Obama Prepares To Send National Guard To Texas As Flood Of Immigrant Children Overwhelms US

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With America's attention, diverted for the past week to events in the middle east and Ukraine, once again returning to domestic issues, Obama is coming under renewed pressure to address the immigration issues that has gripped the southern states as this will certainly be a hot topic issue during the midterm elections. Which is probably why the president has sent a team to Texas to assess whether a National Guard deployment would help to handle an immigration crisis at the Mexican border having so far resisted Republican calls for such a move, Reuters reports.

The team, made up of officials from the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, departed on Tuesday and will be on the ground through Thursday.


The White House had previously resisted calls from Republicans to deploy the National Guard to fight the onslaught of migrants from Central America because most of the unaccompanied minors and others making the crossing were turning themselves in voluntarily.


But during a meeting with Texas Governor Rick Perry earlier this month, Obama said he was open to ordering the deployment as a temporary solution. He directed Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to send the team of evaluators to assess the situation, one White House official said.


The officials said the federal team would study whether such a role would be useful and make recommendations upon its return.


"There's no foregone conclusion," another official said.

Meanwhile, the underlying problem is getting from bad to worse, and as Bloomberg reported overnight, the flood of children at the border is now overwhelming the US, and as a result "President Obama and congressional Republicans have begun to offer the same simple-sounding solution for dealing with the flood of children crossing the U.S. border alone: Send the kids home."

Since October, more than 57,000 children have arrived by themselves, most from Central America, and 22,000 more have been detained with their parents. While the majority of those caught are teenagers, the greatest increase has been among children younger than 12.

The influx has pushed wait times for immigration cases to a record high of 587 days, or more than a year and a half, according to researchers at the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University.


As of June 30, fewer than 500 of the 57,000 have been sent home, and more children continue to arrive every day, despite pleas from the Obama administration to Central Americans not to come. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has been tapped to coordinate the government’s response. Officials are scrambling to charter planes and buses, sending more agents to the border region, and hunting for more shelter sites and people to run them. Even the U.S. Coast Guard has been brought in to assist with transportation.


“The recent dramatic increase is difficult and distressing on a lot of levels,” CBP Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske said at a congressional hearing in July. 


The White House has asked Congress for $3.7 billion in emergency funds, including $1.8 billion to care for the newly arrived children and $879 million to pay for detention, prosecution, and what is officially referred to as “removal.” Much of that would go to private companies and contractors -- a list that runs from American Airlines to medical practitioners and shelter providers.

Ironically, it is the funding for the "care" that is the issue at hand.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents find that most don’t try to run; in fact, they want to be caught. The kids hope that being apprehended will begin another journey, one that will end with permission to remain in the U.S. Children from Mexico can be deported without a formal hearing. But a 2008 law intended to combat sex trafficking says those from nonbordering countries -- such as Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras -- must be allowed to plead their cases before a judge.

Another reason why do they want to be caught: Recall that the government has authorized the spending of $50 million on a "resort For "Young Illegal Immigrants", which is effectively a taxpayer-paid for resort that more than half of Americans would love to be detained in. A resort (which is indicative of the bigger underlying issue) which as we rhetorically asked: 'if immigrants know they can expect such white glove treatment, will it make them more or less likely to cross the border?"

We now know the answer.

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Racer's picture

Things must be very bad if they are trying to get in to the US

SamAdams's picture

I wrote Rick a letter a month ago, telling him to put rangers and the nat'l guard on the border.  He has done that, and I am impressed.  I also told him that the men guarding our border should provide one warning.  If i is disregarded, the criminal trespass should be met with a bullet to the brain.  After a pile of bodies, word would get back to the "homeland" and the flood would quickly subside.  I further told him, that giving them a piece of paper saying they will show up at a later date for "immigration court", AND then busing or flying the criminal to his/her choice of state, WILL ONLY EXPONENTIALLY INCREASE illegals flooding across the border.

Comte de Saint Germain's picture

Why do unlawfully present immigrants in the US and lower animals enjoy more rights than Americans citizens (and legal residents by extension)?

Americans still believe in the paradigm that they are free, when the reality is the opposite and the US Constitution implicitly define them as subservients.

Remember that this document is a summarized compendium of British Common Law, Admiralty Law and Canon Law (being the latter issued by the express guidelines and orders from the Vatican - read the communications between His Holiness Pope Pius VI and Benjamin Franklin); the framers wanted to make sure that the ignorant masses living within the circumscribed territories of the United
States of America remain under such condition - their ulterior and ultimate

Additionally the Act of 1871, made possible for the Vatican and the British
Monarchy to manage more efficiently the Corporation called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

According to the Constitution, all individuals born (and naturalized) within
the territories in which this corporation exerts an effective jurisdiction are
cataloged as less than human beings, they automatically lose their quality of
natural persons by birth or naturalization; instead, these people become
Financial Instruments until the day they cease to exist.

As a matter of jurisprudence the US Constitution adheres to the principle
that Admiralty Law prevails over Common Law and goes in accordance with
Vatican's Code of Canon Law:

Book I, Title VI, Chapter II, Can. 114, §3
"The competent authority of the Church is not to confer juridic
personality except on those aggregates of persons (universitates personarum) or
things (universitates rerum) which pursue a truly useful purpose and, all
things considered, possess the means which are foreseen to be efficient to
achieve their designated purpose."

Article I, Section II, Paragraph 3 (first sentence) of the United States
Constitution reads the following:
"Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several
States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective
Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free
Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding
Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons."

