Putin Says "Ukraine Responsible For Crash... Wouldn't Happen If At Peace"

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According to Russian news agency Interfax, Vladimir Putin remarked during a government meeting today that:


But ordered Russia's government to all it can to investigate the crash.

Via The Kremlin,

You know that today in the skies over Ukraine was terrible event, a terrible tragedy - killed a civilian plane, 285 people, according to preliminary data, were killed.


We, on behalf of the Russian government and the Russian government to express condolences to the bereaved families, the governments of those countries whose nationals were on that plane. I ask you to honor their memory.


(Moment of silence.)


In this regard, I note that this tragedy would not have happened if it was on this earth peace, in any case, would not be renewed hostilities in the south-east of Ukraine. And, of course, the State over whose territory it happened, is responsible for this terrible tragedy.


I already gave instructions to the military departments that they have all necessary assistance in the investigation of this crime. And also ask the Government of the Russian Federation through the available opportunities civilian agencies to do everything for a thorough investigation of this event. We will do everything - everything depends on us, anyway - that was the objective picture of what happened and our public domain, and the public in Ukraine and all over the world. This is completely unacceptable things, and no one has the right to pass this without the appropriate conclusions and without having to have all of us there, objective information about the incident.

While we will not speculate, his comments appear oddly defensive (similar to how Obama played down the event in terms of blame) - perhaps they know how serious this could get if anything is ever proven.

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...and the black box is sent to moscow!    clown show.

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Reports that Putin flew similar route as MH17, presidential airport says 'hasn't overflown Ukraine for long time'

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Malaysia is taking a beating and they didn't do anything.....

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And jews, and Christians...

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All your piece (sp) are belong to us......

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That was true in 1988 when the US Navy shot down Iran Air 655; and it's true today.

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Malaysia has proposed a gold dinar several times.



Looks like Putin and the BRICS are headed in that direction.

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The real question that should be asked is who filed the flight plan, and why was it over the Ukraine at that time? This could be determined rather quickly, and it would shed some light on who knew that plane would be there.

My personal opinion is that it was the World bank renewing their campaign against Russia and the BRICS bank that was signed into existence yesterday. Behind every dirty war is a banker.

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^^ this.  +1


"Money is at the root of all evil."


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Does the Ukranian Air Force have muslim pilots, toady?

Kiev air traffic controller tweets MH17 was escorted by two Ukranian AF fighters until just before the crash. Immediately after crash, 'foreign authorities' took over the Kiev tower?? @spainbuca's account in case it still exists:  https://twitter.com/spainbuca

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I like how pristine looking passports have already been found, the video where nothing is seen falling from the sky but something blows up on the ground (oops!), and how the piece of the plane where the Malaysian flag was somehow remained in one piece (a not so subliminal message as it very much resembles our flag). 

I would like to know what the dangling streaming things were in the explosion that were shown on one video--it looked almost like white phosphorus seen in the Vietnam War.

(Note all videos referenced are being shown on CNN).

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Can you explain to me what kind of arrogant, ignorant stupid naive airline flies a passenger jet through a war zone in which planes are constantly being shot down?

These are not secrets. Apparently it was to save on fuel!!

Stinks of criminal negligence to me!!

Goes for all the other airlines flying that route - they got lucky - or else there is something deeper at play in regards to Malaysia that we don't know about.

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"What difference does it make!" quote, cough, cough.

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"We came, we saw, they died.... we came again."
-- some brain damaged old Sea Hag*



*or something like that

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The whole situation is a bit unsettling.

Publicus's picture

Why? This is how World War escalates.

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

You do not find that prospect unsettling?

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Of course not, especially with our government looking out for us.......

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Incompetence aside, won't our government look out for us a bit more than "their" government?

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Uh, I've got a munitions complex that WILL get hit with an 800kt (or other yield) nuke about 20 miles away from me when a war between the US and Russia reaches its inevetable conclusion.  I don't feel that meddling over there is looking out for me.  


The Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex:



And about 3 miles from that is Sandia National Labs.  Then there is Los Alamos a ways north of me too.  In a nuclear war, my vicinity is getting hit. 

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That's "fly-over (and drop!) country" out there!

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Shhhhh now we know where you live, you may get uninvited guests to your orchard LOL

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Don't forget the hollowed out Manzano mountain.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Incompetence aside, won't our government look out for us a bit more than "their" government?

Why would they start doing that?

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"They print and print and print...then they take us to war."


quasistable's picture

right now idiots that support Putler take us to war.

