Why "The US Should Have Already Panicked," The Sectarian Divide Mapped Out

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Meghan O’Sullivan, Harvard's Director of Geopolitics (and former deputy national security adviser for Iran and Afghanistan) warns, "The US should have already panicked." As she notes, major American economic and political interests are at stake. The erasure of the Syria-Iraq border by a group that is considered too radical for al-Qaeda, the takeover of Iraq’s second largest city by IS, the kidnapping of international diplomats, and the declaration of an Islamic caliphate in large parts of Iraq and Syria – each one of these should be a major signal about the gravity of the situation. The Sectarian Divide remains key...



O'Sullivan's conclusion...

First, the US needs to view Iraq and Syria as completely interwoven – perhaps two countries, but one theater in reality. It needs to view IS for what it is, a threat to US and regional interests, not just as a threat to the Iraqi government. This would suggest more military involvement to push back against IS. Both in Iraq and Syria, the crisis is ultimately a political one, not a military one, so changing the politics is also key. But the US should not think that it can sequence military help only to follow political reform – the two must come together given the urgency of the situation.


While the United States continues to deliberate about its next moves, others – Syria, Iran, Russia – have been filling the vacuum in ways that are not aligned with US interests. Along with political pressure, more US military assistance to Baghdad and even to the Kurds will give the US political leverage when it comes time to help the Iraqis renegotiate their political compact. The moment in which the US can make a difference and truly affect the outcome is narrowing dramatically every day.

Source: Goldman Sachs

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doctor10's picture

A real "empire" doesn't send out its women as representatives to supposedly subordinate states for a decade.

You send out your most powerful MEN to dictate and negotiate deals and terms of conduct. Anything other is sheer arrogance-as well as a prescription for the current mess.

America is WAYYY to late and a dollar short-with little alternative other than behaving like a common street thug in the face of what's about to come down on her head.

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are you suggesting that hillary doesn't have the balls for the job?

that's sexist!

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Why panic when you create ISIS / ISIL?

This is all going to plan.

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Dead last in the nation:
In June, Illinois suffered the largest monthly workforce loss in recorded state history.

June’s workforce loss was worse than the worst month of the Great Recession. Overall, 21,700 Illinoisans gave up and left the workforce in June; in September 2008, 17,500 Illinoisans quit the workforce. (Bureau of Labor Statistics data go back to 1976.)

This hefty workforce loss has driven state’s unemployment rate down to 7.1 percent from 7.5 percent, creating a superficial appearance of improvement. And Gov. Pat Quinn says Illinois needs to “keep the momentum.”

Keeping up this sort of “momentum” would be disastrous.
Disastrous indeed.
Labels: state politics

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damn, i opened this thread w/o really paying attention to the small pic, hoping it was a map of the soon to be sectarian US

max2205's picture

I thought it was about communistFornia

SafelyGraze's picture

looked like florida on my screen

without the Separatist Panhandle

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The time for the US to panic was 2008 when Obama was elected and the Democrats had full control of Congress ... but the damage is done now ... and it's too late for panic.  It's merely a matter of survival now.

Antifaschistische's picture

and....how will the US MSM respond when the ISIS take a plane down with a (US MADE) Stinger Missle.

Putin will hold Obama directly responsible!!!

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Hey, “At this point, what difference does it make?”.

At least they are making choom legal all over the place.

SmackDaddy's picture

i'm also extremely against legalization.  its the only unregulated and untaxed transaction i make any more.  and the best patriots ive met were the guys risking their freedom to grow a flower....  

markmotive's picture

Stop looking across the pond. Things are blowing up in our own backyard.

Are we in the early stages of the next American Revolution?

The Final American Revolution - Adam Kokesh Debates Stefan Molyneux


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This Shiite/Sunii divide is Western propaganda to cover their banker driven wars.  100 years of Catholic/Protestant battles in Ireland ended when the British were driven out.  We supply the radical criminal elements in the Middle East with arms and funding and then say they don't get along over there.  A large study conducted recently showed that the Shiite/Suuni power struggle was a myth - it was a struggle for control of the oil.



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Maybe a Sunni caliphate isn't such a bad thing.  It would certainly keep Iran on its toes.  Bitchez.

SyriaL Stowlker's picture

Hey pelvis , just tell me what are the MiddleEast Christians SO Guilty of so that they're being massacred & annahiliated all under the watchful eyes of YouEss policy , who sometimes even Instruct their Jeehadist proxies To deliberately exterminate them from towns & villages they occupied for several Millenia ?
Shouldn't the youEss criminals at least have the decency to designate / create a region or a Zone in that area for them to seek safety and shelter ?

