the core, simple point of SA1's post. Do you do that often? Are you trying to be argumentative, or do you simply lack focus?

Anecdotally, if you want to be specific, Obama is Fabian Socialist.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Whatever happened to Fight Club? Give the idiot a knee in the package and be done with him...

drstrangelove73's picture

Oh my goodness,what a telling retort!
What a rapier wit you have.
Here's a useful epithet for your next verbal combat.
"So's your old man"
And,"your mother wears army boots"
That should fix 'em
What a dork

TeethVillage88s's picture


Helots did not have voting rights, although compared to non-Greek chattel slaves in other parts of Greece they were relatively privileged. The Spartan poet Tyrtaios refers to Helots being allowed to marry and retaining 50% of the fruits of their labor.[56]

source of quotation is Plutarch, Apophthegmata Laconica, 51.11.[5]

DaveyJones's picture

but what about a Kardashian rifle? 

pods's picture

Only pussies get them Davey; with all that padding on the butt it is like shooting a 22.


PT's picture

Never mind. You can still buy a shovel, can't you? (Shhhhh!)

Always a great one to ressurrect:


Anusocracy's picture

The State Duma should pass emergency legislation changing the name of the company.

disabledvet's picture

What if I'm a part owner of the factory?

Anusocracy's picture

Well, a smart businessman would want to keep his customers.

Richardk888's picture

The Chinese make a good one too. Norinco AK-47.

drstrangelove73's picture

Two thumbs up.
I have one that's still in cosmoline along with 300 rounds and a banana clip.
Chinese AK is AOK

Overfed's picture

I wonder why .gov bumped off Ratliff.

Lore's picture

Very interesting (and amusing). Such a resilient weapon, evidently built to take such abuse!  No wonder the control freaks want to raise barriers to ownership. 

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

most of the guns you buy with an 'AK-47' lable arent russian AKs, its romanian, bulgarian, chinese, etc. probably not going to hurt russia at all. especially since its still the most popular AR in the world. It will suck for law abiding american citzens who want to buy cheap surplus ammo, especially the tula factory spam cans, and the old 70's stuff. hmmmm, wonder who exactly this law really targets...

TheReplacement's picture

It means you cannot buy new arms from Kali.  If you already own one and there is no debt to Kali you are free to sell as you see fit.

The local gunshop told me a couple weeks ago that AKs have been hot while black rifles have not.  My take:  Black rifles are very light, ergonomic, and much more accurate.  They are great for plinking and competing.  Times are changing and people are gearing up to defend themselves.  AKs go bang every time.  Hence the move from black rifles to AKs.

The gunshop also mentioned that denials on background checks have spiked up and the "authorities" aren't being helpful or giving reasons. 

Now we essentially have an import ban on AKs.  They have already banned specific rounds for the 47 and 74 due to armor piercing qualities.  It is a combination of protectionism for American manufacturers, punishing Russians, and limiting arms to the people.  Wonder why?

Everyone is preparing.  The endgame neareth.

SilverRhino's picture

That's exactly what he's trying to do.    Oddly enough he missed the ones that would really hurt.   MOLOT (imports Mosin Magants) and the makers of Wolf ammo Tulskiy Patronniy Zavod (Tula Cartridge Plant)

I expect the price of Saiga-12's to shoot up quickly. 


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Izhevsk and Arsenal JV. 

It's a nice gun, I own one.

Headbanger's picture

I like Izzys

I like Tula too

I like everything that goes bang when I squeeze the trigger 


Well... Not a High Point really

Although they make a great boat anchor!