TungstenBars's picture

right now idiots that support Obammer/Nutandayahoo/Hartler take us to war.


There, fixed it for ya! No need to thank me.

quasistable's picture

I don't support Obama's socialism. But it doesn't make me to support Putler's KGB-ism or N.Korea's regime.


Because I'm not an idiot.  This is the types of idiots I'm talking about.

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Oh where should it go, you twat? The puppet regime in Kiev? Direct to Tel Aviv?

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LOL !!   Right.  If those Ukranians hadn't riled up those Russian rebels to the point of hair triggering a SAM to blow up a passenger jet then this wouldn't have happened.

That's Russian Roulette Logic.

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Doubt those missiles would be rolling around if the Ukraine was not at a virtual state of war.

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Previous to previous comentary: Those NSA trolls still checking if were are yet braindamaged? Suck dick, you wil be soon unemployed.

NidStyles's picture

I like how I got junked for pointing out the truth LOL!

disabledvet's picture

What you say is absolutely true actually. And what Putin has said while perhaps extremely cynical is not in fact a lie....even if Putin himself gave the order to shoot down the plane.

Sorry but this is like two different mindsets speaking...and quite frankly the folks speaking to Russia right now in my view "just don't get it."

It might sound strange that he blew up your airplane and now is blaming you...both of you might even be looking and even AGREEING on the fact that Putin indeed did order the plane to be shot down.

But that's just it. "Our side just can't look last the fact the HE DID IT!" The quotidian American expression: "AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!"

Awwwww. "Somebody's party just got hit by a Grad missile strike."

The Greeks really did have all this figured out "back in the day." The fate of human kind begins and ends with His rhetoric and "rhetorical devices"...not some dopey dope "pointing fingers" and "shouting a name."

The Japanese do pray to their ancestors however...forgiveness of some grave crime committed by Uncle Ho...800 years ago. I've always found that quite fascinating actually.

"The day that one dude let everyone down and thus caused all our suffering." Maybe doing a The Chicken Dance routine after scoring a "touchdown" in "football" really is a dangerous thing.

I doubt there is anyone here who has ever heard of "galundaspringing"...but I do recommend looking it up. That was what was a considered a big deal back in my day. (The 90's.)

Sorry but this go around says to me "our soul is not intact." We're knockin' over graves and spewing a lot of b.s.

I did find the story "Bo Bergdahl reporting for duty" uplifting. That to me is the "non bullshit" in a total bullshit world.

luftmensch's picture

lol, yes kind of like a husband telling his wife - if only you hadn't burned my steak their wouldn't be a bruise on your face, you only have yourself to blame...

Anusocracy's picture

Sorry, your position is tenuous for the simple reason that this is playing in a way to benefit the US and its Assholes of Evil and to the detriment of Russia.

This is either an accidental shootdown or a ham-handed false flag by the US/Poodles in Kiev.

Looks more like the US.

luftmensch's picture

Hey Anus, I fail to follow your argument there as to why shooting down a commercial airplane benefits the U.S.??  Oh yeah, it looks like you have no argument Anus.

Next time just go to a football time, it's a more appropriate venue for your level of communication.



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Threatening extermination,and then following through on it,is riling up.


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This video is from March 2014. You can see the ukrainian army deploying a Buk missile system in the Donetsk region.

McMolotov's picture

And this article from July 5 shows them transporting Buk missile systems near Slovyansk:


BurningFuld's picture

And being moved North West...busted.

Ginsengbull's picture

Who is throwing the "Buk" at who?

luftmensch's picture

Hey Jumbo, still fighting the good fight against all of Putin's little spambot trolls here!  How come you get more down-votes than me, no fair!

Russia is clearly the aggressor overall and has the hardware to easily do this, and only their side has been shooting down planes recently.  Given the way their country is run in general, not surprising to imagine a few 19 year olds reading the screen incorrectly in the heat of the moment.

Contact was lost w the flight 30m from the Russian border.

No matter what happened, this was an unfortuante tragedy and I can't see that it will benefit anyone.

Of course, Putin will spin this in his normative KGB/Stazi/FSB/UR manner.




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I don't like either side.  But when ex-KGB head Putin makes a weasel statement like that....he knows his people are responsible.  Plain and simple.



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why don't you zionist trolls start up your own website, rather than polluting ZH?  if you think you've god and cause on your side surely the world and it's best minds will flock to you and your site---are you doubtful you could come close to the insight, clarity and audience that attends ZH?