Full Passenger And Cargo Manifest Of Flight MH 17

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It took Malaysian Airlines two months of media prodding before it finally released the full cargo manifest of the disappeared light MH 370. Following the tragedy of flight MH 17 it took just over a day to get the same information. The full manifest is shown below and aside from several live animals including two dogs, five pigeons and five otherwise unidentified live birds and a 9.4kg "shipment of pot", there is little that draws attention. The full tragic list of 283 tragic passengers who passed away was also just released by Malaysian Airlines.

The full passenger manifest:

And the complete cargo haul:

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We must save the women, children, and pidgeons. 

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This is interesting:


Draw your own conclusions. I don't know what to think anymore.

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Were there any Jews on the flight who didn't get the warning SMS? Always use an Israeli cell service (and pay the $2.99 to get precise rocket impact information).

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Sing Along folks...

On the first day of Summer vacation the the Dual Citizens gave to me

One fallen JET false flag distraction for One Gaza strip invasion

Two dead dogs

Three dead kids..on a GAAAAZA beach

4 BUK missiles

Five dead pigeons and five otherwise unidentified live birds and a 9.4kg "shipment of pot"

6 pointed star

7 candle holder


And a full tragic list of 283

<LOL whats with the down votes, nobody likes to sing along with the latest Dance of Death mix by the Dual Citizen DJs spinning world misery from their banker desks at Goldman Sachs, Safra bank, etc..  I hear they decided to make a play on Daft Punk and call themselves Death Funk>


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Why Russia is taking the common sense aproach and the others tha Batshit crazy aproach?


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"A second Russia Today correspondent has quit her job, saying the Kremlin-funded station's anchors "do work for" Russian President Vladimir Putin and lied on-air to the public."

That sounds about right. Putin is a fucking psychopath.
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Thats right she will be getting a job with the dual citizen controlled MSM for a higher pay.  We know some women will fuck for money and lower their standards if the fat or ugly fuck has cash.  Just look at the hot chick Spitzer was banging.

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CNN, NBC, FOX journalists have to sign their pledge to the American Ministry of Truth (aka Propaganda)

She couldn't stand the heat. Putin is walking a very fine line. He could blow this whole thing up overnight and reveal the connections between Ukes and CIA and expose this thing as the false flag it was supposed to be.

The Russian restraint is commendable.

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The restraint not to take the bait  and invade Ukraine; possibly.   But why restrain from blowing whole top of the false flag?  Who benefits from this?

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The trouble with exposing false flags is that they conflict too dramatically with the narrative that comprises the world for most people. State the truth up front, and most will simply dismiss you as a nutjob. That even applies to heads of state.  (Remember Hitler's own quote about Big Lies.)  All will will stand revealed in time.  Let the psychopaths sweat for a while.

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I think she should have probably got an engineering degree if she wanted to be impartial.  The nature of the mainstream media today practically ensures that you are going to be spreading horseshit for somebody.

Maybe she can become an investigative journalist and try to survive flipping burgers.  Naive girl.

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This is interesting:


Draw your own conclusions. I don't know what to think anymore.


You know whats interesting that people of conscience are not resigning from MSNBC (msnbc.com), CNN (cnn.com), ABC News (abcnews.go.com), Fox News (foxnews.com), CBS News (cbsnews.com) and BBC News (bbc.co.uk).


Spreading lies??? Are you serious (WHY ARE THERE NOT MORE PEOPLE WALKING OUT???)

  • 9/11 Building 1 & 2 strain credibility building 7 please
  • Just please review some of the considered material from Architects and engineers
  • Convenient that a whole lot of information prosecuting Wall St fraud wend poof in WTC7 (from memory Enron and co)
  • Airline stocks massively shorted
  • Oh yeah Colin Powell spreading truth about mobile weapons labs in Iraq to justify an illegal invasion
  • Netanyahu was recently in the UN with a ACME style bomb and burning wick regards Iran nuclear program. Yep truthfully
  • Nulands "Fuck the EU" I'm sure the reputable honest reporting organisations above were all running with that truthful story
  • current Kiev stooges are using aircraft to bomb civilian populations anything from our above truth loving friends
  • Thailand military coup (all ok our guys)
  • Syria and the gas attack
  • How about our economic NON recovery how are our media reporting that truth?
  • Market manipulation from Equities, VIX, LIBOR, precious metals
  • MH370 just goes missing


There are a whole heap of reasons for this individuals resignation. An individual lives in this 1984 Orwellian world where all around you the BS is piled up sky high when you encounter information that is different or challenges this ALTER REALITY you start to react to the truth especially when everyone is just accepting the lies. You are living in this confusion of "truths" day to day and with every person you come in contact with imagine the educated masses on twitter repeating their propaganda fed by the above MSM (not to mention the GOVERNMENT ROBOTS pumping propaganda) and you being the lone voice trying to MAKE SENSE of it flowing against the grain.

