Reuters Reports From Location Of Crash, Sees "Burning Wreckage, Bodies On Ground"

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Another day, another human tragedy merely to promote someone's global domination ambitions.

And this:


More from Reuters: 

 Dozens of bodies were scattered around the smouldering wreckage of a passenger jet that crashed in a field in eastern Ukraine on Thursday, a Reuters reporter said.


An emergency services rescue worker said at least 100 bodies had so far been found at the scene, near the village of Grabovo, and that debris from the wreckage was spread across an area up to about 15 km (nine miles) in diameter.


Broken pieces of the wings were marked with blue and red paint - the same colours as the emblem of the Malaysian airline which lost track of a Boeing 777 en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was carrying almost 300 people.


"I was working in the field on my tractor when I heard the sound of a plane and then a bang and shots. Then I saw the plane hit the ground and break in two. There was thick black smoke," said a witness, who gave his name only as Vladimir.


A separatist rebel from nearby Krasnyi Luch who gave his name only as Sergei said: "From my balcony I saw a plane begin to descend from a great height and then heard two explosions.


He denied the rebels had shot the plane down.


"This could happen only if it was a fighter jet or a surface-to-air missile (that shot it down)," he told Reuters, saying the rebels did not have weapons capable of shooting shoot down a plane at such a height.


All 295 people aboard the plane were killed, a Ukrainian interior ministry official said, blaming "terrorists" using a ground-to-air missile.


Ukraine's prime minister called the downing of the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur a "catastrophe".

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anyone with a smart phone is now a news correspondent?

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Obama probably needs to get in a round of golf before addressing the nation .. .

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The weather forcast is predicting a major shit storm.

25or6to4's picture

Is that what they mean by partly cloudy with a chance of meatballs?

Its the Vatican Stupid's picture

 Burning wreckage AND bodies?  Holy fuck, this might actually be a REAL plane crash. 

RevRex's picture

So the whackdoodles on the other thread saying it could not have been Russia because it happened in Western Ukraine have their heads up their Jew hatining asses.....

90's Child's picture

Because most logical people can see through bullshit and disagree with your false ideology?

Go take your ignorant Zionist love else where Rex, maybe you can die a martyr at the hands of the Jews.

drink or die's picture

Yes, because not automatically blaming "the Jews" for everything means you are a Zionist lover.  It must be very convenient to always have someone to blame for everything.

90's Child's picture

Ukraine is a Jewish homestead?

Nope didn't think so. This is bout Russian and Ukraine.

Assuming those that believe it's a false flag by Ukraine for which Russia gets blamed are anti-Semitic is ignorant in it's own.

At least one news outlet calls it as it is.

"It’s possible the Ukrainians flapped a bit, thought it was hostile and shot it down.

"Perhaps it was confusion at the Ukrainian air defence centre."

"It looks like someone failed to recognise this was a civilian plane and shot it down."

Ukraine's fear and paranoia probably got the best of them.

But please continue to call those against the current status quo anti-Semitic.

It does strengthen your argument....

drink or die's picture

>>But please continue to call those against the current status quo anti-Semitic.


Do a text search for the words "Jew", "Zionist", etc etc in the 4 other threads about the shot down airliner.  It's a giant circle jerk by idiots from GLP blaming everything on the Jews, of which there is no rational connection to this flight being shot down. 

90's Child's picture

People have their own beliefs bout TPTB and assuming Zionists have their part in everything that goes on is one of those beliefs. I can see how people could jump to assumptions that it was Zionists who wanted this or even planned this. There is no evidence to back these claims. But it falls into their belief that all major events are Zionist backed.


Assuming people who don't believe it was Russia who shot it down means they are Jew haters... Is another things.

So the whackdoodles on the other thread saying it could not have been Russia because it happened in Western Ukraine have their heads up their Jew hatining asses.....


HamRove's picture

How about doing a little research and stop calling people Jew haters.

Nobody really knows anything yet, but you seem to be quick to blame someone.

Sod off. 

