Friday Humor, "Blame It On ..." Edition

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Remember: when central planning works (almost exclusively in the form of another all time "market" high, if not so much in the increasing frequency of wars and conflicts around the globe) it is because the Fed's policies worked. When, however, it doesn't, it's the snow's fault, or the heat, or, in this case, the rain.

h/t @Stalingrad_Poor

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Good article, Knuk.  I liked one of the replies to the article:  Even Mother Nature is a climate change denier now.

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I can never remember...which one is Milli and which one is Vanilli?

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I can never remember...which one is Milli and which one is Vanilli?

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Oh no Knuks,

The quackmiser will rise from his coffin now.

I thought we had killed him off with repeated thrusts of sharpened wooden downvotes.

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I am doing my part to liberate the frozen Canadian and Siberia tundra and turn it into lush, fertile farmland to feed the hungry. Do your part today to return the Earth to the tropical paradise it was before all that carbon became trapped underground.

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It might end up a 'paradise' again - if only because all the humans end up extinct.   


Gaia's getting even......

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I am pleased to see Dear Leader agrees with me. With all those golf courses to fly to, he has a carbon footprint larger than his entire childhood village x100

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"Blame it on the Rain" was a Milli Vanilli song.  and we know now that Milli Vanilli was a fraud....100% lip synch fraud.



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I thought it was global warming we were suppose to blame everything on.... Damn it, didn't get the memo..


Fuck you Rain

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Ahhh Larry we beat you to that a few months ago.

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Well it's obviously NOT the Fed nor any politician's or Central Bank's fault.  My God, you are crazy to even suggest that.  They're just trying to do God's work and save us all from all the evil outside forces that bring us down and harsh our buzz, like weather and earthquakes and Nuclear fallout and stuff.

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Grew up with Weird Al, but was too young to understand the reference. Thanks for the laugh!

"The Plumbing Song"

Got a problem with plumbing?
Gotta blame it on something
Blame it on the drain it was cloggin', cloggin'
Blame it on the faucet that drips all night
If hairballs, grease and goo
Won't let the water through
Blame it on the drain, yeah, yeah

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What rain?  The West is in an epic dry spell.  Right?



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It was raining in New Jersey last week, maybe it's a Joyzee paper.

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Don't let em fool ya. Canada is to blame.


Chuck you Farley.

Canada is land of good bacon.

And, good hockey.


Nothing bad ever came from Canada, 'cept for Justin Bieber, who left Canada, thank God.

And, he likes living it gangstah style down there in the USA.

Says something about your dumb assed gooberment, that they weren't smart enough to deport him.

Besides, everyone knows it is the air that you are breathing that  is to blame for everything. 

That nasty stuff makes people crazy as a shit house rat.  

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Don't forget to add Celine Dion to the bad things that came from Canada list.

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We can forgive Canada such transgressions I think, as they did produce Colby Smulders, whom is very easy on the eyes.  Oh, and maple syrup.  I love that shit.


Fuckin' eh, Bubba, it was colder than a whore's heart this winter in CANADA and I'm not shittin' ya either. It was so cold that I did not want to go out much. Years like that are rare. Clearly, the economy did suffer from fewer people going out to the store in the Northern regions of the USA and pretty much all of CANADA. I'll give the beancounters a point

for the cold temp this last winter. It was brutal IMHO.

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Psychotic fvcks write this drivel, then blame the Internet for plunging print-media revenues. Down with centralized journalism.

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 If you looked up the definition of "oxymoron" in Webster's Dictionary, there would be a screen capture of this article.

  The GDP missed because it didn't rain... Unicorn shit is ripe about this time of the election cycle...

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Moron... isn't that one of the inept elements? ;-)

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Blame it on Rio

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Last time we heard someone say "blame it on the rain" it too was a lie.

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It's the Voodoo I tell you.

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Bureaucrats need to start comparing fabrications; NOAA says 34% of CONUS is in some kind of drought and another ~10-15% is "abnormally dry" :

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For this:
The Public Be Suckered

I blame:


Okay, now I'm getting really MAD because the FED blamed the poor

performance over the winter on the 'COLD' and not the 'heat, rain, or

snow', Tyler. Please check your facts before taking aim at the beloved

FED Reserve and their brilliant Chairpersons.

Imagine the gall of some people! 



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This summer the housing market will decline because it was too sunny.

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This summer the housing market will decline because it was too sunny.

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Has nothing to do with the fact that so many people are unemployed - and those that are employed are making minimum wage.......

Anyone else wonder if we're setting things up so China and everyone else holding massive amounts of $US can by up the whole country on the cheap?  You KNOW they're exchanging all that paper for TANGIBLE assets - ANY tangible assets including US housing stocks - before the $US ends up totally worthless.   Better to buy somethign - anything - of value before that happens.