State Department Live Briefing On Malaysian Airlines Crash

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It is abundantly clear that nobody knows anything at this point (aside from the ridiculous "news" circulating on social networks that separatist leader Igor Strelkov admitted to shooting down the plane, which he did not as can be seen on his actual page), but that will not prevent the media from already having a clear narrative of exactly what happened, and State Department Jen Psaki will be unable to confirm or deny anything. Watch live below.

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Every number has a meaning ?

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Plane was hit by a meteor OK now move along nothing to see here 

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let me guess... they found putin's passport at the missle launch site...

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No...not at all, only a group selfie with Modi, Xi, Roussef and Zuma.

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I will believe everything the gov't says no matter what.

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Let the PsyOp, False Narratives, DisInfo / Misinfo propaganda campaigns commence.

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I am already seeing it start from the usual suspects. It's becoming more and more obvious who they are now, so it's easier to spot them.

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Maybe it was the Tea Party that did it.
Or Bush!

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I will believe everything you say since you're a race-baitor. I like that!

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So, the State Department, which is going to be the last place to learn of the actual events, is the one that has the first press conference?

Shouldn't Jen be hailing cabs for all the little Honduran kids streaming across the border?


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cant stand this woman. 

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Major bags under her eyes from lost sleep due to all this lying

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I still want to know who the fuck put this sycophant sorority slut into this position.

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I bet she gives great helmet..

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I wonder whether Duffy Duck thinks she's fuckable too, LOL.

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Revenge of the Annanuki.
They return and find Ft Knox, BoE and FRBNY gold vaults empty.
Begin battle of Gog and Megog (Middle East/Bear/Eagle, etc.)
Initiate End of Days to penalize humans for doing other than mining gold

UFO UFO UFO UFO UFO UFO (marchers chanting)

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Flight MH17 Boeing 777 shot down on 07/17/2014. 

"The magik number seven"

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Health Crisis On Border:
Solution:  Send in Doctors without Borders.


State Department Briefings:
Uh ... ummm ... well ...  uh  #stopkillingeveybodyyouevilpeopleorwellshipnaturalgastoeurope!

Whatever (curing hair around left index finger)

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This hashtag diplomacy that is being taught in our finest Ivy league universities is clearly the best.

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More numberology please.......


And red lines, we LOVE red lines.

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And bonus charts!     (And VIX,  ahhhh  VIX).

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The Soulless Ones often do.


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Not listening; don't have time to waste on bullshit.

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Compare this Malasian flight wreckage and the Non-existant wreckage to flight 93. Flight 93 must have been vaporized.

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Psaki is a bimbo moron

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Oh now, that's just wrong picking her out of the entire State Department for lack of souls ....

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look it up they just love numerology

the red heads

this hebrew  kabbalistic cunt is a lilith


She wanders about at night, vexing the sons of men and causing them to defile themselves

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The State Department doesn't know anything ?

No surprise here, nothing has changed ....

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Where's Hillary When We Need Her?
 Oh fuck, what difference does it make....

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I won't believe anything unless Josh Earnestly says it. 

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You can always trust an Earnest man

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The importance of being "Earnest".

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This is another PSYOP/MISO.

MH17 crashes/shot down on 17th July

MH17 was exactly 17 years old today and it had it's first flight on 17th July 1997

See here for age and first flight,9M-MRD-Mal...

Also a 777 crashing on
July 2014 = 7, (2+0+1+4=7) = 77 = 7/7

Plane Reg Number 9M-MRD. (MuRDer)

Also, TWA800 flight shot down near New York on 17th July 1996

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It was a ritual sacrifice.

Those on it where the best and brightest the western "elite" could offer to their deity in eexchange for WW 3.

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They know more thanthey are willing to say at this least Norad does..

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Uh huh...

When we wanna know, we know down to the centime cost of the last thread on the last screw.
When we don' wanna know, we don' kno nuffin

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Yeah, i'm leaning towards the US did it. They've lost to much traction in Kiev. Now they can blame everyone and put a feather in their cap.

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Idiots with the numerology.


No one knows shit yet and never will.  Nothing will happen.  300 dead and that's that


I'd do the red head.

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NotImpressed, you seem not impressed enough to write your first post here after 5 weeks and 3 days. By the way, your first post is not impressive. Name calling is not impressive and displays uncouthness and ignorance.

Hopefully this post will be your last.