How Iran's Supreme Leader Really Feels: "Annihilation Of The Murderous, Usurping Regime Of Israel Is The Only Cure"

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If there was any doubt whether following the recent, and quite surprising, detente between the US and Iran, which from a state that was shunned by the US for decades has transformed into a country that has been actively courted by the US in recent months, that Iran would change its tune toward that other bossom US ally in the middle east, Israel, it can be put to reset following the latest pronouncement by Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who on Wednesday called for a referendum canvassing the Arabs and Jews that live in Israel in order to end the "Zionist state."

Khamenei and his predecessor the Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini have called repeatedly over the years for an end to the Jewish state, including through a referendum in the region, where Palestinians are in the majority.


In his first official comments on Israel since the start of its offensive on the Gaza Strip on July 8, Khamenei reiterated the call.

Khamenei won't be making many, or any for that matter, friends in the AIPAC with the following harshly worded statement.

"There are logical and practical means to this end, which is for people who live and belong there to pick the government of their choice through a referendum. That would be the end of a usurping fake regime," Khamenei, who has the last word in all matters in Shi'te Muslim Iran, said in a speech to university students in Tehran.


Until then, Khamenei said, "while waiting for an end to this cold-blooded murderous regime, mighty armed resistance is the only way to deal with it."


Khamenei made clear for the first time that he was talking about the dismantling of the state of Israel, not the death of Jews.


"Israel's annihilation is the only real cure, but that doesn't mean destroying Jews in this region," he said in his speech, which was posted on his website.

As noted above, this comes at a time when Iran's new president Hassan Rouhani is trying to improve ties with Western countries, including the United States, in a public relations war with Israel. In addition to the Ayatollah's statement, Iran will mark "International Qods Day," an annual event falling on the last Friday of Ramadan, with nationwide organised demonstrations in solidarity with Palestinians and against Israel.

* * *

Then again, one wonders: while clearly this dramatic theatrical performance is for popular consumption, one wonders what is really happening behind the scenes?

For the answer we go back to our post from February in which we explained that "US And Israel Quietly Provide Military Support And Parts To Iran, Which In Turn Is Arming Syria."

And now you know.

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Iran does have a Jewish MP  BTW

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I find no fault with his reasoning. The regime is corrupt and illegitimate.   the trouble will not end until it is dissolved.  And not only that regime, but all the others it controls.

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Well, its hard to argue with his first part..

"While waiting for an end to this cold-blooded murderous regime, mighty armed resistance is the only way to deal with it.."

Then again, they could always just give peace a chance.

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"When this war is over, the Japanese language will be spoken only in hell"


- Admiral Bill Halsey (December 7, 1941)

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I feel like quoting the Church Lady from SN hereL:  "Well, isn't that special."

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Working in the investment field, sometimes I get the same feeling too....this comes from the feeling that the Jews on Wall Street are out there to take my money in some form or another and that the only way to fix the problem is to get rid of them...not all of them, but most of them.


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It's like Iran-Contra all over again! Israel sells weapons to Iran, the US sends better replacements to Israel, money gets laudered to South America.

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If they got a nickel for every time the 'rabs threatened to destroy Israel, the Jews would all be rich.   Oh wait....

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"Israel's annihilation is the only real cure, but that doesn't mean destroying Jews in this region," he said in his speech, which was posted on his website

Not saying I believe him about the second phrase after the comma (I do not) but this is a stunning choice of words for him to use publicly.

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Why?   Saying "it doesn't means destroying Jews in the region", does not rule it out either.  Its just doubletalk. Look at what has happened to Arab Christians in the Middle East--they are being systematically cleansed from the region (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq).  Those who accuse israel of genocide (even though the Palestinian population of the West Bank and Gaza has quadrupled since 1970) are completely blind to this.  Arabs citizens of Israel live in peace, prosperity and have voting rights.  In contrast, Syria butchers 170K of its own citizens and ISIS orders the gential mutilation of its women.  

Everyone on ZH knows that putting the PA in charge of Israel would result in a Second Holocaust for the Jews.  And probably quite a few here like that idea.

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You mean the fourth Holocaust:

The first in the bible.

The second during WW1.

The third during WW2.


So often as the Jews allegedly have been removed from this planet, I'm wondering why they still are dominating everything?

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If you really want to get under the Zionist skin keep the focus on the settlements.

That's what all this disinfo is about-  Distraction.  Keeping the settlements growing until they are a political reality that cannot be reversed.

The UN, INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES, agree the settlements are illegal and must be abandoned. 

So GTFO, Israel.  Stop illegally occupying land the WORLD agrees is Palestine and then we can talk about your issues. 


