Rebels Shoot Down Two Ukraine Fighter Jets, Defense Ministry Reports - Video Coverage

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At this point it is beyond any one (or countless number of) human beings to distinguish truth from lies from epic propaganda, so we won't even try. Here is the latest relevant news that just crossed the stream from Ukraine's defense ministry. From Bloomberg:


More from Reuters: Pro-Russian rebels have shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets, a spokesman for Ukraine's military operations said on Wednesday. The spokesman said the two were downed near Savur Mogila in eastern Ukraine. No details were known about the pilots.

And from the WSJ:

Pro-Russian separatists shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets Wednesday over a town close to where Malaysia Airlines 3786.KU -2.17% Flight 17 crashed last week, a Ukrainian defense ministry spokesman said.


Two SU-25 planes were brought down near the town of Saur-Mogila, which sits close to the Russian border and is 20 kilometers (12 miles) from Torez, where the civilian jet was brought down last Thursday, the spokesman said.


The alleged shoot-down of the jets would mark the first time a plane has been brought down over Ukraine since the crash.


The spokesman said the army dispatched a team to the scene to establish the exact circumstances of the downing of the jets. Rebels didn't immediately comment

As a reminder, it was the same Ukraine which hours before the MH17 crash insisted that a Russian fighter jet had downed a Ukraine warplane, a story which promptly disappeared once Russia rejected it as idiotic and once the much more severe fallout from the MH17 disaster hit.

Somehow we have a feeling this is merely yet another attempt by Ukraine to keep the pressure on the rebels now that the international response to MH17 has been muted by nearly 100% following Europe's complete inability to agree on what if any sanctions should be imposed on Putin, and the US state department presenting evidence of Russian involvement that can best be described as laughable.

An alleged clip of the Su-25 downing:


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Fight the good fight my Novorussian brothers. The Petrodollar Hegemon won't die easy.

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Yup, let's hope the regime in Kiev really lost another two Su-25's. Excellent news if confirmed.

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The 2 Su-25 that downed MH-17 ? Instant karma

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Well it's quite obvious now the the US will do everything and anything in order to start a full-scale war in Ukraine. I couldn't possibly imagine that it would have something to do with 1) the coming stock-market crash and 2) Germany not willing to take side with the US and put sanctions against Russia (which in turn puts even more pressure on the US Dollar)... Right?

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The Ukrainians still have fighter jets?

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Tell them to shoot civilian planes down instead, damn it. Gold bulls need a boost fast.

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That would be a hashtag that a 3rd grade retard fat face would come with.

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My "strong assessment" is that this is "in fact true", based on my "very strong assessment", supported by "social media evidence"... in my thinking and believing.

All good until the Ukes show up in F-16's.

lakecity55's picture

"F-16s" will crash and burn vs. Russian Antiaircaft Superiority.

Other than creating boondoggles like the "F-35" another USSA fantasy, Russia has been building real stuff while the USSA blows its dough on illegal aliens, from the border to PA Avenue!

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And the President of the USSA spends more time blowing Reggie than anything else, likely including playing golf.

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It's also time for the Kiev Kriminal Junta to launch another false flag, since ML17 just didn't cut it due to bad planning and over the top media hysteria. 

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Hello! The downvote guys just came in. [Rolling tapes ...]

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Attention, Attention! Now we have incontrovertible proof of Putin's involvement presented by a former military leader of the Free world:

BaBaBouy's picture

Putin Did It, Putin Did It, Rah Rah Rah...

tonyw's picture

and i'll bet the fighter jets were flying at 32,000 feet just like the Malaysian plane so more "proof" the wicked freedom fighters absolutely must have done it.

quick, cue "patriotic" chants of USA, USA before anyone questions other proof we had, like WMD, chemical weapons in Syria..

For national security reasons this question can only be answered in a classified, closed session and you're not invite.

SamAdams's picture

That was my thought as well...

