California Halts Fracking Waste Injections; Fears "Danger To Life, Health, & Natural Resources"

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Seven independent oil companies have been ordered to halt state-approved wastewater injection work this week, according to The Bakersfied Californian, The cessation of fracking is out of concern they may be contaminating Kern County drinking water. As ProPublica reports, The state’s Division of Oil and Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) is warning that they may be injecting their waste into aquifers that could be a source of drinking water, and stating that their waste disposal “poses danger to life, health, property, and natural resources.”


As The Bakersfield Californian reports,

Seven independent oil companies have been ordered to halt state-approved wastewater injection work starting noon Monday out of concern they may be contaminating Kern County drinking water.


Emergency orders issued Wednesday by the California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources apply to 11 disposal wells east and northeast of Bakersfield. About 100 water wells are located within a mile radius of the disposal wells.


Oil and water officials say the wells may have injected "produced water" -- the toxic and sometimes radioactive liquid that comes up during oil production -- and possibly injected fracking fluid at relatively shallow depths that contain relatively low salinity, oil-free water suitable for drinking and irrigation.


State officials said they have found no evidence the underground injections, some approved by DOGGR as long ago as the 1970s and others very recently, have ever contaminated drinking or irrigation water. Pollution has not been ruled out, however, as regulators conduct site inspections and await test results and other information from the companies.


DOGGR's action has come amid a year-old crackdown on industry practices for disposing of oil field fluids.




"We need to make sure that the water that they're going after, if it's potable now, let's make sure that it stays that way and we're not injecting produced water," said Jason Marshall, chief deputy director of DOGGR's parent agency, the state Department of Conservation.

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board issued orders Wednesday concurrent with DOGGR's action. Its letters to the same seven companies set deadlines for turning over groundwater samples, analytical data and technical reports.

"Our orders are focused on the (geological) formation where the injection happened and looking at the quality of that formation water," said Jonathan Bishop, chief deputy director for the State Water Resources Board.


Fortunately, he said, it appears a "large proportion" of the wells' injection zones are at a much deeper depth than the nearby water wells.


While that's "good news," he said, the state lacks data on many of the surrounding private wells. Inspectors are trying to gather such information now, he added.


But some of the injection wells at issue seem to be within 500 feet of the depth of the water wells.


"That is of more concern to us," he said.

Read more here from ProPublica...

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This comes on the heels of earthquake concerns we reported previously and NY's fracking setback.

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COSMOS's picture

Took them long enough, may be too late.

Hope the Ukrainians and Romanians dont destroy their aquifers with this fracking crap (there is actually a large aquifer called Dobrogea Aquifer that goes from Eastern Romania/Bulgaria to southern Ukraine and is the main source of drinking water, that is where Chevron wants to frack).  At least in Eastern Ukraine they are fighting for their freedom from the IMF and Biden's family ties.

Ahhh Nuland cookies and fracking water to drink, a match made in heaven.

ken's picture

Fracking needs to be stopped.

Stackers's picture

 State officials said they have found no evidence the underground injections, ....., have ever contaminated drinking or irrigation water

kurt's picture

And then what if it does?

yellowsub's picture

Considering the EPA raised the safety level for radiation from the Fukushima fallout in Cali I expect nothing less than the same treatment.  


DaveyJones's picture

but I thought we kill for oil?

Thought Processor's picture



There are a lot of things we humans can live without.  


Water wouldn't be one of them.

The Alarmist's picture

Hell, we have the oceans ... why should we care that our fresh-water sources are screwed? /sarc>

Not Too Important's picture

And . . .

Reverse osmosis/desalinization does not remove radionuclides. Drinking the Northern Pacific is a non-starter.

mjcOH1's picture

"Seven independent oil companies have been ordered to halt state-approved wastewater injection work this week, according to The Bakersfied Californian"

I'm all for forcing California to satisfy it's electricity demand with internal production. Let them burn whatever they want for BTUs....unicorns, hipsters...give each 'medical marijuana' user a pocket co-generation Obamaphone. Last man out in 5 years can tell us what burnt best.

