OECD Fears Middle Class Civil Unrest Is Coming

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics blog,

tax it

This idea that we live in a world where government cares about us is just the biggest propaganda ever. Everyone one will only pursue their own self-interest. The OECD has interesting come out and warned that if governments are unable to stop the transfer of wealth to a small financial elite, the displeasure of the dispossessed middle class could easily turn and go against the prevailing governmental systems. The OECD has claimed to have discovered the existence of a veritable “lumpenproletariat” in the supposedly rich Germany. Even though the systems attempt to provide citizens with bread and circuses in the traditional Roman style to keep them quiet, such  tactics they warn may have now become obsolete after the ultimate circus is over – the World Cup.

The problem with all of these studies is the look at class warfare and not at the consumption of government. They do not follow the breadcrumbs. What if you take everything from the elites? Who will start businesses to create jobs? Who will be left to take as government pensions keep ticking away. In Germany, it has now surpassed 50% of the average persons labor goes to taxes.
There are a host of books coming out all about just taxing the rich more ignoring reducing the cost of government. The German bestseller “The plunder of the world” presents just another socialist agenda arguing that the rich get richer even in times of crisis, while the consequences of a crisis are always carried by the lower-income groups and the middle class. It fails to explain that the rich get richer from investment, not wage income. This is an argument to effective tax investment substantially to even out the disparity? But who then creates the jobs that produce anything? Is it that those who invest unfairly make money when the others pay too much in taxes and do not invest? Anyone who thinks that these books are real must be insane. If you think for one second raising the taxes on the rich will mean your taxes will decline – good luck. In Germany, Tax Freedom Day has passed the 50% and even in Canada it is now June 9, 2014. In the United States it is April 21st for 2014.
In France, the magazine Challenges has determined that the richest Frenchmen saw their assets in 2013 rise by 15% since they benefit from the profits in foreign companies. There is no discussion that government consumes too much – EVER!
German Debt Int%

The consequences of unequal distribution of wealth in the world is becoming the tipping point argued and funded by governments to blame the rich – never government. Nobody seems to be doing the math that if you confiscate all that wealth you end up with communism with taxation and government just keeps growing until it consumes everything. We borrow with no intent of paying anything back and that about 70% of the national debts is all interest that built no schools, reduced nobody’s tax bills, and did nothing for the middle class. This is fairly consistent in all major countries. Governments are trying to push interest rates exceptionally lower to reduce their deficits exploiting the middle class creating a disincentive to save even for retirement when it pays next to nothing.

The OECD is now warning like Picketty that a growing gap between rich and poor will erupt into revolution – not that government is taxing too much. According to the words of the OECD Secretary General Jose Angel Gurria, the problem since the global financial and economic crisis has exacerbated massive. “In the first three years of crisis, inequality increased more than in the twelve years before, “he told the Business Week”. On average across OECD countries, the top 10% of the population now earn 9.5 times as much as the lowest 10% but fail to explain this is from investment. Inequality has grown by 35% because stock markets are rising to escape from the craziness of government. The higher they rise, the greater the disparity.

The OECD claims this is clearly felt in the USA more so than Europe omitting the fact that the disparity comes from investment not wages. They they compare that to Europe claiming there is no welfare state in Europe so somehow this is implied to be better. The OECD then highlights supposedly rich Germany as a dangerous development with a rising disparity stating this is “namely that it is a lumpenproletariat, a very poorly trained and poorly paid part of the Arbeiterschich.

The argument now is the middle class civil unrest they know is coming is simply because they have not confiscated the wealth of the investors they call the financial elites. So if you invest and make any money, you are the new financial elites – sorry it is anyone who now invests. Michael Maier’s The plunder of the world is another book released to justify plundering the financial elites without actually identifying who they are. Sorry – it is you.

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Harbanger's picture

Sell courage instead, it's in high demand, rope will only serve to hang yourself if you can't deal with hardship. Bitchez.

Seer's picture

+1,000 BUT, wisdom to understand when courage is really required is also needed...

nmewn's picture

I suppose thats where we're all at.

