MH17: For Bankers, Every Crisis and Tragedy is an Opportunity to Manufacture Profits

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I recall watching a documentary years ago about the tragedy of 911 in which a Wall Street banker was interviewed about what he was thinking when he heard that two planes had crashed into World Trade Centers 1 and 2, and without hesitation, he said something to the effect of, First, I thought gold was going to up in price, and second, I thought how can I make money from this? I am paraphrasing what he said because I can't find that exact clip, but my paraphrasing contains the essence of his response. I also recall at the time, that my friend with whom I was watching this documentary, turned to me and said, “Thank God not all bankers are like that jerk”. And while this is very likely true that the majority of bankers probably do not actively think about ways to profit from death and tragedy, it is also true that unfortunately, the ones that possess the most power, do share this mentality.


On July 14, the pro-USD banking cartel started a gold and silver puke that took silver from high to low in 2 days $0.86 lower, or just a tad under 4% lower in two days, and gold $48.30 lower, or a whopping 3.6% lower in just two days. From the data I extracted from the 5-minute charts that day of the GCQ14 (August 14) for gold and SIU14 (September 14) for silver below, you can easily see that the whole “puke” was artificially engineered as the cartel respectively sold more than 10.8MM and 43.85MM paper ounces of gold and silver in just minutes to start the price slide. Furthermore, those numbers don't even represent the total selling for the day as they only represent the three largest 5 minute-clusters of selling for that day. In the last video on my YouTube channel “smartknowledgeu”, I discuss these numbers in terms of the ridiculous percentages of annual physical gold and silver mining production they represent, because such selling of real physical gold and silver quantities in such a small amount of time would be incredibly unlikely. But of course, when you can sell imaginary paper ounces backed by very small fractional amounts of real precious metals and virtually nothing, this is the kind of fraud of which bankers are capable and willing.




However, for those that fail to understand that the small exclusive banking cabal that controls market prices is comprised of the most opportunistic, immoral creatures on planet earth, all we need to do is inspect the below charts to view their actions when Malaysia Airlines MH17 crashed during their ongoing gold and silver raid. On the chart I've posted immediately below, we see that the first huge spike in buying of the gold futures GCQ14 contract started at precisely the exact moment that Malaysian airlines announced that MH17 was missing. Malaysia Airlines said Ukraine's air traffic control lost contact with flight MH17 officially at 2.15pm GMT (10:15AM NY time), approximately 30 miles from the Russia-Ukraine border. This was followed by two additional spikes of buying at 10:35 AM and 10:50 AM that amounted to 138.5 paper tonnes of gold purchased to force the price of gold about $24 an ounce higher from $1302 to $1326 within a matter of minutes. What is the purpose of buying 138.5 tonnes of paper gold within minutes just 3 days after selling 115.7 tonnes of gold to knock the price down? To profit from tragedy of 298 dead on Malaysia Airline MH 17 - plain and simple. Since the initial margin to purchase one 100 paper ounce gold futures contract is a fraction of the notional amount of the contract and is leveraged nearly 22:1 at current spot prices, a bullion bank that participated on this manufactured ride could have gone long only $10MM of gold futures to make $4.04MM of profit in just minutes.






Now let's look at silver futures SIU14 contracts that same day below. Again, we can clearly see that SIU14 buying spiked precisely at the time Malaysian Airlines announced that MH17 had gone missing and that bankers artificially moved the price of September silver futures contracts higher very quickly on this tragedy





Of course, one can keep one's head buried in the sand and think that all the data I've presented above is just mere coincidence, but if one truly understands how bankers think, then one is more apt to accept that the above is no coincidence. Anyone that has spent any time studying the Great Depression in the 1920s also knows that the same bankers operating above (i.e. JP Morgan and others) artificially manufactured that crisis as well by calling all loans after encouraging months of speculation by setting interest rates at unsustainable artificially-low rates. So when the next financial/capital markets crisis that the mainstream media falsely reports as “being unforeseeable” occurs, please understand that it was indeed 100% foreseeable. In fact, it's very likely that the same banking cabal will be manufacturing said "crisis, under the same modus operandus they've operated for centuries, to strictly engineer huge profits for themselves to the detriment of all of humanity.


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"30 seconds after the Challanger blows up, he's on the phone selling NASA stock short, Mr. Nice guy!"  -Marvin

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nothing wrong with TRADING ON THE NEWS.  but if your trades start BEING THE NEWS, that's a different story entirely.  lemme splain.

you're barking up the wrong tree, pal.  this is an entirely different situation from the 10:00:00 AM ET gold dump of 10,000 contracts of GC in one line on my scrolling T&S one morning a while back at the exact second that Fed chair Bernanke released his Humphrey-Hawkins testimony to Congress, before he even spoke a word ... and there was nothing in the transcript except the usual mealy-mouthed equivacating.  Nothing even remotely suggestive that dumping the notional equivvalent of a MILLION ounces of gold in one trade was a rational act ... unless the purpose was market manipulation aka stop-running, which is illegal, yet since the CFTC now ONLY enforces fraud by small-timers (and a million-ounce gold dump is not from a small-timer), they didn't even notice it.  All the gold "publicists" (as Harry E. Barnes called today's "commentators") did notice the massive gold dump, and speculated as to its cause, but eventually  told the gullible public that it meant nothing, because "markets fluctuate."

buying gold and silver immediately when a commercial airliner appears to have been shot down while flying over a war zone is a perfectly rational act.

computers with high-speed trading access scan the newswires and issue buy or sell orders that fill and get reported back to very same computer (who is also tracking other large orders) long before the 300-400 msec it would take a human being could blink their eyes.

they've been trading equities this way for at least a decade which is why prices spike or crater at exact moment of an earnings surprise.

have you ever actually traded commodities, or even PDT equities?

