Stocks And Bond Yields Are Plunging On Shot-Down Passenger Jet

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Remember when Ukraine was fixed and you could BTFATH as no geopolitical concerns could ever harm US equity markets... well that just changed... News that a Malaysian Airlines passeneger jet carrying 280 passengers was shot down in Ukraine has sparked major derisking across stocks and slammed bonds to the low yields of the day. Gold and Silver are jumping and the USD is fading.


Gold surge as stocks, JPY, and bond yuields tumble...


Stocks are near post-Yellen lows on this news...

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Paranoid Christian extremists should be concerned about false fag attacks.

TheFulishBastid's picture

Fly Malaysian Airlines.

We'll get you there!

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What we really need today in the face of such tragedy is a green close.   Good to see someone already working hard on that.

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One thing is for sure, it wasn't terrorists that shot it down, The NSA woulda prevented that.

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Fuck, and yesterday i got a dumb ass new teller that wouldnt let me buy any PM and i said 'thats ok, i will come back tomorrow lunchtime'.

May have been a mistake on my part.