Moustache Rides's picture

Wha?  You mean the Jews aren't behind this one?  Balderdash!

nope-1004's picture

Not a bad thing, actually.  Perhaps some truth might come back into reporting what actually happened, instead of relying on crony-fascist-state owned TV.


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A smart phone has a camera. Where are the Reuters photos?

tmosley's picture

How many more will we allow them to murder?

JRobby's picture

Exactly! As long as it is not in my yard or on my street and my cable doesn't get cut off.......

IREN Colorado's picture

"how many?"

Oh these cretins are just getting started! They've got along way to go before their bloodlust is satisfied. Oh how I hate this shit!

JRobby's picture

As many as the oligarch/war machine requires to reach its objectives.

No one is going to stand up and do anything about it.

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Send Anderson Pooper stat, he always gets the best disaster interviews...

Save_America1st's picture

nah, he just uses a green screen on set and pretends like he's really at the scene...he's too precious to go outside and get dirty. 

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Tweet of a picture of a Dutch passport, apparently found at crash site:

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why would we see wreckage and bodies?  Didn't the 9/11 crash in Shanksville, PA teach us that when passenger planes crash there's nothing to see on the ground??

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Stuff falling from 30,000 might get out of a hit plane and disperse quite a way VS a plane that burrows into a field

Idiocracy's picture

so how many photos and videos have you seen of dispersed wreckage around Shanksville?

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Are you asking about the "seeded wreckage" or the non seeded wreckage?


JRobby's picture

So, you want consistency in the lies? Perfectionist.

magpie's picture

Given there was this incident yesterday where Palestinian children were convienently shot/maimed infront of several reporters in Gaza...

RiskyBidness's picture

just btfd folks!  move along, nothing to concerning!!

JustObserving's picture

Did they find Putin's fingerprints on missile fragments yet?  So many CIA agents in Kiev to assist the Poroshenko regime.

McCain just said that there would be hell to pay.  He is senile enough to forget that he flamed the fires of the illegal putsch that has deteriorated into this clusterfuck now

RaceToTheBottom's picture

McCain said....

Damn, missed opportunity to have at least one right person on the plane.

alien-IQ's picture

I thought planes vaporized on impact leaving only a few select passports...


RiskyBidness's picture

john mccain just btfd!!

JRobby's picture

McCain no longer needs Viagra, dump Pfizer

youngman's picture

I bet Putin right now is scrambling....he is going to come out of this looking like the old KGB guy that he is...he is going to lose face on this one...

booboo's picture

As The World Goes from a slow simmer to a soon to be full blown boil over grease fire.

youngman's picture

We have Satellites that can see the rockets flare at takeoff...we already know where the missle came from...we are just waiting for the guilty to say so...

NoWayJose's picture

And you especially know that Ukraine is one of the places in the world right now where there are satellites and all kinds of tracking/monitoring going on.  This one will be tough to bullshit because there are going to be lots of evidence.

ForWhomTheTollBuilds's picture

Wait so there ARE western reporters in Ukraine?  Why the hell don't I read anything about Ukraine in the western press then?

IREN Colorado's picture

Here's a thought: WTF was a civilian airliner doing in the hood where a combat jet and an cargo plane were bagged in the last week?

At least they left this one where we can find it.....

Be_Optimistic's picture

Ok kids the lesson here is.. DON'T FLY AIR MALAYSIA!!!

JRobby's picture

MALAYSIA will not mount an armed response. easy to pick on.

JRobby's picture


Get long MOAR WAR

idahosinker's picture

Why when a 777 crashes, dose every MSM story start. 777 shot down,

I mean, usually we have to get the black box. Not this time.

Before it hit the ground , it was shot down, not a bomb inside. Not a fuel tank explosion.

I mean the same world government that has no idea were the last 777 is, now before anyone, is at the site, it was shot down.  I mean, was the pilot a Egyptian.
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Remember Amsterdam Schiphol Airport=Mossad+

Underwear Bomber False Flag - Fellow Passenger Testifies

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

Pictures of perfection for the loverly U.S. Sec of State Victoria (F.U.) Nuland (nee: nudleman) Kagan! Her masterpiece!