It's Time For The BRICS To Act To Counter US Destabilization Efforts

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Submitted by Ben Tanosborn of,

It had to happen!  The blame game on that horrendous airline incident, Malaysian Flight MH17, has reached the expected loud monotone of pointing fault, lock, stock and barrel at Russia… and, more specifically, to that villain ex-KGB Slav, Vladimir Putin.
US media barrage of grotesque and obscene propaganda against America’s former foe and competitor, whether filtering down from the top or randomly finding placement in the emotions of a brainwashed citizenry, has found a leader of this warring marching band in Barack Obama.  The neocon ruling forces in the US State Department together with the bellicosarians running the Pentagon have found a perfect mouthpiece in the president of the US, an unlikely candidate just a few years ago, to do their bidding in Leo Strauss’ messianic vision to rule the World.
America’s few leadership voices of dissent and reasonableness against such ill-conceived propaganda, those of Libertarian Ron Paul and Professor Stephen Cohen (NY University) uniquely standing out, are drowned in a sea of US-poisoned waters where an armada of sanctions is unjustly landing on a nation, Russia, which dares stand for a right to secure its own historic geopolitical status… doing so without expressed or implied ambitions to extend its power and influence over others in the world… as the US does.
If blame is to be directed at any nation for the downing of this aircraft, the investigation needs to be pointed at what has transpired during this past year in Ukraine.  It was not Russia, or separatists in Eastern Ukraine, that created Ukraine’s political chaos.  It was the United States using its money and influence over a subservient European Union that brought down the democratically elected government in Kiev and stirred the ultimate separatist unrest.  So, if anyone is deserving of the ultimate, root-cause blame for this sordid loss of life, it should be the United States Machiavellian players now running Washington.  However, we might honor the memory of these innocent victims of flight MH17 by reaching a modus operandi consensus so that incidents such as this do not occur again.
But how is the world to counter the power of any nation, or block of nations, running amok to establish some form of supremacy over the rest?
We are just a year short of seven decades having a world body as a go-to place where the world problems can be voiced, discussed and hopefully resolved.  But as its ill-fated predecessor, the League of Nations, the United Nations was the creation of victorious nations after a world war… and those major victorious nations, singly or in commonality of interests with allies and partners, always appear to maintain their veto-of-interest over what might be right or fair, regardless of voted-on resolutions, or findings.
Although in some areas the UN has provided mankind a measure of solace and benefit, in key areas of peace, human rights and universal justice, it has not netted the minimum passing grade, thus indicating to the world that its charter needs to either be revised (rewritten); or that the world at large must direct their hopes and expectations in other directions where arbitration and eventual resolution of problems rule the day.
When one sees in the news UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon standing side by side with US Secretary of State John Kerry, in an alliance unlikely to stop Netanyahu’s blood-letting in Gaza, we correctly assume it to be what it really is: another diplomatic ploy.  Ultimately placing the blame on Hamas for not agreeing to the peace-plan-du-jour offered by Egypt, and consented to by the Arab League, will not resolve the endless conflict in which Palestine has been mired since the creation of modern Israel in 1947.  All players involved in finding a solution for a peaceful Palestine have failed repeatedly, possibly – some would say precisely – because of the US prejudicial involvement in the entire affair, and the definitive Zionist control over American foreign policy.
If the UN is incapable to change or influence the hegemonic geopolitical behavior of the United States... where else can the world look to find resolution to conflicts such as we have in Gaza and Ukraine today?
Enter the BRICS group of nations; escorted by other smaller nations that prefer dignified independence to protection from a bully they mistrust.  Can this group bring a friendlier, more humane atmosphere where peace and international brotherhood prevail?  It’s certainly worth a try: a way for 80 percent of the world’s population to find their rightful place; and for the presently ruling 20 percent to become more humanized.
Will the BRICS nations take up the challenge?

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Washington D.C. is attacking the US and destabilising it now that the BRICS are on the defensive.


knukles's picture

Everybody is in writing that Putin has been vanquished, squeezed, up against the wall (motherfuckers) nailed, usurped, rid of completely, marginalized and fucked over royally.
Let's assume that to be the "troof"
Where does that put the West's leadership and magnanimous saviors of the Human Condition?



palmereldritch's picture

#Putin did it!

