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Another Airplane Tragedy: Air Algerie Plane Carrying 116 Crashes Over Mali

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Update: while there have been conflicting reports whether the plane crashed over Niger or Mali, we will go with the latter story as reported by AP: "A missing Algerian plane went down in central Mali, a U.N. representative says,  contradicting earlier reports that it crashed in Niger. The plane crashed between Gao and Tessalit, Brigadier General Koko Essien, the commander of a Timbuktu-based operation with the U.N. mission in Mali, told DPA. Malian civil aviation authorities said they were on alert. “For the moment, we cannot speak of a crash, only of the disappearance of the plane from radars,” a representative told DPA by telephone."

* * *

Not a day seems to pass in the past week without some airplane catastrophe: first over Ukriane, next over the South China Sea, now in western Africa over Mali where moments ago Air Algerie reported said that it had lost contact with one of its passenger aircraft carrying 116 people on board, nearly an hour after takeoff from Burkina Faso bound for Algiers. And what is most stunning is that just like in the MH17 case, the flight lost radio transmission shortly after it was ordered to change its course due to "poor weather." According to an Air Algerie source "the plane was not far from the Algerian frontier when the crew was asked to make a detour because of poor visibility and to prevent the risk of collision with another aircraft on the Algiers-Bamako route. Contact was lost after the change of course."

A company source told AFP that the missing aircraft was a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 and that some 110 people of various nationalities are listed as being on board the flight. The source said contact with the aircraft was lost while it was still in Malian airspace approaching the border with Algeria.

From AFP:

Despite international military intervention still under way, the situation remains unstable in northern Mali, which was seized by jihadist groups for several months in 2012.


On July 17, the Bamako government and armed groups from northern Mali launched tough talks in Algiers aimed at securing an elusive peace deal, and with parts of the country still mired in conflict.


"The plane was not far from the Algerian frontier when the crew was asked to make a detour because of poor visibility and to prevent the risk of collision with another aircraft on the Algiers-Bamako route," the Air Algerie source said. 


"Contact was lost after the change of course."


The airline announced that the plane had gone missing in a brief statement carried by national news agency APS.


"Air navigation services have lost contact with an Air Algerie plane Thursday flying from Ouagadougou to Algiers, 50 minutes after takeoff," the statement said.


It added that the company initiated an "emergency plan" in the search for flight AH5017, which flies the four-hour passenger route four times a week.

CBC News further reports that Swiftair, the Spanish private airline company that owns the plane, said there were 110 passengers and six crew members on board the McDonnell Douglas MD-83 jet at the time.   

The flight path of Flight AH5017 from Ouagadougou, the capital of the west African nation of Burkina Faso, to Algiers was not immediately clear. The flight typically takes around four hours.  Ougadougou is in a nearly straight line south of Algiers, passing over Mali where unrest continues in the north.

Our condolences to the families.

Meanwhile with airspace over east Ukraine closed indefinitely, Israel inbound flights also grounded for an unknown period, should one also add west Africa to the no fly zone? How long until all global air traffic has to be reevaluated in light of all the countless warzones that have resulted in the past few years some 30,000 feet below where airplanes fly?

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Thu, 07/24/2014 - 07:30 | 4997200 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

At this point I assume the aliens did it. We have crossed over from the sublime to the truly stupid in all aspects of daily life.

Can't wait to see how it all ends. What channel do I tune in to watch the closing credits?

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 07:35 | 4997210 MeMongo
MeMongo's picture

Mongo thinks it won't be broadcast at all, just dead air kinda like when your favorite radio station goes silent. Of course he further believes after said lengthly silence occasional gunshots will be heard in the distance!. 

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 07:42 | 4997232 Latina Lover
Latina Lover's picture

Goddamn Ukrainian Rebels, we told them to lay off the Vodka. Mind you, trying to convince a Russian not to drink is like trying to stop a BBC pedophile from re offending.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 07:55 | 4997274 insanelysane
insanelysane's picture

I'm sure the CIA will have evidence that the Russians were tangentally responsible for creating the conditions that caused this aircraft to crash.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:03 | 4997288 SafelyGraze
SafelyGraze's picture

invade algeria

the people demand it

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:06 | 4997294 ndotken
ndotken's picture

"May you live in interesting times." - Old Chinese Curse

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:09 | 4997304 Big Corked Boots
Big Corked Boots's picture

It's Putin's fault.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:19 | 4997326 Dubaibanker
Dubaibanker's picture


Russia news agency Tass just reported, quoting Algerian TV, that the plane has crashed in Niger, and 80 passengers were French.


