Biggest Dutch Daily Calls For NATO Intervention To Protect MH17; Feinstein Tells Putin To "Man Up And Confess"

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Shortly after we first reported about the MH-17 tragedy, we said that the key variable would be proving who the shooter was, as the grand fingerpointing theater was about to begin. We also noted that the actual answer to "who did it" was irrelevant, for the great propaganda machine had already made up its mind and was on overdrive. It promptly led to such ridiculous comments from non other than the Pentagon which said that, on one hand:


and yet:


So, "we don't know who did it" as long as Putin did it.

As expected, the narrative that the jet was shot down over Ukraine by Putin promptly became the go to version of the western media, and in the absence of actual facts, the appeal to emotions took over and quickly hit a fever pitch. Below is a sampling of some UK newspaper front pages. Clearly, facts be damned, the media knows all already.

In fact, one needs do nothing more than listen to that supreme "the NSA spying is good for you" demagogue, Dianne Feinstein, to know that the "west" is by now convinced the propaganda was has been won. To wit, from Telegraph:

Dianne Feinstein, chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, has urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to "man up" and admit Russia made a mistake.


She told CNN: "I think this has become a huge human drama, and I think the nexus between Russia and the separatists has been established very clearly, so the issue is where is Putin?


"I would say, 'Putin, you have to man up. You should talk to the world. You should say, if this is a mistake, which I hope it was, say it.


"I think the world has to rise up and say we've had enough of this.


"You cannot let this kind of thing happen, and Russia continues to prepare it for the next strike down of a civilian plane. There will be repercussions from this."

But if the "facts" were so overwhelmingly against the separatists, why does it matter if Putin admits? After all it would surely assist the demonization campaign against Russia if the former KGB spy kept up his version of events.

So facts be damned, everyone in the west, from the most crony politician to the biggest tabloid has "undisputed" proof Putin did it. But what now: what is the endgame?

Once again the answer is simple: Western military intervention, this time in the conflict zone, under the guise of public anger against Putin, to reinforce the dwindling Ukraine army forces and to repel the separatists, in the process regaining the critical industrial regions of Ukraine which also are the location of vast natural gas deposits. Certainly showing to Gazprom just who was in charge of this key natural gas nexus wouldn't hurt either. After all the west has already invested so much in the current Ukraine government, it can't all be for nothing.

And we know that because a few hours ago, the biggest Dutch newspaper, Telegraaf, openly asked for military intervention by NATO to protect MH 17 and calls Putin a "KGB liar."

So what happens next? Well, since no crisis should ever be put to waste (especially a crisis created by the same entities who end up benefiting the most from it) the big push over the next week will likely involve setting the stage for the Western arrival (led by NATO or some other grand Western alliance) to secure the MH-17 site, to repel the separatists, and to reinforce armed forces that, courtesy of extensive CIA intervention in recent months, are aligned with said "reinforcers", all the while further provoking Putin and Russia, leading to even more sanctions and countersanctions.

To all those who see this as nothing but a deja vu of the Syrian fiasco scenario that unwound over the past two years with such unprecedented humiliation for the US State Depratment, you are not alone.

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outofideas's picture

I'm beginning to wonder how much add space is Putin buying from ZH lately.

It's not that the US is a beacon of honesty, but Putin shouldn't really be anyone's hero or his word taken at face value anymore then Feistneins.

chunga's picture

If you don't like what tyler is saying all the other news sites have the exact opposite.

The Juggernaut's picture

MH-17 had approximately 100 AIDS scientists on their way to an AIDS conference in Melbourne, Austrialia. If anyone was near an AIDS cure it would have been one of these reknowned scientists who were murdered.  LOOK IT UP PEOPLE!

ZerOhead's picture

Are you blaming Christian Fundamentalists for the shootdown?

The Juggernaut's picture

LOL nah  Pharm companies.  Look up "Joep Lange."

COSMOS's picture

LOL any more doubts about this being a false flag operation to save the Dollar and the Euro Empire.

The Juggernaut's picture

Ya.... At least this resolved two "problems."


  1. A cure for AIDS
  2. Admiration for Putin

USA gov't is scrambling now.  The People should be stocking up.

