Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 Reportedly Shot Down Over Ukraine

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Update: so yes, it was shot down according to flashing headlines.


While we hope it is a horrific accident, and has yet to be officially confirmed by Malaysian Airlines, the timing is oddly coincidental. From Bloomberg.


The crash happened near Donetsk and the plane had 280 passengers on board. The question is - accident? Or was it shot down by Russia or Ukraine as a provocation.

The passenger jet was bound for Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam, Interfax reports, citing an unidentified aviation official.


Airliner began losing altitude 50 km before entering Russian air space; wreckage was found burning on Ukrainian territory


Crash happend near Donetsk, where Ukrainian govt troops are fighting rebels: IFX

As ITAR-TASS reports,

Boeing 777 passenger airplane of Malaysian Airlines crashed on the territory of Ukraine in 60 km from the Russian border, a source in air traffic control circles told ITAR-TASS.


The source noted that the flight was supposed to enter the Russian air space at 17:20 Moscow standard time (13:20 UTC).


“However, it fell down in 60 km from the border; the plane’s emergency location beacon went off,” the source said.

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According to Yellen, this is just coincidence

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Let me be the first to say FALSE FLAG...

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I wonder if this is the same MALAYSIAN BOEING 777 that disappeared a few months ago? Perhaps the USSA, seeing that the Kiev Kriminals are losing badly against NovoRossiya, decided to make it reappear?  Just saying....

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Lagarde: not the 20th, but it is a 7 7 7

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ANOTHER Malay 777 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Busches fault, since it happened during the Obowelmovement's watch.....

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Shit's getting weird. Add me to the list of those wondering why they were flying over Donetsk.

BaBaBouy's picture

Unless Someone Has IPhonie Video, This Who-Done-It-? Shootdown Will Never Be Conclusively Solved...
Let The BLAME-GAMES Begin...

==> Condolances To The Families.

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You've been Lusitania'd

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Actually if you plot a great circle route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur they were within a couple hundred miles of that path so I would say they were exactly where they were supposed to be from a navigation purpose.  

The other thing I'd check is the weather and the jet stream conditions right around that time to see if that might have affected their flight path. 

Great Circle Mapper 




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Boeing 777
MH17 on July 17, being the 7th month of 2014
2 0 1 4 = 7

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RT just claims:

Registration number: 9M-MRD

Maiden flight: 17.07.1997!!!!
EXACTLY 17 years ago.

You got to be kidding me... WTF

Bernoulli's picture

RT just claims:

Registration number: 9M-MRD

Maiden flight: 17.07.1997!!!!
EXACTLY 17 years ago.

You got to be kidding me... WTF

Bernoulli's picture

RT just reported:
Maiden flight of this plane was on 17.07.1997!!!!
Exactly 17 years ago.
You've got to be kidding me... WTF

PS: Who was on this plane and what freight did they have??

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This is such a weird coincidence. I mean ANOTHER Malay 777. I'll bet a fiver there is some dirty business going on here.

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"Andrei, you’ve lost another 777?"
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re-posting - for anyone considering the upcoming weekend's events, wanting to reserve a ringside seat for the possible show. . . we'll see what Monday 21st throws up. . .

Mon, 07/07/2014 - 12:12 | 4931762 Cathartes Aura Vote up!

Vote down!


that planet assigned the name Saturn is currently moving "backwards" by degree, in the constellation of Scorpio, which is often assigned descriptives including "death, destruction", burning back the fields for regrowth. . .

Saturn will go direct this month, 20-21 July (depending on where in the world "you" are), and those structures of beliefs will be challenged - particularly structured nationstates, as that is the current flavour of the times. . .

within 24hours, Uranus (revolutions, awakening of Individual from the Group mindset) in Aries (ruled by Mars, god of War) will station retrograde until December.

the "god" of structured beliefs, nationstates, FatherFigures is about to meet the "god" of chaos, individuated mind, rebellion,

The planet Uranus, the first planet to be discovered in modern times--in 1781, during an age of radical cultural change and revolution--can best be understood archetypally in terms of the Greek mythic figure of Prometheus, who stole fire from the heavens in rebellion against the gods to give humankind greater freedom.

shift happens.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Nucking Futs....

The world has now officially gone into full retard, where we are never meant to go!

Is this the great False Flag?

A malaysian jet, losing altitude over Russian territory, crashes into Ukraine.

COME ONNNNNNN.......aaaargh!!!!

Did anyone really die? Should the world be mourning again?

Feints within feints within feints...



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This presumes there isn't more retard ahead. Just watch. It can always get worse.

nidaar's picture

It surely will, until %0.01 gets the war they desperately want...

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When followers-practitioners of the dominant economic "theory" think that wars end depressions, then we have something to seriously worry about.

Mr Pink's picture

Well, now we know what they were going to use the missing jet start WWIII

Silky Johnson's picture

Well, now we know what the CNN 24-7 programming will be for the next 2 years.

Those fuckers love them a Malaysian Airlines story.

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I suspect the real reason is that the flood of illegals is gaining traction and starting to piss off a lot of real citizens worried about how this is going to affect crime, disease, welfare, education, and wages. Have to get THAT off the front pages and off the TV. Nothing better then shooting down an airliner with Cold War / Hot War repurcussions to distract the sheeple.

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Wellthat escalated quickly, really that got out of hand fast!

Poundsand's picture

Let me be the first to say, "Don't fly Malaysian!"


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not sure why you got junked.  that makes 2 fucking planes in a year.  i share your concern

monkeyboy's picture

Geez what have the Malaysians done to deserve this?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Mr Pink's picture

You are assuming that there was actually people on this plane

monkeyboy's picture

I forgot to include /sarc in the footer Mr P.

slightlyskeptical's picture

It could have been full of mercenary types...

It could have been the missing jet going for a WTC repeat...

It could have been a spy plane..

It could have been mistaken for another Porky cargo plane..


It could have been full of ordinary people as well.

The one thing I do know is that we never hear the full truth of who shot it down and why.

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9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth conference in Kuala Lumpur
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A few days after World Cup?  The world needs another distraction.


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You'll know it's a false flag the minute the Zionist Neocons blame the Russians for shooting it down.

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"We only have 2 minutes till we go live! Get that bozo Kerry here to read his pre-written announcement!"

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Bearded Bernanke mentioned the tradition behind the coincidence, as well.

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>>Or was it shot down by Russia or Ukraine as a provocation

who the fuck writes this shit?

....or was it shot down by NATO or US drone as a provocation?


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Is this the plane we've all been looking for (MH370)?


Cause you know things just couldn't get any weirder.

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Let me test your numerology skills.