We are lucky we are not in the spotlight and can just come here for a few hours and leave. Heck I would probably quit if I worked for RT the cognitive dissonance would be so hard to get straight in your head it's easier to run with the Twitter and government ALGO mobs than work out what is real, having holding two or more clashing stories in your head.



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Good post. Can't upvote you for some reason, but would if I could. Similarly, working in DC and certain other locations nowadays must be the definition of TERROR.  Psychopaths like that and think it should be the natural condition.

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I thought I heard there were American's on that flight, but I see no Americans listed on the manifest???  I guess one could say that if US had anything to do with it, they didn't take out their own.  


I don't see enough discussion yet, lets ramp it up with this generational warfare question, because we know this will kick things into high gear.  Question:  I wonder how many boomers were taken out on that flight, whatever it was, you gotta start somewhere?  haha just kidding fellas.  

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I didn't see any lies mentioned in the article, just claims that lies are being told.

As for blaming the opposition, I have no doubt the Russian government and media complex is doing exactly what the American government and media complex is doing - lying by blaming the other side without presenting any evidence.

If only more "30 sheckel" American media had this kind of integrity.

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Nooooooo, they killed Riooooooo

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Norwegian blue.  He's not dead just pining for the fjords.

Too soon?



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There's never too soon here.  Only too late.

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If they hadn't nailed him to the perch he would have busted through that cage and made it safely home.

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You have a point roberto, which makes me think what if one were to sell a front facing small backpack with an emergency chute one can wear whenever flying over Ukraine, that is two jumbo jets they nailed so far this decade

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I'm sad to say but the here on ZH much touted 'Russian side of the story' is looking increasingly feeble.

In the Dutch media there are reports of rebels looting the crash site, multiple reports of rebels blocking inspectors to search the area and conduct a propper investigation, and then there is the Kremlin, who's silence is deafening.

Don't get me wrong, I regularly visit Russia and I really like going there. Russians as a people are very warm (even in Siberia at -40 degrees Celcius) and very welcoming, but it's looking more and more as if the Russian government and Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine are trying to cover up a monumental fuck up.

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Possibly. It would be good to get all the facts before passing judgement though. There are a number of open questions.

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You're wasting your time Bokken, the Putin-loving fucktards who post here would NEVER even consider that Russia bears any responsibility for this tragedy.

Putin can do no wrong in their fucked up brains.

"Zero Hedge - licking Putin's ass since 2009"

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Good for Putin's poll numbers.

Throw the points of view expressed here under the bus at your peril.

Might try on a pair of those Russian Shades for a change too. They don't have the rose colored "unicorns farting rainbows" pablum that we get everyday in the USA.

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I am neither a Putin fan or a Obama fan.  As far as I am concerned they are both Politicians, belonging to a group of people that don't have the highest of morals.

But in this case, even if Putin pulled the trigger personally you still have to explain how the USA has been getting away with over ten times as many deaths through DRONE strikes!

Morally the USA is on very shaky ground and Obama should SHUT THE FUCK UP. 

Over 3.000 deaths caused by unmanned Drones - Civilians.  Weddings, playing kids, one 8 year old girl that was sleeping, etc.

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Let's not forget that the duly elected government of the Ukraine was overthrown in a murderous coup...

Funny how this STAGGERING reality isn't "stamped" or "imprinted" in the minds of the public....

“Universal literacy was supposed to educate the common man to control his environment. Once he could read and write he would have a mind fit to rule. So ran the democratic doctrine. But instead of a mind, universal literacy has given him rubber stamps, rubber stamps inked with advertising slogans, with editorials, with published scientific data, with the trivialities of the tabloids and the platitudes of history, but quite innocent of original thought. Each man's rubber stamps are the duplicates of millions of others, so that when those millions are exposed to the same stimuli, all receive identical imprints. It may seem an exaggeration to say that the American public gets most of its ideas in this wholesale fashion. The mechanism by which ideas are disseminated on a large scale is propaganda, in the broad sense of an organized effort to spread a particular belief or doctrine.”
? Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

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@ iPads - You don't earn respect by name-calling.  My impulse in person would be to ignore you and walk away. Bluster aside, why don't you try using your mental muscle to come up with some ideas that might help answer some of the important questions that our media keeps dodging?  Here's a good place to start: WHO WOULD HAVE A MOTIVE TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS? (I think it was a bungled assassination attempt.)