Many of us have the courage to fight but for what & who? I'm not the least bit interested in fighting for the crackhead on EBT anymore than I am for fighting for the CEO who gets paid in stawk to be taxed at 15%.

Its going to require a complete dismantle.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

It's weird how we know what to do but don't know where or how to start.

nmewn's picture

Starting is hard, then its just business with no hard feelings per se, then comes the stopping, before we become what we all hate, thats the hardest part.

There is a thin line (the stopping line) thats different for all of us and anyone who has ever faced death or about to take a life knows what I'm talking about. Without your vengeance tempered with honor & a certain amount of compassion (for the less than guilty) it will all be for nothing.

Starting is hard, covering for your buds that got carried away in the passion of the moment (compromising yourself, your beliefs, your honor) will be hard but you will do it but stopping them (when it comes to it) will be hardest.

Thats the big reason no one wants to go there, we will live with it forever, not everyone can reconcile themselves to that.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I don't think starting will be hard when it does start. This is the most frightening part. This will mean all is lost and there is nothing to lose. Right now, for the majority of us, life, family, friends are simply too precious for us to risk. Once gone, choices are clear. I suppose some may lay down and die without response but I know in my heart I will not be in that category. Though I have never been in a position as a soldier, I have been placed in life threatening positions and have always acted.

The key issue I believe is the stopping. Once blood has been spilled it appears the shark feeding frenzy is just too difficult to quench. It never is surgical to the core of the evil, innocents are always killed. It also seems to be a function of how long or/and how brutal the abuse is applied to the population. Pendulums must swing until energy and momentum has waned.

It's funny how nature and the natural world always strives for balance. This must be true for humans. However, with psychopaths continuously demanding more power, capital, wealth and control of others, this can never be possible. Eventually, we must reclaim what is ours from those who have stolen it. Therefore, every day from now to that point is precious.


barre-de-rire's picture

you stay, will & remain in complacency of whatever is inflicted to you for the very simple reason you are all animals, and animals remain tamed as long they get fed.


whatever oil price, whaterver taxes, whatever lifestyle decreasing, insecurity, murders, as ni any normal society, as long you get fed, you wont move a nail.


you are dominated, & in the very iner of each of you, you recognize but will never have the courage to say loudly that as long you can go & for the less effort possible, why moving & spend energy, why fighting for better ? we are usa we are alreay the best. you think this way, that's why masses is quality decreasing over time, you let a couple of ppl getting money, spoil every one else. yourself you bet your own money on a system you spit on.


from this point how you want to get unrest over the place... you are yourself the deposit of the non action.


Tall Tom's picture

Small revolutionary acts, collectively, is a continuum of a large Revolutionary act as much as a long term is merely the result of a continuum of short terms.


Just what makes you think that we are not acting?


Everytime that I buy Gold and Silver and bet against the US Dollar it is a Revolutionary act by rejecting the status quo.

Everytime that I do not vote it is a Revoutionary act by rejecting the status quo.

Everytime that I refuse to do business with a large Multinational Corporation it is a Revolutionary act by rejecting the status quo.

Everytime that I buy local food and reject the GMO crap it is a Revolutionary act by rejecting the status quo.


Now perhaps I am just one in 300 Million. I will agree. But when many start to do these small acts collectively the effects of such actions are additive. This affects the Bottom Line profits of the Multinational Corporations and they read it as a loss in profits.




Now if you want Fireworks then go ahead and do it. (However I do not believe that fits your agenda...)


But our numbers are growing larger by the day. This website, and the corresponding traffic growth is demonstrative of the fact.


The fact that this website has been banned from the Bank of America computers is testimony to that.

The fact that this website has been attacked on Friday (most likely by the NSA) is testimony to that.


Yes they are concerned. Our numbers are growing. Discontent has been growing. More people will seek answers and they will come here to find them.


They have not much longer and neither does your ilk.


