"The West's Public Enemy Number One"

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Newsweek's "triumphal" return to print with its expose on the wrong Satoshi Nakamoto (of "Bitcoin founder" fame) was less than, well, triumphal. So what is the eyeball starved media outlet seeking a second life to do? A screaming "grab me" epiphany of jingoist groupthink, in which we read that last week's events in Russia was "Putin's Lockerbie moment", should certainly help (and indeed it's very kind of Newsweek to have conducted all the forensic analysis and tests which confirm its magazine-selling allegations).


Which is ironic, considering just three months ago we got...


Perhaps the West needs bigger buttons then?

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You couldn't make Obama look that good on a cover. WOW!

Meanwhile, what a bunch of shit.

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Can we just get WWIII started already?  These interminable movie trailers are spoiling the fun.

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Anybody else catch the Stony Brook prof on CNN calling Putin a "reptilian"?

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I'm pretty sure that those within our own government who subvert the constitution are public enemy number one.

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Newsweak is still in business?  There's GOT to be some bizarre story behind that one.

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I've never read a Newsweek, but I wonder why the owners of these failed media outlets can't seem to grasp their old model of lie, omit, and exaggerate simply doesn't work anymore. There's really only one logical conclusion. They are being funding for the sole purpose of spreading lies, omissions, and exaggerations. I wouldn't be surprised if they are funded by various spook groups.

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They seem to be implying that Lockerbie was not done as a false flag to trigger an assassination attempt. 

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Putin may the leaders of the West's enemy, but those leaders of the West are everybody else's enemy.

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The Western Banksters need to create  Putin cartoon  caricatures to distract the  USSA lumpenproletariat. Outside of the Anglo sphere, who really sees Putin as Darth Vader except for the illegal criminal regime of Ukiefasciststan

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Off Topic...(cool-ass pic through of Putin).  But this just came through from Bix Weir and thought I'd share.  (have you stacked any phyzz lately, bitchez?  Get to it while it's still on sale!).



Fed Slams Silver Market Riggers' 50T Euro in Derivatives!


You can't make this up. Just weeks before the London Silver Fix goes by the way of the DoDo Bird the NY Fed slams the Bankster responsible for the ending of the Silver Fix ...Deutsche Bank for having much too high derivative leverage!!

  NY Fed Slams Deutsche Bank (And Its €55 Trillion In Derivatives): Accuses It Of "Significant Operational Risk"
  But that's not the half of it. There are rumors that the companies picked to "replace" the Silver Fix (CME and Reuters) are NOT going to carry on the original "Silver Fix" at all but create a brand new transaction based electronic system that will report something called the "London Silver Price"!
  So what happens to the MASSIVE amount of silver derivative contracts that Deutsche Bank wrote that were dependent on settlement based off the "Silver Fix" after August 14th??
  Poof! Hello weapon of Mass Financial Destruction as counter-parties to Deutsche Bank's 55T Euro derivative book will be decapitated in a Global Derivative Meltdown!
  Those who think the ISDA will come to the rescue with a revised definition of the "Silver Fix" don't understand that this is all being done ON PURPOSE!
  The only question left...WHAT WILL WE DO AFTER THE CRASH?
  That is where the decision for FREEDOM will be either demanded by the People or forfeited by the People.
  I choose FREEDOM...what about YOU?
  May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
  Bix Weir www.RoadtoRoota.com
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During the Olympics, before any of this shit went down with Syria, Ukraine, flight 17, I had a strange feeling some big change of official opinion was on it's way.  I kept wondering, why the hell are they going so far out of their way to trash every little thing about the way Russia held the games, and explicitly saying anything and everything was Putin's fault.  Now it's clear.  We are at war with Eastasia, we have always been at war with Eastasia.

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"...According to my own CIA handler, Dr. Richard Fuisz, who’d been stationed in Lebanon and Syria at the time, the CIA had established a protected drug route from Lebanon to Europe and on to the United States. His statements support other sources that “Operation Corea” allowed Syrian drug dealers led by Monzer al-Kassar (also linked to Oliver North in the Iran-Contra scandal) to ship heroin to the U.S. on Pan Am flights, in exchange for intelligence on the hostages’ whereabouts in Lebanon. The CIA allegedly made sure that suitcases carrying heroin were not searched at customs.

Building up to Lockerbie, the Defense Intelligence team in Beirut, led by Maj. Charles Dennis McKee and Matthew Gannon, suspected that CIA infiltration of the heroin network might be prolonging the hostage crisis. On the day it was blown out of the sky, Pan Am 103 was carrying that team of CIA and FBI investigators, the CIA’s Deputy Chief assigned to Beirut, and three Defense Intelligence officers, including McKee and Gannon, on their way to Washington to deliver a report on the CIA’s role in heroin trafficking, and the impact on terrorist financing and the hostage crisis.

In short, everyone with direct knowledge of CIA kickbacks from heroin trafficking died on Pan Am 103. A suitcase packed with $500,000 worth of heroin was found in the wreckage. It belonged to investigators, as proof of the corruption.