BaBaBouy's picture

""openly asked for military intervention""

Could Someone Remind These IDIOTS That Russai Could Wipe Out The US In A Matter Of Minutes Not Hours...

kliguy38's picture

and you think they care.........they're taking orders . When you look at Feinstein, think of an arm stuck up her ass moving her mouth for her........

Pinto Currency's picture



Await the next challenge to Russia, China, India, etc.

It's not over by a long shot.

strannick's picture

Duplicity and deceit is nothing new from Western governments. Good thing Putin is a hard ass who loves his people. God bless Vladamir Putin.

BaBaBouy's picture

I Wouldn't Go That Far...

Apparently He's Worth Between $40 & $80 BILLION Fiats Paper.

Love Of Money My Friend...

strannick's picture

Really? He told you that? Or is that where the "apparently" comes in?

chumbawamba's picture

Hey, maybe the New York Times will call for NATO intervention in Gaza to protect the occupied people there that are currently under assault.


I am Chumbawamba.

chumbawamba's picture

Hey, maybe the New York Times will call for NATO intervention to punish Israel for being in continuous violation of literally dozens of United Nations resolutions dating back to it's inception in 1948.

I am Chumbawamba.

chumbawamba's picture

Hey, maybe the New York Times will announce that scientists have found a cure for gullibility to propaganda.  The complicated procedure involves unplugging your television, cancelling all your newspaper and magazine subscriptions, and figuring things out for yourself.

I am Chumbawamba.

BuddyEffed's picture

I'm going to observe that the lack of commercial flights over and into Ukraine will only hurt their weak economy even further.   And I'm going to posit that any serious clashing of forces in the area could easily put the Ukraine economy into the same boat as Haiti.  Hard to recover from a destroyed economy anywhere when the whole world is suffering from weak economies, and lack of real surplus to share.  For their people, the current economy may be as good as it gets, and downward changes will only be quickly lamented, and lamented for a very long time afterwards. 

espirit's picture

Putin prolly thinks Feinswine speaks for the people.

We are soooo... fucked.

AssFire's picture

Zactly, Feinswine makes a lot of sense, all would be like no foul if:

Russia apologized and we did our part by renaming the Redskins and embracing Michelle's "let move" physical fitness campaign.

We also need to start saying a bunch of catch phrases like "yes we can".

jaap's picture

Listened this evening to todays no agenda show and heared for the first time some convincing analyses about the shooting. Yes, I now believe a rocket has been shot. It is all related to this document by the German Traffic and Broadcasting department:

Since the beginning of June this has been going on and it makes it possible for fighter jets to spoof military registration indicators on commercial airliners. It also explains the news that started that time that airliners disappeared from radar (remember).

This part of the analyses starts at 1h and 10 minutes in the show:

btw, worth listening to the whole thing ofcourse



Tompooz's picture

Bingo! Boom shagalaga.

In de morgen, Jaap.



Lore's picture

My family has a game when we watch the evening news: "Bullshit."  Whenever the talking heads spout another lie, we all laugh and shout "That's Bullshit!"  It's very therapeutic.  For extra fun, surf the channels at prime time and "Spot the Crap."

Elvis the Pelvis's picture

Putin IS responsible.  Who else?  The Easter Bunny?  Bitchez.

jaxville's picture

The Kikeraine had too much to gain from this to think that they were not responsible. How would this benefit the resistance or Russia?

old naughty's picture

Chum, I uparrowed all three, fun.

Meanwhile, all "quiet" (?) in the ME front ! Not fun.

luftmensch's picture

strani boy, its kind of like the Saudi family owns "Saudi" Arabia.  Putin and his mafia own all of your asses.  So calculate the total wealth of Russia, they give about 15% or so to the people (which they feel is generous really), and divide the rest amongst themselves.

In the orient, its not what you own, but who you know, it may not all be in his name, but Putin can take, use, or do just about whatever he wants as virtual Czar / Godfather.

