Pentagon Says "Strains Credulity" That Jet Shot Down Without Russian Aid - Live Feed

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While admitting that he has no evidence, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby offered his opinion in today's press conference:


But still no proof... and then this - *'WE JUST DON'T KNOW' WHO FIRED SA-11 MISSILE AT PLANE: KIRBY

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The fuckin' Pentagon strains budgets.  Remember the "5:00 O'clock follies.

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The Pentagram itself strains credulity...

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It strains credulity that anyone in this administration would ever tell the truth about anything...



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Oh, okay... is that the same Pentagram that shot down Iran Air Flight 655?

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Hey Runmie, where did that 2 TRILLION bucks go?


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But we do know it was an SA-11.

So we know it was in the Ukraine, with a SA-11. Now we just need to figure out the who. I'm guessing the one that appears to have figured out the first 2, probably knows the final piece of the puzzle.

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The real question that needs answering is how accurate the following is.  Wouldn't the BUK launcher need radar support and a trained crew?  Didn't the Kiev forces have an entire unit of BUK launchers in the region too?  Which is more likely then?  Was it Russian separatists with a single launcher without radar support or the Kiev military unit of multiple launchers with radar support?  The answer seems pretty simple to me.

"And finally, as RT reported, the national governor of the Donetsk region, Pavel Gubarev, admitted that while the separatists indeed are in possession of one BUK missile unit, it is not operational, and even if it was, it would be unable to reach a height of over 30,000 feet without central radar guidance which the Donetsk region does not have, once again suggesting that a Surface to Air Missile, if indeed one was used, came from the Ukraine side. Surely it will be very easy for international monitors to validate this report."

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A BUK-M1 consists of three different vehicles.

1) An Early Warning/ Target Acquisition Radar vehicle - this is the part that tells you what you are firing at.

2) A Transporter Erector Launcher (TEL) This part only fires missiles.

3) A Transporter Erector Launcher And Radar (TELAR) This part paints the targets for itself and the TELs, and it also fires missiles.


The photos of their 'BUK" the Separitists posted last month were pictures of a TELAR.  If the TELAR didn't have access to its Early Warning/Target Acquisition Radar it would not be able to differentiate between enemy and friendly - THAT IS WHAT THAT RADAR IS FOR.

But decide for yourself.  Just do a search.  There are lots of pictures of the TELAR vehicle in the BUK-M1 system on the internet. Find one and then compare with the Separatist postings from last month.

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The fact is, even at 33000 ft, from the ground,by eye, twin engine airliners look a lot different from the 4 engine strategic bombers that Ukraine doesn't have. Furthermore, they have transponders so everyone knows they're civilian. And, being jets, they leave contrails  that the turbo prop bomberrs wouldn't. So, quite an east mistake to make, really.

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Sorry, prop engines leave contrails too.....formed by hot exhaust gases into freezing ambient temps.

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Quintago - Could have been a bomb!!

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This, coming from a government that has openly declared it has the right to kill anyone it unilaterally declares to be an enemy of the state, anywhere on the planet.  Talk about "straining credulity"...

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The Pentagram itself strains credulity...

That "pentagram" and the Navy piece-of-shit mouth piece that is lying for them will be straining more than "credulity" when a few hundred Bulavas fly up his and everyone elses ass in the Continental United States experiencing it's first all year round winter "ever" -should they be allowed to take it to that extreme!

Self-loathing at being an American doesn't begin to capture the essence of this ultimate of manufactured crisis of our own choosing.

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USS Vincennes needed no Russian help to down an Iranian airliner.........

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So true.

But that was 1988 and we've had quite a lot of self-inflicted gunshot wounds over the past 25 years in the policy making arena.  Just ask the guys that keep coming home on their PTSD meds?!!!

Think "Maverick" and "Goose" need a rest, and i'm almost as certain the ones with half a brain will tell you so themselves given the challenge we're now creating for ourselves given the opponent.

