Lights Out At Barclays' Dark Pool: Volume Plummets By 79% From Highs

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A week ago, when we commented on the latest publicly available data for Barclays' fraud-embroiled LX dark pool, whose volume as we reported had tumbled 37% in the week of the lawsuit announcement, we said that the downward volume trend "is about to get a whole lot worse for Barclays as the trickle becomes an avalanche." Sure enough, following today's reported by Finra's ATS database for the week of June 30, we find just that, and one can largely say lights out to Barclays LX operation, whose total shares traded plummeted from 197 million (and 312 million the week before) to a paltry 66.4 million, a two-week drop of 79% from its recent highs, putting it, in 12th total dark pool volume place, below ITG and above BIDS trading. So much for any ambitions of becoming America's top dark pool. Last on the other hand...

The winners as Barclays is "Lehman'ed" - all other dark pools, including Sigma X, the proud backer of IEX and "market integrity." Now: who's next?

Source: Finra

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Its_the_economy_stupid's picture

USA BAnks stage a take-down via G-men intervention.

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Who's next?

# of Shares 290,880,363 Trades: 1,687,071 Size: 171 Shares
Week of 6/30/2014

May 2014 - Credit Suisse Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Aid and Assist U.S. Taxpayers in Filing False Returns

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had tumbled 37% in the week of the lawsuit announcement


Flip the lights on bitchez!

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turns out muppets don't like getting fisted? who knew?

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Sacrificial Lambs:



- Bear stearns


- Lehman


- MF Global



- Barclays????

Who is the Temple priest offering Barclays to gods?


It's ironic because Barclays was the temple priest slaughtering Lehman and JPm slaughtered Bear Stearns and MF Global.

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No honor among thieves.

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Barclays is too important to British 'national security' (washing and wealth mgt), and also too important now to gold trading, to disappear.

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Run bankster run. ZeroHedge going to bite your ass.

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Since this is like one big bankster orgie, who is connected to Barclay's in the dark pools?

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C'mon pookie lets burn this motherfucker down!

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Far too little too late.  Entire generations are ditching the fraud so-called "markets," never to return. 

Alas, the entire world seems to smell the stench of crony/corrupt central planning and failure rewarded.

TBTF has castrated US money.

"No one saw it coming."

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Some stupid ass bank of America idiot attorney will recommend buying Barclays. Did I mention BofA attys have sewage for brains? I'm being kind.

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from wikipedia

In June 2014 the U.S. state of New York filed a lawsuit against Barclays alleging the bank defrauded and deceived investors over its dark pool.


Bankster fraud in the markets.  Maybe banksters should stick to real estate and car loans.


Oh wait, banksters fucked that up too.  LMAO!!!!


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@Valley Chick, The whole point of a dark pool is complete we can safely assume 'Who isn't associated with Barclay's dark pool".

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So it might be interesting to know about the 21%. Are they stuck in the dark?

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Funny how all the non American banks are getting charged.

I want all WS banks pushed into a "Dark Pool"

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Gee, you mean when their clients found out they were being fucked in this fashion, they made them stop?

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Whose the Fed pissed at right now because we need more ritual sacrifices to protect the guilty....