When Twitter Word Order Goes Badly Wrong

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AP wasn't hacked this time, but the following tweet shows why when constrained by 140 characters, one should be particularly careful with word order.

Leading promptly to this:

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Jeeze. Took me a couple of reads...

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Sometimes you just can't catch a break can you?

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People who enjoy and follow twatting need to bring their head in for a pap smear.

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I didn't know the Uke's worked for AP ... at least their correction time is improving!



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well, it's the AP, state-run, lap-dog, retard "media"...nobody should expect propper grammar or even factual statements for that matter.

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What a difference a comma can make.

MsCreant's picture

Or a letter.

"What a difference a coma can make."

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Here is the one I use:

Woman, without her, man is nothing

Woman, without her man, is nothing 

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Throw me down the stairs my shoes.

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No price too high!  or,

No, price too high!

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Granddaughter texts:  So Grandpa, are you going to bang Grandma?

Grandpa replies:  Sorry, but that door closed long before you were born.

Granddaughter:  OMG, that was supposed to be "bring", damn autocorrect!

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Let's eat grandma!

Let's eat, grandma!

Punctuation saves lives.

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Let's shoot Dad.

Let's shoot, Dad.

commas save lives.

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Waiting for US State Dept accusation of Russian involvement in 2nd Dutch crash - and then subsequent redaction...

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first we'll need supporting YouTube clip ..... then retraction

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One's just crashed in Taiwan. Will that do?

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A tweet is a terrible thing to waste.

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Smithers fire that twitter reporter..

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Reminds me of a Carlin routine. At 3:22 "They might tell you that you're on a non-stop flight. I insist my flight stop! Preferrably at an airport. It's those sudden, unscheduled corn field stops that seem to interrupt the flow of my day!"


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If the first crash didn't kill them the second one definitely did. 

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Waiting for this:  And said bodies now can not be identified.



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But where will they bury the survivors?

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Stupid azz AP...  

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Let's EAT, Kids...



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Sorry - a comma, wouldn't fix the headline.

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But, it would have helped...

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Pretty much any kind of proof-reading before clicking "send" would have helped.

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No, but a coma may have caused it.

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Fuck you are right

Fuck; you are right


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I saw what you did there...


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Good Panda: Eats shoots and leaves.

Rude Panda: Eats shoots, and leaves.

Gangsta Panda: Eats, shoots, and leaves.


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Damn, I hit the sell on that news. Can I get my monee back?

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Just think of all the algos that got 'freaked' out...


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"Russian BUK Missile Hits Plane Landing in Eindhoven--Kerry"
'BUK disguised in nearby windmill--CIA"

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If I was a Tyler I would have titled this post. 

When THE Twitter Word Order Goes Badly Wrong.
Pool Shark's picture



"If I were a Tyler..."

Subjunctive case.

[You're welcome - The Grammer Nazis]


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Is your name really Pool Snark?

Pool Shark's picture



"You're welcome - The Grammar Nazis"

[You're welcome - The Spelling Nazis]


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No need to clarify. The correct usage of "crash-lands" uses a hyphen.

It pisses me off how marketers are too dumb to use hyphenated words. "FAT FREE" isn't synonymous with "fat-free".... at least until you butcher the language non-stop for years and it effectively acquires that imprecise meaning.

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I think that your getting too technical for most people. Their not really wordsmiths.


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I don't recall hyphens being that well covered in skool.

Then again, I might have been sent to the principal's office that day.

As a result, I'm often guilty of over-using them in an effort to make-up any deficiencies.