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Self-hater or non-american ,you are deluding yourself ,"challenge of opponent",pray tell ,who is this opponent that can prevent the pentagram from freedom of manuever ,that is shaping the battlefield to their advantage vs. the western elites's?

Percieved moral highground is a poor tactical/strategic advantage in this very old game. I would suggest WILL to fight coupled with unlimited CASH and other worldly TECHNOLOGICAL advantage.


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...and both the CO and the Weapons Officer received medals for their acts.

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The Pentagon is full of shit and strains on the toilet.

Too much life of luxury.

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The Pentagon even has a landing zone for civilian airliners but cannot reveal details

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The Pentagram is jam packed wall to wall full of unAmerican sissies. All they are good for is huffing and puffing, and collecting big paychecks for nothing, and getting everybody else killed.

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The whole Kabbalistic System Inc. of the cabal has always strained credulity: 

Ships are sunk IN ORDER TO HAVE SHIPS SUNK. When ships are sunk, there is a greater demand for new ships. The sinking augments the MARKET for new ships. More ships are wanted because more ships have been destroyed. And LOAN CAPITAL, usurer’s capital, money made by a stroke of the banker’s pen is wanted for FINANCING new construction. Arabs are murdered to keep things lively. Cities are destroyed IN ORDER that cities may be destroyed. The frontier means nothing to the financier. The MORE houses fall on BOTH sides of the frontiers, the more loan-capital will be wanted so long as the usurocrat system endures; so long as the usurocrat system endures, the more loan capital will be required to finance reconstruction. The more simple people are ruined, the more bankruptcies, the more bankrupt concerns can be snapped up cheap by the owners of loan capital. Has NO one ever examined the reconstruction period, the period after the American Civil War? from this angle?

With race or without race, examine it. The more energy goes into destroying goods, the less will go into making them. The more energy goes into goods intended for immediate destruction, the less will go into goods made for USE. The faster you destroy goods, the faster superfluous money will mount up, unless you employ a Gesellite or similar mechanism to destroy the money as fast as the goods are blown to hell or sunk in the oceans. Without Gesell that means inflation; i.e. a dollar worth ten cents worth of potatoes.

Debt is already upon you. Some of you know that. But 99% of you don’t see that the DEFLATION, the contraction of the currency, is already PLANNED. That the same banking houses that have worked the wheeze four times and more times are already waiting their moment to spring.

If there is a sane man or an honest man left in America, let him get out a new edition of the Bankers Conspiracy. .....

Iran or Persia had mentioned wanting to control its own banking and currency. The light of hither Asia? Perhaps.

On June 19, 1934 a gent, now I believe in jail in the U.S.A., wrote me from Ashville, after professing disinterest in European personalities as follows:

The working out of the problems of America is exactly along the policy of constructively eliminating the power of money as money (it is absurd that the medium of exchange should have value in itself); scrapping the banking system and the international warplots; and installing a currency which will provide an equal balance between the capacity of industry to produce and the ability of the public to buy.

If that be treason, go to it. My correspondent continued:

It is as simple as this, but will not be accomplished until the present time worn system, capitalized upon by the Rothschilds, Ginsbergs, Sassoons, Warburgs, etc., in their century-long plot (already fighting among themselves for the loot) collapses of its own worthlessness.

My correspondent believed in the American Constitution, and mistrusted Jefferson, retrospectively. The ideal political prisoner, I suppose. And the Commonwealth Party. What is it? Is it a real party? Does it stand for the just price and the homestead, or is it just another fake opposition set up and financed by the financiers? ....

There is manifestly no freedom without economic freedom. Freedom to keep out of debt.  

Ezra Pound

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It also strains credulity that a bunch of cave dwelling mujahideen with minimal flight training penetrated the most secure airspace in the world and pulled off a perfect descending corkscrew turn to impact the exact spot in the Pentagon where the audit team was meeting to discuss the missing trillions of dollars that had been admitted to the previous day, leaving a perfect missile shaped hole in the wall with zero airplane debris, and having no video of the event ever made available publicly. But you don't hear us bitching about that, do you?

