US Foreign Policy Toward Russia In Two Charts

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"Costs" and "Consequences"... not only has US foreign policy enabled Vladimir Putin's approval rating to surge to record highs but, perhaps more importantly, it has driven a massive wedge between the West and the rest...

It seems US "costs" are not affecting Russian support for their leader...


and dividing the world even more aggressively...


What does Obama think Putin is worried about?


h/t edwardnh via Gallup

Bonus Chart...

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Pheonyte's picture

I was scanning through today's headlines. Here's the gist:

It's Russia's fault / Israel's defending itself / Gay marriage rulez

There you have it. All the news that's fit to print <puke>

NidStyles's picture

It was Putin's KGB buddies.

Israel has a right to exist to fulfill prophecy.

I don't read articles about gays.



I was not far off with my conclusions.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Google listed bitcoin as a currency...get some free now while the price is still in consolidation:

svayambhu108's picture

| It's Russia's fault / Israel's defending itself / Gay marriage rulez


Same day everyday, they scrambled every possible pixel to tell the same old story in a different font.


matrix2012's picture

@ bunz3x


I do believe those crypto currencies are NSA ones or controlled by the Tribe! Go ahead at your own perils.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

The (R)etards support Israel to fulfill the prophesy of the imaginary friend.   The (D)umbasses support Israel because it is a "democracy".

The (R)etards love Russia because Putin is more manly than than the the uh uh gu gu gu the guy in the, the per per president. This will change when the next manly Red Team sociopaths is elected.    The (D)umbasses don't like Russia because Putin is too manly.

The (D)umbasses have Gays,  the (R)etards have immoral fornicating-harlots to obsess about.

The purpose of politics is to provide a forum where the smart-n-savvy people can manipulate the dumbasses with bullshit for fun-n-profit.  

The system is working perfectly, and always will.   As somebody famous once said:  there's a dumbass born every minute.


bunzbunzbunz's picture

Stop it. My opinion is right even though I tell others to question their own opinion, I never need to do so about my own. Douche Bag!! P.S. You're upsetting the Putin fans on this "Bulgarian" website. 

conscious being's picture

NotaREAL - You are making this way too complicated.  The Ds and the Rs support the zionist entity because they are paid to.  If your typical congress critter did break ranks, he / she can expect a dirt nap, via small plane crash for example or character destruction w/ real or fake compromising proof.  Its all a fraud. Don't hadicap it like it was a horse race.


bpj's picture

Gays less than 3%, who cares about em.

Spastica Rex's picture

Probably more gays than Libertarians.

Magnix's picture

Down to Obama!

williambanzai7's picture

Regarding the MSM: leave it to Murdoch to fix everything.

crazybob369's picture

41%, really? Who the hell are tehy polling?

Circle of DNA's picture

The US regime is a bully and like every other bully it can only bully those who cannot resist. They are trying to employ the same shitty lies and tactics with Russia as the ones they used in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan etc, etc. It won't work.

Russia is full of intelligent, bright and capable politicians who know how to stand their ground. They have the technologies, infrastructure, culture and identity to defend themselves from the bully. The US elite bit a much bigger piece then what it can chew and now it is choking... and it might choke itself to death.

SemperFudge's picture

Don't fool yourself. If Russia had the same military advantages and financial power as America, they would use that power to accomplish ends that are just as heinous. This is what all empires do, regardless of which empire does it. Russia may be playing "good guy," but given the opportunity, they would seize power for themselves and control financial markets similarly to the way America projects its own brute violence and aggression. 

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Yes.  At any time in history here can only be ONE supreme dick.  There are always many challengers.   It's a screw or be screwed world. 

SemperFudge's picture

Obviously, that's how it has worked for millenia and how it will continue to operate. The fact people here genuinely think Russia is just intrinsically the "good guy" is mystifying to me. America stoppsed being the good guy a long time ago. Do people here really think Russia (of all countries, haha) will be the good guy for all time? How many people do you have to poison with polonium-210 before your status as good guy is permanently cemented?

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Most of the people on here who like Putin do so because some combination of: 


1) Obama is one of the "those people"  

2) The Blue Team are the females and Red Team are the males, and the males should run the family  

3) Putin is very very very manly and they LOVE manly men.   Which reenforce #2 also.

Postal's picture

1) So is Ben Carson, but we support him.

...and the males should run the family 

2) Of course. You say that like it's offensive or something.

3) Putin has testicular fortitude. It's an admirable quality in a leader.

daveO's picture

Putin is looking out for Russia, that's his job. Don't pull any punches. We're all a bunch racist wife beating fags because we demand as much from our leaders.  

quadratic_equation's picture

That's because Putin has done nothing to harm us Americans while Obama hits us hard in our pocketbook in healthcare in surance (Obamacare), inflationary quantitative easing unlimited (money printing), influx of illegal alien on taxpayers dole and not to mention all the other lies and distruction of American liberties such as fast and furious, Benghazi and most of all the lie about "if you want your doctor you can keep your doctor", if you like your healthcre insurance you can keep it", "your health care insurance cost will be $2500 less".  There are so many other lies i have failed to mention and also his expensive vacation for him and his family and golfing living like a king while the peasants starve on taxpayers dole.

Gadfly's picture

The U.S. hasn't killed anyone lately have they?  Since you seem so convinced the world is an evil place and always will be, why don't you strap on a helmet and go kill some people.  Kill some bad guys.  Kill your perceived enemies.  Just don't try to convince me to kill for you.  And don't ask me to pay for your fucking paranoid insanity either.  Paranoid fucked up guys like you are always trying to convince everyone else to fight your battles for you and/or pay for it.  Just because you don't know how to make friends isn't my problem.  Go fuck off.

zerohedgejjxxzz12's picture

Yes what he said must be true, Look;

 The Russians were in Korea, Vietnam, laos, Cambodia,Irag, Ahganistan, Libya, syria, and now the Ukraine!

