Guest Post: Finding Shelter From The Coming Storms Part 2

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More basic suggestions for those who are seeking shelter from the coming storms of global financial crisis and recession (part 1 here).

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog,

Investing your time wisely and productively is a skill that doesn't require any expenditure of cash to learn.

A Reader Asks: How to Find Shelter from the Coming Storms? prompted some excellent follow-on suggestions for what we can do to survive the coming financial storms.

1. Proximity to fresh water, energy and rail transport. (via longtime correspondent J.B.) Recent media stories on the precarious future of Las Vegas' water supply highlight the value of living in a place with access to sustainable fresh water: The race to stop Las Vegas from running dry.

In rural Hawaii, households with no county-supplied water use catchment systems for fresh water. Even homes in drier climes can collect substantial amounts of water in catchment tanks connected to roof gutters.

There are many ways to make better use of water: install low-flow shower heads, collect rinse water from doing dishes and use this to water plants, etc.

Though we take it for granted energy is equally available everywhere in the U.S., it's worth thinking about where your energy comes from and what you can do to consume less of it. A significant percentage of our energy is consumed in transportation and heating/cooling buildings. Super-insulated homes use much less energy (but may trap radon gas--there are always trade-offs).

The ideal arrangement is living above the shop, so to speak--living close enough to work that the commute is a short walk or bike ride. This was once common; my grandparents lived above their business in Los Angeles in the 1960s and 70s.

2. Learn skills that use local/native/re-used materials. (via longtime correspondent Joe H.:) "One action you might consider adding is to bone up on skills/professions that use native or found materials. I think the guy who can bend up metal and join them to bicycle wheels to form push carts will be in high demand. So will anybody who can piece together rocket stoves or water filtration elements. The list of potential projects is endless.

Reading When Money Dies: The Nightmare of Deficit Spending, Devaluation, and Hyperinflation in Weimar Germany by Adam Fergusson suggests that people who can contribute to the economy without high-cost or "foreign" inputs will do relatively well."

I would add another factor, which is adding skills that earn money in a range of sectors. This diversity of skills is one of the traits of the class I call Mobile Creatives:International Workers' Day (May 1) and the New Class: Mobile Creatives (May 1, 2014)

I use the word mobile not to suggest mobility between physical places (though that is one factor in this class's flexibility) but mobility between sectors, tools and ways of earning income. The key characteristic of the Mobile Creative class is that they live by this credo: trust the network, not the corporation or the state. Those who are dependent on the state should note that every government that has promised social benefits (pensions and healthcare) to its populace is already bankrupt; all that's missing is the confessional moment of recognition.

3. Take control of our own health as much as possible. This boils down to: get lean, get fit and eat only real food. We cannot control all disease or illness, but there is overwhelming scientific evidence that roughly 2/3 of our well-being results from our lifestyle and about 1/3 from our genetic makeup. That means our daily habits are the primary influence on our health and well-being. Change our habits and results follow.

4. In general, control as much as you can. Bemoaning our lack of wealth and power is a cop-out; as correspondent Mots noted: "MANY TINY SOLUTIONS EXIST NOW. Many things can be done NOW because transitioning to local generation of wealth/value occurs in stages/by degree to prepare for collapse: accordingly, EVERY person can do many little things to begin walking down this path NOW." Mots included a list of actions divided into three categories: (requires Adobe Reader) Emergency Preparation, Easy/Partial Local Reliance and Reasonable Long Term.

The essence of neofeudalism is dependence on the state and those who own the debt and a concurrent loss of individual initiative and control. The Status Quo encourages our sense of powerlessness; once people surrender their autonomy and initiative, they're easy to exploit.

The essence of state-cartel capitalism (the dominant form of capitalism) is the state dismantles all social connections and wealth between the state and the atomized individual recipient of state welfare so the individual depends entirely on the state for his/her identity and essentials of life.

Where once existed a complex ecosystem of public life, social capital and networks of reciprocity and economic meaning, now lies a wasteland, stripmined by the state to leave nothing but the state and its ever-growing armies of dependents.

The global corporation profits from this same wasteland: the ideal arrangement to maximize debt-based consumption is an atomized individual who has no identity or self-worth other than consumerist worship of brands and corporate-supplied convenience, in other words, a permanent adolescent driven by insecurity, fear and impulse-driven consumption.

