Over 50 Killed In Gaza As Israel Shelling Is "Fiercest Since 1967 War"

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While the world's attention is focused on the tragic events in Ukraine, the fighting in Gaza has entered its 13th, and most deadly day, with at least 50 Palestinians killed on Sunday by Israeli shelling in a Gaza neighborhood, where "bodies were strewn in the street and thousands fled for shelter to a hospital packed with wounded, witnesses and health officials said." Reuters reports that the mass casualties in Shejaia, in northeast Gaza, were the heaviest since Israel launched its offensive, since expanded to a land offensive including tanks and troops. This has brought the total dead count on the Gaza side to over 400.

A few hours later, Israel agreed to a two-hour humanitarian truce in Shejaiya. The ceasefire was supposed to last from 13:30 to 15:30 local time an Israeli military spokesman said. But a BBC team on the ground reported an exchange of fire less than an hour after the truce began.

According to elderly locals, today's Israeli shelling was the fiercest they had seen since the 1967 Middle East war, when Israel captured Gaza. Shifa hospital's director, Naser Tattar, said 17 children, 14 women and four elderly were among the 50 dead, and about 400 people were wounded in the Israeli assault.

Gaza's Health Ministry officials said at least 385 Palestinians, many of them civilians, have been killed in the 13-day conflict and about 2,600 have been wounded.


On Israel's side, two civilians have been killed by cross-border fire and five soldiers have died in fighting. More than 50 Israeli troops have been wounded, hospital officials said.


Thousands fled Shejaia, some by foot and others piling into the backs of trucks and sitting on the hoods of cars filled with families trying to get away. Several people rode out of the neighborhood of 100,000 in the shovel of a bulldozer.


Video given to Reuters by a local showed at least a dozen corpses, including three children, lying in rubble-filled streets, though the footage could not be verified independently.

An AFP reporter comments on the ground:

Meanwhile the IDF is denying all responsibility for the mass killings of civilians, instead saying it had warned the locals to evacuate in advance:

Furthermore, the IDF released the following schematic to explain the layout of local militants and rockets within Shejaiya.

In other developments surrounding Gaza, the BBC reports that:

  • Hamas claims it carried out a major attack on Israeli forces in Gaza, causing multiple casualties. There is no comment from the Israeli military on this
  • There has been almost constant shelling by Israel in the past few hours, with tanks and troops reported on the move
  • Hamas is continuing to fire rockets into Israel, with one landing in the city of Ashkelon
  • UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is due to arrive in Qatar later to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Perhaps most disturbing, and something which has gotten zero coverage compared to the ongoing chaos in Donetsk, is that Israel's Government Press Office on Saturday warned foreign journalists it was not responsible for their safety in the Gaza Strip, where the Jewish state has launched an offensive against Palestinian militants.

"Gaza and its vicinity are a battleground. Covering the hostilities exposes journalists to life-threatening danger," an e-mailed Government Press Office (GPO) statement said. "Israel is not in any way responsible for injury or damage that may occur as a result of field reporting."


The GPO, which accredits journalists based in Israel, many of whom also cover events in the Palestinian Territories, charged Islamist group Hamas was using journalists as human shields and advised reporters to take "every possible precaution."

In other words, if there are no foreign journalists covering the atrocities in Gaza, that would be ideal. In the meantime, it is best to distract the public's attention with some speculation that the Separatist rebels in Ukraine are doing the same, and try to provoke fury there, but not here.

Below are some photos documenting the sheer destruction in Shejaiya:


The district of Shejaiya came under heavy Israeli bombardment overnight, Palestinians say


The Israeli military says the ground offensive has been expanded to destroy a Hamas tunnel network


An air strike early on Sunday morning killed four people, including two children, according to medics


Israelis who support the offensive faced off with those against it in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening

Finally, the reason why it is all about to get much worse, is that in an interview with Cannel 2 TV, the Israeli Minister of Intelligence and Strategic Affairs Yuval Steinitz said the military may take control of Hamas-controlled territory for several months to “dismantle the terror army.” Needless to say such an act would provoke a firestorm, literally, of desperation from Hamas which would almost certainly lead to the deaths of thousands of innocent bystanders in the latest sharp escalation of a conflict that goes back countless years.

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BaBaBouy's picture

With The UKR Jet Disaster Dominating All News, IZR Has Free Pass, Can Do What It Wants...

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27 July Ramadan ends, so better hurry up

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No Isrealis killed as of yet, but the IDFs blanket bombing of civilians/children is still justified according to Obama, as long as they are "cautious".

