President Obama's "Handouts" In 1 Cartoon

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Presented with no comment...



h/t @BarbarianCap

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Hey, doesn't that Kalashnikov fall under the Ombargo of Russian goods?

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The citizen should say "I got scabies, mumps and rubella from an Obama illegal alien"

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Is that little kid maybe reaching for a rock? sarc/on

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That really is a repulsive image. That being said ... perhaps Sheila Jackson Lee can take a bag of Lollipops to the kids in Gaza. Make them feel better.

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You're talking about Merkel...right?

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"...make them feel better." Don't you get it? They'll never feel better, not towards Obumland, or Obumpeople.

That has always been the plan, no?

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The need to sarc tag the obvious is getting old...

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Restrictions placed by Congress in appropriations legislation prohibit funding for “any entity effectively controlled by Hamas, any power sharing government of which Hamas is a member, or that results from an agreement with Hamas and over which Hamas exercises undue influence.”


In March 2009, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the United States intends to provide $900 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars assistance for the "Palestinian Authority" in the Hamas-run Gaza.

In April 2012, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the Obama administration would send $147 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars to the West Bank and the "Palestinian Authority" in Hamas-run Gaza. The month before that, the Obama administration circumvented Congress and gave $1.5 billion of U.S.taxpayer dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood-run Egyptian government.

In 2013, Obama ordered a waiver of congressional restrictions on direct funding of the "Palestinian Authority" in the Hamas-run Gaza, clearing the way for more U.S. aid. In the one-page waiver, Obama said he was taking the action due to the "national security interests" of the United States. Obama waived the restrictions set by Congress and directed that $500 million of U.S taxpayer dollars be sent to the "Palestinian Authority" in the Hamas-run Gaza.

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We’re talking about self-determination of a people. And Gazan people have decided that they want to be represented by Hamas.

The bottom line is: with the massive foreign aid given to Israel, much of it used to make war on Gaza and the West Bank; then it becomes a moral imperative either to give a struggling people like Hamas foreign aid or stop all the foreign aid to everybody and be done with it.

Unfortunately, the Palestinian people and responsible Americans have lost representation in the US Congress. And when you lose representation in the US Congress, you lose it. Period.

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If Hamas is "struggling", where do they get the money for all those rockets?

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AIPAC troll - this is a completely irrelevant question. Israel needs these rockets to justify its ethernal war against the palestinians (read: ethnical cleansing). Who actually pays for the weapons doesn't matter at all.

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Israel needs these rockets to justify its ethernal war against the palestinians (read: ethnical cleansing).

So the rockets come from Israel... I see


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This "Handouts" cartoon is a little absurd.  After 8 years of neo-conservative war mongering during the Bush administration, Obama has ended the war in Iraq and announced plans (WH Rose Garden, 5/27/14) to end combat operations in Afghanistan by the end of 2014. Only carnival barkers like Michelle Bachmann think that helping the Syrian rebels fight Bashar al-Assad is akin to arming terrorists.  

If you want to have a discussion about arming terrorists, you'd probably want to start with right-wing superhero Ronald Reagan. Throughout most of the 1980's, Reagan funded, armed and trained the Afghan mujahideen (Taliban) and basically created al-Qaeda. Our war against al Qaeda is essentially a war against a terrorist juggernaut created by Reagan and the CIA during his administration. If you want more information, look up "Operation Cyclone."

When Reagan dedicates it to the "people" of Afghanistan, he specifically means the mujahideen resistance fighters.... the same people who are called the "Taliban" today.   


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Cognac, and yet, with that fucking knowledge of Regan, you STILL think there is a difference in the 2 parties. Jeeeez

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Maybe, maybe not.  The Mujahadeen and the Taliban who followed them would likely have been fine with being left alone in their little corner of the world, but a bunch of disaffected Arabs, many of whom were Saudi, decided that Afghanistan would be a lovely place from which to do business, but they had a lot of branch offices in places that could hardly be described as anti-American.  The Reagan doctrine succeeded in its goal to roll back Soviet expansion, but it failed only in leaving a vacuum in which other hostile forces could operate, and, quite frankly, that sort of blowback was not forseeable.

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war, money, oil, terrorism, drugs and hookers. These boys are all the same

and as an empire goes down, each "leader" gets worse

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If someone hands you a gift (eh, his-story) and you do not accept, who owns the gift?

Perhaps should try sell it to the Afaghans and Iragis...

coz even the hands-out folks are waking up.

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"Obama has ended the war in Iraq"

And yet is sending in new troops to continue that war today.  

One of two possibilities: either you are attempting the path of Million Dollar Bonus, in which case, his was such a caricature it was funny, yours is not funny.  Or you are serious, in which case I truly cannot even comprehend how you could write a sentence like the one I start this reply with.

