Peak Animal Spirits

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It appears, unlike in the mid 2000s, that the low level of volatility and high level of stocks has not had the desired effect on ramping animal spirits among the general population. Judging by the number of "optimistic" stories, peak animal spirits passed at the start of 2012... as optimism is now back at crisis lows...



Source: Bloomberg

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VIX!!!   Ahhhh,  VIX!!!!

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"Bull markets are born on pessimism, rise on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria."

Complacency is on the rise!

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Optimism is tanking because everyone and their brother knows it's fake.  Period.

The wizards at the Fed aren't any more magical than the Wizard of Oz.  Techno-tricks to pump asset classes with no substance behind it.  The curtain was pulled back, we all know it's a trick and we know how it works.  We've all seen where they pull the rabbit from.  Its no longer a mystery.  Yet the Fed still insists they are magical.  But nobody can be convinced to un-see what they have seen.

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My theory is that John Maynard Keynes deliberately wanted his body to be cremated and spread across the fields, BECAUSE he knew that the populace of peasants (his words) would piss on his grave to the end of time. Can you imagine the amount of excrement that would have piled up on his tombstone if he had been buried intact? 

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I long for 1978....

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Even with the bad music and fashions?

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How can I even remember 1978?  It was before 1980, I think.  But I'm not even sure of that.

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Knowing all that I know now if I could relive 1979 I would have changed many things. That was a very pivotal tear. (I will leave that as it is a Freudian)

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You mean anibot spirits.

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It's all vix to me.....

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At least we'll always have Belgium.

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Keep taking  it up banksters to the stratosphere. The first one to notice a meaningful sell will cause a momentous slide. 

Animal spirits work going up and on the downside. 

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VIX is soon to be the catalyst of my early retirement fund

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Maybe someone needs to sacrifice a goat.

A little blood-letting is always good for connecting with the animal spirits - so my voodoo doctor tells me.

yogibear's picture

Inflation is showing up in a big way.

The Fed can only deny it for a short while.

HERSHEY, Pa.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Jul. 15, 2014— The Hershey Company (NYSE:HSY) today announced an increase in wholesale prices across the majority of its U.S., Puerto Rico and export portfolio.

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"The Hershey Company (NYSE:HSY) today announced an increase in wholesale prices..."

Good for them. Hershey sells the chocolate equivalent of Budweiser. They can't call some of their stuff "milk chocolate" anymore. It's now "chocolate candy" which is "chocolaty".