Here Is The Real-Time Flight Path Of The Shot Down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 17

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Update: reportedly Malaysia Airlines has confirmed that plane "Kuala Lumpur -Amsterdam" went off the radar in Donetsk oblast, possibly shot down"

First it was MH-370. Now, it appears tragedy has struck again, this time on Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17, on route from Amsteram to Kuala Lumpur, which disappeared from radar moments ago and was reportedly shot down over Ukraine. While there is nothing yet officially confirmed by the carrier, the radar tracked path of the airplane is shown below.


And from a second source:


Last reported position log was at 1:20 pm UTC:

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BTFD.  Rouge Airline Pilots stealing aircraft is bullish, think about the new orders!

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Boy I wonder what will deliver the next false flag?

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No wonder Russia said it wasnt them....betcha it was probably planned by Israel.

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Don't forget: 777 can be remote controlled...

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magic number 7? 3 days early...


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Paging Congressman McDonald. Please report to the departure gate for KAL007

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Probably orchestrated by Obami in order to get all the nations who hate us, back on our side against the Putinites. Expect a 3:30 rally in SPX - AND a Monster monkee hammering of precious metals in 3...2....1

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Will this be the black swan?

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Sure hope they don't use it as another Arch Duke Ferdinand-type moment.  But I have a very bad feeling about this.

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How can a gaggle of ragtag rebels shoot down an airliner at 33,000 feet? Methinks there are shenannigans afoot...

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heat seeking, laser-guided missiles, right?  Aren't they pretty much point and shoot?  Maybe it was a lucky shot, but missiles these days are light years better than even a couple decades ago. 

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Rumor is that is was a Russian-made BUK mobile surface to air missile system:

That would do the job handily.  Works up to 80k'. 

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Just like the NSA can take over your Microsoft computer,

The CIA can remotely take over a Boeing plane.

LOL in yahoo news they are like its not unlike the Russians to shoot a passenger jet, but they dont mention the USA shooting down the Iran passenger jet.

Dude the double standards are suffocating.

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The fact that there are dirty scumbags in the US government/military in no way mitigates the fact that there are dirty scumbags in the Russian government/military.  I've stopped rooting for or even railing against any particular team.  I hate the *game*.

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Jesus... false flag much? Looks like peak false flag...

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The Russians/Ukraine separatists gain absolutely nothing by shooting down that plane. What is up for debate is what NATO/US/IMF stand to gain. The war they've been chomping at the bit to have?

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What? Don't blame me, I didn't do it..... ooh wait...

Are you sayin' this tail wag was brought to you by Haliburton?

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Looks like MH370 finally crashed.

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This has a real 911-style 'false flag' stink to it.  Minutes after the event, Associated Press already has a squib pushing the Russian rocket narrative.  Absolutley no talk whatsoever about the possibility that it could have been a bomb planted in Amsterdam. Oh no!  "Russian rocket, Russian rocket, Russian rocket..."

Official: Malaysian Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine

Putin's plane was following a short distance behind, on his way home from the big BRICS summit.  The psychopaths are sending another message that they don't like "de-dollarization."  Maybe they actually intended to murder him, and hit the other plane with 300 people aboard instead.  Oh well.

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Ok this story if funny

story says that 23 americans were on board...

"An aide quoted by Interfax said the total number of dead in the crash was more than 300 and includes 23 U.S. citizens. An Associated Press reporter at the scene reported seeing at least 22 bodies."

Would not surprise me if all those 22 dead that are found are ALL AMERICANS

So the UKES army is in a cauldron ready to be wiped out and 23 Americans just happen to die at ground zero of the Operation...

Very Fishy...

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Very Fishy Indeed!!

I know something must be afoot, cause I swear I also have encountered that odd number a few times recently. Very odd indeed! It also hapends to be the 9Th Prime number, and well Sept 11 was the 9th Month of the year!. It is also the sum of 3 consecutives odd numbers 5, 7 and 11, well there is that number 11 from Sept 11, so QED.



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They do say where you sit is important

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This link suggests the airliner was shot down by an Israeli F-15 air to air missile,

the Israeli F-15 operating out of Azerbijan in central Asia.