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This was also true on July 14th just before Yellon gave testimony to congress, similar to carpet bombing a battlefield just before sending in ground troops....softening up the gold market so it doesn't telltale inflation and protects the currency. Makes one want to get out of gold as they just won't stop.

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Sociopaths stand a good chance of 'winning' because they see the world differently.  Other peoples lives do not mean anything to them.  Typically they are referred to as 'heartless' but what they really are is 'souless.'

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Unfortunately, this article falls prey to the one of the same mistakes made by the general "sheeple"  population.   It 'mixes' a real problem...(paper Gold and it's creation solely to control/game the Gold market)...and natural market behavior, which is to react as quickly as possible to changing world events.    Profiting from calamties (natural or manmade) are frowned upon when done at the expense of the people originally being hurt...(as in increasing the price of bottled water to victims of a hurricane)....but residual market behavior that simply tries to rebalance itself after said part of what we refer to a "free market system".   

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Its called trading.  I bought some lumber contracts couple days after Katrina.  Nice.

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The whole motivational and pay scheme on WS is DESIGNED to get and promote this type of behavior.  Would the author expect something different?

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I assume all traders do this as well? It's called making money.

If we goto war with Russia I'd be excited and short the market.

If you don't do this then your in the wrong business.

To hell with morals that's for others.


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It might hurt some feeling to exploit opportunities for financial and political gain.  

Fuck 'em.

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Free markets only work when the players have a "moral compass".  This shit is going to get us all killed.  Get off my lawn and stop calling me "Mr. Consumer".  I'm a CUSTOMER dammit!!!!

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YOu have too high, way too high and exquisitely sensitive feelings, have never read the evolution of man, and are naive to think for a second that greed is not an embedded trait of homo sapiens. (no slur at gays intended). 

This shit as you call it isn't going to get anyone killed. I have no doubt that the current whiners, complainers, and demagogues against the 'free-for-all' of our economy would be equally shocked at the goings on in socialist, fascist, and communist countries re:  greed, avarice, self-dealing and competition for existing goods and services, as well as unbridled lust, panting after Kate Upton, Brooklyn Decker, and Sofia Vergara. 

No economic system is free of the immoral, unethical and crony enrichment that characterizes the current and last 200 years of our system. 


Because human beans are inherently one step removed from Apery. Not too long ago we were fishies in the sea, gobbling everything in sight, and then we became bipedal and ran after all the bodacious Ta-Tas on the lushest females, and killed our competitors if we were smarter and larger.

Lower expectations and you will find that life in all its miserable greedy chaos makes much more sense.

And have a cookie. 


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Yes, they are lovey-dovey in temporary communities to protect against immediate predators or wisely build on mutual strengths with minimum laggards to prey.

Markets gyrate on greed and fear...what other high-falutin noises are rally needed.

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Sorry Comte, that wasn't aimed directly at you.

It just pisses me off that the fucks in the Hamptons steal food out of the mouths of small children and clap themselves on the back and call thremselves decent.  I just had a run in with a multi-national and needed to vent. 

I hate being called a consumer!!!



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You have failed to reflect on Area 51 and what it means to the United States. 

A while ago, Area 51 was the sight of an Alien landing.  On their Flying (is it really flying if there are no wings??) Object, were the new immigrants from the planet KNARF.  They disguised themselves cleverly as humans.  Some of them have already been caught and are either dead, assassinated if they reached the POTUSy,  and/or executed like Jeff Dahmer, Ed Gein, Robert Pennigton, Son of Sam, Hannibal Lecter, Abraham Lincoln, Jeff  Davis, Lyndon Johnson, Robert Byrd and many millions more. 

Some of course are still unfortunately living secretly among us like all the member of the Jewish Mafia on Wall Street, and their Gentile consiglieres, hillary and chelsea (see?), bill clinton, Nancy pelosi, Newt Gingrich, Harry Reid, Jerrold Nadler, Chuckie Schumer, Eric Holder (see?), Janet Napolitano, J Yell (the mascot Yoda of the mothership), Alan Greenspan, Donald Trump, the entire Kardashian clan, all the Wives of Beverly Hills, Jew Nersey, Miami, L.A., Petaluma, Intercourse, Pa, and other environs. 

Once you realize the invasion was a successful one, and little by little we are being turned into Soylent green, it all makes much more sense.

Forsake your venting, pick up a weapon, and embrace the chaos to follow. 



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I just want this game of Make Believe to END !


Free the SLAVES !