 How many did I forget?

 They also have 700 military bases in over 130 countries, yes those Russians are just like the Americans!

Some Americans like some other people in the world know what is going, on but most Americans just swallow the bullshit their Gov feeds them.

zerohedgejjxxzz12's picture

Yes what he said must be true, Look;

 The Russians were in Korea, Vietnam, laos, Cambodia,Irag, Ahganistan, Libya, syria, and now the Ukraine!

 How many did I forget?

 They also have 700 military bases in over 130 countries, yes those Russians are just like the Americans!

Some Americans like some other people in the world know what is going, on but most Americans just swallow the bullshit their Gov feeds them.

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The two words I think of regarding U.S. foreign policy towards Russia are:

Zbigniew Brzezinski

SemperFudge's picture

Does anyone here want to fly Malaysian airlines anymore??


I mean, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...

Fuku Ben's picture

This goes all the way up the food chain. Not just Malaysia Airlines. Anyone that flies on any modern aircraft is a fool as long as there are built in means of remote access, manipulation and control*. Of course you can rationalize it away the danger by saying it is in place for your safety or to protect the children. This same thing goes for any other smart device being rolled out in the matrix. Everything that has this capability is typically called smart. Smart phone, Smart TV etc.

When you voluntarily get in the long line to be the first to have the next newest electronic device contemplate whether you are supporting the next step in your own monitoring, control, manipulation and accelerating total enslavement. Then ask yourself, are you really smart? Or are they mocking your stupidity for voluntarily paying for the furthering of your own enslavement with the fruits of your own slave labor?

* Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot

Amish Hacker's picture

Declining US popularity isn't the real problem, but merely a reflection of the end-of-empire processes currently under way. We are becoming less popular, yes, but more importantly, we are becoming less relevant. And that's not Russia's fault.

redwater's picture

This Malaysian Airlines story will drop off the news radar like the last Malaysian airliner story did.

People bore easily and are more interested in bouncing balls, kicking balls and throwing balls.


Once ISIS starts slaughtering more people with the US weapons it got in Iraq, and with American Football season starting up - the Uke's will be yesterday's news as the cold winter approaches.

daveO's picture

I've read that the Uke's didn't plant their fields this season. Can you say humanitarian assistance. The Kenyan Usurper will 'direct' his Ag. Dept. to send all food assistance necessary to avoid a widespread famine this winter, and charge it all to the US tax slaves. Merry Christmas from the Oval Office.  

kurzdump's picture

Well, seems like Russians would applaud if Putin makes use of nuclear weapons. What would happen in the USA if Obama pressed the buttons? ...

A superpower requires a popular leader, otherwise it's like a muscleman on steriods without any endurance; exhausted after the first hit.

The USA has to reshape asap!!

Fuku Ben's picture

Change we can believe in

teslaberry's picture

the russians are just as brainwashed as the american public and 'polls' of the peasantry are just a corrupt game played by the elite to control public opinon by telling people what their public opinion is. 


polls are nonsense and fuck people who think otherwise. 

any truth that exists, and i'm not saying that truth does exist, but to the extent it may exist-----it never rests on the foundation of public opinion, but on the foundation of individual declaration.  

and by this i mean , democracy is complete nonsense. rule by the mob is simply a more practical way of ruling over the mob by those who claim to be listening to them.

daveO's picture

The Russians don't want their resources stolen. They can't possibly be as brainwashed as Americans, who thought ZIRP was actually for growing the economy. Democracy was negotiated by firearms, single loading muskets, to be exact. It effectively lowered the tax rate, at the time. That's where we are, now. The banksters have heaped too much onto the serfs' back again. 

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:democracy is complete nonsense


Democracy lets the dumbasses pick the sociopaths they want to lead them, AFTER the sociopaths manipulate them with bullshit and choose who runs.

But, that's better than the ONLY other alternative, which is the dumbasses don't pick.   

There's only two systems possible when you've got huge numbers of dumbasses. 

teslaberry's picture

you got it half right. the dumbasses don't pick under democracy either. it is an illusion that was put in place by the commercial guilds and asministrative legal/beauracracies to strips monorachies of their power . 


'voting' is an illusion of choice. what yuo mean to say is the system that uses that illusion against the very public is better than the system that doesn't. i'm not so sure. it's possible enlightened aristochracies have the potential to provide better leadership thanemocracies. i'm absoltely serious and aware fo the problems of self dealing and corruption, but it's not as if democracies caanot destroy themeselves through corruption

Bear's picture

My private opinion of public opinion is about the same as the public's opinion of my private opinion

Parrotile's picture

Teslaberry - may I suggest you spend some time working alongside real Russians, in Metropolitan and rural centres within Russia.

You may find your opinion on the Russians changes, very substantially. Russians (even the "man in the street" variety THINK; Americans (and Australians for that matter) simply regurgitate what they are TOLD to think . . . .

astoriajoe's picture

"What does Obama think Putin is worried about?"

I don't think Obama gives a shit about any of it.

Pee Wee's picture

With foreign policy like the United States, who needs friends?

sushi's picture

With foreign policy like the United States, who needs fiends?


Fixed it for ya.

q99x2's picture

Nobody has asked anyone on Q99X2. But I can tell you that we have no opinion on matters outside of our galaxy.

Although Putin seems to honor existence and the TOTUS does not.

matrix2012's picture

Who OWNS Gallup? Pew Research? and any other polling research centers???