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Don't forget about bodies and luggage.  Wait, I forgot.  All that stuff just vaporized at impact.

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But a passport survived!

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While admitting he has no evidence ....... Nuff said?

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We really are in LaLa Land now, I mean this shit is so freakin' surreal I no longer have words to describe this Orweillian nightmare.


Bring on the collapse!!!!!!

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Yes, I remember a few years ago when Geoff Morrell — formerly of ABC — was the Pentagon press secretary. But he has since moved on to BP. Wonder where Kirby will end up after his stint.

The rabbit hole is bottomless.

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Obama has ordered the removal of the desk message plate on his desk in the Oval Office that says "THE BUCK STOPS HERE."  Too close to THE BUK STOPS HERE.

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Spin it boys...........

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The Pentagon is now getting in on the propaganda fun?

This is just plain 'piling on', as I see it.

Next Headline:  Four legs good, two legs better.

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This will end exactly like the gas attacks in Syria by the US-allied rebels.

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We might not know who shot down the airliner, but we sure as fuck know who levelled whole neighborhoods in Slavyansk with artillery.

Fuck the selective outrages of the media.

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BREAKING: Shots fired by rebels at international team of investigators (OSCE) in Ukraine as they approach plane wreckage, via @KiritRadia

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Sorry to ask again, does all ths Russia blaming keep the gas flowing to Ukraine and or Europe this winter?  Unless we are planning on invading Russia to get the gas.

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the elites will have heat, that is all...

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After the bankers get the frozen corpses evicted from their former homes, the heat will come back on and they'll live happily ever after.

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Everyone has their role to play, and elites have stand ins to take heat,become patsy...always...

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So we're back to the evil empire routine. Gotta dump more dollars into the MIC to keep back them rooskies.

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Hard to turn the ship on a dime with all the distractions the Republicans are creating, gotta develop some patience- he'll get there, it's not his first rodeo.

..well, yeah even after six years I guess it might be his first.

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Why the fuck would the Russians want to down an airliner to begin with? This is what strains the credulity of anything coming out of the US.

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Because "they're evil".  Keep up with the script.

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They hate us for our freedumbs and the Red Dawn remake.

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First off, the Ukrainians would have even less incentive strategically to do this as it would fall directly back onto the government leaders.  Try some logic here.

The Russians have been shooting down large Ukrainian cargo planes all fucking week.  Got at least two of them using the BUK rockets.  These guys thought they got another cargo plane and took credit for it!!!!  Then when the reality hit them, they shut up and disappeared.  Why would the Russians shoot down an airliner...duh because they thought it was a Ukrainian military plane and fucked up. 

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That's credible.  Very unlikely anyone at all purposely downed an airliner.

Except that . . . the administration says it was no accident.

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Thank you for inadvertently providing a perfectly logical and innocent excuse for any picture of Buk launcher with only 3 missiles... I'm guessing that wasn't your intention

The simple fact is that unless and until raw intelligence is released to the public - ALL WE HAVE IS PRIVATE SUPPOSITION AND STATE SPONSORED LIES.

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Well, considering the neo-fascist regime installed by the West has been committing an ethnic cleansing operation against a portion of its country that simply wants to split from Kiev, I'd say the current Ukrainian government in Kiev knows they're not going to be held accountable for any of their actions at this point.

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Ill make this simple for you.

Ukrainian CIA backed Puppet Coup-govt motive

Problem. Shoot down commercial airliner with Surface to Air Missile over disputed territory held by rebels, no survivors.

Reaction. Express outrage, Deny immediately. Blame Russia/Rebels. Provide questionable/fabricated evidence. Appeal to international community

Solution. NATO intervention. Subjugation/annihilation of the Pro-Russian rebels. Hot war with Russia.