Russian TV Live Coverage Of Malaysian Airlines Jet Crash

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This is a video feed from Russian news outlet Life News which will obviously have an appropriate bias. We are using it as they are the first news crew to allegedly have reporters on the crash site. The images are disturbing.

Click image for live feed


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Wow, fastest coverage in the knew where to go...ahead ...of time....

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This is exactly why we need tighter safety regulations. We also need a way of enforcing laws at a global level in order to raise standards across the board. Safety advocates have been warning about the dangers of lax safety regulations for decades and this just vindicates what we have been saying. Come on people, this is common sense!

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Bankers need to hang for this.  The falling USD from reserve status has the inner DC boyz all in a tizzy.  They'll do anything now, including shooting down passenger planes.  9/11 was the beginning of the airline fetish.


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What time is your mom serving lunch?

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Its only the middle of the day, and the major indexes are on their way back to positive territory.

The DOW, NDX, & RUT will ALL be in the green by the close.

I love this "markit"

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WTF was a passenger airline doing in a war zone??? V

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Dang...Obama still holds a grudge against the Malaysian chick that shot him down for a date when he was a teenager.

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ppl have died

cruel to make some sort of joke out of this


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I think most of us are enraged by this shit.  Hope and Change NWO.  This stuff with Malaysian Airlines two disasters are total NWO BS and murder.

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The Banksters first false flag didn't work so they've taken it up a notch.

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so, you guys are all saying this wasn't caused by a bird strike ? 

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We're dumb enough for 911, we are dumb enough for two Malaysian airliner accidents in two months.

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cruel to make some sort of joke out of this

Too soon?

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If you want this joke to have a chance to work, go with a Malaysian "twink." No one will buy the chick thing with all the gay stuff folks like to do at his expense. Or an old white dude. Rumor has it he likes them to suck him off. But that would not fit this plane incident.

And, yeah, it's too early. Plenty of time to be crude later.

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It was at 62K ft. Sophisticated weaponry needed to take it down from the ground and air.


Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer to Dillon: "This is some pretty sophisticated stuff for some half-assed mountain boys"

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More like 33,000 per the planes own tracking reports and media reports.

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Of course you must be correct.

I thought I had read 10km but it was 10k meters

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Easy money to be made...

Quit living in denial....

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Do you really believe these markets are NOT manipulated? I agree folks are doing things to make money off of this, but do you not think that they (They Fed) can buy what they want to raise the statistics to look the way they want them too? I doubt it takes a phone call. I bet there is an ap for that!

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Define manipulated....

Is it any more "manipulated" than it has been in the past? 

Don't forget that you got to keep dancing until the music stops....

And when the music *does* stop, it won't really matter one way or the other, will it?

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You told the poster they were in denial. I interpreted that to be about their claim of manipulation.

Manipulated: The Fed, through agents (banks, other market makers), "prints" and buys stock when prices look like they are starting to tank.

I am no expert, but I believe there are things possible with HFT that were never possible before. I also think that means it can crash harder than it ever could before.

I am dancing as little as possible. But maybe you were being sarcasic/ironic.

The music will not "stop" unless there is a radioactive event/disaster of some kind. It will wind down and go slower, and slower. Kinda like the pace the oil will run out. But you know that...


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Theyare in denial that the market is rising despite what they think it should be....

Recall that those that held on to their stocks during the Weimar collapse did fine...

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"I believe there are things possible with HFT that were never possible before."  Bingo!

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If it won't really matter one way or the other why do you make such a big deal of alleged AGW.    do you have multiple personalities

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Regime change is up to the citizens of Western nations, don't expect any Russian or Chinese expeditionary corps to liberate you.

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true. but they can break beast's back in an economic war in a way that the common citizen cannot. 

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Yeah..I agree...they really should ban surface to air missles, RPG's.  These things are not for kids.

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How exactly would tighter safety regulations of air travel stop a fucking missle launched from the ground from hitting an airplane.  You are one retarded bag of cum.

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3 dollar bogus, I must assume your posts are intentional bullshit to get a rise out of the rest of us. 

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These familes are dead, and they are not dead because of any rules or regulations. They are dead because Obama gave an order making it so.

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How dare you blame Obama? "He is just a puppet"...this is "Busches fawlt"


I learned that here from cowards who down arrow posts, but don't refute them...

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We libertariantards do not blame either party or either figure head as soley responsible for our ills.  Our point is that the main ideas behind both parties' platforms are fundamentally the same.  There may be some nuances that differentiate each with rhetoric, but the idea is the same behind both - governmental control of resources, currency, and people.  Most of us that I know in the libertarian community lay equal blame on both parties.

I gave a down arrow.

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You never answered my answer to your post yesterday.


Vote up!

1 Vote down!


Using tax dollars to buy votes for Democrats is a longstanding Democrap Party tradition.......but I know "Busch did it two and boath party''s hour the same".....right LiberTARDian voters???



Please feel free to down arrow me if you are too cowardly to refute my's what cowards and idiots like to do.....



Wed, 07/16/2014 - 13:26 | 4963307



Vote up!

Vote down!


I down voted you because you seemed to want someone to.

Both parties are bought and paid for by the same corporations. Both are supported by lobbyists that you and I cannot afford to pay for. Those lobbyists will get their way you and I will get screwed.

I am not sure what to refute. What did you put out there to be refuted?

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Instead of handing over more power to the government, how about we DONT fly passenger planes over a fucking war zone???

I know, just too common senisical for most of the big gov lunatics to comprehend, but seems pretty obvious to the average human!

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MDB, you are one sick puppy. Seek help.