Meanwhile, Ukraine Govt has just collapsed, as per Bloomberg:


Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:55 | 4997399 Dewey Cheatum Howe
Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

I am not low brow fringe knuckle dragging tin foil hat wearing nazi racist (maybe I am) but what if we find out those 80 French worked a certain company trying to sell boats to Russia. What would you think?


Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:13 | 4997469 Pure Evil
Pure Evil's picture

Man, jet airliners are droppin out of da sky almost as often as JPMorgan bankers.

In this case, the heavily correlated trend is my friend.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:13 | 4997473 BaBaBouy
BaBaBouy's picture

Whaaaaaaat ... DC-9 ???????????????

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:41 | 4997590 Citxmech
Citxmech's picture

Yeah - that's some old shit.  Pic is of a B-727 though I think.  DC-9 has two engines in the back sorta like an MD-80.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 10:55 | 4998158 A Nanny Moose
A Nanny Moose's picture

Correct. Both models are older than dirt, and will not fly forever.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:14 | 4997477 Dubaibanker
Dubaibanker's picture


It's already a multinational tragedy...

Plane and crew from Spain.....passengers from France....going to Algeria.....crashed in Niger.

Please don't bring Russia into this.....else, Putin may get very angry on you :)

Last I checked, he was not smiling on any jokes....

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:34 | 4997551 Dewey Cheatum Howe
Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Not surprising considering Algeria is one of the larger suppliers of gas and oil to Europe. I am sure there are plenty of multinationals traveling to and from Algeria on almost a daily basis for business reasons.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 10:52 | 4998120 old naughty
old naughty's picture

Its Hollande-Merkel's turn this time with their joint forces in Mali.

And France has a long history with Algeria.

No play this time for Putin.

So, course-changes are deadly, no?


Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:37 | 4997560 dontgoforit
dontgoforit's picture

Mali is a war zone.  When are the airlines going to learn to stop flying over war zones?

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:39 | 4997571 Dewey Cheatum Howe
Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Or fly high enough they are out of missile range.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:31 | 4997534 Lumberjack
Lumberjack's picture

If there were French nationals on board it could be military personnel as the French have been sending troops to that region.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:44 | 4997382 Gert_B_Frobe
Gert_B_Frobe's picture

"Calgon" - Ancient Chinese secret



Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:57 | 4997403 Buckaroo Banzai
Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Still one of the great commercials of all time.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 07:56 | 4997275 LasVegasDave
LasVegasDave's picture

It was probably those goddamned Yids again in their flying pentagrams shooting NWO missles


Thu, 07/24/2014 - 07:52 | 4997265 sunnydays
sunnydays's picture

What is funny is that this plane has 'disappeared' off the radar with no contact and they don't know where it is.  But MH17 the second it had no contact the U.S. and Ukraine were screaming that it was downed by a missile.  How is that?  How is that they somehow knew a missile downed mh17 within seconds, yet this one has just disappeared?  Funny how they know somethings immediately and others they don't.  

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:14 | 4997317 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

One of the glaring signs of a false flag attack or orchestrated 'event' is the nearly instantaneous and clearly coordinated explanation presented by the parrots of the MSM.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:34 | 4997554 Chupacabra-322
Chupacabra-322's picture

With the Criminal Fasle Narrative, PsyOp, Propagandist, Statist Script written to you by the Psycopaths at the CIA.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 11:05 | 4998238 Zorrohodge
Zorrohodge's picture

Because Europe is a densely populated technologically advanced area with widespread and near total radar coverage, Africa is not.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:58 | 4997411 Johnny Moscow
Johnny Moscow's picture

My thoughts exactly. The West needs to think about more sanctions now - one of the Ukraine terrorist's website was boasting about their additional BUK SAM batteries going online yesterday and we all know they are actively hunting down airliners, those murderous bastards.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 07:39 | 4997228 Ghordius
Ghordius's picture

CD, why do you think that the 2014 world is moar crazy than the ones in 2004, 1994, 1984, 1974, 1964, 1954, 1944, 1934, 1924 or 1914?

is it the internet?

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 07:48 | 4997254 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

Serious dilution of the gene pool I'd say.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:11 | 4997309 Oracle of Kypseli
Oracle of Kypseli's picture

Reminder to Ghordius:

There is more than one internet, please use the plural to keep with ZH tradition

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 07:49 | 4997255 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Interesting question. In some aspects the world has never been this close to coordinated economic self immolation. But ultimately the world isn't moar crazy today, but rather the insanity seems to be closer. And that is directly related to the Internet as well as smartphones, 24/7 media etc. In other words it is all about proximity. When something appears to be close, even if it actually is not, the sense it is conveying 'feels' more intense.

