WTF Video Of The Day: Giant Russian Hole Edition

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Ripped from the screen of the latest Marvel movie, Reuters reports that researchers are to investigate a giant mysterious hole that has appeared in one of Russia's most isolated northernmost regions. It was unclear what had caused the gaping crater, about 100 meters in diameter, filmed from the air in Yamal, which means "the end of the Earth" in the local Nenets language, where temperatures plummet to -58 degrees Fahrenheit and the sun barely rises in winter. Yamal, inhabited by indigenous reindeer herders, is one of Russia's richest regions in natural gas. The hole was found near the Bovanentsky gas field, leading to speculation that it could have been caused by an underground explosion. No Thor's Hammer found as yet (or Superman flight vessel).

As if we needed one more crazy video today...


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That hole would swallow an entire Donetsk!


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Kinetic Force Demonstration?


ie:  Rods from Gods.

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How can you be a helicopter pilot who shot that video and not want to go down that hole and hover to get a better look.  People are wusses these days.

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Well, now we know where MI-370 went.

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btw kudos for DoChenRolling... for picking this up a couple of days ago ;)

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The Golfer in Chief is going to be really, truly filled with hole envy.


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Hey, we could put our weed in there!

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I think it was made by Chernomoles...

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Probably from melting permafrost and ignition of the methane released therefrom.

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"giant Russian hole"


That headline sure got Obama excited.......

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Senator MCStain already warned the giant hole to stay out of Ukraine or face a whole series of sanctions.

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McCain would perfectly belong in this giant asshole! Isn't this his natural habitat?

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You didn't dig that. 

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That actually looks like it could be the Wookies Cu...What I really wonder is how many men got lost down there.

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The wookie is a chick with a dick

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Looks more like the silver surfer's hole...  Maybe the planet killer is coming to put us out of our misery

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Its called a sinkhole. A massive sinkhole.

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Two words: Alien Invasion.  OBummer's going to have a reason to nuke Russia... I saw something just like this on a show called "Independence Day."  Will Smith... mmmmhhhmmmm dreamy.


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Since when do sink holes have debris around the perimeter of the hole... This one looks more like something trying to get out as opposed to an impact crater...


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The wookie is a chick with a dick

Which in my humble opinion is scarier than guy with tits, or maybe not.  Either way, where is Chumba Wumba

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The golfer in chief is already busy dealing with Reggies hole and doesn't need a Russian one. Although if a gerbil emerges from this hole then Obummer will get aroused.

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Nah, his 'hole envy'  is reserved for the fellas. 

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Ohomo prefers holes surrounded by fetid matted ass hair.

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Project Plowshareski...

"At the end of the program, a major objective was to develop nuclear explosives, and blast techniques, for stimulating the flow of natural gas in "tight" underground reservoir formations. In the 1960s, a proposal was suggested for a modified in situ shale oil extraction process which involved creation of a rubble chimney (a zone in the oil shale formation created by breaking the rock into fragments) using a nuclear explosive."

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The Russians do a lot more risky experiments with their oil and gas production. I know on fairly good sources they are stimulating with explosive material for tight shale. They even collaborate with Canadian companies in experiments since that is not legal here.

UselessEater's picture

Interesting, anymore info? We can see how delightful centrally planned China is with pollution from factories easily addressed with todays (actually yesterdays) tech.

BobPaulson's picture

The technology idea is to inject a controlled flux of accelerant into reservoirs to stimulate them. Ever heard of stump remover? If it is evenly distributed you have a nice even wave of pressure moving through the rock. I would guess it gets risky when you don't handle the injected material safely and it concentrates or pools up down there. I have trouble imagining such a perfect round hole from that though, but I can sure imagine accidents happening.

UselessEater's picture

thanks Bob I'm going to ask some folks I know in oil more about this.... good to learn.

BobPaulson's picture

Current experiments are on tight shale.