Calmyourself's picture

Wrong..  But reads well for the anti-israel lobby

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The count is one actual civilian, from reports it is a Bedouin living in Israel. The other "civilian" was a illegal "settler" supplying the IDF at the scene of the crime.

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In the mind of the psychopathic talmudic Zionist, 400-2 is still unacceptable.  I'm sure the timing and coverage of the downed airliner is just a coincidence...


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In the mind of the psychopathic Talmudic Zionist, nothing matters except for their own desires.  Every. Single. Other. Non-Jew. On. Earth is supposed to serve them (according to their twisted belief).

Here is what the "Jewish State" really means:


Hugh G Rection's picture

Yup.  We Goyim are just animals to those supremacist assholes.

Another good one from Snord:

Quotable Quotes From The Chosen Ones

BellyBrain's picture

It looks like this time they are really going for the final push to destroy all traces of Palestine and her people:


Just remember folks, once they have destroyed Palestine, they will begin eyeing their neighbors and "defending" "their" land that they have the "right to return" to because "god" (supposedly) gave it to them 2,000+ years ago.  Hard to argue with something that was written down in a book a really long time ago, eh? 

"Greater Israel" means a HUGE chunk of the middle east:

I think they will target Syria and Jordan once they are done with their genocide against Palestine.

hot sauce technician's picture

The propaganda runs strong with you I see... This is already from last week. There are more, not including combatants (13+2+1), from the past few days, but what does that matter? According to the Gilad SHalit Equation there isn't even yet one Gazan casualty. For this to be considered just a "tie" you'd need at least 17 thousand dead in Gaza. Human shields and all that...

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Lob a few hundred more missles, Muslim scum! Thank God for Israel!! Killing the Muslim scum that the Obowelmovement is arming....

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Welcome to ZH. Unlike TownHall/Breitbart/TheBlaze, Zio-cons are not welcome here.

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.......and who, pray tell, does the "muslim scum" that the "muslim scum" is "arming" take orders from ..... exactly???


...... we have met the enemy and they are us.......... words that will truly come home when Pentagon regulars engage Al-CIA-DUH/Mossad Mercs in the coming weeks.....

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Elections have consequences.

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I hope the IDF kills every adult male mmber of Hamas that is within the borders of Gaza.

I hope every single one of these cretinous barbaric  Ham-ass holes dies in a fucking fire, fuly conscious to the bitter last breath.

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pity poor rape victim jimbowie1958

jim was the towns mental spastic village idiot.

one day he was anal raped by a mexican since that day forward whenever he sees an arab he remembers that mexican ass rapin.

poor jim

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That's a fantastic argument can I borrow it for use against the village idiot?  How about you give us your address and the raping mexican can lob grenades through your window whenever he get a hankering..  You of course will not mind as Jim Bowie took his land from him circa: 1850's...

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My guess is we'll see a fair number of these Palestinians manning the gas stations in New Jersey soon as political refugees. I remember watching hundreds of them dancing in the streets after 911 in NJ.

john39's picture

those were israeli mossad members, "documenting the event":


as for the footage that CNN showed of palestinians celebrating, it turned out later that the footage was faked:


what a shock.  in this world of lies, trust nothing that the owners would like you to believe.


Duffy Duck's picture

" I remember watching hundreds of them dancing in the streets after 911 in NJ."

No, you don't.   But do you remember a van full of Israeli Jews being pulled over and refusing to answer questions, failing lie detectors, and bizarrely complaining about "Palestinians"

Ever spend an evening googling "Israel 9/11"?  Or you can just start at Chris Bollyn's site, or wikispooks, or zioncrimefactory...

But my how ZH has come up in the world to actually attract a few legitimate hasbara trolls.

You do need to up your game a bit here, though. 

Hugh G Rection's picture

Zioncrimefactory is not the same site since ADL provocateur Mike Delaney stole if from ZCF and turned into a white supremacist page.

Missing Links was the beginning of my awakening, but Delaney had little to nothing to do with making it, apart from claiming he produced it.

Bollyn is solid and his books are free to read online and wikispooks is a great intro to the subject.

the real ZCF: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005771797987&fref=ts

john39's picture

take a careful look at Bollyn, he may be playing for the other side.  he viciously attacks the theory that 911 was a nuclear event.  Anyone with a little tech and physics know how who carefully looks at the nuclear evidence, usually comes away agreeing that nukes were used.   This is one of those red lines that tptb defend dearly, and use deeply planted disinfo agents to defend.

hot sauce technician's picture

Let me know when you get his address (I'm assuming it's a "he"), as I possibly know a few Bedouin who would lob anything through people windows.