Enjoy your collapse.

barre-de-rire's picture

what makes my think u not acting ? you acting, maybe not in the way you should :

you said you against usa by buying gold... you make the economic system working by using it.

you do not need MP to live, neither money, you need axe, saw, bucket, seeds, tissue, gloves & boots, a river and your brain.


not voting or voting is same you say.. but some are not corrupted they are the below 5% on the election list, seek for em. they are those who are rejected by the big ones.

( i do not vote neigher, so i dont blame you on that point, but i see in my country some got responses, but system [meaning masse] is not ready to accept to mutate into something they do not know & never seen  in action, masses are scared of change. france is full throttle into the wall coz its inability to accept the change. )


about gmo,  whatever you want it or not, go make analysys of what you eat, gmo is everywhere it is too late, delimited fields already with wind & birds  overpassed the limit, gmo is spreading onto nature, it is too late.


warefare economic, i +1 on that, this is why factories close to build cheaper elsewhere to get more  money, whatever ppl loosing their job.

question : make a full circle of 5 countries, A B C D E.  A build, sell to BCDE, B can make cheaper, A give to B to build, send to ABCDE. when the process is repeated 5 times and the cheapest on earth has its building cost raising, what happen...? relocalization. time to happen ? in reality ? never be, we are 192, TTIP is about the 28+usa, so 29. BRICS is 5.

how many already used to build stuff ? china is part of brics, in EU most west give east & south outside of europ to build. even china delocalize to africa now !!!!!

no solution. if you shut down globalization,  no need europ, close borders again, ruin the 50 years construction, this is what ppl start to think " it was better  before " in france, germany, UK... those though are, depending the side you are, dangerous, or legitimate. for my part i dont give a shit anylonger, i think this all gonna explode. i watch ZH cos i think this is the US whom will bring europ down too on its own fall cos on  economical war we are same side.


dont be wrong about me, i never had usa in my heart, i am french, i try to speak your fabulous langage, universal way of communicating, but on this situation, when i see your governemnt trying to mess seriously in europ to bring back the war because they have no balls to say  " ok we have no more ressources about oil & gaz we loosing power we need to do some things " you are a brutal country historically you are violent people, even if your people  rectify trajectory of your country economically ( good decisions take years to effect ), you have been witnesses of a massive destructuration of the world stability for last  10 years and if the salvation do not come from yourself from within, the world can do nothing, you remain usa & you scare others.

this is, i hope to have been clear enought, what you have to understand.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

That was well said.

I do not think treading lightly in a burning building is a sign of cowardice but a sign of prudence. When the call to action occurs, I think it will be clear. Only then will we be shown the quality of those we chose to associate. Our own ideals will be put to the test as well.

The only reason I own an iPad is my work banned this site specifically. Even when I showed them I was visiting it on my breaks. It was deemed inappropriate. My husband was so angry he bought me the iPad. They responded by changing the password to the WiFi. My husband had a male meltdown and bought ( in his words) a fucking data plan. So far I am not banned off company property when I post at work so I have won.

When there is such opposition, one realizes one is onto the truth.


gatorboat's picture

"I don't think starting will be hard when it does start."

I don't see anything starting.   Not from the middle class.  The guts just aren't there.  And the organization isn't there. 

Sorry, but the idea of spontaneous organized uprising just doesn't fly.   Organized doesn't happen spontaneously.

The first American revolution started with a convention of the colonies to draw up a declaration of independence. 

Nothing like that is happening today.  Bad as things are, nothing has been done to plan or organize any sort of uprising.  Lots of talk here about hanging politicians from lamp posts, but nobody has made the first step toward it, nobody even has an idea how it would happen.  98% of the middle class doesn't even know what the govt is doing, and doesn't care.   

The slow agonizing slide into poverty many here believe will spawn a middle class revolt won't happen. It will be sudden, without warning, and it will be the US dollar collapsing, not stocks.


El Crusty's picture

Stupidity can also be easily mistaken for courage.

stand on the tracks in front of a train and let it run you over to prove that you're really not happy with the cargo that train is carrying? Stupid.

Having the balls to go out to the train tracks and pull out a couple dozen railroad spikes so the train derails all the while knowing that the authorites will come looking for you afterwards? Courage.