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That is interesting, since this hole actually isn't at "the end of the world" but rather where Gazprom sucks all the EU's gas out ground that takes a northern transit route (not Ukraine) to Europe.

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To me it looks like the backside of a bullet hole.  A sink hole and explosion of natural gas is the most logical speculation at this point.


The Government of CANADA is not 'pro Russian' and we are trying to

do business with the retard sandwich eating American Government.

Keystone XL Pipeline is what we want out of the retard sandwich eating American Government and if our Energy Sector did business with the

Russians we would become retard sandwich eating Canadians without

a chance-in-hell of ever doing business with the retard sandwich eating American Government. Clearly, ENBRIDGE Oil & Gas would oust the

Stephen Harper Government if we did anything to annoy the retard sandwich eating American Government in this day and age. CANADA

is not in 'binnezz' with 'Russian companies' I assure you.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

No. Clearly CIA or MOSSAD is at again.

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GODZILLA is loose.. OH SHIT!



With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound
He pulls the spitting high tension wires down

Helpless people on a subway train
Scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them

He picks up a bus and he throws it back down
As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town

Oh no, they say he's got to go go go Godzilla
Oh no, there goes Tokyo go go Godzilla

History shows again and again
How nature points up the folly of men

Mr Pink's picture

Hmmm....maybe there is something to that hollow Earth theory. I always thought those guys were crackpots

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And you thought the X-Files were fiction.  The smoking man is around there somewhere.  Obama will have the black ooze and the little black squiggle in the eye. 

Theorists posit that during the Permian extinction, one of the problems might have been the mantle plume igniting seams of buried coal as far as the eye can see.  Changed the chemical composition of the thin blue line pretty good that did.  And we are worried about tiny tiny man burning a few hydrocarbons here and there.  Sheesh.

New_Meat's picture

"... plume igniting seams of buried coal as far as the eye can see. "

really fucks up your carbon footprint.

- Ned

Axenolith's picture

A small black hole entered the earth there and will now ping-pong back and forth through the center of gravity, growing, until we slowly are devoured by it.  Don't expect to feel/see an event horizon though, the crust will reliquify long before the world is totally consumed.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Nah, it would pass right through the planet, given a velocity relative to the earth greater than 25k mph (escape velocity)   seismic stations for nuclear testing monitoring would detect the entry and exit events and most of the trajectory, probably.    There is another type of supermassive particle predicted by quantum mechanics and cosmology that might do something like this.   

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Please. No Hillary Clinton jokes.

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No joke Solja...:

Floating the ‘Pussy Boat’: Japanese artist’s vaginal works create uproar (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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pods's picture

Hey knukles, if you hop in there you could actually be the "man in the boat!"

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Knuckles, we've repeatedly been advised that under Tavistock etc art and music is supposed to get more ugly and vag...erm...vulgar!?! Its intended as a method to create and expand inter-generational differences which then aides in the destruction of family bonds.

btw I am not going to check out the link, atleast one of the graphic avatars on this site are enough to deal with without finding the same yuk called 'art'. (not going to mention some drinking native dudes nasty avatar)

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Were you too busy doing the 5 knuckle shuffle to scroll down a little farther?

A vaginal miniature diorama of the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant. It’s “taboo on top of taboo,” the artist explained. (Photo: Megumi Igarashi)

GoinFawr's picture

I dunno Knuks; different 'strokes' for different folks and all that cal. Eg. a person might well ask the same question regarding grown men spending the day swinging their 'clubs' at their tiny little white balls... perhaps both they and the canoeist are trying to compensate for something.

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I gozt to get me one of dem, wonder if they make a penis canoe for the wife ???

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Ah. The dreams of the technologist.  Their tech, 3D printing in this case, will change the world for ever!!


Then people start printing dildos. 

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Hillary just farted on the opposite side of the world and it showing up in Russia.

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Newt's moonbase idea is sounding better everyday.