Obama And Putin Speak, Mention Plane Crash; Obama Threatens With More Sanctions

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While the world was riveted by the latest Malaysian Airlines tragedy, Obama and Putin spoke. According to Reuters, Obama warned Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday that the United States and its allies are prepared to impose additional sanctions on Moscow if it does not change course in Ukraine.


The blunt warning came during a phone call on Thursday.


White House spokesman Josh Earnest, briefing reporters on Obama's Air Force One flight from Washington to Delaware, said Obama was briefed by his advisers on the crash and directed top U.S. officials to remain in close contact with Ukrainian officials.


Earnest said the Obama-Putin phone call was made at the request of Moscow a day after the United States and European countries imposed new sanctions on Russia over its aggression against Ukraine.


Obama told Putin "additional steps are on the table if Russia doesn't change course," Earnest said.

Then the flipside, from Bloomberg:


And yes, the crash was discussed:

"Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation told U.S. President Barack Obama that a Malaysian airplane crashed on Ukrainian territory, the Kremlin said on Thursday. 


The two leaders held a pre-planned call on the situation in Ukraine during which information became available from air traffic controllers about the crash."

Expect many more such conversations, which will hardly be cordial, and a serious escalation in relations, now that there is a smoking gun provocation, which many are already equating with the modern version of the "Franz Ferdinand" moment.

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Get out the red marker..........

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the only real threat obama can make is to stop printing for more than 6 months....allow stocks (and all risk assets) drop, which would send oil below $60.  take that putin.  of course, putin knows there is no way that could ever happen, so he has free reign do literally do whatever he wants in ukraine.

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Of course when Chalky did his Blazing Saddles skit it didn't go over quite as well as it did in the movie.


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And    green in 3 2 1



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About 2 days ago, I was thinking...what will happen that will take the attention off the illegal alien border crisis?

Crazy, man. Crazy.

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I'm watching the state department briefing and one of the reporters mentioned the manifest showing 23 US citizens on board.  Cannot find corroborating reports on this anywhere though.

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Obama, how about we begin the impeachment process on breaking constitutional laws. Stop creating new diversions to scapegoat your accountability to follow the laws of America. 

You will not last your presidental tenure in office. 

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.... more vacuous, empty false gum flapping from the arrogant narcissitic incompetent corrupt illegal alien muslim sociopathic liar in chief....  Putin must be shaking in his boots while laughing at the small fried quail eggs in the liar and chief's scrotal sac.

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War, here it comes folks .... plan accordingly.   

Picking up another Garand today.  [being able to arm friends and family is nice]

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Obama will fuck this up too

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"Busch did the same thing and boath party's hour the same"

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Actually, NO. Bush didn't do the same thing that I can remember, he picked on relatively harmless goat fuckers and camel jockeys to preserve and advance US imperialism.

I don't recall Bush being stupid enough to pick serious fights with States that can launch enough ICBMs with NUKULAR warheads to wipe out the entire US several times over... from the US coast. (Or off-road capable TELs if they want to be smart assed rednecks).

I do recall a rather gay (and even more stupid) comment Bushy made about staring into Putin eyes, but if there is some major international incident I'm forgetting, please feel free to refresh my memory....

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Some dogs bark, some dogs bite.

I think we all know who is who.


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Interesting, though, watching the double-down on sanctions when anybody who has done the least bit of research on how this Ukraine situation came about can't help but notice dirty dealin' by US Neocons and NATO.

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The US STARTED the Ukraine crisis. Victoria Nuland et al.


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Victoria NUDELMAN. Get your shit straight.

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Lets stick with "Nuland"... the word "nude" associated in any way with  that maggot-gagger gives me the shivers.

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Did he sanction a lot when he was a community organiser? 

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He probably wasn't allowed at all. Now he takes revenge. That little prick.

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So a lot of people die and what does Obomber do? Poke Russia with a sharp stick!