For those who missed the point, when I said F16, I was implying that a lack of aerial resources may provide the substantiation for the banker's US gov't to send "non-lethal" assistance.  As you know, planes don't kill people, people kill people.

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The SU-25's are low flying air to ground attack aircraft.  They were almost certainly downed by MANPADS.  Those two facts do not matter to the zombies though.  They will process the new information as follows:

They just shot down two more jets just like MH17.  OMFG, let's go in there and kill them all!!!

strannick's picture



On further analysis the video footages were discovered to have been ripped from "Call of duty"

HyperinflatmyNutts's picture

that pic says it all. I am still laughing +100

barre-de-rire's picture



we must spread this one over the world.

PoliticalRefugeefromCalif.'s picture

..incontrovertible proof of Putin's involvement..

..das' raycyst!!

hungarianboy's picture



According to the Junta's the jets where downed by shots from Russian territory.

Couldn't they shoot more? Junta's should STFU.



Utah_Get_Me_2's picture

While I agree on the USSA blowing dough like it's going out of style (because it is), I wouldn't under estimate the Deep State and it's top secret aircraft. The mere fact that the development of the F-35 is so public should have inquiring minds wanting to know "Why?" While I don't claim to know, I wouldn't be surprised if all those billions weren't really being spent on another aircraft entirely, one that is not a highly public boondoggle, one that can probably exit the atmosphere.  

COSMOS's picture

They blew so much money on it they couldnt hide it.  Unless maybe they had plans to 'crash' another plane into the Pentagon to destroy records.

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So..........   what are the chances that these are the same two jets that were tailing MH-17.  

And is it possible that they shot an air to air form their operating ceiling limit (which wikipedia says is 23-25,000 ft) to 33,000 ft where the airliner was?  

Anyone have any knowledge of air to air missile ranges for the type of air to air missile the SU-25 would likely be carrying?  Could it have made it up to 33,000 ft from 23,000 ft?


Would fit in to why Kiev repeatedly ordered the plane to go to a lower altitude.  Perhaps they couldn't reach it if it was higher.  


Then in order to clean up loose ends (to a fabricated story that is falling apart) they send the pilots up and shoot them down, blaming the seperatists. 



Luckhasit's picture

If any of those planes had a payload, no way they are hitting their ceiling limit. 

Range of those missles, the kh-29 is 5-16 miles while the later version can travel up 16 miles.

tvdog's picture

Yep, clean up the evidence. Reminds me of the helicopter crash that killed Seal Team 6, after they had supposedly killed Osama Bin Laden (who died in a Pakistani hospital in 2001).

gcjohns1971's picture

He didn't die in a Pakistani hospital in 2001.

He died while being chaufferred from outside Kandahar to a border crossing near Spin Boldak in March of 2002.

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MH17 Chameleon: Operation Rapid Trident II




The announcement of U.S. BREEZE and RAPID TRIDENT II military maneuvers came on May 21, 2014 by Vice President Joe Biden’s office. Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is a newly-named director of the Ukrainian natural gas and oil company Burisma Holdings, Ltd., owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian-Israeli mafia oligarch, who is known as the «Chameleon». Kolomoisky has raised his own mercenary army, complete with the BUK missiles allegedly used in the shootdown of MH-17. Kolomoisky, the Governor of Dnipropetrovsk oblast in eastern Ukraine, has threatened terrorist attacks against Russian-speaking officials in eastern Ukraine, including assassinations.


MH17 Chameleon: Operation Rapid Trident II

Day_Of_The_Tentacle's picture

While we are still waiting for the publication of the Ukranian ATC communication, I have the following questions for Kiev:

In the background article from Reuters dated 17th July 2014 it says:

"In a previous attack on a military transporter, which it said was launched from Russia, Kiev was unable to specify whether it came from landbased missiles or airborne."

