How Effective Have The Fed's QE Programs Been?

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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QE only made the bankers richer


& made the man on the street poorer



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It's this reason I had 12 foot concrete walls built around my house.  

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Two points:


  1. you will have to leave sometimes...
  2. I would guess that 12 foot walls are really good for hanging nooses.
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Thank you for building your own prison.  I love people with vision and initiative!

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Rich will be the man selling 13 foot ladders

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Hey WSapost...Didn't you see World War Z?

That 12-foot wall won't hold back the zombie hordes -- or the gimme-free-shit-brigade, when they want it.  

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The real question is:  How long can they continue this?


And by 'They' I mean the central bank system which includes our little mystery buyer in Belgium.


Them plates won't spin forever.

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"How Effective Have The Fed's QE Programs Been?"

QE is just more theft to cover-up their prior thefts and keep the ponzi scheme going.


"My QE program involves getting as many pols, crats and banksters per hour thru my guillotine."

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Stated goals are for the robots at AP and Reuters.  The real goals are being achieved before your eyes. Enjoy!

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Of course the Fed was successful....just ask them.
OR, ask someone who is fully invested in the stock market.
For every action there is/ are equal and opposite reactions...
and the fake interest rates have stopped the middle class from accruing
disposable income, and sharply impeded the real economy...just look at a
velocity of money graph from the St Louis Fed.

But politically, Bernanke and Yellen are what Margret Thatcher did not see....for she offered that Socialism doesnt work because you eventually run out of other peoples money. Yellen and Bernanke solved that Socialist problem.....they just print it

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None of Uncle Ben's Do-Ray-Me trickled down to the Muddle Class.

Just Digital money that went direct deposit into the accounts of the One Percenters.

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The FEDs objectives was to save those that rule them.

Everything else is just noise.

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ZIRP + QE4EVA + TAARP = History's biggest golden parachute.


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Intermittence:   Building the Human Bridge

DC electronics, solving problems that do not exist, creating problems, has merely buried ignorance, debt as income, further in the hole, to proliferate extortion. And employing it to drive real estate inflation, debt as asset, breeding a university medical complex of zombies, renting rooms at $1k/month, mortgaging $60k cars, and replacing the food chain with corn and soy, to skew rates, isn’t helping.

You could solve the problem by inverting the extortion interest rate gradient, but the so-normalized majority will go ballistic either way, at this point, because war of, by and for zombies is their economy. Shutting down the hospital and the school system, and building infrastructure locally, with local resources, to rebuild education, is more effective, and is already happening, at the community level that matters.

Debt as money depends upon easily exploitable natural resources, and a demographic ponzi stupid enough to participate. Sustainable development depends upon the brain in your head, adaptation. The planet is a much higher authority than any government, which itself is a speck in the universe. War is an extreme derivative of misplaced perspective, and America is just the latest part of the empire to subsidize the past.

You are born on a ship, populated by a majority living in ignorance, fear and superstition, the status quo, diverting the ship’s energy systems to entertainment, always attempting to extort more power from a few old-timers, the only ones who can swim and build another ship. Getting angry because the old-timers keep you in the engine room, and intermittently throw you in the water, is self-destructive.

The passive until aggressive majority, practicing group extortion, penalizes aggression, instead of employing it productively, learning to practice individual initiative, leaving it subject to its own irrational aggression. They don’t practice making decisions so they don’t make decisions, and they have built a computer to make decisions for them, the ultimate scapegoat. If you want gravity, the dc computer is your man.

Birth rates are falling and the so-entitled aging are increasing, blowing up the entitlement ponzi fueling the process, the worst possible scenario for the borrow all you can and die before the debt is called majority, which is now a de facto call on currency, globally. Neither P&G selling more adult diapers, nor erasing the mythological barrier between civil and military technology, is going to kick-start the economy. The insurance companies are not feverishly building warehouses, to store dead derivative inventory, by accident.

Troubleshooting, predicting and, heaven forbid, preparing intermittence is way beyond the empire psychology of fear and extortion driving the demand for fixed-cost automation, replacing humans with machines, to extend the status quo. Ignoring the problem until you can’t, and replacing parts at random, only to replace the entire system, faster and faster, doesn’t work, but it does create a lot of economic activity, GDP, until war becomes inevitable.

The Fed has told Congress in the clearest terms possible, for decades, that a particular demographic segment is required to get the economy producing again, for everyone else. Who do you suppose that is? And what do you suppose is going to be required to get those people back into an economic circuit, that the empire can see?

I can tell you with reasonable certainty that it is not more of the same – digital fiat, Internet editors, anyone working on planes, trains or automobiles, or import/export financing, notwithstanding Dubai, Panama and Tesla. You are a battery, far beyond anything the critters can invent. Pulling the hook, and rebooting with a better derivative battery, is not the answer.

You, as a couple, procreating the future, are your children’s authority, a temporary frame of reference, a fulcrum about which they learn to make decisions for themselves, and they are born assuming that you are the heroes of the story, which is true. Without parents, there is no past, and without children, there is no future.

It is that quantum switch that makes the perpetual motion of the pendulum appear. Without you, time is irrelevant, and time is only relevant to the extent you choose it to be. Space travel is about collapsing spacetime, between where you are and where you want to go, filtering the noise of the clock, preparing to be successful until you are.

Getting up with nature in the morning, with a productive attitude, is the first test, only the beginning, and most fail, because their parents failed. The majority tries and fails to replace common sense with superstition, falling further behind with each non-decision. Being human is not a competition, to avoid personal responsibility.

The critters do not want to make decisions, and will not listen to you when it matters, which leaves them no choice but to steal from you, creating the mythology of government for the purpose. Don’t waste your time; the zombies cannot learn, because they only choose to see an empire penalizing work and rewarding busy-work extortion, seeking a scapegoat for outcomes, other than themselves.

Production is not a choice between conspicuous consumption and capital starvation, bipolar religionism confirmation, boom or bust, rotated in circles by SMART technology, to the end of perpetual FILO natural resource extortion, anywhere other than in the psychology of the majority, seeking relevance, status, in each other's eyes, and preyed upon accordingly.

Linking the entitlement systems together with MAD global security dominoes, and employing SMART chips to systematically eliminate leakage, wasn't such a bright idea after all. If you fear, what you fear, your focus, becomes reality. If you do not fear, you become what God meant you to be, yourself, the true basis of supply and demand.

Funny, what happens with increasing climate variability, caused by critters seeking security from change. Did you ever figure out why the brake switch caused acceleration, and the ignition switch turned the car off, while you were driving in heat under nR compilation? How many Boeings do you have to see fall out of the sky?

What is the relationship between P,V & T and V,I & R and a conductor, an insulator and a ground? Fundamentally, what is energy transmission? You can always rely upon consensus, to apply force behind the curve.

Advertizing an offer to give people back their licenses is not giving people back their licenses is not eliminating licensed monopoly extortion.

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Can you just send me an executive summary ot this?


PS, when the comment is longer than the article you need an editor.

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he has a dose of internet forum key board diarrhea


IF it is who I think it is he also thinks he is god & we are his subjects. Clown just loves to troll up forums with his posts


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If you are talking about the person I think you are, no I never once posted anything I wrote on Zerohedge. I typed stuff in google and yahoo search and hackers due to impersonating the website simply reposted it and/or edited it to serve a purpose to make the Zerohedge community hate and despise me.  I found out they impersonated Zerohedge itself and ran a bunch of bot programs at least that's what the word on the street is. They called it Project Mayhem. Their objective was to ruin my life. Sad to say I fell for it, I had no idea what was being done. I also pissed off WB7 something aweful and I guess if it wasn't a bot impersonating him decided to crush me too. So if there were tons of rants it was due to me writing in yahoo and google search and or notebook, not a social media site. I expect my life is ruined as a result of what they did to me, I've already given up on life because of this.

I had no idea what was going on since I'm a laymen when it comes to computers but they were waging a war against me, to do so much to a random stranger that you would go so far to destroy their life truly amazes me. I don't think I'm a god at all, I never once posted on this site they reposted everything. It is what it is my life is destroyed because of what these people did to me, I never expected to meet my end this way sadistic hackers who enjoy ruining people's lives for fun. Due to them impersonating Zerohedge on my computer and running bot programs (if that is what happened though i do know they impersonated other sites even my yahoo email account) I assumed the members on Zerohedge were talking shit, when it was a bunch of bot programs supposedly. I wonder if the real truth will ever come out, a few insiders know what's up but the Zerohedge community is misinformed.

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Executive summary:  You are being extored, find yourself, have a baby.

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FED QE has been impressive in its ability to increase insurance premiums, utility costs, food costs, and bleed savings and assets from the middle class.

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So, to explain why those last two charts were created by Fed policies takes a lot of big words that are hard to understand.  It is much easier to just say:

Wait, what, where are the unions?  Where are the democrats?  Where is that guy from France that wrote that big book that everyone read just the first 27 pages?  Who's looking out for the little guy!!??!??

You get your 30 second sound bite, then go back to your regularly scheduled program.  That, my friends, is reality.

Abandon all hope...

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Don't you feel richer and shit?

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It doesn't cost the FED anything to print money so it's all for free.

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Kentucky town government opens gas station.

It's like Venezuela up in here.  Anyway I'm the vendor who sells paper towels to the station, each roll is $57.00.

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Just one of a million signs there is too much money sloshing around the system with nowhere to go.  i wonder what percent on the people who buy this shit are pedophiles.


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"Did the Fed's monetary intervention programs keep the economy from sliding into a much deeper recession?  Probably."


Which recession?  The last one, or the next one?  The global debt bubble has grown 30% larger, thanks to Bernanke.

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Oh I'm sorry, I thought the title of this piece was "How Effective Have The Fed's QE Pogroms Been?", not "How Effective Have The Fed's QE Programs Been?"....sorry for the confusion.

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yellen is still a rotten cunt

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 I suspect that future historians will have much to write on the matter.

I find it difficult to believe that cockroaches will have the ability to become historians or write.

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Excellent Post, lets move onto Japan for a good laugh on the effectiveness of this monetary policy. If any other private company invested so much currency into a policy to get this sort of return they would not exist.