COSMOS's picture

If you move around the map you can see all the aquifers around the globe.  That Siberian one is a BEAST.  Damn those Russians are BIG with everything

zhandax's picture

Not quite all.  They seem to have missed the one that goes from Lake Okeechobee across a third of the state to the keys.  The Biscayne aquifer. 

dirty belly's picture

That's that flat earth thinking, isn't it?  Ever see a compost fire?  OH and what about all the inventions from NIKOLA TESLA?  There are FREE ENERGY divices.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Free Energy Revealed  

[We can confirm that the Fix the World Team has produced a working overunity device, called Quantum Energy Generator (QEG). Yes, it works]:


Published on Nov 25, 2013

[I have always wanted to test a radiant energy motor. This little motor is the beginning of my research in that direction. In the near future I will be making larger more powerful motors. The precision required will probably require my 3D printer. Stay tuned for future updates.

Links to books and website:
Video correction: The 2000+ watt device was built by Jules Guillot.]

We don't need to 'burn' things for energy.  Don't be foolish.

barre-de-rire's picture

man, streams are mostly interconected excepted for closed seas, the whole pacific/atlantic water is fukushima contaminated, 3 years now....


.gov raise public acceptable level of security, non the less still shit are in water now.


earth is becoming the most ugly wilkyway's garbage, have you look at the satelite graveyard above your gead ? every day on earth satelite fall down.


kaiserhoff's picture

So, you think Californians could live without their cars???

Pulleeze, Honey Chile;)

All Risk No Reward's picture

No, the Money Power that controls the oil industry uses others to kill (which is way better than throwing them in volcanoes like back int he day... ROI is higher) in order to eliminate their conpetition so they could jack the price of oil from $1.20 a gallon in boom times to $5 a gallon in a depression.  And that's in the US.  Europe is looking at $10 a gallson instead of $2.50.

We've been punked.  Again.  Over and over.  The fate of Galactic Chumps!

Pool Shark's picture




Oil companies have been using this exact same technique for over 60 years in central California. The so-called 'waste water' that is being injected back into the ground is recycled from previous injections. In my former life, I used to design the water and oil treating facilities to process the oil/water/sediment that's pumped back out of the ground. It's pretty simple really:  1) You turn water into steam (either with gas-fired steam generators or co-generators), 2) You pump that steam into the ground to break-up the tar-like oil, 3) You pump the resulting slurry out of the ground, 4) You separate the oil from the water, sand and bottom sediment, 5) you treat the oil and send it off for refining, 6) You filter and soften the water and turn it back into steam, 7) Lather, rinse repeat. 

Nothing revolutionary here. It's being done out in areas far away from drinking water supplies. Specifically, in Kern County (i.e., Bakersfield) the ground water table is well-mapped and injection wells are not allowed anywhere near them.

Can't speak for other regions, but in central California, this is a big non-issue...



earleflorida's picture

haliburton holds all patents for injection and fracking from it's inception

cheney's deferred, 'faustian bargain'...

Not Too Important's picture

It's a good thing Haliburton moved to the ME so they don't have to pay US taxes, and can't be tried in any US courts. But they still qualify for billions in US government contracts.

You'd think the Great False Prophet would say something about that . . .


MasterControl's picture

"I used to design the water and oil treating facilities to process the oil/water/sediment that's pumped back out of the ground."

Sorry.  Self-anointed enviro-heros know way more than you.*

Not Too Important's picture

The EPA has raised the safety level for radiation in the entire US, not just California.

In fact, they've raised it several times since Fukushima blew. Right now it's about 10x higher than even Japan, and Japan has been raising it constantly since 3/11.

Now, we're not testing Japanese food imports either. So be careful. They're still harvesting and exporting rice from Fukushima, for instance.

mrpxsytin's picture

It's interesting how easily people choose what they believe from 'state officials'. I bet this fool will argue black and blue that state officials lie about all manner of things, yet when it comes to his particular pet interest the state officials are Angels of Truth. 

Please let me know how to sort between the lying state officials and the truth telling state officials. 

Stackers's picture

Prehaps you can explain to me what they are lying about this time then ?

Are they lying about no contamination ? ... or ... Are they lying about the threat of contamination ? ... because in the article it seems they are contradicting themselves in saying they have never found any contamination in 40 years or permitting these operations, but now all of a sudden with no proof of anything actually happening they have suspended these same permits.


Try pulling your head out of your ass, that way you wont sound like your head is full shit.