For example, when we begin to awaken to the illusion of the Matrix and begin to recognize the layers upon layers of lies as well as our part in the (self) deception we become frantic, panicked even and definitely on high alert. "It" seems to be everywhere and closing in fast when in fact nothing has changed other than our perception and the corresponding feeling of a closer proximity to danger.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 07:53 | 4997266 kliguy38
kliguy38's picture

Nahhhh......its closing......and closing fast

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:00 | 4997285 insanelysane
insanelysane's picture

I have posted many quotes this summer from Charles Dickens as I read through all of his novels.  150 years later there is still government disfunctionality and financial frauds and all other types of issues.  Nothing has changed and I am sure Dickens was thinking the same thing, that 150 years prior to his time nothing had changed.  

If you read quotes from Diogenes, circa 400 or 300 BC, you will find that human nature has not changed one bit in 2,500 years.  The internet just makes mass stupidity faster.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:08 | 4997298 LetThemEatRand
LetThemEatRand's picture

Human nature has not changed, but the technology to control the sheep sure has improved.   It feels different because it is a better, faster, more powerful version of the worst of human nature.  In 300 BC it would take weeks or months for a sociopath to mount a murderous attack at a distant location.  Now, minutes.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:16 | 4997319 Oracle of Kypseli
Oracle of Kypseli's picture


Also consider the fact that the world's average IQ is constant (100) but the population is expanding!

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:29 | 4997526 dontgoforit
dontgoforit's picture

It's the virus: liberalist manufracto.  Started in California in the 1950's and is still spreading like wildfire.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:51 | 4997651 Citxmech
Citxmech's picture

The world isn't more crazy - the world is just collectively closer to systemic failure than any past point in human history (other than maybe that point way back when we were down to maybe 2,000 individuals).  

The entire world is running on an economic system that requires growth fueled by exponential access to raw materials.  That access curve is flattening - hence we are starting to see economic seizures and the escalation of resource wars.

It's going to get worse.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:10 | 4997306 dellievan
dellievan's picture

Roughly 17 people in the world read history. Exaggeration,  but I make my point.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:17 | 4997485 Pure Evil
Pure Evil's picture

What's the point of reading history if you're doomed to repeat it?

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:30 | 4997531 dontgoforit
dontgoforit's picture

So you can know what's coming?

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 07:57 | 4997276 Ghordius
Ghordius's picture

how do you think you would have felt in the McCarthy "Red Scare" era? Or when FDR banished gold from private American hands in 1934, something that lasted 40 years? Or when the US gov started to "focus" popular feelings for the Great War in 1914? In the last case, many German-Americans became Austrian-Americans, and then both groups became "Just Americans" just to be left alone, for example. And I'm picking on the US only because it's nearer to you, other places have even crazier times behind them, imho most notably when Chairman Mao decided that cooks, particularly gourmet cooks, where Enemies Of The People

speaking of planes, the very first jets had a moment in history when they started to fall off the skies without explanation. later, some bright chap found out the reason: "metal fatigue"

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:04 | 4997289 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

It is all relative to where we are and where we have been.....and our understanding and knowledge of where we have been. This is why it is so important for tyranical governments and despots to rewrite "history" and distort present day reality. Bread and circuses are just another form of propaganda.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:05 | 4997291 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture

Metallurgy IS voodoo Ghordo.

The world isn't moar crazy, we're just moar aware of it - in real time. Thanks Marconi.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 09:19 | 4997490 Pure Evil
Pure Evil's picture

The world isn't more crazy, just the sapiens inhabiting it.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:12 | 4997312 thatthingcanfly
thatthingcanfly's picture

CD, Ghorius, have you guys read Weaver's "Ideas Have Consequences?" Written in 1946, I believe. He was prophetic in his description of the television as the "Great Stereopticon" that would spin propaganda more effectively than previous forms of media. And this was back before everyone had a TV in the house! This book is worth checking out, if just to see how many things Weaver got right about the future.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:20 | 4997323 Cognitive Dissonance
Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:22 | 4997335 Ghordius
Ghordius's picture

add this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme

basically, we are just hosts for those little pesky mind-parasites. though they are more like symbionts, like the little army in your belly that helps you (for a fee) to digest

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:26 | 4997343 Uncle Remus
Uncle Remus's picture


helps you (for a fee) to digest

Flatulence. You're talking about flatulence.

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 08:32 | 4997352 Ghordius
Ghordius's picture

correct, that's my word for megabankster's bonuses. I remember when "financials" were 2% of the economy. then, in some select places, they were 10% of "GDP", and bonuses were the biggest part

flatulence happens when the little helpers "help themselves" too much, isn't it?

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