The Baltic Dry Index Collapses To 18-Month Lows; Worst July Since 1986

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The bulls will ignore it, shrugging that it's merely over-supply of ships that the resurgent world economy will quickly soak up as it 'recovers'... However, World GDP growth expectations are collapsing, trade volumes are slowing, and the Baltic Dry Index has continued to slump to its lowest since the start of January 2013 (a holiday period). For some context, this is the lowest July level for the Baltic Dry since 1986... "noise"


There's this...



and then there's this...


Which is the worst July level for the global shipping index since 1986...

*  *  *

And if you think the market is just ignoring this... think again... The bonds of CMA CGM - France's largest world wide shipping firm - are tumbling...

*  *  *

Of course - H2 will be great and this is just a 13-month dump of noise...

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NOTaREALmerican's picture

For God sakes, there's a drought on.   How can you ship stuff with weather like this. 

SWRichmond's picture

Recovery is strong!  Jobs growth!  Woo-Hoo!

Rainman's picture

Who the hell cares about charts when Turbo Tuesday gots you back ?

BuddyEffed's picture

Remember "A thousand points of light"?

How about a thousand flying dutchman ships?  Don't they park them somewhere over in Indonesia in some kind of floating graveyard?

kaiserhoff's picture

The Baltic Dry measures actual goods, being transported, to people who want them..., and can pay for them.

Sooooo Twentieth Century.

El Oregonian's picture

Weee! It is official: We now live in "If it is bad news, then it must be good news!". That means officially it must be OPPOSITE DAY!!!

Keyser's picture

I posted it as satire, considering that the earth is on fire while Obama is oblivious... 


BlindMonkey's picture

Cash or Letters of Credit?


What the hell am I saying.  NOBODY uses cash anymore.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

"The BDI contains route assessments based only on time-charter hire rates "USD paid per day per Metric Ton".

Now consider that the BDI is a nominal measure, not a real (inflation adjusted) number.  In real terms, we are way, way below 1986.

espirit's picture

Didn't everyone get the memo that oceans have dried up due to global warming?

Rail between continents is the future, baby.

mt paul's picture

baltic dry

another name for.... 


zero hedge yacht club ...

franzpick's picture

The Baltic Dry-Dock Index.

Stuck on Zero's picture

No dry dock.  Can't afford it.  Mysterious sinkings with insurance payouts, yes.


ekm1's picture

As I said early 2013, Quantitative Easing was designed to harm USA and World Economy in order to make large banks live another day.


We are here now and only solution left is: VIOLENCE

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Don't forget, the first step is ALWAYS bullshitting the dumbasses.    They need somebody to attack.

ekm1's picture

No need for that.

We'll see lobbies assassinating each other members.


I'm talking about bloodshed violence between competing lobbies now.

TeethVillage88s's picture

Yeah, the 2008 Global Financial Crisis just won't go away.

Just Look at this

1) Workforce Participation crashing
2) Consumption Crashing
3) Housing Still in Slumps except for Foreigners or Others working
4) Debt Rates way high, USA not quiet to the UK Level yet, India Debt, China Debt, China needs for expanding Credit is unbelievable, US needs for expanding Credit is out of sight
5) US Federal Budget is like Fascist Italy or Fascist Spain
6) US Shadow banking is apparently the Same as in Europe & London, OUT OF CONTROL
7) Modern Manufacturing seems to mostly lay in China as most UK, Spain, French, USA factories have not been upgraded or retooled for 30 years
8) Immigrants pour into USA & Europe, but don't have Skills, creating kinetic energy for Civil Unrest
9) All Politicians suck and never reveal the full picture of corruption, bribery, and Economic Malaise
10) No one person Really sees the whole Global Economic picture when taxes, subsidies, social programs, manufacturing, debt, credit, bank linkages, insurance swaps, and derivatives are included
11) How can the world Trust US Financial Markets after it caused the Global Crash
12) How can the world Trust the USA when it bails out Banks, allows them Bonuses, Gives them Free Money in ZIRP, QE & TARP... with no punishment, no loss of banking advantages, no investigations, no CEO Firings, No Fraud Found, No US Public Executive Responsibility, and No "NONE" Clean up of Financial System Regulations & Accounting.