The key is to operate outside these two states of dependency. That means taking control of what you can and extending control over what you don't yet control. People email me that they're too poor, old, etc. to do anything on their own behalf. Yes, poverty and old age make things more difficult. Nobody questions that. No matter how poor or old you may be, you have time. You don't have to buy time; it's there for you to invest or spend as you see fit.

Studies have found that modest exercise builds muscle mass even in 90-year olds. Colonel Sanders was 65 when he started to franchise KFC in earnest. He'd been working at a variety of jobs since the age of 14, so he didn't get the memo that he was too old to do something audacious.

As for being poor: it's a free-to-you investment to invest in learning new skills via donating time/energy to community groups. YouTube University is always open and always free to anyone with an Internet connection or a public library with free PCs and Internet access.

Investing your time wisely and productively is a skill that doesn't require any expenditure of cash to learn. It's a skill that can be acquired at any age.

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#1 attribute to survive the coming storm:



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"I would recommend you panic." - Hugh Hendry

NoDecaf's picture

The optimist sees the glass half full
The pessimist sees it half empty
The opportunist drinks whatever is there.

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Then the realist sees the glass is empty....

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And the Entrepreneur sees a market.

astroloungers's picture

Good quality tools (older American) and the skill to use them. Just like firearm they seem to hold value (utility).

Have you priced a USED older American made vise ?

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There's more than one storm coming.  Just as many will be unprepared for the reset-of-economic-reality storm, many will be unprepared for the storm that has been brewing far longer.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Excellent insight!  And we do not know exactly what kind of storm(s) will hit.  Be prepared in every way possible, from being physically fit, spiritually fit and have the goods:

-- gold, silver, platinum

-- water & food, guns & ammo

-- "trade bait" (booze, cigarettes, medicines)


As much of the above as you feel necessary...

mayhem_korner's picture



Total opposite of what I was referencing DCRB.  None of those things will mean anything in the larger storm.  

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those who take profits and run away live to invest another day

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Proximity to water won't save you from destitution and poverty anymore than like minded people. Ask the Venezuelan's. The only thing that can save you is the ability to think critically; to use your mind.

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Assuming the coming storms can be survived by critical thinking, couldn't agree more.



IridiumRebel's picture

Most of the denizens on ZH think critically. I'd add a trusted community too. SHTF and you will need others.

One And Only's picture

Need others how? In what capacity?

DaddyO's picture

The Lonewolf gets eaten!!



Buster Cherry's picture

Yessir. Someone's got to stand watch so you can sleep.

balanced's picture

As someone who's lived in opposite extremes, Las Vegas, and the Ozarks where people can literally run a piece of PVC from a nearby spring into the house (I've seen it), I can state with confidence that living near abundant fresh water is definitely preferable to the alternative.

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Get things to trade. Join the Mormons - Most have 1-2 years supply of food. Move next to pretty Mormon girls. Get to know your neighbors, especially the Libertarian, gun owners.

Get AU, AG, CU PB, water filters, TP, bicycle and Spare parts. Get FIT.

Find some inner peace and tap your inner strengths.

Shot straight and as Roddy Piper said: "I've come to chew gum and kick ass, and I'm all out of chewing gum."

They Live

Buster Cherry's picture

I think those mormon girls only give it up.after cake is.sliced.

StormShadow's picture

That's what the guns are for

Jadr's picture

That's just what they say in public....

rum_runner's picture

> Join the Mormons

Wow.. survival at any cost.  

nmewn's picture

Well here's some genuine nonsense...

"Congress should enact legislation immediately," Lew told a business conference in New York hosted by cable television channel CNBC. "We should have some economic patriotism here."

...extracting moar of someone elses profits "by law" is patriotic, you see ;-)


IridiumRebel's picture

If you're just starting to seek shelter you're fucked.

DaddyO's picture

I've been watching for weeks, some really good stuff!


Calmyourself's picture

IR, I hear ya, but who really knows when it comes or if it is a tsunami or a series of downward slopes..

IridiumRebel's picture

I posted that to light a fire under some asses. There's no better time than the present to get started.

stacking12321's picture

confucius say, best time to plant tree, 20 years ago.

second best time, is to plant today.

disabledvet's picture

I seek solace in music.

AMERICAN music. Today I've been humming "this land is your land, this land is my land." It is so unique to the American historiography to find people who can "sing" you through the Great Sorrow.