Case closed man*

*Sincerely, The State Department

knukles's picture

If he's so impotent how come he keeps on ticking?
Oh my, guess logic is lost in PropagandaLand

0b1knob's picture

BRICS vs PRICS (Propaganda Regurgitating Ignorant Corrupt States)?

bag holder's picture

The premise of the article is that Putin's a victim; hardly plausible.

0z's picture

There is no world, there are no nations; only a bunch of monkeys and fraudsters. These people live in fantasy land, they actually believe the Pharaoh is the son of God.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

@ Bag Holder

Keep holding that bag.

Great article by Pepe Escobar 

Putin knows that the US and Ukraine know exactly how it happened in every detail, but waiting for the moment the lies become so rediculous before he presents all the evidence perhaps in front of the UN security council and embarasses them.


knukles's picture

Next demonstration of Human Empathy will be ISIS chairing the Human Rights Commission

Stranger and more disgusting shit's happened.
Put them (UN) in the same box as BIS, IMF, World Bank, Trilateral Commission, Tavistock, Satan, et al

UselessEater's picture

UN is a joke....


Really? Who will get the last laugh?

edit: that was 'sardonic' for red arrow voters

kchrisc's picture

The UN needs, at a minimum, kicked out and off the American country.


"Guillotine or go!"

UselessEater's picture

kchrisc, off the entire planet also works.

cowdiddly's picture

Ive come to the conclusion that if anything bad happens anywhere in the world it's either Bush's fault, Hitler's fault, Putin's fault or if your my wife,"little hitler", its my fault.

Al Huxley's picture

We must be married to the same person, funny I've never noticed you around.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

You left out the "buttler"

Two stuffy old ladies coming out of Saint Patrick's Cathedral on NY's fifth avenue, and one says to other that she read that a new study proved that it was not the Jews that crucified Christ. The other one said: "I wonder who did it?" and answering her own question she said: "It must have been those damn Puertoricans"

So, add Puertoricans in the bunch.

AnAnonymous's picture

Everybody is in writing that Putin has been vanquished, squeezed, up against the wall (motherfuckers) nailed, usurped, rid of completely, marginalized and fucked over royally.


Everybody? Must be everybody the way 'americans' understand it, that is, everybody at the exclusion of all the others.

Old american trick, used since the beginning, all human being have human rights save human beings who are not actually human beings etc

Currently, some part of the 'american' middle class is angered because they no longer receive their fair share of the loot from their government so it leads them to rant over and over again and even sink lower in propaganda.

For the others (that include 'americans' who receive their fair share of the loot), they know it is only the start.
To compare, 'americans' had already plans to land grab the place from the Indians in 1776. The last bit of land transfer was executed in 1898.

Yes, 'americans' have perfected their theft art in the meantime. Nevertheless, no matter how good they are, it is known that it will take more than a couple of years to play their magic in central asia.

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The Daily Bell, libertarian & anti NWO, questions that the BRICS are real. A thought provoking article:

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Nice!  That article will be helpful when I write my own on the "BRICS Bank".

walküre's picture

I'm waiting for an opportunity to own shares in their bank. FWIW, the only bank I'd buy shares in now.

UselessEater's picture

Yes hard not to notice the latest extended version of "most favoured nation"....with a gold twist.


HardAssets's picture

I don't know if that article's opinions are true or not. It does present a viewpoint that I haven't considered very much before. IMO it's a good idea to look at a broad range of opinion. This gives you alternatives to consider if some facts do not seem to fit your existing view of a situation.

Personally, I haven't yet seen enough supporting evidence to change my opinion to that expressed in the article - that the BRICS are a globalist con job. I posted the link hoping others would post evidence (not just opinions) on this - pro & con.

Bioscale's picture

Thanks for the link. I checked TDB recently and it seemed to be down with web servers returning nothing.

Good to know it lives and produces hight quality content.

IllusionOfChoice's picture

Dear The Hague,

Please try Bush and Cheney for war crimes. Your action may help clean up our foreign policy. Then please try Obama.


America's Citizenry

The_Prisoner's picture

Good start. But they are way behind schedule on Kissinger, Rumsfeld, Netanyahu.

OldPhart's picture

Isn't it too god damned bad that our intelligence service has called bullshit on all of the War Criminal Obama's Administrations accusations?

cnmcdee's picture

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy."

Beast UN system rises from the people, having seven heads and 10 UN regions.. One of the heads (Obama?) was mortally wounded but healed and the world wondered after the beast.