RichardParker's picture

Yeah, "Hope and Change" was another hot item that flew off the shelves back in '08.

Anusocracy's picture

Monkey revolution or monkey war?

Humans and monkeys share Machiavellian intelligence

Rhesus macaques live in complex societies with strong dominance hierarchies and long-lasting social bonds between female relatives. Individuals constantly compete for high social status and the power that comes with it using ruthless aggression, nepotism, and complex political alliances. Sex, too, can be used for political purposes. The tactics used by monkeys to increase or maintain their power are not much different from those Machiavelli suggested political leaders use during the Renaissance.

Alpha males, who rule the 50 or so macaques in the troop, use threats and violence to hold on to the safest sleeping places, the best food, and access to the females in the group with whom they want to have sex. Like human dictators intent on holding power, dominant monkeys use frequent and unpredictable aggression as an effective form of intimidation. Less powerful members of the rhesus macaque group are marginalized and forced to live on the edges of the group’s area, where they are vulnerable to predator attacks. They must wait for the others to eat first and then have the leftovers; they have sex only when the dominant monkeys are not looking.

“In rhesus society, dominants always travel in business class and subordinates in economy, and if the flight is overbooked, it’s the subordinates who get bumped off the plane,” Maestripieri said. “Social status can make the difference between life and death in human societies too,” he pointed out. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, for instance, the poorer members of the community accounted for most of the hurricane’s death toll.

Struggles for power within a group sometimes culminate in a revolution, in which all members of the most dominant family are suddenly attacked by entire families of subordinates. These revolutions result in drastic changes in the structure of power within rhesus societies, not unlike those occurring following human revolutions. There is one situation, however, in which all of the well-established social structure evaporates: when a group of rhesus macaques confronts another one and monkey warfare begins. Rhesus macaques dislike strangers and will viciously attack their own image in a mirror, thinking it’s a stranger threatening them. When warfare begins, “Even a low-ranking rhesus loner becomes an instant patriot. Every drop of xenophobia in rhesus blood is transformed into fuel for battle,” Maestripieri wrote.


maskone909's picture

do monkies use deception to achieve their goals?  that would be an interesting study.  because the usa gov is actually much wekaer than the majority class, they must use deception to strike fear in the masses.  only then, can they take our liberties.

r00t61's picture

I don't know about monkeys, but chimpanzees are our closest genetic cousin, and they do engage in what we would call "deception."

Chimps will feign injury in order to lure in a would-be attacker, with the rest of the tribe waiting to spring an ambush.  Chimpanzees will also create weapons caches to hide rocks and sticks that they will use later.  Conceal carry, anyone?

Chimps will hide their food, even from other chimps in their own tribe.  If they are caught, they will pretend that there is no food.  Chimps will also fake injury - e.g., lamess, coughing - to attract favorable attention, particularly from females. 

Deception in great apes is an area of ongoing study.

Also, this doesn't have anything to do with chimps or deception, but the behavior of the "Mafia birds" is really astounding.


dexter_morgan's picture

All animals use deception to achieve their goals. Never had any cats, dogs, fish, etc????

Anusocracy's picture

According to the article, the females used deception towards the alphas concerning reproduction.

medium giraffe's picture

Interesting stuff guys, thanks all.  I think our animalistic tendencies can often be decoded by looking at other animals.  I was pretty shocked at the brutality of sparrow behaviour.  Shocking, yet somehow so familiar....

freewolf7's picture

I can't blame it on deception.

We KNOW the gov and corporations lie.


It's TOLERABLE, until it isn't.

Today, it's tolerable, apparently.

Harbanger's picture

We are not fucking monkeys.  The sooner we understand that the less peeps have to be washed away in our cleansing.

quasimodo's picture

I certainly hope nobody is fucking monkeys, however I am sure it has happened in this deranged world we live in.

Harbanger's picture

You're trying to be funny but it's true, our level of depravity has exceeded that of ancient pagans.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Did you know Pompeii was  a decadent city of sin?  Many of the 'temples' were basically whorehouses (based on the artwork inside).  So what does that make the 'pilgrims'?