Oh, and as the dollar goes..... so goes Zion.  ;)

Full stop.

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Im worried about companies like GOOG and FB who has assess to all the personal info of almost GOOG is into robotics now which means that even the 1%...can destroy the rest of the world population if they mass produce these armed machines.

Quus Ant's picture

And cue the distraction!  ha ha ha ha ha....... oh, Jesus.....

"Let me emphasize at this point the position of the United States of America on the settlements is that we consider them... to be illegitimate,"  John Kerry

The world has spoken.  GTFO of the occupied territories. 



See how easy that was?

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Robots need energy to run on.  Just take out the pipelines and the convoys of fuel.  Robot problem eliminated.

Alas that works the same for people lol.  Stop gas supplies all of a sudden across the USA and see what happens.

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What the Zionist wants, the Zionist takes.


Read about the deception here:


Every word out of a Zionists mouth is a lie...

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"Every word out of a Zionists mouth is a lie..."


Der Giftpilz. History doesn't rhyme, it repeats.

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'Six Million Jews': 1915-1938...

The article with the page screenshots of the old newspaper clippings for download as screenshots is much better, but this Youtube video might give you the idea.

Fracking PRECIENT and PREDICTIVE programming (before the so-called 'holocaust'), and something to consider: THIS was being employed to make you think another 'historical fact' that might or MIGHT NOT have really happened (it still lives as the popular Myth that is taught today as 'historical fact', and don't you DARE question it!).

"Well, Alex, I'll pick 'The Mick' for 6 million!" (oh, sorry, that's 'rayciss').

DEAR 'GIFT-PILZ': REALITY is a BITCH. (WOW! I managed to 'anglacise' this, and bring up the fact that people go to 'doctors' and get 'perscriptions' that they consider to be 'gifts', all at the same time! The 'gift-pills'! 'Der 'Prozac'! 'One pill makes you larger; and one pill makes you small,...) As an 'aside', I will post a video which describes the song I am referencing. Sometimes, I go off on the 'wildest' tangentical thinking (just for fun!):

No WONDER the kikes were working to kill the cat-licks and 'protestants' in Belfast for all those centuries by supplying both sides with arms and 'false-flag' events! The all-encompassing black mass (AKA 'ROTHSCHILD') seeks to own every 'jot and tittle' of TRUE HISTORY.

The seed of Abraham is warring against the seed of Ishmael. As an outsider to their family squabble about who is entitled to the 'inheritance', I can do nothing but laugh (as well as 'lock and load'). They BOTH don't give a shit who they kill (but I have a problem being kiled by either one of them; or anybody else for that matter). One or the other seeks that little stip of land in the Middle East about the size of the United States State of Maryland; and neither side gives a SHIT about causing a nuclear world war (just so that either one can say 'we won', before they give their last dying breath to feel 'victorious').

One branch cuts it's little cocks, and one prefers smegma on it's little cocks. BASICALLY, that is where the difference ENDS.

They're both in to ritualistic 'religious' shit. They both declare the Sabbath 'day' as 'HOLY', and have written laws for themselves so that breaking of these would mean death by stoning. Niether one can 'tolerate' eating pork. They both treat their women as 'second-class citizens'. They BOTH condone child sexual abuse (one branch by marrying girls as young as three, and the other by openly having sex with either sex until the age of three). they are both war-like, and like to attack each other for the slightest provocation. BOTH have tried to engraciate themselves with the REST OF THE KNOWN and CIVILIZED WORLD in order to gain the best WEAPONS with which to eradicate the other. Ritualistic torture and the endurance of their victim's deaths are paramount in their 'religious' ceremonies. They both encourage the slaughter of their enemy's children (at least to the age of 13), and recent events indicate that this will not be changed EVER. PAIN is their mantra, and DEATH is their sustenance from which they derive a wicked and Satanic pleasure.

EVERY WORD from EITHER of the branches' mouths is designed specifically to deceive those who are not educated in the truth and the reality of this familial and timeless struggle against each other (and they BOTH don't give a shit about YOUR life; as long as your DEATH will further THEIR collective CAUSES). Meanwhile, 'Satan, laughing, spreads his wings!'.

The song might be old, but in many senses, it's TIMELESS.

History doesn't just RHYME. It gets worse and Worse and WORSE AND WORSE with every passing minute; and the REPETITION soon sings a song akin to the feedback loop from the world's largest electronic stereo amplifier (until your eardrums blow out and your ears begin to bleed and you feel the subsonic shockwaves growing in amplitude until your vital organs literally explode; and then they take your heart out of your chest while you are still alive and begin to eat your still-beating organ while you witness your last struggle to live).

