Gold Up Most In A Month, VIX Spikes Most In 6 Months

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Despite CNBC's best afforts to play down this "may have been shot down" news of 295 dead on a Malaysian Airlines jet in Ukraine, markets are turmoiling. New lows for the day in stocks and bond yields have been accompnied by a surge in Gold (up over $25) and VIX (up almost 2 vols) with its biggest jump in 6 months.



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they are losing their control of gold.

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"They" weren't expecting gold to go up like that. Gotta beat it down for the rest of the day to put it back in it's place.... or else.... GLD SHORT SQUEEZE on OPEX Friday tomorrow.

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Was there any unusual buying before the crash ??  just asking.  Seems more like a bomb than a shoot down.

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This will take a long time to unravel. They are loosing control of gold but more importantly, they are loosing the vasil states like France, Germany, etc. It will take years as this much power is hard to overcome. China is the nation to watch. They are the upset.

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Cover your positions now.  ZH has a real affinity for picking tops (gold and VIX) and bottoms (stawks).


Just sayin'

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It is almost like they knew something would happen this week, knocked Gold down before event and now are back to where we began. 

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At least the Ukrainian gold is safe in the Fed vault in New York...or the JPM vault across the tunnel

If it ever made it there...

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Gold Silver are up. Whats interesting is Bitcoin is going up as well.  Is this becoming the new "safety currency" 

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That $3 billion dump of gold futures earlier this week might be in a world of hurt -- if they were playing with real money...  Instead it did it's job keeping gold away from $1350.

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silver getting capped exactly @ +2%

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Time to set up the momo-chasing gold muppets for another muppet massacre.

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Agreed. I fully expect to check the spot price around 630 Eastern time on Sunday and see gold down 15-20. Although they are losing their effeftiveness. It used to only require a few hundred million, and that would wipe out the bid and halt trading for a few seconds. It's now taking them 3 billion in 2 days, and it's not even triggering a halt. Also, some how, for some retarded ass reason, the S&P will be nice and green.

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Gold already OFF $10 to 1315 Dow just down 30 LOL

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Gold kept me garage-saling last weekend...Found a few pieces of 14k at an earlier sale, and when I ran out of money I popped into my gold guy, and got a quick 80 bucks. Enough to go to a few more sales...I didn't get any more gold that day, but I DID get a nice piece of Rose Medallion china, and some Russian silver pieces...

I LOVE when that happens...It's even better when I return after a morning's 'saling' with more money than I had when I started...AND a car full of stuff.

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Yes you can buy missiles on credit secured by gold futures 

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Hopefully it goes way way up then crashes. I sold call options on the gold miners I want to sell, but people won't exercise the options unless there's a surge in stock price.

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i'll take gold over stocks and bonds anyday