Stocks Ramp As Shorts "Squeezed" Most In A Month

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Thanks to the capable carry-induced ramp in AUDJPY (and a helpful OPEX pile-on for VIX), US equity markets are surging this morning (Russell 2000 above yesterday's highs?!) on the heels of the biggest short squeeze in over a month... SSDD...



We do note that the big tumble in shorts yesterday has now been fully retraced..

but AUDJPY seems unstoppable...

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Racer's picture

Can't let 298 dead bodies stop the rampathon

nink's picture

Malaysian Airlines MAS is so under valued now BTFD

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

must be the APPT (airplane plunge protection team)

very appt

Baby Eating Dingo22's picture

Markit always sees the bright side

Bodies spread out over a large area

10 square miles of newly fertile farmland could up Ukraines GDP 2 points

pakled's picture

Buzz Lightyear would be proud.

slaughterer's picture

It's the loathsome "at least we are not dead" rally. 

TabakLover's picture

Man alive.  Hard to see stocks continuing to rise this PM into a geopolitial nightmare of a weekend.  So........they probably will.

PlusTic's picture

how dare you use common sense in the land of delusion!  :0

slaughterer's picture

Buy the international blame-a-thon for Malaysian Airlines disaster.  Putin's turn next.   Bullish ... somehow.

Yen Cross's picture

  I bought aud/usd at the bottom last night. I don't see bond yields rising anytime soon. Unlike the fucking village idiots that run the algos, I just covered my trades like any sane trader would do on a Friday.

  I like aud/usd more than aud/jpy. The usdx is very overbought on the 5 hour chart.

Godisanhftbot's picture

 once again, zh scared everyone out at the bottom!!!!

jubber's picture

Russell starting to fade and Gold getting a bid a little here

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

I tried to tell you yesterday to BTFD, you had your chance.  Now you are back to buying the all time highs.   Oh well, its fine; as long as you don't sell them here you'll do ok on the next leg higher.


Seriously, we have had 4 FOUR downticks all. day. long.   ticks have been pegged around +600 to +1000.  


We are going sharply higher, there is loads of cash on the sidelines chasing this thing and of course there are probably some idiots out there short this market to get BTFO on this next leg past 2000.

TabakLover's picture

I dunno....I still see a big drop btwm 3 pm and close today.  Just too much shite going on.  We'll see.

Yen Cross's picture

  Full " retard" just jumped the shark, and got eaten by a backflipping Megalodon .

Conax's picture

Stocks have the full power of an unregulated, reserve currency endowed gang of cut throats behind them, truth number 1.

Suppression of gold and silver is a government policy, again backed by an un-regulated printing press running WFO by the same band of fellow travelers and their central bank. Truth number 2.

The dip yesterday became a whipsaw op, more muppets sheared, more profit for the bad guys.

All of this continues til they blow this fucker sky high. I hope it is this weekend.  Why Putin doesn't grenade the silver market is a mystery to me. He is apparently co-opted (at least) in this regard.  A few billion rubles, strategically utilized would cause some gastric ulcers downtown.

It's coming, but the waiting is a bitch.

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"The old black swan, she ain't what she used to be..."

Until she is...