The U.S. had prior knowledge of the attack. A number of military officials and diplomats got pulled off the flight—making room for a group of students from Syracuse University traveling stand by for the Christmas holidays. It was a monstrous act!

But condemning Megrahi to cover up the CIA’s role in heroin trafficking has struck many Lockerbie afficiandos as grossly unjust. Add the corruption of purchased testimony– $4 million a pop— and Megrahi’s life sentence struck a nerve of obscenity. The United Nations had forced Libya to fork over $2.7 billion in damages to the Lockerbie families, a rate of $10 million for every death. ..."



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He threatens the USD and it's debt/death scheme. Of course he's public enemy 1

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The west's #1 enemy is themselves.  Those of you my age and older may remember that Pogo announced this back in the early 70's.



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Whereas the real threat is rooted in the laws of nature.


From Tullet Prebon : http://ftalphaville.ft.com/files/2013/01/Perfect-Storm-LR.pdf

"One of the problems with economics is that it's practioners preach a concentration on money, whereas money is the language rather than the substance of the real economy.  Ultimately, the economy is - and always has been - a surplus energy equation, governed by the laws of thermodynamics, not those of the market."

"and the critical supply of surplus energy has been in seemingly - inexorable decline for at least three decades" 

"all goods and services on which money can be spent are the products of energy inputs either past, present, or future."

"The appreciation of the true nature of money as a tokenisation of energy also enables us to put debt into it's proper context"

"it becomes apparent that debt really amounts to a claim on future energy"

"exogenous energy inputs (overwhelmingly dominated by fossil fuels) now provides the vast majority of the energy used in the ecomony.

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This post from the Saker's blog sums it up very well:

Larchmonter445 said...

This all does not matter. What matters is the war. The Counter-Offensive has produced real results overnight. Two planes down. Towns retaken. The Lugansk area is more stable. And there are more nazis and Ukies dead or running toward momma.

The war is all that matters. The war must be won.

Why are people wasting time over a mountain of lies told by psychopathic liars whose toolbox is full of genocidal weapons?

You can never win the argument. Jesus Christ could not win the argument. But more importantly, you don't have to win the argument.

The entire world knows it is all a lie. Does anyone in China or Brazil or India not know that the Hegemon is behind all this shit?

Back to the war. The units themselves are using video as they group and move, and you can see the morale of the fighters is sky high. Small companies of men are driving away tank and armored columns. The militia can move openly in vast sprawls of rolling terrain. This with planes dominating the sky above.

Imagine more men, and I think in reality, there are no more than 2500-3000 actually fighting the war. But they have technique and are brazen and that gives them great advantage. They own the ground. It takes fully dozens of tanks and dozens of armored vehicles to move them, and of course, they want to keep moving to force those armored columns into traps and ambushes.

The militia have only to receive another large supply of men so they can double their force, and then they can compel more surrender and obtain the vehicles and weapons systems they need.

Right now, they know that the Ukies only have a 3-4 day effort in them each Ukie offensive, due to supply, resolve and leadership. And most of these sustained battles by the Ukies are directed at unfortified villages and cities.

Once you get off the hunt for Truth about a Lie, redirect yourself to the War, my friends.

The war is a Hegemonic project to destroy Russia and Putin.

Keep your focus on the war. The next big thing will be the next round of equipment escalation. Will NATO countries and US especially try to alter the facts on the ground before the Ukies are decimated in Donbass? Or will Putin respond to his own statements yesterday that Russia will not allow NATO any advantage vis a vis Russian security?

We all have an understanding that Russia must have a cleansed Ukraine, a neutralized Ukraine for true security. No guerrilla war capacity, no adverse government next door, no will to fight or capacity to fight can be left in the Ukrainian society.

I don't see how any Russian planner, tactician or strategist can get that condition without disemboweling Kiev and scattering into pieces the entity presently known as Ukraine. Crippling is not enough. In ten or fifteen years, the US and NATO will reconstitute it. Ukraine has to be entombed as a state.

Ukraine is Lennie Small, as John Steinbeck wrote in Of Mice and Men. And Russia must be George Milton. Only a bullet to the back of the head will suffice to end the threat of the monster that Ukraine has become.

23 July, 2014 14:55

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Putin is being targeted with a media blitz campaign to try to discredit him because he's been handing the West it's ass geopolitically.

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In the 1950's and 60's before and during the cuban missile crisis, our forefathers *got it*, they realized their existenial threat and built and prepared bunkers and food stores.

Today we watch the superpowers with almost WWF wrestler like commentary.  GET READY PEOPLE.

Stockpile food and water.  Get yourselves safe havens, and places of shelter.

Putin told his duma / parliament whatever that they (Russia) will not be meddled with, and will counter NATO's buildup in the Ukraine.

We live in the most dangerous time in history and like a bunch of deer seeing wolves off in the distance we have become super-complacent, acclimatized to the dangers that grind on all around us.

Please listen, buy some rice, buy some beans at your next grocery outing, stockpile lots of food as you are financially able.

