Ramadan Caption Contest

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President Barack Obama hosted Tuesday an Iftar at the White House in celebration of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The Iftar - the sixth to be hosted by Obama since he came to power in 2008 - has become an annual tradition at the White House, gathering diplomats from the Arab and Muslim world. We are sure that was not awkward at all for Obama...


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Same prez Obozo who tore down the scene of the nativity at the Whitehouse during Christmas.

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Did he make sure to invite the head of NASA ?

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Could any of you use some mexican kids?

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Whatever happened to the notion of; "separation of church and state?"

The White House should NOT be celebrating ANY religious holiday!!!!

I'm OK with the idea that employees should be allowed time off so that they can celebrate religious holidays at their own home or chrurch or mosque, or wherever, but NOT at the white house, and definitely NOT paid for with tax dollars.

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Caption bubble coming out of Obama's empty head...."If it looks like I've suddenly put on weight it's because you people would be worth so many virgins in Jannah!"

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“It is good to be back amongst my people once again, praise be to Allah and his prophet Muhammad.
We can talk freely here about “my Muslim faith” and my claiming to have been born in Kenya for publicity.
But I assure you that I was born a Muslim and I am no apostate. I am simply following the Koran in my masquerades in order to deceive the trusting and gullible people of the United States.





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I wonder how the MSM missed this ???

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They of course, did not miss it.

It is just an S.O.P. part of ignoring significant news when it might jeopardize cozy relationships with their beloved collectivists in power.

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Michele will be in here with some school lunches in a moment....

But first, any ideas on how to make Murica more conquerable?

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so obama says to them...

A Marxist, a Muslim, and an illegal alien walk into a bar.

The bartender says, "Hello, Mr. President."

(geeez...he's always talking about himself)

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"Johnny Ola told me about this place. He brought me here. Seeing is believing!

I still don't believe it!  Old man Roth would never come here, but Johnny knows these places like the back of his hand."

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O : "Ladies, please remain seated on the left side of the room.  Unless you've had a clitorectomy.   Or you're seated with a eunich.   In which case ya'll can raise your hand and I'll be around to see you."

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A black guy, a Mexican, and a Jew walk into an Irish bar.

The bartender says, "Get the fuck out of my bar."

...it's funny because it's racist!

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So after Obama finishes talking about himself for an hour, he says, "That's enough of me talking about me for a while, now I'd like to hear you talk about me for a while".

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Where the hells that teleprompter when you need it?

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Teleprompter??   you need the Templar Order, nothing less.




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Even Obama does not need a teleprompter when he speaks from the heart to the people he most cares for.

The Obama Six


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I, Barry Obama, is a 32nd degree Prince Hall Mason...word to yo' momma

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I read the Quran last night on my teleprompter and I officially signed a executive fatwa to declare Jihad against anyone I hate during that Ramadan thing.

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I think its fairly obvious that church and state have always been in bed together.  Of course add to that the corperation and Allah we get the holy trinity incarnate. 

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Religion is Obama's Animal Farm, where all religions are equal, just some are more equal than others.

Anyone noticing a recurring theme here?

The white folks have been on top for too damned long. Fucking white Christians...who do they think they are? They didn't build this country, oppressed minorities living in government housing and eating government food built this country into what  is it today. Detroit wouldn't be the Mecca it is today if not for these minorities. And the Muslims, they did something important a thousand years ago or so, so they too built America. And the illegals...our yards would be nothing without them.

So white folks just step aside, or be shoved aside. Maybe, if you are contrite enough or apologetic enough, we might let you stay at the table, otherwise, get the fuck out!



Its almost like there is a fundamental transformation occurring right before our eyes.

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A priest, a rabbi and muhammad board a jetliner...

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They all died when muhammad cut their heads off.

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Then Mosad took over control of the jetliner then crashed in into the World Trade center and blamed Muhammad.

EDIT:  Guess we can only make fun of the imaginary terrists* and not the real ones.

*As determined by the Western world and those with the largest amount of WMDs in the Middle East.

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oh come on this is funny! 

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Obama believes in nothing but himself.  He only likes Muslims because they incorporate the same techniques as Marxists which is what he is.  Obfuscation, lying, control and terror.

It's all about the Revolution.

Plus....he's just fluffing up his largest future donors to his Presidential library and the Obama Foundation after he steps down.

Big money in speeches I hear nowadays.

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Obama is a zionist through and through, and carries water for all the zionist sociopaths who have already bought off every other branch of US government.

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If you like your 72 virgins, you can keep your 72 virgins.

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This is a clear winner of the caption contest.

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When I said, "72 holes," I meant a weekend of golf.

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Pladizow - You owe me a keyboard.  Diet Pepsi all over it.

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"Could any of you use some mexican kids?"

Nah...he didn't say that.  But he did ask this question.   "Which one of you does this belong to" ?


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Be careful how you define "use" when addressing that crowd about kids.

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A muslim, a socialist, and a communist walk into a bar. The bartender says, "hello Mr. President."
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So who needs arms - cash donations only, thanks!

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If he actually was a Christian, he might understand that Easter is a feast (the most important of the year), and not an egg roll.

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Let me be clear, my Muslim faith is very important, eh...I mean my, eh, Christian faith..is very important to me...

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Of course, Obama is the choosen one - the 3 wiseman, Shepards, et al are to VISIT HIM at the White House..... The prophecy has been met!


Jesus and his 38,432 "accolytes" on the other hand is sneaking across the border about now....

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and the one who acknowledged the 57 muslim states

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Yeah, does he say it nice and quiet like at this gathering?

Does he say it when he's watching our drones bomb a funeral or wedding with Women and Children present?

I'm so confused; who are we fighting again?

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"We have some tasty treats for you today at the Allahu Snackbar at the back of the room."


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"Help yourselves to the spare ribs and pork chops"