Russia Denies Downing Ukraine Warplane, Accuses Ukraine Of Ethnic Cleansing, Says "Does Not Want War"

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We were wondering how long it would take Russia to officially deny Ukraine's latest propaganda that it had shot down a Ukraine Su-25 fighter jet. The answer: just about 4 hours since the story was first "reported" by Ukraine media, give or take. As reported moments ago via RIA, Russia's Defence Ministry denied on Thursday it had shot down a Ukrainian airplane and called the accusation by Kiev "absurd." "It is absurd, just like all the previous accusations from Kiev's leadership against Russia's Defence Ministry," a ministry spokesman was quoted as saying.

So much for that. But what was more troubling was what Russia said in addition:


And as is widely known, Russia has repeatedly state that the one reason it could get involved kinetically in Ukraine, is if the local government engages in mass extermination of ethnic Russians. Which probably explains the following veiled threat:



It doesn't want it. But it will be dragged into it if the "ethnic cleansing" doesn't stop. And certainly Russia's decision will be made that much easier if news like this keeps trickling in:

Four rockets exploded approximately 200 meters away from the Russian customs post Kuibyshevo in the Rostov region, Southern Customs Department press office head Rayan Farukshin told Interfax on Thursday.


"Customs post employees have been evacuated to a safe distance. They do not have the opportunity to return and start carrying out their duties for now," Farukshin said.


According to Farukshin, they were launched from Ukraine, where gunfire is heard now.

Finally, as if it wasn't clear to everyone by now, Russia concluded with the following:


Perhaps it is time to unleash the John Kerry again and make everything better again.

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All's fair in love and war.

RevRex's picture

I trust Putin more than the SeriaLiar _in_Chimp

monkeyboy's picture

So have Russia just taken out Malaysian MH370 part deux?

Slave's picture

I feel like we're setting out a big shit trap for Putin and so far he's dodged it.

Bankster Kibble's picture

US State Department, for one.

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

Cue Marvyn Gaye - "Let's get it on.... oooo.... Let'sss get it onnnnn..."

Volkodav's picture

da I saw photo President Putin in hipboots somewhere.

Latina Lover's picture

Kiev to Nuland/Nudelman,  we need more psychedelic cookies, reality really sucks right now.

Titus's picture

And some hay to feed the head diplomatic horse.

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There should be a couple more added lines to the press release:





Ghordius's picture

meanwhile lots of Ukrainian blogs are mad at Merkel for not being tough enough towards Putin

with a few photoshopped images of Merkel and Putin talking with each other at the Football World Cup game, with tags of Mrs. Putin and Mr. Merkel

Fair is fair, but love is better than war

Bossman1967's picture

are you sure they were only talking Putan a mans man lol

pazmaker's picture

"Apes don't want war"  but beware of Kopa

alexcojones's picture

Always "He said, she said."

Until ISIS releases video how will we really know what happened?

COSMOS's picture

LOL so true ISIS :)))))  But seriously how are they going to prove it, show a video  of a missile being fired and then one of it hitting a plane, do they have a go pro camera strapped to the missile recording Russians obviously incriminating themselves as they set up the missile, then we see the missile take off and the gopro camera hitting the plane.

Cause seriously, radar data and all the other electronic BS is just bits and bytes that can be faked and made real.  We saw stories how the NSA can make electronic records that are real that would incriminate someone for something they did not do.  Basically they have no proof.

SheepDog-One's picture

'We dont want war'....It's not confirmed until its been officially denied.

Handful of Dust's picture



No, we didn’t.

Yes you did.

No we didn’t.

Yes you did.

No we didn’t.

buzzsaw99's picture


Put 'em up, put 'em up! Which one of you first? I'll fight you both together if you want. I'll fight you with one paw tied behind my back. I'll fight you standing on one foot. I'll fight you with my eyes closed... ohh, pullin' an axe on me, eh? Sneaking up on me, eh? Why, I'll... Ruff! [/Cowardly Lion]

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wow I really didn't think Putan was that stupid but he is going to let the US/Kiev goverment start WW3and blame him. our politicians should be thrown in jail and brought up on high crimes.democrats for doing it and republicans for doing nothing about it. Watch out above yall top down bottom up and the middle will be inside out. Cloward and Pivon

RevRex's picture

Dear Idiot,


What do you want the Republicans to do?

Bossman1967's picture

throw them in jail isn't that why we have a constitution isn't it? we impeach Bill Clinton for a blowjob rite?

RevRex's picture

And idiots think the DEMOCRAT SENATE will convict Obama?


Do tell!

Bossman1967's picture

so they keep doing nothing at all and I'm an idiot hmmmmm

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Putin wants an excuse to annex the portions of Ukraine that declared independence a few months ago. It appears that the US/Kiev is stupid enough to give it to him. 

tsuki's picture

The only one that wants the bankrupt Ukraine is the bankrupt West.  Putin no longer has to buy their crappy products or supply them with free gas. 

Winston Churchill's picture

Putin has, and is playing his hand with finesse.

It will be the Ukes asking for a ceasefire next because they are losing.

Winter is coming,and europe is going to be shrived from the US when it arrives.

By Christmas we are going to be in a very different world.