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Soros sure doesn't like a goyim with brains, restraint, a backbone and SS-18s.  Putin did not go to the wailing wall like Congress.


Putin Christmas 2013



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from duffelblog:

"While many of the elderly soldiers were returned to Russia to reunite with their families, many others were congratulated by Vladimir Putin, then immediately dispatched to serve as occupying forces in Crimea."



please stop spitting the drivel of the Great Satan-axis!

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Making up common enemies is an unmistakable sign of declining hegemony (which was also the cornerstone of nazi/communist state propaganda) doomed to gradual but sure disappearance. The same old trick over again. Embarrassing and worrisome already.

At least Putin knows he's basically right in estimation of all significant western weak points and should be hurry to help establish an alternative societal and financial system.

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The enemy (Putin) of my enemy (the US Gov't) is my friend. 

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BobPaulson, I wouldn't even waste the time deconstructing their cheap ass propaganda.  Notice how one of the latest articles from the Daily Mail is being trashed by their readers. Remove the trolls and the rigging of upvotes/ downvotes (like Business Insider), and you get a sense of real public opinion.





trembo slice's picture

Thank you for linking that.  Just click over to best rated comments and they're awesome.  My favorite was:

"Organised hypocrisy. Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. They should stop participating in it." 


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Caught the sheeple news on the radio last night as I drove home.....the propoganda was breathtaking.....went from crazy US theory with no factual substantiation to Putin bashing and then on to demeening the Russian people as lunatics....

Drumbeats, people....drumbeats being pounded by the lunatics in charge....and the P(uppet)OTUS goes on another fundraiser!!

Latina Lover's picture

Who Carez that Newsweek Print is back other than as bird cage liner?

Latina Lover's picture

I'm sorry, truly <g> 

I will never subject my budgie again to the indignity of sharing a cage with Newsweek. Instead I will line my garbage cans.

Police Commissioner Jacobs's picture

It's long been known that the Washington Post has been a bastion of "former" intelligence people since at least the 50s. It owned Newsweek, too, for most of that time.

matrix2012's picture

Newsweek now belongs to the International Business Times - IBT Media Inc.-ibtimes.com...


Well, not sure and not familiar about the Mother Jones, where's its standing...

anyhow here's an article about Newsweek's owner:


Who's Behind Newsweek? | Mother Jones


Utah_Get_Me_2's picture

TIME is without a doubt a State Dept/CIA operation. Much like CNN.

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Operation Mockingbird owns editorial control everywhere the US corporate media have their fingers.

Anything on US Cable TV right now is at least partially co-opted, at least as far as foreign policy/world/current/government events are concerned. Start there. Look at who owns them, branch out and see who is invested in them, look who they in turn own. You could call it two degrees of deep state bacon.

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After inadvertantly looking at an image that was meant for the untermenschen but somehow fell under my gaze, I feel the need to wash my eyes.  A google image search helps.  

Try "Met-Art Viky'


mc225's picture

'met-art viky' ... very nice

Hongcha's picture

"Met-Art Lissa" may even be a superior yield.  I think this girl is Indian ... or maybe she is a mix of SE Asian and Aryan?  

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

or, for one-click relief, just go here: http://eyebleach.us

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There is evidence that Lockerbie was a false flag event, so saying that this is Putin's Lockerbie may be quite apt:



Winston Churchill's picture

Time to short German banks, if I was in this casino.

Our rabid, running dog Govt. is going to lash out regardless of unintended

consequences.If we can't have it(hegemony), we are taking our ball back.

I'm going to refresh my memory of Maoist insults, looks like they will be coming

back into fashion,just like bellbottoms.

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I missed that.  But this past weekend in an airport, I very much noticed CNN questioning, "does Putin have American blood on his hands?" after MH17.  Nothing like incitement of people's most base emotions to start your day.

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CNN did say that pose the question "Does Putin have American blood on his hands?" in a promo this last weekend. I distinctly remember it. CNN has become just another info-tainment channel, like their sister HLN. CNN is no longer a credible news source, but just a propaganda arm of the government. I will no longer listen to or read CNN online.

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CNN is the comedy news network nobody takes anything they say seriously. do they?

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Russia has the oil and the gas.  And it's good oil, not API 37 oil like most from shale.

Russia is holding a superior hand of cards and the people in the administration who are able to understand this, do.

They have demonized Putin faster than Gaddaffi ever was.

Pheonyte's picture

If only they could get Putin to play nice and give up his nukes like Gaddafi.

Latina Lover's picture

Don't worry, if the USSA keeps pushing har, Putin will give up his nukes by sending them directly to washington, air freight prepaid.

Oldwood's picture

Great point. At what point will Obama need to lead from behind while NATO jets start bombing the Russian Ukraine border? Is Putin killing his own people? Can we be sure he is not? Look at the evil in his face. Can we take the chance he is not evil? Thankfully he is guilty until proven innocent (which will never happen).

Will Putin be sodomized in a road ditch somewhere?

Its interesting to watch these people work.

I'm starting on my bunker this weekend me thinks.