Harbanger's picture

I don't understand your point.  What's the connection between pompei and US pilgrims?

Jumbotron's picture

The Mayflower wasn't a state sponsored whorehouse.

How's that for a start asshole ?

Harbanger's picture

Have no idea WTF you're talking about but let's start from the asshole part and work our way in.  I'm sorry I didn't pick up your comment earlier, I have a life, you know.  You made a very good point.  Please explain Jumbo.

Jumbotron's picture


First of all.....we are pagans.  Even if we do not profess it.  We act as such....therefore we are.  "I think (like a pagan) therefore I am (a pagan)"

So stop with the false dichotomy.

In other words......the situation we are in....the way people are has not changed since The Fall.  You know what I mean.  It's just been dress up now with a "civilized veneer".  It's not state-sponsored whore houses like the Temple "Virgin" cults of Greece and Rome.  It's personalized now....like that Goolge exec who was killed on his yacht.   Mr. "Family Man" with a psychotic hooker who shot 'em up full of dope, in the hopes that he was going to have a drug enhanced bangaroo with a hot, goth hooker he met on a hook up site.

Now he's dead.  On his yacht.  Paid for by advertisers who pay Google a lot of money to entice us to buy useles iShit......so you and I and everyone else can search Google for free porn.

Same paganism.  Just made mainstream....."civilized".... middle class. 

You're a pagan too.  Simply because you worship "Freedom"  and want to fight for it and extol others to fight for it.  We actually have a pagan Goddess to freedom (The Statue of Liberty) welcoming people from abroad on our very shores.  Therefore....when you worship freedom, you by default worship her....the goddess.

If you are a Christian....and I get the sense you are...like me.....then you should know that you cannot serve two masters.  When you place your hand over your heart and give a pledge of allegiance to a flag...with the implicit agreement that you would die for that flag and the country it represents and the "freedom" it stands for......but then you pray to God and give your allegiance to a King......is it any wonder most Christians are as crazy as the pagans.  It's called Cognitive Dissonance.  You have two diametrically opposed ideas in your head and you try to reconcile them everyday.....to no avail.

Just ask yourself....how did we get in the mess in the first place.  Adam & Eve had perfect freedom.  They had free will.  Free choice in a perfect environment.  And they pissed their freedom and our freedom away with a bad, freely made choice.  So much for freedom....eh?   Yet you want to take America back.   To what?   To where ?  How can you change people so they would not abuse their freedoms as enshrined in the Constiution ?  As if the Constitution has any power over people abusing the freedom that it "guarentees ?

You need to GROW up.  If you are Christian....you need to realize you serve a King....not a man made Republic.  You cannot pledge allegiance to a flag and country and kneel before a Lord at the same time.  The freedom you worship as enshrined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are a hollow sham.  For they cannot do the thing that is ESSENTIAL to preserving freedom and protecting it from the corruptions of man.  Only that King you supposedly worship....that you may raise your hands to.....that you may bend your knee to....every Sunday in church can do that.

Otherwise....you are a pagan too.  Worshiping multiple gods.  Or at least two.  The Freedom Goddess....or the King of the Universe.

Tall Tom's picture

Herd Redirection was NOT writing of US Pilgrims. He was writing of those who had made a pigrimage to go and "worship" at the Temples of Pompei.


And the answer to his relevant question is that it made those Pilgrims nothing more than the equivalent of Modern Day Sex Tourists.


The point of the question was to demonstrate that depravity was just as endemic in Ancient Ages as it is today.


Maybe our depravity is a little more subtle but it is still as depraved.


It is no better in Modern Times.

It is no worse in Modern Times.

Harbanger's picture

Not sure, probably not you.

oudinot's picture

We are not moneys, but  our great, great, (add 120,000 greats) grandparents were and we share much genttic history, obviously.