There is no slow decline in Pax Americana's future.It going to be short,sharp

and painful.Hedge accordingly.

semperfi's picture

US/EU fell hard for Putin's trap, which is to let Ukraine implode with all the world watching and let it be known that the Kiev Regime was put in place by the US - then watch how many countries flock to Russia/Eurasian Alliance and away from US/UK fascists

dsty's picture

are sanctions pushing russia to another 911

sorry truthers, dont believe you

semperfi's picture

Langley's/Bankster's game plan:

1. We know dollar/economy is toast, our fault
2. Make it look like its not our fault - set up Russia/China for blame
3. Issue senseless sanctions on Russia even though they've done nothing
4. Wait for Russian boomerang: de-dollariaztion, BRICS bank, Exxon cut-off, etc
5. Give script to media that says Russia caused dollar devaluation, bad economy, etc

Bossman1967's picture

yup and we American people will believe it all. Rediculous huh?

RevRex's picture

You are dumb enough to think the Democrat Senate would convict Obama if the Republican house would  just impeach him, and you don't even know how to spell rIdiculous.....your uneducated opinions mean nothing.

jmc8888's picture

You do realize that it was Republican Senators, because they were going to vote for impeachment, pushed Nixon to resign right?

You saying this can't happen again?  Of course it can.  Have the necessary events taken place yet for a repeat, no.  Are we far off, probably not, but you have to keep applying pressure.  The pressure alone can flip the situation into a winner.

Senators still need to be re-elected, and there can come a point where not voting for impeachment, seals their fate.

If the democrats don't vote for impeachment, and as everything unfolds as we go along, it will make each and everyone who voted against a target for ridicule.

The best strategy for election from the Republican party would be to....initiate impeachment proceedings.  They want to take back the seante? That's how they do it.  The question is, are they too stupid to know that?  35 percent of likely voters want impeachement.  37 percent of independents. 68 percent of republicans.  You want to rile to base, this is the red meat they crave.

These percentages for impeachment are higher then during Nixon's era.

Yes it can happen, and if it doesn't, it's the best way to seize back control and then post 2014 elections THEN you can impeach him.


SheepDog-One's picture

How dare other countries decide for themselves how to conduct business without first getting permission from the CIA? Don't they know who's BOSS of humanity?
Well maybe the paradigm shifts soon. All empires crumble.

oudinot's picture

I wouldn't put it past our own Nazis of shooting down the plane themselves.

They are frantically attempting  to draw Putin into the war; and, as a side benefit, sell the Kiev neo Nazis another MIC plane not a Sukhoi, and draw down on the 33 tons of gold they took 'in trust' a few months ago.

Titus's picture

This is an attempt by the west to draw Russia into a long, expensive conflict that weakens the country.

The west, instead of working on the internal economies, is proxy attacking like a wolfpack. Kiev is coming from the front, the US and Israel from the blind spots to rip open the neck. Kill the guardian, loot the lands.

Putin is wise to be cautious. The US and Israel want nothing more than war.

RevRex's picture

How many of our NAZI forces are in the Ukraine?

ThisIsBob's picture

We will know if it is pushing Russia and China closer togetrher when the administration starts its petulant foot stomping in China's general direction.

Reaper's picture

Russia doesn't need a war to win. It need only wait to winter.

WTFUD's picture

War's a racket unless you've bet the whole packet!
Thank god for brave patriots like JK Kerry and J Nusra McStain. s/

carbonmutant's picture

Doesn't want war just wants oil....

NuYawkFrankie's picture

re Russia "Does Not Want War"


Aye, but the USSA, pUKe & IsraHell - the Talmudic Troika Of Terrorism - does.

And the TTT will create any pretext to have it.

Circle of DNA's picture

The Kiev's Nazis had a clear directive from the CIA to clear out this area from any population. Whenever word "de-escalation" is used in the South-East republics - it was always meant as depopulation.  All we see there, is shelling of civilian areas, killing, raping, pillaging, kidnappings etc, etc ...lots and lots of secret mass graves all over Donbas.

They know that the native people in this area will never  go along with the puppets of wall street.
In short, Kiev was ordered to accomplish two tasks; depopulate (ethnically cleanse) the area and by doing so provoke Russia into this conflict. Perhaps, trapping Russia into this conflict is the most important NATO objective, simply because it would allow Washington to keep EU as its vassal, puppet state and ratchet up a brand new, cold war 2.0 .

Expect more sanctions against Russia, more accusations, more false evidence, more mainstream obfuscations and a lot more civilian casualties. This is going to be a very long, protracted conflict that will stop only with the demise of petrodollar.

earleflorida's picture

and, now the Civil War in Afghanistan will blossom, as the Baghdad Pact of ole catharsis days, takes ones cue from the Pheonix... 

,whilst Pakistan, India, China, and Russia laden thy road with silk...

as a posthumous USSA retreats into a sarcophagus...

,under an unsettling moribund, acidic-litmus sun?

oh, the horror

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

This must drive the lovely Sec of State Victoria Nuland (nee: Nudleman) Kagan to an orgasmic state of euphoria!

world_debt_slave's picture

what's this tingle down my leg

Itchy and Scratchy's picture

U.S. financed & Blackwater trained baby!