13) US Reputation is Ruined. But we pretend we are superior. Fascist USA. But mostly Fascist Executives and Leadership and Institutions.

14) We ignore the shortages in Pensions, Social Security, MEDICAID, and University & Municipal Trust Funds... but we want new wars, more immigration (spending bill for amnesty), and we want to give more money to TBTF Banks even if we have to have Bail-Ins.

The people are great though.

dracos_ghost's picture

Shut up dude. Kimye is pregnant again. That's all that matters.

doctor10's picture

all are "engineered" distractions -assembled by the .1% who are desperate to find annonymity among them in the coming mess.

Escrava Isaura's picture


Let's make it easy:

You print, print, print, then go to war - Marc Faber

Colonel Klink's picture

Shhhhhhhhhh, you'll spook the sheep!

Escrava Isaura's picture

ekm1 "As I said early 2013"

Wow! We're so impressed that you realized something few months back


caShOnlY's picture

QE, by design, protects the wealthy at everyone else's expense.   QE saves the banks and the markets while creating higher costs for everyone.   Higher costs = lower purchasing power, thus BDI index dropping out like rock.  

ekm1's picture

QE by design protects only and only and only INSOLVENT bank lobby oligarchs, and harms oil and industrial lobby oligarchs, as well as, now, Military complex.


At this point this is no longer rich vs poor.

The game is a lot simpler:


Insolvent Rich vs Solvent Rich.


Hence "suicides".

Assassinations to follow soon, if QE continues. We'll see, most probably, bankers and executives shot down in plain light.

caShOnlY's picture

makes absolutely no sense.  

Where do you think the "SOLVENT RICH" keep their money? in their sock drawer?  THEY ARE ALL VESTED IN MARKET and STOCKS of their COMPANIES IN THE MARET!!!!  AND THE MARKET CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT BANKS and QE!!!   The INSOLVENT RICH aren't INSOLVENT at all, in fact they are richer today than they have ever been!! The banks (corp) may be insolvent but they know the FED/GOV will NOT let them go under and risk a total collapse. 

icanhasbailout's picture

This raises an important issue - what kind of trade is most profitable when a banker dies?

Escrava Isaura's picture


You said: "Insolvent Rich". That's a correct point, in my view.

Then you said: "QE by design protects only and only and only INSOLVENT bank lobby oligarchs, and harms oil and industrial lobby oligarchs, as well as, now, Military complex.

That's not correct. Here's why:

How would lower oil prices help oil oligarchs?

How would fewer taxes help the Military complex?

Please NOTE that I am not in favor or against QE. The right solution should have let the banks failed in the 80's and 90's. And the very least, nationalization in 2007/08.

DIgnified's picture


<Planned deindustrilalization 

espirit's picture

Moar like de-globalization.

Keyser's picture

Moar like de-humanization...


nosoeawe's picture

Oh who gives a fuck.

According the Feds, Americans dont need food or energy (or their bill of rights and/or that barbaric relic, no not gold, the constitution).



Yellen is still a cunt

Hindenburg...Oh Man's picture

What does this equal in Gartmans?

The Most Interesting Frog in the World's picture

I will give you a thousand Gartmans for a hamburger. Deal?

Bear's picture

Who in the world would want to ship anything dry to the Baltic? Maybe it should be zero

stormsailor's picture

yeah, maybe they are shipping everything with vermouth

25or6to4's picture

Come on guys! Everybody knows the Baltic is still frozen over this time of year. Why, just wait until September............

The Most Interesting Frog in the World's picture

BDI chart reminds me of currency velocity. Ships built, money printed, but not being used...yet! The promised land is just around the corner. The next corner. Not that corner, the next corner. Here it comes around THIS corner. No not that corner....

Iam_Silverman's picture

"Ships built, money printed, but not being used...yet!"

This explanation could be the most correct one yet.  Based on the prediction of runaway inflation, those idle vessels will be needed to transport shiploads of money to our trading partners for those items we desire.

Spungo's picture

Lower shipping costs = bullish

ebworthen's picture

C'mon.  Just a Summer lull.  Transitory.  1986 was a good year.

Slackened shipping over fear of hurricanes, and sharknadoes.

virgilcaine's picture

Put this 0ne out to pasture with the vix.