The New Scariest Chart In America

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For the last few years, the 'scariest' chart for Europeans has been the unending surge in youth unemployment. However, amid all the sound and fury of mainstream US media discussions of the 'recovery' in America and the President's employment track record, Constantin Gurdgiev notes another 'scariest chart of the US recovery' that remains in full 'crisis mode'...


The Duration of Unemployment In The US...


h/t True Economics blog

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Mad Max's picture

Hope and Change!

Shizzmoney's picture

More like I Hope I can find some Change in my couch so I can afford food tonight.

NoDebt's picture

Hey, you notice each time they cut back on "emergency" unemployment benefits that line takes another step down?

Strange that would happen.

espirit's picture

Inverted Hockey Stick Save!

Moar Please.

(after all, it is Bizzaro World)

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Just gives people more time to think about how they got there and who's not there to help them, and wondering what to do next?


P R O J E C T   M A Y H E M  ! ! ! 

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This is normal considering the body economic has a government tapeworm that occupies half of its digestive system.

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They better add more "months of duration" onto that chart.  Probably won't fit on the computer screen anymore...

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OK but the stock market is up and we have universal health care, so it's all good, right?  Otherwise why would we be opening our borders?  Long live the printing press.

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Yeah. I'm waiting for some of those kids to make it up to my area when the price of mowing lawns plunges again to another all-time low. I now pay only $25 bucks compred to about 8 years ago when the lowest price was $60 and the edging was extra. 


Now not more then $25 and everything included. It's gonna get much cheaper with these wide open borders.

Nexus789's picture

Universal Health must be joking. The US has a Kafkaesque nightmare.

NidStyles's picture

Won't matter who they think they have control over. Once the game is up and the music stops the paper pushers will be the ones without chairs. 


Oldwood's picture

I just don't understand what all the whining is about. The chart looks to me like we are closer to reaching Utopia than ever before.

We are well on our way to where no one has a job. Isn't that the promise of utopia all along, or am I confused.

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Nice. That's it in a nut shell. The Government is the problem.

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What to do next?  Clearly, the plan is to import central-Americans, locate them in districts with no voter-ID laws, and take back the House in the next election.

barre-de-rire's picture

you think u can keep it 2 years at this speed ?


i'm not sure palestine can  stay 2 years this way. i'm not sure poutine can stay 2 years with mh17 BS like this at his doors. i'm not sure east ukrainians will stay 2 years waiting at russian borders to wait usa change to hillary to finally ear not a " ok we stop mess in kiev " but a "go final stage, nuke em all"


have you tried to stay 2 years a finger stranded in a closed door ? it is long.



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Dogs don't bite the hands that feed them.

I am more equal than others's picture



Hope and Change is now

       Cope or Hang

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Declining inputs correlates to declining outputs which correlates to declining employment unless an economist is involved to introduce a fudge factor to make everything look unicorny with rainbows!

rogerramjet's picture


Hope u starve to death!

From a 1%'er that does not give a shit about you......

JenkinsLane's picture

I guess it really is different this time.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

... and apparently NOT in any good kind of way. 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

It's different, alright.

The line from a Springsteen song comes to mind: "These jobs are gone and they ain't coming back... In my home town"

rogerramjet's picture

Sprigsteeeeen is a billionarie.....................

TeethVillage88s's picture

Yeah, Bruce Springsteen Cared about what was happening to the people in the 1980s Jobs problem.

Today I see our future in the UK with avg Household Debt $200K and avg income like $21K. We were invaded by British or European Bankers. We need to SEPARATE our American Values from those of England. The British Empire Values still exist in the UK & USA.

1) Military Republic
2) Upper Class Privilege, Lower Class Scraps
3) Foreign Conquests for Resources & Trade
4) Privateering
5) Mercenaries
6) Capitalism
7) Lip Service & Politics to substitute for Real Rights, Sovereignty, Freedom, Liberty
8) Money Rules the Law, Politics, Business, and influences foreign Leaders in support for British Trade (and US Trade today)
9) Use Corporate Structures to hide both government Actions and Corporate Profits
10) Winning is everything, Winners write history, the Ends Justify the Means
11) Leaders don't so much believe in God as we know it, but BELIEVE they Represent Gods Will OR ACT for their GOD

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Rope and hang.


We've been roped.  Now they're gonna hang us.

4 wheel drift's picture

hope [you morons won't notice the way i will behave] and change [in the process, the best country into mush]

o.t.p.s's picture

oh well, just an other chart of dead, whats the worst can happen

A is A's picture

That's racist.....

knukles's picture


Thinking of scary.  Methinks we oughta see Krugman in the ring with Gennady Golovkin 

Eyeroller's picture

Slugman would point to the indicatons being the unemployment rate is coming down.

Everything fine.

dbTX's picture

Looking like another summer of recovery.

Racer's picture

If only they had had a short sharp shock and let some banks fail, then the system would have reset long ago. Instead it is a looooonnng drawn out hell for the sheeple

NoDebt's picture

"short sharp shock"

If you think that's going to be allowed to happen, "I'll see you on the dark side of the moon."

SuperRay's picture

Watch out for the alien bases there. Geez, so embarrassing that they think our leaders actually represent the best we can do!

Seer's picture

They only DO "short sharp shocks" FOR the banks!

Right idea.  Wrong universe.

orangegeek's picture

that's a mean mean-reversion in the making


what do you think yellen?  you likey?

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Moar is better.

J Pancreas's picture

Looks like perfect timing for a group of nations to strike while the iron's hot against the world's tyrant for the last fifty years. Who needs an arrogant prick demanding tribute or 'protection money' indefinitely while its emperor is naked?

Headbanger's picture

Yes!  Blame Canada!   Blame Canada!

And I wish they would keep their fucking geese that crap all over the golf courses too!

pods's picture

Or at least make them taste better.


gtb's picture

Aged and prepared properly, they're hard to beat...tender, juicy, delicious!  But I admit it's tricky and even I don't always get it right.

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Is Canada even a real country?