1942 Map of 10 UN Region Divide of World -

Amazing how accurate the ol book is, only problem is what it talks about prior to Rev 13. -  that is Rev 6 (White Horse / Red Horse / Black Horse and Pale Horse. = Fighting all over / Then a Financial Collapse / Then a Famine Plaque etc.

Whoda thunk! Want an investment tip - I recommend RICE and BEANS because the psycopaths world over are going to hold everybody hostage and screw everybody over.





Eireann go Brach's picture

One of the wheels fell off my fucking scooter at Walmart today! Does Obongocare cover it?

knukles's picture

Yes, Obongocare will fix the scooter.  And any underage 2 legged sand fleas without ID.
You will be sent the bill.

SF beatnik's picture

Bringing the Congo to a Walmart near you

dirtyfiles's picture

not just the wheel but the whole new scooter with teleprompter mounted on it and global positioning system hooked and AK47

good lock comrade..

disabledvet's picture

I'm not sure how the world will react to say..."2000 killed in missile strike on Tel Aviv."

This thing has gotten real ugly real fast. Sounds more like "chaos is the master of us" now.

Let them eat iPads's picture

I don`t know how the world will react but I`ll react with a massive erection.

SF beatnik's picture

I'm not sure how my neighbors will react when an EMP nuke of unknown origin puts the USA back into the stone age. That could ugly really fast. 



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zero hedge should put its money where its month is and move its bloggers and server location to beijing becuase of its hatred of western style econnomies. then, zero hedge should try to publish any blog posts related to the chinese fradulent economic data, and do so on a consistent continuing basis. 

zero hedge forgets that it can post and encourage the kind of dialougie it has on the internet through the result of western style, however flawed democracies which end up with western style economies. 

if the US government and legal system is built upon lies and conspiracy, then zero hedge should MUCH prefer the transparent chinese legal system and government bureacracy no?? 

send us a pic of your office in beijing!



medium giraffe's picture

+1 for false dichotomy.  love a good false dichotomy. never fails to entertain.

knukles's picture

11 weeks 11 hours ... do I sense another troll up there, MG?

what's that smell's picture

the neoziocons will NEVER allow the ascendancy of brics.

"you'll have to pry the last fiat dollar from my cold dead hands," MH17 cabal.

medium giraffe's picture

Just the one?  Place is friggin' overrun.  Infested.  Fetch the troll spray Knuk...

Tulpa's picture

It's not a false dichotomy at all.  The author of this cruddy article is openly saying the BRICs are better than the US.

Of course this article never would have been allowed to be published in the R or the C, at least.

Winston Churchill's picture

Not really possible not to be.

Even Idi Amin is looking good right now.

palmereldritch's picture must be AnAnonymous' substance abusing alter ego: Mr. High'd

TungstenBars's picture

Fairly certain ZH servers are not in the USSA


Also, "us": are you referring to your NSA pedophile butt buddies?

Tulpa's picture

Where did he say the servers were in the US?  His point was that ZH apparently doesn't feel safe putting its servers in the bastions of truth and freedom they seem to admire so much (Putinland and Chicommia).

Gadfly's picture

False choice.  The choice isn't between the current U.S. governent of liars, and the Chineese government of liars.  There is another choice.  A better and more honest and just government right here, right now, by and for the people.  That's the real choice, whether we know it or not.  Because that's what we really want, in our heart of hearts.  Do you really want to settle for less?  Because if you settle for less, I guarantee, you'll get less.

Tulpa's picture

The article he's responding to is not a plea for improving the US, it's a plea for foreign countries (half of them ruthlessly authoritarian) to militate against the US.

You want to talk about all the things wrong with the current administration and Congress, etc?  Please do.  I'll talk your ear off with my problems with them too!  But if someone tries to compare Putin and the Chicoms favorably to the US they can fuck off.

lasvegaspersona's picture

TP (may I call you TP?)

You are referencing the America of my youth. Today's america uses it's buddies in the internet media to oh so subtley censor videos and comments with the various tricks of the trade. Google and YouTube especially have been found to alter ratings and actually hide opinions they do not agree with.

It is more subtle that burning books but it is the same chicken shit idea.

As a voter, taxpayer and general fool for decades all I can say is I'm dissappointed, I know there are worse places, the problem is that it used to be there weren't many that were better.