Is THIS what you meant to say?

"Der Giftpilz. History doesn't rhyme, it repeats."

Those who read and link will be astonished, and those who do NOT have no standing to comment either way regarding my dark and true post.

Skip's picture

Last update - 21:28 18/05/2008

Google co-founder: My family left Russia because of anti-Semitism

By Guy Rolnik, TheMarker correspondent

Distress due to anti-Semitism was the main reason his family left Russia, Google co-founder Sergey Brin told TheMarker in an interview over the weekend.

Brin, 34, was in Israel for President Shimon Peres' presidential conference "Facing Tomorrow," and visited Google's Israeli offices as well.

Quus Ant's picture

Don't be so obvious, fellas. 

Oh, and get out of Palestine.  The United States says your settlements are illegal.

"all settlements are illegal under international law. For example, U.N. Security Resolution 465 calls on Israel to “dismantle the existing settlements.” In addition, Article 49(6) of the Fourth Geneva Convention, ratified by Israel in 1951, states: “The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.”

MontgomeryScott's picture

Let's come to the reality of your posting.

Last update - 21:28 18/05/2008

Google co-founder: My family left Russia because of anti-Semitism

By Guy Rolnik, TheMarker correspondent

So called 'Arabs' and so-called 'Jews' are BOTH called 'Semites'. They are from the 'Semitic' bloodlines and the DNA tests are quite positive in this true statement.

Was GOOKLE'S 'co-founder' a SEMITE? I seriously have to wonder if his family originally hailed from HAIFA; or CAIRO.

All right. 'Sergey Brin' reeks of 'GYPSY' bloodlines, but 'GUY ROLNIK'? SERIOUSLY?


Was it the fact that the people he descended from considered it 'kosher' to fuck sheep (as well as males and females under the age of three)?

Do you know the transliteration of the popular word that describes those who hide in deep cover in order to work behind the scenes almost without notice in order to sway opinion? The CIA terminology calls those who do so 'MOLES'. YES, this is the popular term for a particular type of rodent, as well.

The ENTYMOLOGICAL Anglo-Saxon name of the rodents who hide deep and do great and irreperable damage to the spring gardens without being observed was ORIGINALLY derived from the slang of who bite the foreskins off of the males on the eighth day of their lives (THIS would be the Yiddish name of those, who are named 'MOYLES' in their own, twisted tongue).

WELL, since BRIN is now 34, he is ENTITLED to suck Shimon Peres' schlong (oops, I mean 'FACE HIM'), as well as doing a GOOKLE visit in the Holy Land.

Brin, 34, was in Israel for President Shimon Peres' presidential conference "Facing Tomorrow," and visited Google's Israeli offices as well.



ILLILLILLI's picture

>> You mean the fourth Holocaust:


Dude, it's nothing BUT holocaust time...all the time.


Achnaton's picture

Sure, get rid of anyone smarter than you...


Againstthelie's picture

So you think it's smart to follow a culture where lying, stealing and making false oaths is allowed as long as no self declared "chosen ones" were negatively affected?

Beside the fact, that it's selective morale and therefore no morale at all, this is not smartness, it's plain and simple the advantage of the criminal for breaking rules others are respecting for a functioning society.

Achnaton's picture

"So you think it's smart to follow a culture where lying, stealing and making false oaths is allowed as long as no self declared "chosen ones" were negatively affected?"

Is that a jew in your avatar? Is he the one who got the job you were after? the girl you fancied? I bet it was the girl.


"it's plain and simple the advantage of the criminal for breaking rules others are respecting for a functioning society"

and I bet you have never been to Israel where this statement simply cannot be claimed



Againstthelie's picture

Should this comment distract from the fact, that lying, stealing and false oaths are allowed in this fine "religion"?

rbg81's picture

Yeah, because ONLY Jews lie and steal, right?  Do you have a reference for your assertion?  Or is it "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?".

Or how about Islam, which says its okay for a Muslim to lie to an infidel to advance the cause of Jihad?

KanKhaderKhanKan's picture

how about Islam, which says its okay for a Muslim to lie to an infidel to advance the cause of Jihad?


Which Islam? Sunni or Shia? Which verse in the Koran? Here's the thing though when it comes to using duplicity the Old Testament is rather revealing:


For those who can't bothered to watch the link here's a quick precis: A member of a rival tribe finds one of the daugthers of Jacob attractive and wants to marry her, he approaches the Israelites they say you can't marry her till you become jewish yourself &are circumcised so he and his tribe convert and circumcise, few days later whilst still recovering from circumcision the sons of Jacob break into their town massacre every man and their goats and enslave their women.