That is obscene and no respect for the dead, their families and friends

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Oblahblah has two fund raisers to attend in NYC tonight.  #priorities


Maybe if Putin paid $32,500 a plate he could get a little more face time with the choosen one?

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Putin tells Obama no courtesy World Cup 2018 tickets or hotel rooms. Nor for his free shit army.

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...So if it comes to light that this was the Ukainians work and not the Russians, i guess Obama will be man enough to apologise?

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Obama told Putin "additional steps are on the table if Russia doesn't change course," 

Yep I'm sure the limp-wristed mincer puffed up his chest and threatened those nasty Ruskies real good!

The part that reuters left out was Putins reply to Obama, which was:

"Go fuck yourself, you Kenyan faggot."

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Barry plays a mean game of checkers.

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That deaf, dumb, and blind faggot, sure plays a mean pinball!

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What exact "course" should Russia take here, Obozo?  You destabalized a country that borders Russia and contains a large Russian speaking population, sparked a civil war there, and left Russia to deal with the mess.  

The west continues to burn lives in Ukraine in order to "get" at Russia. It's the west that needs to change their course.

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You only get to be the antagonizer in the room for so long before someone comes along and knocks your lights out.

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This is what 'leaders' do when they have no power.  Obama has been emasculated in the US.  So he'll flex his muscles with Russia.

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looks like another BTFD, grind higher all day into the close... yawn

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Panic over DOW recovers 17100... to close at new record highs?

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And why the U.S.A. will not be getting away with it's desperate acts anymore.

By the way "laugh/sigh" we know this list is far from complete... But in the interest of both time and space and since it involves airplanes (again) some relevant ones that matter that could have started merged into both enormous lawsuits and war!

A quick chronology of what poor liars the U.S. Government is under similar circumstances including "there own" when "planes" are involved...

Iran Air Flight 655

TWA Flight 800


Need anyone say more?... 

Even Mayor of N.Y.C. Blasio calls what the NYCCAN on putting the High Rise Building Safety Initiative on the ballot this Fall "blasphemy", this after the New York circuit court of appeals shot it down the first time with over 80,000 signatures to the petition which they agreed to calling for a formal inquiry in that election in 2009!

Got nothing to hide... Let the chips fall where they may!...

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Sure seems airliners are the choice vehicle to get things rolling, not sure why that is exactly.

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The Kenyan is in so far over his head it isn't even funny!  This is simply collateral damage in a world where the endsjustifies the means. Nothing to see here ...move along. Back to the country club with you!

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"which many are already equating with the modern version of the "Franz Ferdinand" moment." bulls**t, only by those who get their history from the MSM

"and its allies are prepared to impose additional sanctions on Moscow if it does not change course in Ukraine." bulls**t. what allies?

"additional steps are on the table if Russia doesn't change course," and more bulls*it

obummer is more useless than tits on a bull

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The hope and change faggot will be back on the course today playing 36 holes.

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It's not a Franz Ferdinand moment - shooting down an Malaysian plane traveling out of Amsterdam isn't going to rally the American public against 'the enemy'.  Think Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, if you're looking for false flags. 


This might actually just be an accident, because it doesn't serve much political purpose for either side.

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Under most circusmtances like the North Korean air 007 incident in 1983 and the Iranian airlines 655 in 1988, but this isn't either of those.

We're desperate enough and with every move the U.S./IMF is showing itself.  If Yanukovich hadn't been ousted in March of this year by a U.S. backed junta I think it's safe to say the crew and passengers aboard this Malaysian airliner would still be alive.

Wouldn't it be a hoot if we found out that this is the Flight 370 that went missing four months ago, and that the U.S. was using it as a "second attempt" to fuel WWIII?

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O probably shot the plane down to blame Putin

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Putin would of shot down the correct Amerikan Aircraft... 

1stepcloser's picture

Putin would of shot down the correct Amerikan Aircraft... 

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I think Christine Lagarde's "lucky astrology mood ring" appears to be working...