RichardParker's picture

If you wish to understand the origins of human culture, study the great apes, in particular the orangutan:




dexter_morgan's picture


"The difficulty in understanding the Russian is that we do not take cognizance of the fact that he is not a European, but an Asiatic, and therefore thinks deviously. We can no more understand a Russian than a Chinese or a Japanese, and from what I have seen of them, I have no particular desire to understand them except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them. In addition to his other amiable characteristics, the Russian has no regard for human life and they are all out sons-of-bitches, barbarians, and chronic drunks."
~ statement made on August 8, 1945 and quoted in General Patton : A Soldier’s Life by Stanley P. Hirshson, p. 650

While not an astute observer of humankind, he WAS exceptional at killing people and breaking things.

Nick Jihad's picture

Do you realize what a douche you sound like?  Patton is desribing Russians at a time when they were governed by Stalin, probably second only to Mao as a mass-murderer in all of human history. And yet you snark that Patton was "exceptional" at killing people. What a complete  and utter douche bag.

Calmyourself's picture

Nick, you must be younger.  There is something quite admirable about a man who uses unvarnished truth, you complain that the truth Patton gives is not representative of something other than his own life and times..  Your standards are nonsensical and indicative of a girly type metro sexual but I could be wrong you could just be a douche.

dexter_morgan's picture

What a complete  and utter douche bag.

Yes, you certainly are. Back to momma's basement now.


You do realize that Stalin was the media darling of his day, don't you? Roosevelt had a big old woodie for him and used to refer to him as 'uncle Joe' .

Have a clue before commenting el doucho.


Seer's picture

"do monkies use deception to achieve their goals? "

To some degree EVERYTHING does.  That's why there are different shapes -and the ability to change shape- and colors, it all provides for distraction (some for "attraction," but that could also be said to be a form of distraction).

Been saying it for quite some time: nature is about deception and humans are OF nature.

"only then, can they take our liberties."

"They" could care less, it's an issue of retaining POWER.  By default we have subjugated ouselves to a SYSTEM that recognizes "leaders;" we are, therefore, holding our own chains (because we wish to climb up that POWER ladder).

Spastica Rex's picture

There was this Enlightenment-era idea that human beings were something more than animals. That was a quaint notion - now we're nothing more than biological automata. Well, the bottom 80% of us, or so.

Anusocracy's picture

Most of our innate behavior is strongly rooted in the animal world.

The slow evolution away from that is the basis of our somewhat civilized human world.

knukles's picture

Enlightenment Era.
Birth of some of the worst tripe ever passed off as knowledge.

Harbanger's picture

Yes, nothing good ever came of it.  That's why we have to get back on the ride again.  The next dark age is going to make the last one look like Disney Land.  I say Lord, fuck the bitchez, again.

Seer's picture

It helped us learn better ways of deception...  putting on lipstick you could say...

When our resources are more readily depleted (perhaps sooner seeing as our growth-oriented structure will be stopped dead in its tracks) is when we discover that it was the oil that made us look and behave better... (all is well when there's punch in the punch bowl)

bbq on whitehouse lawn's picture

Being something more then an animal is a choice.
To imagine a better you or better action then that of an
animal. Then carry it out.

If you don't have to make that tough choice to be a better you.
Then you end up doing what animals do.

To recipercate an act of civility allows for civilization to exist. Without the act of civility being returned to you in kind, what do you have? A jungle.

Humans are not animals, but could be and may yet become again.
With all the genetic damage it may just be a matter of time.
Intelligence may just be an anomaly in nature, something that self corrects with time.

barre-de-rire's picture

agree until you start counting .


a 50 group monkeys is simple concept, 7 billions monkey with some harvesting, some cooking, some selling, somewhere else some bushcrafting, some linking 2 previous groups to make trade...

monkey do not have money. monkey do not pay bills.

monkey do not drive car, monkey do not travel around the world in 36h.


stay on what is reality, simplifing concept is dangerous. especially when parts of humans are not smarter than some monkeys...

Dr. Engali's picture

I was thinking body bags would be a good line of business to be in n

raeb's picture

I was thinking body bags would be a good line of business to be in n




Perhaps for a short period, then it deteriorates into mass graves.

PrintemDano's picture

Once the shovels are unaffordable, the executees will be forced to dig their own mass graves with their hands.