In either case, you are a waste of time, and from here on I will ignore all postings of yours.

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IF you are going to DIG up Reagan




do it right & dig UP LBJ


his "great society" fucked the country good & handed us off to the bankers......OY

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If you're going to dig up LBJ, then do it right and burn Wilson's bones...

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It may be absurd, but its your stupidity thats really fascinating.

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That image is photoshopped!!!!

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Nice pic. Some asshole points a gun at my kid's on.

Edit: BTW the difference between that picture and this one?

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Hedgeless, for such a savvy ZHer you have committed the rookie mistake of posting a photoshopped image and presenting it as authentic portrayal of reality. Notice how the woman is walking through a checkpoint manned by an armed soldier yet isn't even looking in his direction. In fact she looks like she's taking a stroll through a casba and is eyeing some product that caught her attention. In short, she and her son are completely oblivious to their surrounding,  to the point of disbelief. Nice work on being "useful". 

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Israeli border guards don't point guns at children? I'm so relieved.

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I'm sure all the bleeding hearts here have expressed the same horror at the atrocities of the Syrian, Somalian, Sudanese or <insert one of the tens of ongoing bloody conflicts in the world today> wars as they have at under most definitions, Israeli self defense. If that's not antisemitism then I don't know what is.

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I'm no big fan of Israel, or the "Chosen People" in general, but I do agree with your sentiment.  

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AND a "Hope and Change" tee-shirt!

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Only in the US.  Outside the US we give them away like party favors.

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The 2nd Amendment as interpreted by Obama:

"A well regulated [militia] counter-cultural assault force being necessary to the security of [a free state] the President's cronies, the right of  [the people] drug cartels, Islamic terrorist cells and fascist police-state law enforcement agencies to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."


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Phone Dude be too white.

Pear shape looks right.  Contemporary American Walmart Shoppah Chique.

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OK, that's raycis, fatist, and anti-Walmartist.  There's a special place in drone hell(fire) for you.

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how right you are...

Which is why German Sig Sauer firearms (in addition to Kalashnikovs) are banned in the US right now.

Obama doesn't want to stop the lilliputians from buying guns, he just to limit the selection to overpriced low-quality guns manufactured by a division Cerberus Capital, so 100% of the profit flows to his Wall Street massas. (Any color you want as long as it's black...)

You can still get the crappy Made-in-the-USA Sigs, but the top end SAN (Swiss) Sigs are even hard to come by in Switzerland right now (if you need a replacement rifle barrel)

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The p226 x-5 and x-6 and maybe the p220 super match/ match elite are the only current models that are affected by the ban. Soon, these models will be produced in the US as well. I own 3 sig handguns. One made in Germany, 2 made in the US, with a 2014 229 sse being the newest (purchased early this year). There is no discernible difference in the quality when comparing the three. The only thing I don't like about the new sigs is the long external extractor. My opinion is based more on aesthetics than functionality however.

But yeah, the Swiss Sigs and the x-5 x-6 are mechanical works of art and genius, and if I could find one, I would be tempted to sell a kidney to be able to afford a Swiss 550. Then again, if I started selling organs to buy guns, I would probably sell the other kidney to buy a Korth revolver as well.


espirit's picture

There is another option - OPK's.

(other peoples kidneys)

Jus' Sayin'.

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Correct. Astute observation.

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Geez, even the dude who drew this cartoon was afraid to make the phone dude black. What a country full of "p" words

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Should have been a cartoon of Reggie with Obama fudgepacking from behind

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Pussification prodigiously in progress?

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Please! Do not use the "p" word. You might offend some pussies

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I only log in once every 3 months to cheer lead someone who lines up exactly with my take on life.

Yea, the pussies have taken over. I won't elaborate on who I've blasted as being as much...but you're spot on.

Time for a new real American third party. The 'Anti-Pussy' party is the non-PC title. Need to dumb that down for the stupid just a tad to do the necessary fund raising I suppose. With or without an official party, seems ripe time to put all the pussies (or is it pussys? Call out to Google dictionary please) in their place.

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I’ve got a hard-on for guns..

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I didn't even get a phone. Maybe I'll get a pony! Oh yeah I forgot...I'm a wage slave and I just need to man the oars until I die.


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Maybe he'll getchu a unicorn next year.
A nice rainbow colored shiny unicorn.
All for yourself.
Which you can share with about 100 or so 2 legged sand fleas coming to a neighborhood hear you!

Come to think of it, you got lots and lots of "stuff"...each kid of 100 or so, has at least 1 outbreak of scabies, 1 communicable disease thought to have long been eradicated in the US, 2 or more lower GI bugs, 1 or more of any of a variety of chest inflammations bordering on an including in 5 ot of 6 kids, TB, polio, Ebola and mental illnesses galore.

All for you, Miffed.
Lucky girl!