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In awfully familiar sense of deja vu, at 1300ET on the dot, "most shorted" stocks were ignited into a vertical short squeeze by a rampfest in AUDJPY... the only problem... credit markets are not playing along... Trannies are the best performers (almost back to unch) with Russell lagging (though ramping most aggressively).




Driven by a Short squeeze...


Thanks to AUDJPY...


But credit ain't buying it...


Charts: Bloomberg

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if anyone is interested:


UBS E-TRACS ISE Solid State Drive ETN (SSDD)

 - 27.78  0.54(1.91%) Jun 3 - Nasdaq Real Time Price

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Is this the only game? If the players refuse to play then what is it then called? There is only ONE sure thing and that is physical ownership. Period.

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Slightly off topic....but nothing seems to have transpired from all that wierd numerology stuff from Christine LeGards.  Yesterday was the day.

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aka the KNDI GLUU PLUG market

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the next few weeks are going to be gut wrenching for bulls.  a massively horrifying correction of 10% is about to kick in.  

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the lack of a meaningful correction is what should be worrying those that are in this market

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"Where did all the muppets put their money?"
"Okay then, make sure that black comes up."

"Where did all the muppets put their money?"
"Roughly equally distributed between red and black."
"That's why we have the greens."


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IF a correction reaches 10%, it won't stop there.

Muppets who have been used to VIX at 11 all summer (except for a few blips up) would absolutely panic.

Once 7% down, all would head for the exits thinking the Piper had come to collect.

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they appearently wont let that happen untill they are ready then 10 percent will be a dream number. 10 is a correction that the markets need. we are way beyond that

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10% is not horrifying. The 80% crash will be horrifying. You can't correct an abomination like this, it needs to die

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why is it a problem that credit isn't playing along?  it hasn't played along for the whole freaking rally and it's hardly been a problem.

more generally, it's all assets up, bonds stocks art horses, you name it.  don't think TPTB see any problems here ...

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"credit not playing along" = yields stay low


this is a problem?

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exactly ... since hyperfinancialization started (aka the beginning of easy al), bonds and stocks are both up massively.

who says they have to move contrary?

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Bonds have been up 30 years.  Yields have been falling that long -- way before any of the QE silliness.

Yields fall when there is no growth.  Japan is down south of 1%.  We have a long way to go.

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right, but lower yields makes it possible to enable deficit spending etc. Lower yields is credit playing along. Higher yields either means growth, or lack of faith in the currency. Whether it's actual growth (not gonna happen) or lack of faith in the currency, higher yields = death. 

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Once the yields are negative, all problems will be solved as the government will be able to pay down the debt by increasing the debt.  I'm amazed it took until 2014 to figure that out - they should have been paying negative interest back in the 1940's post WWII. 


I bet the whole fucking depression of the 30s could have been avoided with negative yielding debt.  Think of the fucking surplus if the govt had been paying negative yields for 70 years - we'd have a death star by now.

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We had no plan for an invasion of Russia I the 1930's or 40's (even though after World War I we did occupy parts of it actually.)

I cant say we have a plan now to do that...but we do have "Dortmund" down pretty good.

I think it is purely delusional right now to believe that the USA and Russia...and Russia and the USA...are not in fact at war with one another.

I'll let the so called experts explain to me "the Middle East."

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Not coincidentally all triggered by reverse repo at 13:00.  Good job, NY FED - feed your owners.

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A 5 pip rampfest? Damn, I missed out on that one...

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Who could put a term of this daily insanity ramp ?

Please, quickly !!

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when my co-workers are conversing about the "FED's planned wealth effect" with this market and cheering like its 1999, I want to vomit right there and then.   I can't take it anymore, shoe shiners are now giving market advice.

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There may not be a significant correction until the dollar is not the reserve currency.   This may take a few years to come to fruitition

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It ain't over kiddies we got zirp and nirp to go yet  double down on #7


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Even the piggy miners are rebounding.  There's nowhere left to lose money in the market.

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Only if you're short or a hedge fund.

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Though our video age craves a narrative (“stocks shrug off global issues, rebound from morning losses”), this was a simple case of lower volume as news events were monitored coupled with a key (and, apparently, recently hedgie-shorted) index starting near its 200 DMA, namely the Russell.  As big players work more off of daily charts, it often takes several attempts to break through such a key MA, both coming and going (check April & May’s action for reference.)  Yes, some is machine short-goosing, but more is due to clever souls who shorted at the 50 or 20 DMA, or higher, taking interim profits (e.g., buying to cover).  The annoying lesson is:  markets trade purely technically, unless news events are strong enough to knock the train off the tracks.  Now, will overnight event risk mute the last hour?

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So if the shorts stop shorting, the market will go down?

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Years from now, someone will look at those charts and think, "What the hell were they thinking? Those idiots in 2014 must have been blind!"

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Shorts squeezed for 1-2 hours particularly on Financials.  Smells like ESF loading currencies to swing markets.

DJI really peaked Dec '00 (18359 in '14 dollars, at bogus inflation %). Real US economy died in '08 now living on FRB/ESF oxygen. Bottom line, administration is using stock idx's as another propaganda stream to convince masses everything is ok, meanwhile making some $$.  When that oxygen is really cut...look out.