That's what so odd about "all these things." The NSA, war against Russia, everything being "all about the injustice of it all."

It's not all merely patently's all so flagrantly..."not American."

We all hate Nixon. Why would an entire political establishment determine that is the sin quo non of existence itself?

I think the folks who have made all these movies over the years (Fargo comes to mind) have clearly made one too many.

"And now they're in it."

To which I say "big wheel keep on turning. Proud Mary keep on burning." Someone left that idiom out in their quest for "world domination" it would appear.

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Well, assuming the world doesn't end, I'd like to hear people's most effective/cost efficient ideas to hedge/short.  It seems there are major drawbacks to the short etfs, puts have time decay and seem to be priced with plenty of margin for someone else.  Is shorting S&P futures any better?  Selling always works, but I'd hate to take gains and disrupt positions that I've had for 10-15 years in a taxable account through 2 bubble implosions.  I'm spread out with some gold, some cash, some stocks, some oil exposure because I have no idea wtf is going to happen and how this will play out.  Having been through 2 bubbles and collapses in the past 15 years and watching the 3rd inflate with what seems like even bigger idiots running central banks at each iteration, I'm at a loss as to an effective way to hedge this time around.  Cash ain't safe with Yellens, Abes, Kurodas and Draghis around.

mayhem_korner's picture



The fiat-ponzi game ending will change the world, not end it.  Optimizing your portfolio, if that can be done, isn't going to save you from the end of the world, but it might help your standing when the current fiat experiment ends.  

RafterManFMJ's picture

I'd expect even if you play it perfectly, your gains will be stolen from you one way or another.

In crisis, as we've seen with GM's bond holders or MF Global you will get shafted - rule of law be damned.

I fully expect if things go full retard to have my miners stolen from me; you can also expect bail ins of your demand accounts and your 401K and investment plans stolen one way or another.

So to quote A. Barnhardt and Bastiat respectively: "If you cannot stand in front of it with a rifle, you don't own it" and "Paper is poverty."

StandardDeviant's picture

Timing short S&P futures would be a very neat trick.  Remember the saying about how the markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.

Puts do have time decay, obviously; but if you're sitting on some nice gains and simply don't want to take the tax hit from selling now, then you don't need a perfect hedge.  In other words, rather than buying at-the-money puts, consider some cheaper out-of-the-money puts.  Won't protect all of what you have, but it'll help if TSHTF as in 1987 or 2008.  Think of it as insurance with a deductible.

Dead Canary's picture

(he, he, he)

My plans for world domination are coming along nicely. Chaos is spreading and my legions of doom are assembled and ready to strike.

Soon the world well see it is I "THE CANARY" who is your true master!

Muhahaha  (maniacal laughter)


Freedumb's picture

Sure, you can probably get along fine with fresh water, survival skills, weapons/ammo, stored up food supplies, and banding together. But how will you survive without someone in town who knows how to underwrite and package mortgages into investment grade bundles?

Colonel Klink's picture

I have and know how to do all those things.

StormShadow's picture

And I know how to kill you if you get greedy with it. Much easier to execute (pardon the pun) on a local "network" basis.

Yes_Questions's picture



Is it too late to kill these storms in the crib?


I just saw McCain mumble something about Putin being culpable blah blah blah and I was reminded what we already know about these pseudo storms..


we really don't have to live like this..




StormShadow's picture

McCain's existence alone makes a great argument for abortion. I'm waiting for him to unzip his skin and finally come out of the closet as the alien being we all know him to be.

blindman's picture

what part of our lives is based on what
goes on underground and out of sight?
there is always a future and money in it.
today, more so than ever before i say.
Tom Waits Underground.mp4
energy of all kinds.
and there is much more if the mind can expand (realize)
to meet it?
Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion BANNED TED TALK

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My retirement business.will be  argo container housing. My plan is to bury the things so the ground insulates it from heat and cold. Added Earth wont see it and neither will the county tax assessor.

pakled's picture

<----- Yes

<----- No


Are YOU ready?

blindman's picture

maybe ready for maybe
hang in' on the line.

Salsipuedes's picture

On a reasonable enough timeline the survival rate for anyone who's first out of a burning building is 97.6%.  If he forgets his shorts  or his kids, it's his problem.

shouldvekilledthem's picture

- food

- water

- weapons

- precious metals

- shelter

- family and friends

- bitcoin