While the headline stated clearly: "Russian jets shoot down Ukrainian warplane over Ukraine - Kiev military"

The actual text is vague: "The Ukrainian Defence Ministry said the plane was brought down on Wednesday night near Amvrosiyivka, about 15 km (about 9 milles) from the border with Russia, by rockets which hit it in the tail as it wheeled away from the border. "It is likely that this was carried out by air-to-air rockets from the Russian airforce which were patrolling the border in a pair," the ministry said in a statement on its website."

A separate incidents was described like this: "Kiev has said that an An-26 military transporter was brought down last Monday probably by a missile fired from Russia, either from the air or from the ground."

Question: On the 17th July 2014, when it became clear that MH17 had crashed the Ukrainian Officials was extraordinarily quick to publish specific information that pro-russian rebels had shot down the airliner using a ground-to-air BUK missile battery stationed somewhere inside rebel territory. Can the governemt provide proof for these precise allegations, when it is clear that just hours before on the same day, Ukranian Officials were unable to specify the precise origin of missiles that had shot down an AN-26 on the 14 July and the alleged shoot down of a Ukranian fighter jet. In the same background article it is stated that 4 rockets exploded near Kuybyshevo, fired from the Ukranian side, and the Ukrainian Officials claim that Ukranian positions came under heavy fire during those 24 hours with artillery fire also from Kuybyshevo. So they are shooting at each other. However, the artcle specifically mentions a Ukranian paratroop tactical group deployed at Dmytrivka that came under particular heavy fire. We know that paratroopers are generally elite troops used for sting operations behind enemy lines and we know that paratrooper units generally have more advanced equipment available at their disposal than regular canon-fodder troops, and we know that the Ukrainian Military has BUK batteries in the arsenal. Question: During the recent Russian 10 questions presentation, the Russian alledged to have proof of a Ukranian BUK battery near rebel held territory. This allegation was supported by satelite images, which I do not claim to be able to read, but they were provided, Given that these paratroopers came under particular hard fire in Dmytrivka suggesting particular importance - at a location only approx. 10 KM FROM SNIZHNE, where the US powerpoint slide claims the culprit (rebel) BUK battery was stationed, can Kiev provide proof that these paratroopers were not accompanied by a missile launching capability able to reach 10.000 meters altitude? Final comment - there appeared to be feverish activity in the morning of 17th July in small geografical circle that is made up by Kuybyshevo, Amvrosiyivka, Snizhne and Dmytrivka. If the rebels and the Russians were aware of the presence of Ukrainian paratroopers and potentially advanced Ukrainian missile gear (presented in "10 russian questions" to be "near" Donesk) plus Ukrainian fighter jets - one of which was claimed to be shot down by air-to-air missile with subsequent Russian denial but no proof. Why? If Russia was trying to prevent a setup for a potential false flag and/or shoot down of Russian Military aircrafts patrolling the border region on the Russian side (recalling that the rebels do not have their own airforce and hence cannot be the target for the Ukrainian BUKs), why are they not willing to disclose this to the public?    
gcjohns1971's picture

Every side says what is convenient to them, that they believe will help their position.

Nothing they say can be accepted as reflecting their knowledge or lack thereof.

Day_Of_The_Tentacle's picture

Of course. But that should not stop anyone from asking questions and pointing out inconsistencies. When pressure is continued, mistakes are and will be made, and a picture may emerge and clarify from the "convenient statements" even if they themselves do not represent the truth. There is a western world news black-out and cover-up in progress. The Russians have not cried bloody murder at the handover of the black boxes to the UK, so presumably Russia is now participating or at least accepting in the black-out. The whole thing seems to be laid to rest without any credible answers.

I know - nothing new there - but the blogosphere, alternative media and regular people should continue to be all over this whole stinking affair like an ant hill with a flagpole jammed into it!