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Agree. Can't understand what appears to be happening at the crash site. There even seems to be a blackout on who has the black boxes.

It looks either as if the Russians are guilty as charged or they are letting the Americans dig a hole and planning a PR coup with all the evidence.

Either way, US/EU governments will all know the truth by now.

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Are there 2 black boxes, each recording the same data? In which case, if Russia and Ukraine each have one, then there is some verifiability

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We don't know shit at this point.

About the only speculation as to verifiable facts that can reasonably be ruled out is that a Kiev military jet collided with MH17, since there would be wreckage of it in the debris field, and someone would likely have posted a picture of it by now.

The characterizations of the two "superpowers" are both filled with professionally parsed phrases (except when Joe Biden opens his drunk mic mouth and says something that would incriminate the US if taken at face value).

In terms of exposed overt lies, the only party (that I am aware of) that can be proven guilty is Kiev, since they denied they had any Buks in the area. This can be demonstrated without relying on the Russian's statements to that effect since without Kiev's Buks in the theater of operations- none could have fallen into the hands of the militia, and if the Russians had sent any across the border there would be YouTube videos and satellite imagery of the border penetration.

Unfortunately without full disclosure, including RAW INTELLIGENCE, it will be very difficult to ever ascertain FACT (as opposed to some "truth" mutually agreed upon by the CIA and FSB).

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What do you know about looting? In Chicago the airplane seats would already be used as backyard furniture and you'd see a pimped Cadillac with 777 rims!

Rebels couldn't have shot down the plane. It's a setup to frame the rebels. They're patsies. For all we know the plane could have exploded remotely JUST TO MAKE SURE.

This has CIA signatures all over it.

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Even the total softie Dutch prime minister, Mark (Marx) Rutte, someone who is not exactly know for his courage or strong spine, has mustered all the courage he could find and has said that "he is shocked at the respectless behavious at the crash site." http://www.nu.nl/vliegramp-oekraine/3832485/rutte-geschokt-respectloos-g...


"The Dutch government, whose citizens made up more than half the 298 aboard MH17 from Amsterdam, said it was "furious" at the manhandling of corpses strewn for miles over open country and asked Ukraine's president for help to bring "our people" home."

"He has one last chance to show he means to help," Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said after a telephone call to Putin."

But hey, some fanatic ZeroHedge gold bugs are obviously so desperate that they like to cling to their version that: 'Putin is briliant, is going to crash the Dollar, send the gold price through the roof and can therefore can do no wrong.' Dream on suckerrrrs!

p.s. yeah, come on, give me those red negative fiat kudos! They hurt about as much as the purchasing power of 10 billion Marks during the Weimar hyperinflation, hehehe, ;-)

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Manhandling lol what putting bodies in body bags and removing them from the field where animals can gnaw at them overnight is disrespectful.   Come on dude dont be a moron.  Go back and look at any accident site and you will see bodies being removed.  What you want them decomposing in a hot summer day, or to be in a fridge somewhere...

If I ever come across your family members' corpses I will be sure to let them swell up in the summer heat and have the rats, flies and wild dogs treat their corpses with respect.  Punk...

By the way how did you last on here almost 5 years being such an idiot.  Oh I get it, you are the original towel boy at the fight club.  Guess everyone needs a piece of tough leathered ass once in a while, and you supply it in the shower room.

Bokkenrijder's picture

"Manhandling lol what putting bodies in body bags and removing them from the field where animals can gnaw at them overnight is disrespectful.   Come on dude dont be a moron.  Go back and look at any accident site and you will see bodies being removed.  What you want them decomposing in a hot summer day, or to be in a fridge somewhere.."

@COSMOS, no you idiot! We're talking about; valuables being missing, luggage being searched, and bodies disappearing. What if certain bodies or pieces of luggage contain shrapnel? Say...shrapnel from a rocket...? Shrapnel possibly containing incriminating serial numbers..?

Clearly the whole crime scene is being tampered with at a huge scale: soldiers/rebels carrying away bodies and sifting through luggage, while at the same time these very same rebels are blocking Dutch crash investigators access to the crash site! Helloooooowwwww! Somthing is seriously wrong here...

Think what you want, stick your head a little bit deeper into the sand, shout a bit louder about the latest 'gold is manipulated conspiracy theory' whilst at the same time anyone who is capable of even the slightest bit of critical thinking can see that, sadly, a lot of things don't add up for the Russians/Russian-backed rebels concerning MH17...

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Are you assuming all sides are taking a 'time-out' because the deaths of airline passengers are different from the deaths of their comrades?

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Say...shrapnel from a rocket...? Shrapnel possibly containing incriminating serial numbers..?