Die Weiße Rose's picture


This morning our bathtub exploded as I turned on the hot water Tab.

Why is there gas coming out of my faucet ?

Why has our water turned green ?

help us please !!!!

Not Too Important's picture

They're just stopping it because . . .

'Light Your Water On Fire from Gas Drilling, Fracking'


This is what people are drinking.

Seek_Truth's picture

That has been debunked numerous times.

Water in many parts of the US can be set on fire because methane bubbles up from the aquifers.

Many historical accounts of the first settlers attest to the ability to light ponds and other bodies of water on fire because of natural gases.

Google it, that public school education ain't worth much fracking ain't got nuttin to do with it.

Dr. Everett V. Scott's picture



"Fracking needs to be stopped"??

Why? Are you a Luddite?

You are frightened of a completely harmless way to extract oil and gas that would otherwise go to waste. Do you like high energy bills?

Scientific illiteracy is the bane of modern society, brought on by dumbing down the population — which is caused by the government education industry.

Magooo's picture

If fracking stops --- we are done -- because conventional oil production is tanking:

Monty Burns's picture

"a match made in heaven" ??

You woudn't want to put a lighted match near  that water.

Son of Loki's picture

Frigg'n Fuki Fracking Francisco.

_mike123_'s picture

They may or may not find a problem. But even if they do find a problem, fix the problem don't destroy an industry that employs tens of thousands of workers with well paying jobs.

DaveyJones's picture

i feel the same way about the army


Not Too Important's picture

Nuclear power is killing tens of millions, soon to be billions. And we should worry about a few thousand jobs?

Wait till our families come down with RAIDS (Radiogenic Acquired Immunodificiency Syndrome).

Well, we all already have it, it just hasn't kicked in yet. There's no getting the asrosolized Enriched Uranium and Plutonium out of anyone's lungs at this point.

Quitting smoking is a lot less critical now. You're not going to get cancer care anyway:

"The latest innovation in cancer care isn’t a medical breakthrough but an app to ration new drugs. It’ll measure care in terms of what it costs health plans, instead of what it means for patients’ lives.

 That it’s being developed under the auspices of the American Society for Clinical Oncology, or ASCO, the world’s leading oncology association, is a grim warning about the state of organized medicine.

 The app will use an algorithm like those many health plans apply to limit access to innovative treatments. Wellpoint Inc., for one, measures cost-effectiveness by comparing the benefits, side effects and costs of various treatments for specific types of cancer. The ASCO app uses the same benchmarks..."


Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Key here is independent oil companies. The big boys would tell the state to suck a dick and keep on fracking until the flow of "campaign contributions" changed the ruling. Don't expect this to last very long. Money trumps safe drinking water.

joego1's picture

Dick Chaney said that was impossible as he shot his lawyer in the face.

RevRex's picture

Who is Dick Chaney, one of your bun buddies?

nmewn's picture

The Kennedys have killed more people driving cars than Cheney has killed with his gun ;-)

palmereldritch's picture

Something about Cheney and a gun just makes me want to dial 911

nmewn's picture

Something about Bloomberg makes me want to use one ;-)

DaveyJones's picture

I'm sure someday,

Dick and Joe

will play poker

and watch girlie films

in that ultimate backroom

in the ultimate basement  

I am Jobe's picture

Must keep fracking. WTF, so hookers, drugs, drugs I said drugs twice isn;t killing enough. WTF dumb fuck Kalifornaians. Must move to TX, love to frack and kill folks. 

PS; Don;t mess with TX. TX is a bigger pussy than one can imagine. All talk. Hookers are good 

Not Too Important's picture

You know how to find Texas from California?

Go east till you smell it, then south till you step in it.

buzzsaw99's picture

I was driving home early Sunday morning through Bakersfield
Listening to gospel music on the colored radio station
And the preacher said, "You know you always have the
Lord by your side"
And I was so pleased to be informed of this that I ran
Twenty red lights in his honor
Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord...

nmewn's picture

And if you're downright disgusted
And life ain't worth a dime
Get a girl with far away eyes

knukles's picture

I asked for a bike.
But Jesus don't work that way.
So I stole a bike.
And asked for forgiveness.

kaiserhoff's picture

Too modesty.

  Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz...