Flight MH-17 Black Boxes To Be Analyzed In "Impartial" London

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Now that the black boxes from flight MH-17 have been handed over by the Ukraine separatists to Malaysian authorities (somewhat denting the credibility of the fabricated Ukrainian YouTube clip in which the rebels were "instructed" by Moscow to hide the black boxes), there was one question: which impartial entity and/or country would be tasked with an objective retrieval and analysis of the contents. A little while ago we got the answer courtesy of none other than UK Prime Minister David Cameron:

So the Dutch are incapable of analyzing black boxes on their own and needed London's help? Curious.

AP has more: 

Britain's prime minister says black boxes from the Malaysia Airlines plane downed in eastern Ukraine will be examined by U.K. air accident investigators.


David Cameron said on Twitter that British experts at the Air Accidents Investigation Branch will retrieve data from the flight recorders for analysis, following a request from the Dutch government.


Earlier Tuesday, pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine handed the two black boxes from Flight 17 over to Malaysian investigators in the city of Donetsk. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said the handover was part of an agreement he had reached with rebel leader Alexander Borodai.


Najib said the black boxes appeared "to be in good condition."

It remains to be seen if the Air Traffic Control recordings with flight MH17 which as we reported last week were confiscated by the Ukraine secret service, would also be provided to London for a comparable objective inquiry.

In the meantime, we await said "objective" conclusion of what the Farnborough crack investigators uncover, the same investigators from the unquestionably objective UK, whose Prime Minister also made the tape one short hour ago, after he "lost patience with Vladimir Putin’s “bluster and obfuscation” on Monday night and called on Europe to impose “hard-hitting sanctions” on Russia after the downing of Flight MH17. In his strongest intervention since the disaster, which killed 298 people, the Prime Minister invoked the spectre of the Second World War and compared Russia’s aggression to that of Nazi Germany."

Truly impartial objectivity all around.

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Analyzed and 'adjusted' by MI6 no doubt.

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"It's not the votes that count but who counts the votes"

Joseph Stalin

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Cameron is not UK .... he is just one person ... the data will be analyzed by an independent body.


On Cameron, yes, plenty of people do not like him and he is personally one of the reasons of Scots movement for independence, he is definitely making a mess of things... i just hope for the best.

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From the piece:
" Those of us in Europe should not need to be reminded of the consequences of turning a blind eye when big countries bully smaller countries.”

So, you mean like Greece, Cyprus et all?

These inbred self righteous pricks need a good neck stretching.


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This situaton could not get any more ridiculous.

Give the black boxes to the City of London.  Good idea.

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Soon to be found on the voice recorder:
"See that area right there, that is the rebel area, supported by Putin.  Yeah, right there, right where that missile is coming from."


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Deadly serious game of tit for tat going on, and played in the spirit of another game called "chicken".

Now, honestly, who do you imagine will blink?

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Is London an ally of the US or Russia?

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Now I may be totally out in left field here (nutter that I am) but...


If ONE synagogue in NYC experiences a "natural gas explosion" killing 300 people it may be accidental.

If a SECOND NYC synagogue experiences a "natural gas explosion" killing another 300 a couple of months later you can bet your last dollar they were BOTH terrorist attacks.


If ONE Malaysian 777 is lost with 300 passengers on it after going off course without a trace however you can bet foul play was involved.

If a SECOND Malaysian 777 is shot down even "accidentally" after going off course thanks to Ukraine air traffic controllers resulting in a loss of 300 lives...


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Malaysian plane, made in US, flying from Holland to Kuala Lumpur crashes in Ukraine & recorder given to....the UK.


Got it.

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BREAKING>>> South Africa pissed they were left out of the circle jerk

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Australia maybe as South Africa is on the other side by now.

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Black box shows that airplane was flying along fine one second and then had a catostrophic failure. That's all the boxes do. They don't know that it got hit by a missile let alone who fired it.

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Pilot 1: "Ohhhh fuck, what is that SU-25 doing here..."

Pilot 2: "Mayday, mayday....military fighter jets shooting at 11 am"

Pilot 1: "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh, fuck you Ukraine.........."

--------------------END oF TRANSMISSION--------------------------------------------


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"Got it."

Russian's did it- Got it! - FIXED!

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Europe.  Because winter is fast approaching and Germany gets like 20% of its energy from NG.


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Right, but Europe is just the hapless pedestrian crossing the street as the two vehicles accelerate towards each other.

Notice that Merkel is floating the idea of stepping down? Europe is caught between the devil and the deep.blue freeze.

pods's picture

Well they are not the hapless pedestrian, but they are not leading the charge.

Consider Europe the toady Grover Dill to the US's Scut Farkas.





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Europe could freeze with or without Merkel in charge of Germany. Cameron looks more idiotic by the day. He is a perfect fit for the Obozo / Krugman club of morons.

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Don't worry, the Worshipful Company of AAIB Black Box Fixers are on the job now in Farnborough, after they complete their masons hall meeting this evening.