"Incriminating serial numbers" LOL.  The CIA/Mossad/MI6 are unable to get Russian rockets and shot with them.  Yeah, right.  Serial numbers will tell us shit.

The only interesting piece of evidence is even only ONE of the two black boxes.  The one with the cockpit conversations! (The other one will only say that the airplane didn't come down due to technical failure - hydraulic, electronics, etc.)

If we hear two pilots having a conversation like: "Hey, buddy what is that drone doing on your left side?" or "Why are there 2 Ukrainian fighter jets swinging their wings at us?"

Everything else is just a bunch of BS.

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i remember the dutch un handing over boys and girls too be slaughtered by the serbs.

deal with the facts

the facts are i know shit

you know less

we are all being fed shit.

the only constant in this is mossad and israel

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I would assume soft-skin-rich-kid-Rutte-boy is saying that for domestic political consumption, and not because he is actually that much of a fucking retard. Sort of like how those worthless Dutch UN peacekeepers were perfectly willing to plead ignorance and turn over even their Muslim employees in Srebrenica for slaughter.

If Rutte actually had courage he would have called out the UkeyNazi-in-ch(i)ef a few weeks back when he said "No more ceasefires for you" It's a bit late to be changing his tune because there's now some Dutch political skin in the game. Rutte kept his mouth shut while Dijsselbloem et al. threw diesel on the fire to suck the blood out of the Ukrainian economy in order to feed the vampires in Brussels.

The notion that combatants should stop a war so some relative rich-kid outsiders can collect their dead who wandered uninvited onto field of battle is ludicrous.

Bokkenrijder's picture

As you can read in my previous posts, I'm no big fan of Rutte, however the groundwork for the Srebrenica tragedy was made by the late socialist defense minister, Relus ter Beek. He (and his naive daydreaming left wing "give peace a chance" PvdA/Labour Party colleagues) decided it was a good idea to send very lightly armed Dutch troops to a war torn Bosnia. The naive idea (you couldn't make this up) was that a heavily armed Dutch peacekeeping force would serve as a "provocation." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relus_ter_Beek

Long story short: when General Mladic showed up with his heavy tanks, the only thing the DutchBat(talion) troops could do is sit and watch as a massacre unfolded. A total disgrace indeed, and very symptomatic of Dutch society as a whole; naive, gullible and no backbone whatsoever.

Anyway, back on topic. For a totally spineless WIMP and bureaucrat like Rutte to even lift his finger and tap it gently on his desk (I'm not even talking about banging his fucking fist on the table here) it must mean that there must be some serious issues at the crash site of MH17.

Urban Redneck's picture

I don't doubt that there are serious issues, but there are also probably a lot of innocent relatives of about 1600 Kiev UkeyNazi troops who would also like the bodies of their loved ones back right now. Yet the rich don't push for a broader cease fire...

The sick thing about Srebrenica is that as much as despots despise observers in their fiefdoms, they really don't want corpses with blue helmets drawing more attention and reinforcements. But once the alpha males asserted their dominance and the air strikes were called off- it was a very straight and slippery slope to the bitches facilitating crimes against the very people the were supposed to protect.

Which makes me wonder why the EU side of the upper echelons of OSCE are continually dragging their feet on deploying more observers to eastern Ukraine.

Bollixed's picture

"...corpses strewn for miles over open country..."

I thought the plane's fuselage went down intact, e.g. one piece, so how do you come up with "corpses strewn for miles over open country"?

robertocarlos's picture

It's a bit like Lockerbie. The 777 was hit and big peices fell off but the main fuselage hit the ground and that was shown on video. The parts that were blown off fell over a wide area.

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All media is about "stamping" and "imprinting" the public - don't be naive.

That includes Russian, the US and the Dutch media, too.

Remember how this all started...  Ukraine rejected a deal with the EU, 3 months later there was a murderous coup to overthrow a democratically elected government, a Bankster was installed and now, voila, THE COUP UKRAINIAN GOVERNMENT HAS A DEAL WITH THE EU!

Constext, people.  Context.

Also, it is well known in the power structure that Russia **needs** the Ukraine.

“Ukraine, a new and important space on the Eurasian chessboard, is a geopolitical pivot because its very existence as an independent country helps to transform Russia. Without Ukraine, Russia ceases to be a Eurasian empire.”
— Zbigniew Brzezinski

The Western Banksters know they are pushing Russia into a shooting war by financing a coup to overthrow the Ukraine.

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SAD.  Looks like a lot of familys as well.


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Anyone read the story about the rebel leader who claimed many of the bodies were already decomposed?

Did they have a cooler go down on Diego Garcia?