In the Old Testament there are countless stories of such treachery by children of Israel, it's one obscene story after another the worst being the Book of Joshua. Or what about the fact as Israel Shahak has pointed out that amongst a number of Jews the 10 commandments (e.g. 'thou shall not kill') only apply to Jews and not to gentiles or better still what about the stories of clever rabbis who trick both God and Gentiles alike. But you right this all irrelevant as this only applies to Sephardic Jews and not to you Ashkenazis who converted to Judaism whilst living near the Volga.

Monty Burns's picture

Henry Ford 1st said that if you let a single Jew into a company or indeed any kind of organization they won't rest until they've taken it over by relentless and ruthless ethnic hardball.  Reluctantly I've come to believe that he was right. They're certainly smarter than the rest of us but taht doesn't even come close to explaining how they're running/ruining our lives.

ILLILLILLI's picture

Theodor Fritsch laid it out plain and simple in his book "The Riddle of the Jew's Success:

You can read it for free here:


Once you know what "the game" is, it's "game over".

Croesus's picture

@ Hedgeless Horseman: 

If you're looking to add a great WWII book to your library, check out "With the Old Breed", by E.B. Sledge. It's his 1st-person account of his time in the Pacific theater (at Peleliu, and Okinawa), as part of the USMC K/3/5. The man tells it like it was, and it's hard to put down, once you start. 

DocinPA's picture

Exactly.  Level Gaza with a Linebacker III operation.

IronForge's picture

For a War provoked by the USA.  Did you know that the Pearl Harbor plans were decrypted several months prior to the Attack?  Team_USA could have easily exposed and thwarted the Japanese Fleet Mid-Transit (with the same or better effect - maybe even avoided the War) and/or quitely prepped to take them out as they approached.

Now, Team_USA has Military Bases in Japan; and are lobbying to drag them into its Regime Change Wars.

BTW, what does this have to do with Israel,  Hedgeless?

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a world where guys like that still walked the earth?

If you fuck with us, we'll destroy you.  

Now we live in a world where you can just say, "Hey, Mohammed says "After I get done raping Aisha we should make sure that if we find people who are not obedient to Allah to remember to enslave or kill them whenever we get a chance," so let's get busy with a global caliphate!"


Am I the only one who is just sick and fucking tired of these crazy islamic bastards?  Would you miss them if we just nuked the whole area?

john39's picture

Israel and the U.S. have trying to effect "regime change" in Iran for decades.... and in fact, accomplished regime change there in the past.  How is what the Iranians are saying any different than official U.S. policy for Iran?

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Is setting up a puppet regime wrong? Yes.

Do I give a shit? No.

If it weren't for people in America successfully impeding every form of mining and energy generation that actually produces the energy we need in excess the cost of generation and distribution, then we would not need to set up puppet regimes in other countries.

If it weren't for people in America supporting the Soviet Union, supporting the International movement, calling for communism but calling it social justice, then we would not need to set up puppet regimes near communist countries hell bent on  overthrowing capitalisam and liberty in our own countries.

Until the dictators and theocrats of communist, fascist, or islamic nations have no interest in toppling the West, I have no interest in sticking my head in the ground like an osterich.

Dear World,

Laissez faire, or I'll fuck you up. 


Captain America


I hate war as much as the next guy.  Being a Peaceful non-Interventionist is not the same thing as an Isolationist.  The international community look to America for leadership because we're so much better than they are and they know it.  They know we have the discipline in our cultural DNA to pick the most reasonable option so that both sides can feel good about peace.  

But will any of that stop me from looking to smack around an entire continent of people if they so much as bomb one tiny little commuter bus in the middle of Buttfuck, Nowhere, USA?  Will it?

john39's picture

from where i am sitting, the international community hates the Unites States government... either openly or privately, but is forced to go along because of the dollar...

not much longer though.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

That's why people risk their lives and the lives of their children to come to America. They hate America and are forced to come here in droves because, aww, they fucking hate us so much they need to be here so they can really get their hate on.

I don't think that's really true, at all.  

Instead, maybe the hate is coming from the leaders of these fucked up countries who want to live in a world where a shining example of what they are not and what they never will become keeps shedding light on their behavior, their criminality, their despotism.  


Maybe the international community of royalty, theocrats, and tyrants, and the sycophants and bureaucrats who support them and are supported by them, hate us because they want to live in a world of hate, mistrust, slavery, rape, looting, and all sorts of crazy shit that keeps them rich and in power over a world that is their slave labor plantation.

