Peak Profanity: The Curse Of The Foul-Mouthed CEO

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CEO's use of profanity in public changes with the economy. A Bloomberg review of thousands of conference calls recorded in the past 10 years shows CEO cursing spiked after the recession in 2009 and waned as the recovery strengthened. Here's a review of the four most common words of choice: the infamous F-bomb, the scatalogical S-word, the blasphemous G.D., and the derogatory A.H.



Source: Bloomberg

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Grown men saying "shit" is a news story?

Eat your peas.

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From experience I trust cussers more than stuck up know it alls ...who usually don't know shit....ooops I said it

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What recovery?  Tell me more how it strengthened.

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The old argument for deserving wealth, was breeding. Now its im doing gods work while blaspheming.

All that education, controled breeding and babys blood. Has not improved them at all, it could now be argued, it has made them worse then the lowly thugs guarding there sorry asses.

Hows that for some mythbusting of superior breeding, environment vs nature non-sense.

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Fucking, God damn assholes! Shit.

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You lost me at "As the recovery strengthened"......

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I was lost at "Bloomberg report" and started looking for the non-fiction posts.

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They only use this language when they're trying to f**k us ... notice what they have to say in the quotations above ... Profanity is used to distract thinking people from what you are saying.

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 nmewn, I concur. WTF?

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I've sworn worse at work when I've scratched my nose unthinkingly while working with influenza.


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No doubt Miffed, the shit that I say about most of them, makes their profanity look like they're Boy Scouts.

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Miffed Microbe "I've sworn worse at work when I've scratched my nose unthinkingly while working with influenza."


With respect to one of your previous posts: Why on earth were you putting a whole bug in liquid nitrogen?  Unlike cell suspensions preserved in liquid nitrogen I wouldn't think it could be revived, but I'm prepared to be surprised.  Do tell us.  My ears are open.

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I didn't know A**H*** was even a bad word

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was this written by an assistant professor at SUNY Stonybrook? it has that quality to it.

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chinee people never swear

ass ho, ass ho

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Did Marissa swallow a part of ZH too?

Yen Cross's picture

 Marissa swallowed Q-3( Alibaba) earnings.

disabledvet's picture

"Phucking phuckers and the phucks who phuck them."

I agree "this ain't Profiles in Courage" but these assholes really do grease the wheels. It's time to get them some airtime.

Bezos, Musk, Zuckerberg, the Dali Lama. Don't let their persona fool ya. They take "high cheese" to a whole new level. you will see in this completely made up unauthorized pile of crap "there is a lighter side to these men who make things happen." And of course the so many who want to be like them..."Be the Zuck" as it were.

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Profanity is the crutch of inarticulate fuckers.