Jack Burton's picture

Tony is right! If you talk like the brain damaged murderous village idiot, perhaps you are the same. This is simple logic. Also, by UN standards of International Law, using media to promote genocide is a war crime. But many jews will come on here and post their desire for genocide. They will claim it was because the germans did it to them back in the distant past. Two wrongs make it right.

Hey Israeli Jews, Germans killed your people! Remember them. Maybe that si where your bonbers should be flying? Oh, no? Why?

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Did you hear about the research fellow at Harvard named Martin Kramer who called for the genocide of the Palestinians?


Lumberjack's picture

He suffers from Ziomemetic Psychosis. it's worse than Hydrophobia on PCP.

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Do you recommend Gas chambers constructed to appear to be showers? Should they cremate the dead in mass "ovens" and spread the ashes on surrounding fields? Just wondering.


Perhaps the Israels can make soap and lampshades as the propaganda about the Germans claimed?

Davalicious's picture

"Perhaps the Israels can make soap and lampshades as the propaganda about the Germans claimed?"

Fuck off. Palestinian soap makes me itchy. Jew soap is the softest, has the most lather, and is naturally lightening for the skin. Unfortunately prices shot up after '45..

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Manufacture of soap requires fat. Which ones are the Fat Cats?

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I'm sure if the UN gave our country away to foreigners you would just sit there and do nothing too.

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I just imagine a Security Council meeting where all nuclear powers agree on giving your country... to whom, exactly?

TBT or not TBT's picture

Usually this kind of dispute is decided by use of force.  If you have a problem with that, your affliction with said problem will not change anything about how reality continues to work around you.   

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1958-Its  because of doofusses like you that civilizations fought wars  since their inception-some 12,000 years ago or so. 

Don't hate the 'other side', hate the warmakers.  The real war is with them, the ordinary people on opposing sides should ban together against these forces: the bankers, the monopolies, big interests, most of the politicans, almost all of the bureacrats (NSA/CIA/IRS) every country has them.

War is morally, ethically and economically destructive:  it mostly occurs for the benefit of a handful of families, big interests.  Stop the wars.

If a real war has to happen, when another country is really trying to take one's  home, tax base, turn your women into slaves, let's elect a leader who will lead us in war.  The last Western leader to lead his army into battle was George III in 1756.

I pray, I hope, I believe  America will get their Muad'dib, their renaissance soldier, a latter day George Washington , a visionsary to lead them out of the morass.  A younger Ron Paul without the  baggage and much, much  more agressive,charismatic  personality.

He'll, hell, she'll have to be one tough son of a bitch. 

When she/he comes be sure to support them with all your might.



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Right. This video makes the point that we took the wrong message away from WW2. We should have realised that militrism was the problem, not intolerance of minorities. That screw up has been spun unto endless wars for "truth and justice" as well as open borders at home.


Stackers's picture

John39, what would you do differently if your nieghbor kept lobbing rockets and mortars into your backyard ? Ask them real nice to pretty please stop doing that ? .... again

john39's picture

Well, if i stole my neighbors land, and forced him into a holding cell, i wouldn't whine when he tried to fight back.  then again, i would never do that to my neighbor. 

Boris D Blade's picture

Fuck you Stackers. Learn some history. One is the oppressed and the other is the oppressor. There will be no peace without justice

Arius's picture

@ John


If I may, pass the first step of who stole from whom (i cant solve it...and I do believe it is not as simple as it appears)

going into the second step (which is the present situation here are my two cents just for the sake of discussion of course:

1. You guys can never be good neighboors again

2. if I was your neighboor, I would move out instead of sitting in the holding cell for the rest of my life ... where?  anywhere ....

3. If he fights back, i think he would again lose, since in the first place he would have never lost his land if he was stronger ...


C'est la vie as we say in France ...

disclosure: i do like the french though :)

strannick's picture

If every oppressed person had your "roll over and run" response to tyranny, there would be no freedom, or America -wherever that is now-.

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Not true, people left europe to come to a land where they wouldn't be supressed. Now the sand roosters want to chase us out of America. Now it's time to take a stand.

strannick's picture

Your right. How about you go stand in a corner til you learn some manners, and decency, though I do agree with your critique of Shaia law, if there was one.