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Did Soros & Buffet short malaysian airlines prior to these incidents? /sarc


I quess it's anyone's game at the moment: Russia knows everyone will suspect USA/mossad false flag and this might trigger major shitstorm for USA, USA knows they can promote their anti russian agenda blaming (pro) russian forces, Israel uses the tragedy to invade Gaza as media is focused elsewhere or maybe Separatists just shooted some black tar heroin and tought the plane was stealth bomber?


There are so many forces and motives in play here it's hard to valuate reliability of any information about the incident. There are billionaire oligarch private forces in Ukraine, One could only speculate on their real agenda.

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Duuuuude, u b truly lost-ya gotta' get on the GW thangie and see how the various manipulation regimes work.

Get your head out of your ass, or b) get a plasectomie.

Like any foriegn a/c could fly about, even with ...

- Ned

{really, get some help with that thang}

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If Putins jet was, as reported/suggested in that airspace just before (honestly, I'd be a bit surpised if he was overflying that area right now,but...) then "they" might have wanted to off him, or might just have wanted to put the frighteners on him.

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They are not a disciplined force if they really shot down the Antanov at 21K feet as they claimed they did then I think the odds are pretty good they shot down this plane as well ... not because they intended to, but because they made a mistake.

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The rebels in Ukraine had earlier claimed to have shot down a Ukrainian transport jet,

then the rebels later denied that earlier claim after the reports of the Malaysian airliner crash.


So perhaps the airliner shoot down was a mistake committed by the rebels.

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Could be, Lost Word.

But consider the sloppy intelligence community attempts at social media management in past false-flags: the perps miraculously acquire and release a credible-sounding secret insider leak from an intelligence agency to steer the discussion. Case in point: Mossad's unusually quick leak of an intercepted Syrian army officer phone conversatioin 'admitting' they used chemical weapons in East Ghouta. 

For MH-17, we have a supposed SBU (Ukrainian Secret Service) released conversation with rebels 'admitting' they accidentally shot down the plane. It doesn't matter if it's proven fake weeks from now (just like the Mossad-doctored 'leaked' Syrian intel) . The point is to steer the social media conversation often and early, so people suspect Russia and/or pro-Russian rebels were responsible. 

How long do you think it will be before CNN starts crying for the U.S. to attack Russia over this fake conversation:


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The Russians/Ukraine separatists gain absolutely nothing by shooting down that plane. What is up for debate is what NATO/US/IMF stand to gain. The war they've been chomping at the bit to have?

+1.  I never swallow the presented information as "fact", instead always asking myself: "Cui Bono?"  This applies especially to "Casus Belli".

The MSM / political class could tell me the fucking sky was blue and I would walk outside and look.

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Can the CIA remotely control a Ukranian/Rebel Surface to Air Missle?   Not that we sent any operatives into Eastern Ukraine...of course.

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Or perhaps hack the flight tag so that the radar operator thinks it's a real threat.  Falsely creating target bait.


This could have been done a thousand different ways.

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Paging Franz Ferdinand........ Paging Franz Ferdinand....... your death was forgotten with the resultant carnage.

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MSNBC will report that Sarah Palin was seen Moose hunting in the area.

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At 33,000 feet? No way this is from a shoulder-fired missle...

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They fucked up the false flag.  It would have been 'better' if it went down closer to eastern Ukraine.

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Russia may have been able to intercept the missile in Eastern Ukraine. The details of false flags are irrelevant anyway...

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THAT is the question nobody is asking ! Who/Why clears a passangers aircraft to fly over a war zone, where other aircrafts have been downed just days before ?

Don't know who shot the missile, but it's pretty clear to me who is in charge of commercial air traffic. Hint: it's not "the terrorists"...

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Where are the dancing Israelis partying this time?

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Thanks for the link, I was not familiar with that little footnote of history.  Here's another historical figure you may not have heard of:

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Now that was just plain funny.

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Yo recognizer I think his post was appropriate.  You have seen how clueless most Americans are even with US History LOL.  You gotta lead the blind sometimes.