Tao 4 the Show's picture

As the plot thickens, it seems the question of why the Malaysian air flight was flying over a war zone has been quite effectively swept under the rug.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

I am thinking Putin has the proof that Ukraine took it down and he calls Obama and gives him an out before he reveals and puts egg in Obamaa's face. Next thing you know, overnight the US changes the tune that it must have been downed by mistake due to new info, without saying what info.

I am thinking that the two alleged downed Russian made Ukrainian planes can be perhaps hacked and disabled by Russia while flying, or the Ukrainians sacrificially downed some older ones to either get NATO equipment and/or to prove that the rebels do have the ability to down them.

Most important is the propaganda war, but too many people, too many eyes, too many blogs. The moving vehicle allegedly in East Ukraine ended up being Ukrainian territory from the shop in the back and the billboard.

EDIT: What happened to Carlos? Anyone from Spain that knows him?



tvdog's picture

His full name was posted here yesterday. Apparently he gave it out on his Twitter account back in 2013, and somebody found it on the Wayback Machine.

Day_Of_The_Tentacle's picture

I don't remember the poster (c.... de oure or something) but h/t to him. the name posted was José Carlos barrios Sánchez. 

Yes, Where is he? 

r0mulus's picture

unfortunately probably being "interrogated" in kazakhstan somewhere.

BlindMonkey's picture

These are not the first 2 SU-25s shot down.  I can see the Ukraine playing for more gear but I am not sure that is a good play.  From what I have read the SU-25 is a lot more survivable than a F-16.  The SU-25 is more like an A-10 than F-16.

MsCreant's picture

Sorry, in that scenario gold and silver tank and stocks go up! In every scenraio stocks go up. Too infinity and beyond. I keep asking if they use Torrent to print these days. They probably have more advanced, warp speed printing. They are probably printing so much that they are printing beyond the speed of light and reversing time itself. The Fed will own the whole time space continuum. 

karutzar's picture

Don't know about jets, but soon they'll be short of pilots. :)

COSMOS's picture

These mofos eject.  Their cabin is made of titanium and can take a shell from a 20mm canon I think.

lakecity55's picture

Well, if you look at how Niggerbama* has fucked and continues to fuck anything that would help the American People, you have to assume he would care even less about furriners.


*Yes, I used the "N-Word." Why? Because where I grew up, any Black Man who ditched his family, screwed over his afro brothers, was a criminal, fucked off and never worked, or did not obey the law like normal folks of any race, was a Nigger. I also hate low-rent YTs, who are properly called white trash. Oh, and by the way, I personally have 10% African American blood, so fuck off, liberal honkies.



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So then you are like many of us. We don't discriminate, we hate everyone equally

Latina Lover's picture

And through our 'hatred' of each other(divide and conquer), the elites continue to control us.  This is why they win.

freedogger's picture

What's a color got to do with it? People of any race that act that way are simply shit heads. Or shitiots, shitternaughts, captain shitaculars, shitniks, shitlers, shit rats, shit puppets

When a shit apple falls from a tree and grows up in a field of shit, it doesn't have any choice, they are going to grow up to be a shit apple tree, just like their father. And you can't change the spots on a shit leopard. They start out as little tiny shit larvae, and then they turn into shitapillars, its a pandemic of shitapillars. Then you end up with shit moths. Or they grow up as a little shit spark from the old shit flint then turn into a shit bonfire and then, driven by the winds of their monumental ignorance, they turn into a raging shit firestorm. Birds of a shit feather flock together. What's at work here is shit tectonics. When two shit plates strike and come together under incredible pressure, what happens, a shitquake!

The shit stormtroopers are coming. When you keep getting pelted by shit balls, you gotta get a shit bat. He who looks into the abyss realizes there's nothing looking back at him and the only thing he sees is his own shadow, the abyss, the shit abyss.

The shit clock's a tickin!

(with apologies to the trailer park boys)

Global Hunter's picture

no apologies necessary, that was awesome! 

Does anybody know what LakeCity means by a low rent YT?