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"We are completely independent of the London Gold Market Fixing Company Limited", said the London Black Box Fixing Company this afternoon from their headquarters in Whitehall, but admitted the name was an unfortunate coincidence.

"When we were established in 1954, fixing was an appropriate term for what we do. The black box fixing is very transparent, it's just that the public don't understand the mechanics of the Fixing process", added Sir Horace Goodfellow, head of the Black Box Fixing technical team.

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My understanding is that there were two black boxes and both are now in the UK's hands to retreive the data.

Master chess player Putin just got out played again.  And what could have been a huge win just turned into a huge defeat

Why would both boxes be given up by Russia.  To insure accuracy one should have been kept and the data retreived in a manner that Russia controlled but with observers from other nations and all nations given the data as it was downloaded.

Putin starts to look like a bafoon more and more, and that does not give me enjoyment.

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should have been opened, recorded and documented by 3 US, Russia and a UN Rep, after all the allegations We The People deserve the Truth...but forget it now

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it sure seems like Ukraine's Right sector is trying to squash the recovery, not only hitting the area but focused on the rail station



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Geez, you didn't write the movie script for the movie The Net (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Net_%281995_film%29) did you?

Assuming that Russia in fact had full access to the black boxes one would think that they'd have coped the data off them, don't ya think?

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+1000 Seer.  The Russians would have already analysed the shit outta those red black boxes.  

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I do not know what is required to download the data.  If you do so does it leave a trail, after a crash and fire does the box have to be opened to download.  So, if Russia did download the data, if the allies can show it was done, the allies can claim tampering.

What if Russia did download it and the allies do not know.  Later when Russia releases it the allies claim it is all false and has been expertly manipulated.

However, if Russia took one of the boxes and then had all other countries there when it was downloaded and gave the data to the other countries at that time.  Then it is hard for the allies to claim tampering.

Foolish mistake by Putin.  His actions have tainted the data and the data will be of little use to combat the propaganda from the west who will simply say it's all lies from the KGB guy and use Putin's failure to be public from the beginning as evidence Putin is falsifying the data.

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Assuming the boxes had batteries to begin with. lol. Cameron can say they say anything he's told to.

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Sure, the Queen herself is doing this as courtesy to the Dutch Royals.

That friendship goes back centuries and BP and Shell are just a few of their common assets and interests.

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

How old is she anyway? 200 years old?

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Do you want to buy some magic beans?

pods's picture

Only if you tell me they have been independently verified as magical beans.


JenkinsLane's picture

I'll have them sent over to the Air Accident Investigation Branch now - I've given them a

call and they're going to get right on it.

Seer's picture

I can attest to them being so verified, by Monsanto!

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This makes it clear that the last thing the west wants is an independent analysis.

This seems more and more to have been a well planned attempt to divide the public and start a major war.

Would not surprise me if Putin is in on it too.

War push oil price up

Win- win all round, unless your TPTM (too poor to matter)

Meanwhile the indiscriminate massacre of innocent civillians continues in Gaza, but thats fine with David Cameron and his buddies.


Seer's picture

Might have an angle there.  However, there's an issue of whether your customers can actually pay for gas/oil...

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david cam moron and rabbinical chums talk frankly on mossad blackmail and satanism and it's use of children in death cult rituals.

a must see for masons

www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRjX9xbswW4isli Gislason

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Cameron is not UK .... he is personally one of the reasons of Scots movement for independence ...

Well since his Family roots lay in Scotland and with a good old name like the Cameron clan, you'd of thought they'd welcome him with open arms.

Back on topic, London?  the place is a brothel when you need a virgin who would be impartial.  I think Russia should read the data, more believable.

Seer's picture

"I think Russia should read the data, more believable."

Pretty sure that Russia has copies of the data.  Would also think that they are able to decipher it.  If that is the case then it comes down to the "reporting."

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Cameron is not UK .... he is just one person ... the data will be analyzed by an independent body.


What turnip truck did you fall off of?

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Great we have the master theif guarding another open safe....should turn out well.


Fuck the city of london.



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and there in a nutshell is why elections in America mean nothing anymore

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On behalf of the rest of the World! GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU ENGLISH CUNT!

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If Russia made a copy and told the UK they did, Cameron will have a "sticky" situation.

A "sticky wicket", as the Brits like to say. 

Get the popcorn, and turn to other news... Gaza, ISIS, IMF...

PT's picture

... except, no matter how great the evidence, Russia's version of events will never appear on our telescreens over here.  Damn shame.


If our govt wanted us to believe their big lies, perhaps they shouldn't have told so many small lies.



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Figuring the the British/US won't be able to create a huge whopper of a lie.  Anyone want to wager that it is found that the data is inconclusive?  I could see the big players agreeing to this as a step back from what otherwise could escallate to war.

The last big one had a Russian blinking.  This time I think it'll be the US doing the blinking.

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indeed. Just don't have a child deliver theblack box lest he end up bleeding from the ass. This investigation is and always was a set up, as was this tragedy. The western stooges will parade out to the media and lie their asses off as they have with every other geopolitical canard the last 10 years.