Dow Drops Below 17,000; All Friday Gains Erased

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"Retirement Off" It appears the 'proof' that markets were Teflon and could shrug off the worst spate of geopolitical concerns in years... is wrong. US equity markets have given up all the gains from Friday's knee-jerk massive short-squeeze fest... as Treasury yields have tumbled lower all day long...



It seems the MH17 disaster matters...

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Short squeeze in 3...2...1.

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Don't worry, tomorrow is Tuesday..........

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And the new Friday will probably be Wednesday? It is so fucked up that the Central Planners can make whatever they want happen. Until they can't....

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Every Day is Tuesday.


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If you're a regular Joe and you are playing the ponies, I mean investing in the markets, you WILL get burned.  Thanks for coming.  Don't forget to pay your death tax on the way out.

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Exactly. Just buy the shit out of this dip; it's free money.

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One of these days there will be an equity blood bath and those that buy the dips will sign their economic death warranth; I don't think its quite yet, but I would put up even money it happens before November 1 this year.

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SDOW:  UltraPro-Short 3X Dow Jones 30 - Currently around 25 bucks...nearly all-time lows.  Time to buy some?

SPXU:  UltraPro-Short 3X S&P 500 - Currently around 46 bucks...nearly all-time lows.  Time to buy some?

There will be a blood bath.

However, I have read that once the SHTF and the collapse is in full-swing that the powers that be will not allow anyone to be paid for shorting the market.  Financial "terrorists" and such.  LOL 

Fucking criminal banksters, all of them.  Scumbags and sociopaths.


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Managed decline. Pretend markets don't only go in one direction in order to enrich the banksters. 

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'But....these markets are Teflon coated'

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Treasury yields have tumbled lower all day long...



[/cowardly lion]

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I see 2.45%.

Because growth is so vibrant.

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hi crash! i was thinking just the other day if there's one person on this board who understands the trigger for a real stock market tumble, it's crash.



CrashisOptimistic's picture

Well, not what you think.

That would be oil at $150 (headed to $104 again today).

Not even stock buybacks can conceal $150 oil.

The devastation scenario MUST exclude money.  Money can be dictated by gov't decree of one sort or another.  If you learn anything from 2011 and Europe, learn that.  If something having to do with finance threatens global civilization then govts will step in and redefine whatever words need redefining.

Only oil flow is out of their control.

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"Oil prices can't ever collapse either." Ballard, Plug, et al have had spectacular moves the last couple of weeks. "The bubble lives on."

The USA is now by far the world's largest energy producer...who benefits the most from your thesis?

It ain't Russia, China or India.
I could see Brazil doing well here...huge agricultural play potentially. Need a lot of work on their logistics. Right now Panama has them beat on that front.

Nicaragua looks to be next in line as well.

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Well, not what you think.

That would be oil at $150 (headed to $104 again today).


hell that's exactly what i thought you thought except the number is probably $200+/bbl now. the fed raised rates from 2006-2008. only after oil hit $140/bbl in 2008 did the market decline. the fed only has the power to inflate. they can't talk the market down and they can't raise rates enough to do much of anything even if they wanted to (which they don't).

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Buy now, and pick up a quick 200 points by close.

Lewshine's picture

If I had a dollar for every time a post declared a correction, crash, pullback - call it whatever you want, I'd have a ton of dough!

My ITM Spy and Q's call options I purchased an hour ago are already up 5% - And my SLV short is also a few cents into the green.

It ain't gambling if YOU KNOW what the FED does EVERYTIME!!!!

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Companies have been doing stock buy-backs for years. They are not infinite.

The higher the market bubblizes the larger the correction. When it comes it will blind side most.

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"Markets"...Lol.... we al know they are manipulated and fake, yet we pretend they are real when they are managed down.

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The Fly is still wearing his RUBI slippers. lulz

I'm melting, MELTING! [/wicked witch]

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore. [/dorothy]

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This is supposedly Crash Day by numerology. Maybe this fucker will pick up speed and drop by 500-1000?

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Typical pattern. Market rebounds too much on Friday based on Thursday-ish, bad news, then goes down a little again Monday only to rebound hard tues.

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It is going to get worse.

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Back in the first week of February, there were (if memory serves correct) three days in a week where each of those days saw a 300 point loss on the Dow (there abouts).

100 or  150 or 200 points down on one day is only dip creation for a rally the next day.

Once we see a 300 point loss on Dow more than once during the week, then we'll see.

Hubbs's picture

Yawn. Here we go again. Don't bother me until the DOW drops 50%.


HamRove's picture

Oh Noes...say it ain't so.

Back up Tuesday...The top that defies physics is still spinning. It's like that movie Inception only its not a dream.

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ZH calls the daily bottom AGAIN!   Please stop. 

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Just trade it - 'DOW below 17000' post is as good as a Stolper reco.

disabledvet's picture

Ignore the data! Move along! Ignore the data! Nothing new here! Move along! Move along!

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BTFD - Leverage Up, this is a beautiful thing...

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could be more creative ????...The algorithms are the same......July-August-2007.......July-August-2014.....the same !!....17-19-21-2007.......17-19-21-2014



TabakLover's picture

Yes....but have only made up 1/3 of ramp from Thursdays lows.   BTFDers still think they are geniuses.

disabledvet's picture

This is looking more and more like 1941 by the day. The only reason to hit Russia with a sanctions regime is to provoke them...which is exactly what has happened.

Gaza has been green lighted...already very bloody on both sides. Shorting this thing is crazy. The dollar is well nigh worthless still...real estate is still dirt cheap in the USA...and you have a massive production boom well underway run only with part time "internet labor."

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WTF! This idiots are messing up my predictions for a 20k DOW by the end of this year.  Haven't those algo's heard about BTFD?

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ZH jinks the sell off everytime.


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it isn't zh. it is those half a billion shorts out there this a.m..

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DOW is code for MH17. the dead people loaded aboard that airliner were all bankers, check for nailgun marks. you need a tinfoil hat for every day of the week if you want to correlate exogenous events with the fed giving itself money to buy stocks

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Coordinated JPY ramp/VIX slam ~10:45 (Obama’s rhetoric perhaps leaked).  Continued strength would likely stall after stops triggered just above Hourly 20-EMAs, the overall move spurred by a RUT 200 DMA defense.  However, with technicals still mixed, a second sprint toward the lows wouldn’t surprise, but without a more interesting newswire you’d think the 3:30 Ramp Squad would be licking their chops.  Surprise -- an annoying, difficult-to-trade day.

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Ths DOW has now bounced 80 points as Oil is smacked down as well. just never ending manipulation

GrinandBearit's picture

Absolutely PERFECT contrary post/trade! 

Look at the time stamp vs. the time of the market ramp.

Next time I go all into a triple leveraged ETF.

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that's how they fund the site, by goading bots after they buy the dip

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What? Dow not already above 17100 again? This is bad, very bad. Could it be that the market realizes the lack of evidence in the MH-17 case - or worse: that there is in fact evidence that doesn't fit into the narrative?