And where are all the Christian Organizations in Merika who're all over the place defending Yeesreels right to defend itself from Gaza rokkets , but they hahen't raised an eyebraw for the persecution of MidEast Christians ??? How dare call themselves " Christians " .

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"...Should Have Already Panicked"

This time it's different, someone else are doing most of the warring.

They just want more fiat.

StandardDeviant's picture

Save your breath, SyriaL.  "Elvis" doesn't give a damn about these discussions, he/she/it is just pimping a blog.

With luck the Tylers will nuke this idiot, and any other account that keeps posting this same damn link over, and over and over...

RECISION's picture

What exactly are these US interests again?

I am not sure I have EVER had that satisfactorily explained to me...

How is allowing(or not) the IS, the freedom to set up their Caliphate, of the slightest interest or concern to the United States...???

Surely the US has far more pressing interests, far closer to home.

conscious being's picture

The US ruling class quit playing to win a while ago and is now busy burning down the casino, poisoning wells and such.

Yes_Questions's picture



hindsight escapes you.



oudinot's picture

Yeah, George Bush, Cheney were doing a heck of a job.  Lost $2 trillion in wars, lost two wars,led the country into a depression.

What are you thinking?

BigJim's picture

He's blue/red colorblind.

turnoffthewater's picture

Yeah its easy to give up or give in, wuss

Report to your pre-assigned FEMA camp, now! dumb ass

nmewn's picture

We've always considered everything west of Tallahassee, Alabama anyways ;-)

ndotken's picture

Most of the land west of Tallahassee is LA (Lower Alabama) ... but part of it is Jawjuh.

sonoftx's picture

Me too man. One too many cold CL's. ( did recognize before I tapped but back to work in about 3 weeks). Thanks for the paradigm shift over the last 48 mos. ZH, and research. Please stay logical and independent and smart.

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Yep.  From a distance, the western Turkey piece sort-of looked like Alaska, and northeastern Pakistan sort-of looked like Maine.

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That's good right? Unemployment down. Go Quinn, " keep the momentum "

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

This just sounds like more drivel to justify sending thousands of troops and spending trillions moar dollars. I'll pass. Let those people kill each other

lostintheflood's picture

anything from goldman sachs should be suspect...i'm sure they have plans to skim some of that "help" they are proposing...

Otrader's picture

You can pass all you want.  When the trillion dollars are available, it will BE spent.   Forwaaaard...MARCH!!

Monty Burns's picture

By 'available' presumably you mean newly printed?

EscapingProgress's picture

The CIA is not that competent or capable. "Too extreme for Al Qaeda" is code for "holy shit these guys are completely out of our control".

runswithscissors's picture

I think they are referring to Kerry

All Risk No Reward's picture

Not at all.  She eats balls for breakfast, lunch, dinner.  She has plenty of balls.

It is the American sheeple Muppets that lack balls.

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"A real "empire" doesn't send out its women as representatives to supposedly subordinate states for a decade."


I've always thought that it made no sense to send women to countries where they are absolutely disrespected.  What M.E. leader would want to appear weak among his tribe by acquiescing to the demands of an American woman? 

L_Conquistador's picture

"A real "empire" doesn't send out its women as representatives to supposedly subordinate states for a decade."


I've always thought that it made no sense to send women to countries where they are absolutely disrespected.  What M.E. leader would want to appear weak among his tribe by acquiescing to the demands of an American woman? 

fattail's picture

I think sending a woman to represent the U.S. to all the backward, Muslim, misogynistic countries of the world is the best way to undermine their religion and culture.  It also has the added benefit of rubbing their noses in it.  Hillary and Albright were awful but no more than bolton or any of the rest of the nwo scum.  At least their being in the position represented at least one western value.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

You don't know much about diplomacy, do you?

Keyser's picture

Nah, just the Sunnis doing a bit of sectarian cleansing... 

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Latest statement on Iraq from Obozo;

Anyone seen my five iron ?

darteaus's picture

"I'm caught in dis here sand trap!"

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Brilliant. You should win some sort of ward for that comment.

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Apparently Nobel Prizes are easy to get nowadays, maybe one of them then.

SmackDaddy's picture

all you need to get one in "economics" is be a fucking idiot who knows a little calculus and use it to model something you dont know shit about

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Oh shiite I need some help!