Wake the fuck up people - ZH is full of Kremlin plants and probably some regular brain-washed readers of russian language news sources mixed in.  With the occasional crackpot weterner who loves to take the other side of any issue for the adrenaline rush.



jaxville's picture

The West/Nato has zero credibility. They have squandered it by lying too often in order to go to war. You remember the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq don't you? Total bullshit from the get go but there are no shortage of idiots to rationalize a lie that led to half a million dead. What about the nofly zone over Libya? That lie to the UN turned out to be a bombing campaign that killed thousands of inocent people. We already know about the Western sponsored revolt in the Ukraine that over through a democratically elected gov't.

  No one is a stupid as you in real life. What do you get for posting here and defending the status quo?

NidStyles's picture

3 years ago we were all neocon plants...

TungstenBars's picture

They also found his passport in the wreckage.


Don't believe the Putin is worth 80Billion garbage. Look where tha idea comes from first. 

chumbawamba's picture

They also found a couple passports of the 9/11 hijackers and the passport of the real killer of Nicole Brown Simpson.

I am Chumbawamba.

BOPOH's picture

If you love your government, you can keep your government.

But my government is not listening me.

It is time for them to start listen my AKM.

Titus's picture

What's the value of fiat when you own the bank and control the military?

Titus's picture

Downvotes huh? Anybody care to tell me how fiat is created?


COSMOS's picture

USA PROPAGANDA _ FOX News Fakes MOSCOW Protest With Athens Clashes 12_8_11

Can you ever trust what the western MSM shows especially since they are owned by dual citizens

luftmensch's picture

Hi kosmonaut, can you please translate what you mean by "dual citizens"?  The people you said own our TV shows?  That actually doesn't mean anything in the English language.  Maybe its a Russian metaphor that doesn't translate that well literally.

I know, its hard to learn perfect English in St Petersburg, its OK, we're here to help.  Oh, and thank you for the RT/Kremlin news agency link!


karutzar's picture

Jooish always have dual citizenship - in Israel and USA (for example). Though USA never allow dual citizenship, for jooish they have exception. The same is for other countries that do not allow dual citizenship - always is exception for joos. It is known who own the media globally. :) One very specific ethnic group.

COSMOS's picture

Hey luft how did you manage to be on here 4+ years and not figure out what a dual citizen is, let me spell it out to you, a dual citizen holds a passport for another country, be it Ireland, Spain, UK, or any other EU or middle eastern country who then does not have the best interests of the US at hand because they can skip town at any moment.

Capiche or do you have to go another 4+ years to figure it out?

Bingo Hammer's picture

"If you want to know who RULES you, just look at who [& which groups] you're forbidden to criticize."

Clever Name's picture

You sir, are a moron. The US allows both Canadians and Brits dual citizenship, just off the top of my head. But please keep trying to spread your idiocy.

HardAssets's picture

I had an aunt who was a dual US-Canadian citizen. And, the local Catholic priest is a US-Columbian citizen.

I'm against the whole notion of dual citizenship, but people need to get their facts straight before spewing baloney.

Winston Churchill's picture

Depends how you aquire it.Being born into it versus working to aquire it.

You are always going to get cases like myself;

Swiss father,American mother,born in the UK.

My nationalty is Heinz 57.

But generally, no citizen should be a dual or trial citizen in govt. sevice,

except as low level mercenary's perhaps, to earn citizenship.

PhilofOz's picture

None of them, not one, should be allowed to keep their "alternative" citizenship should they enter politics in the USA. You can surely see that they will never be 100% there in the interests of the people that vote them in.

MiTasol's picture

In the case of the Brits it's more a matter of them not allowing one to lose that nationality.  Not so long back their passports branded them as 'subjects of Her Majesty'.  These days they're no longer subjects and the passports say 'British citizen", but they're treated the same.


Back when I lived in in the 3rd world those Brits taking up local citizenship had to hand in their passports as they "weren't allowed dual citizenship".  The passports were then sent to the British embassy (HC) who simply mailed them straight back to the holders.


Can't have HM's subjects wandering off and leaving can we?  Waste of manpower that might be needed as cannon fodder during the next stoush.

thestarl's picture

What Murdoch fears is his mortality and I take comfort knowing the old cunt is getting closer to it.

worbsid's picture

If you mean Mutual Assured Destruction, then yes but it works both ways. KYAGB. For those new to MAD, that means Kiss Your Ass Good Bye.