Just maybe, I'm right and you're wrong, for as long as liberty exists on the Earth.

[Queue screeching eagle]


john39's picture

screeching eagle?  did you mean to stick a "sarc" tag there and forget? MDB is that you again?

psychobilly's picture

What an idiot. They come for the freebies. A lot of what they earn gets sent home, where their real loyalties lie.

The fact that the USSA attracts poor, disease-ridden, criminally-inclined illiterates by the millions is not a feather in our cap.

BruntFCA's picture

Dude, yes, many people really do hate the USA, or at least it's government. People are coming in droves to take advantage of the insane benefits the dollar "reserve" currency status grants the US. Do you think La Raza (the race) give 2 tits about your noble idea of the USA/Laze faire, Magna Carta, Constitution etc.

No, in their own countries they are screwed over by the same dollar system (borrow 1 billion, owe 50 billion, never pay if off lol). During the peak of the British Empire people would like to curry favor with the British etc, do you really think the British were somehow loved? They just want to use you.

From what I can see, the US you are referring to is dying. People of European descent are simply not having kids, meanwhile 40 million Latinos are popping out kids like nowhere. Eventually the police chief becomes a Latino, then the Mayor, then the Judges, you see where this is going. Do you think they are going to buy into some vague multicultural fantasy? Hello NO, they gonna want Atzlan!

The US was the way it was because most of the immigrants were of European descent, they had a similar cultural outlook, similar religion, had read similar books etc, they even had a similar IQ. Now flood the country with people who have no assets no,income no job, no education, and an IQ of around 80-90 do you think the US of 30 years from now is going to be an economic powerhouse?

Like many Americans your view of Islam is simply warped. Most people don't know the difference between a Sura, Hadith or the Koran. If you want to read some extreme stuff read the first 5 books of the Torah (the old Testament), it's so full of tribalist hatred and exortations to kill its unreal.

Many of the most violent clowns in the middle East are armed by the USA. The USA is in effect killing them by Proxy. If you want to start learning about the real middle East go and look up Max Igan and Gaza, he's been there, see what he has to say.


Skip's picture

Center for Immigration Studies, June 26, 2014

First they came for the White working class because they were the least powerful White group, their unions destroyed and their jobs shipped overseas. But I didn’t speak out because I was well-educated and had a good job and certainly didn’t want to identity with White working class culture and interests and their low class connotations — a favorite target of Hollywood for at least 50 years.

Then they came for the White conservatives. Their power decimated by the immigration invasion, they could do nothing as all traditional values were uprooted. From immigration destroying homogeneous White communities, to abortion, to gay marriage, conservatives have lost every social cause in the last 50 years. But I didn’t speak out because liberal values seemed enlightened and, as a liberal, I certainly didn’t feel threatened by these changes.

With their transformative majority in place, they will be free to come after the White liberals who will have no allies remaining. The liberals will be shocked when they realize that human nature is not what they were told over and over again by our intellectual and media elites. They will then realize that it”s really been about ethnic warfare all along and that ethnic warfare has very real winners and losers.

But by then it will be too late.

Monty Burns's picture

Hey, you can't say that!  It's the truth!

DaveyJones's picture

"The international community look to America for leadership because we're so much better than they are and they know it."

- the unintended sarcasm award for 2014

Raymond K Hessel's picture

That's retarded.  

If we were to truly get out of every conflict, kick out the UN, and tell the world to figure it out, we'd end up regretting it.  I don't want America to have that job.  I wish we lived in a world that wasn't so fucked up. I wish that we didn't live in a world where the UN isn't saying, What is America going to do?

But we do live in that world. 

Utah_Get_Me_2's picture

The US govt has directly or indirectly started almost every single armed conflict for the last 40 years. The world is fucked up because the US govt along with the IMF/WorldBank have destablized it.


It's real simple. 

The US govt trains and funds jihadis across the middle east to destabilize regimes that don't want to bow to US hegemonic monetary domination.

The US govt lets them loose to murder, rape and destroy. International outrage.

The US govt comes to the rescue, sends in troops to deal with the jihadis they trained and the IMF promises aid packages designed to indebt the new puppet regime for decades.

Your PNAC, delusional view of the US govt and the world would be laughable if the world wasn't on the brink of thermonuclear war because of it.  

General Decline's picture

."The US govt has directly or indirectly started almost every single armed conflict for the last 40 years. The world is fucked up because the US govt along with the IMF/WorldBank have destablized it."


And who runs the US govt?  Hint: it's not Obama....

Utah_Get_Me_2's picture

I'm aware. That level of truth is way above Raymond's pay grade.