The lawful stockholders of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are located at
Buckingham Palace and St. Peter’s Basilica.

In brief, ordinary Americans are indeed less than subjects of the British
Crown and dependants on the wishes of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II;
simultaneously, the Sancta Catholica Apostolica Romana Ecclesia is their
absolute Sovereign and dictates all aspects of their daily lives.

Conversely, the Executive branch can govern by decree if they deem necessary:
this country in legal terms is in a State of War, thus the President has extraordinary powers to issue executive orders at will, as long as they do not contravene the current set of laws governing immigration and go
in accordance with National Security.

Barack Obama is a constitutional lawyer by profession and knows better than anybody how to use and when to apply these extraordinary powers.

Congress and the Supreme Court are irrelevant institutions at this point (the Sovereign rules).

Arius's picture

"resort that more than half of Americans would love to be detained in."


Speak for yourself buddy ... i woudnt want to be detained anywhere ...

smlbizman's picture

all these years and i thought the govenors of the state controlled the national gaurd....learn something new everyday

Oldwood's picture

States no longer possess any powers as all functions of State are subsidized by federal printed dollars. The Texas National guard receives the bulk of their funding from the Feds, so they do what they are told.

COSMOS's picture

WHy are we suddenly overwhelmed now by the kids, they have been coming over the border since the 70s.  If only we had money to protect our borders adequately, that 500 million going to Israel could do a lot for the national guard of the states on the border, but Its Iron Dome for them and cheap plastic Sieve for us.  As a matter of fact so could asking local cops to check for illegal immigrants on traffic stops.

Ghordius's picture

"The lawful stockholders of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are located at Buckingham Palace and St. Peter’s Basilica."

pathetic. I know, trolls like you should be left to their own devices, but I could not resist

p00k1e's picture

Ed and Elaine Brown cited similar whack-a-doodle stuff.  Both in jail. 

“The Browns initially chose to represent themselves….

… The Browns claimed they had not been presented with any law that required them to pay income taxes to the federal government, an argument similar to many tax protester statutory arguments.[1][9][10]

Edward Brown stopped attending his case halfway through the trial.[1] On January 18, 2007, Edward Brown was found guilty by a jury…..


pods's picture

Somewhat misleading. The organic consitution was a framework which delegated powers of the people to the general government.

It was the 14th amendment and the setting up of the Trust that tricked the people into subservience to the national corporate government in the form of a contract, which properly can replace common law.  By entering into this contract, you are subject to the rules the Trust sets up as well as being entitled to the benefits of the trust.




cougar_w's picture

I'm writing a novel in which an educated but out of work black woman sells herself (for $1) into bondage slavery to get herself and her children off the streets and into a rich white man's home. She must submit to all his requirements including sex and cannot encumber him in any way. I wanted to put the entire transaction into the proper framework so I had her invoke her 14th amendment rights to enter into a contract self-sale, which no state (nor her master) can pass statute against. So, it is forever. Her act of desperation starts an entire movement of women of all backgrounds selling themselves into slavery instead of settling for "marriage" (the last nail in the coffin being when Colorado passes a law making it legal to marry a pet). In the story, the protagonist explores all the ways a woman is expected to surrender herself, and eventually after a lot of adventures exploring the edges of surrender, she does -- becoming a full-time all-the-time everywhere public or private sex slave.

To be honest, it is mostly about the hardcore slutty bondage porn. Of which there is lots. Oh boy ...

But the tie to the 14th has been an interesting angle. She even writes a friend of the court legal opinion explaining why women in particular have this privilege which no man can deny her. So invoking feminist doctrine to turn feminism on its head. You know how I am, always trying to keep it classy.

czarangelus's picture

Zero Hedgers: Government is good for absolutely nothing except artifically dividing the labor market!

effendi's picture

Not being an American I don't know if I misunderstood what Obama and Perry were arranging. I was under the impression that it was the Governor of a state that ordered a National Guard mobilisation within a state unless it wasn't a state emergency but a Federal one. Is Obama overstepping his role when he is quoted as considering a mobilisation at state level. If it is at the level of a Federal emergency then why doesn't he order up the National Guard in all states to deal with the problem?

Things that go bump's picture

So sorry, I believe that several years ago, with little fanfare or news coverage, the Federal government removed the National Guard from state control.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Listen, the solution to this is pretty fucking simple and no one needs to die. Just send them ALL back immediately and buy some ad space in Central and South American countries informing people they will be brought back home if they try to come. But your motherfucking government won't do that, because that isn't the agenda. All your letters and phone calls to Austin and DC won't do a damn thing. Keep dreaming though, if it makes you feel better.

Bananamerican's picture

1.Employer sanctions
2."Drop a dime" laws. Blow the whistle on employers of illegal labor and receive 20% of the fines
3. Three strikes you're out (3 or more illegals on payroll? off to a work camp)

However, none of this will happen as Illegal immigration is the DESIRED outcome...that and the eradication of any particular "American" identity.
What is desired is a polyglot, non majority, undifferentiated mass of global peasants...."the better to eat you with"

p00k1e's picture

Damn, put the heads of children onto pikes as a warning.  That’s hardcore. 

A bullet at 500 yards is one thing.  But grabbing a child and whacking it’s head with a machete then piking it up on a backyard umbrella stick or cactus is a new level. 

Find a bible verse.  I'm sure it'll work. 

just-my-opinion's picture

Just north of Houston....they have those black heelo-copters....I hear them but don't care to see them


Don't worry about this....I got it/sark


Sudden Debt's picture

Most people don't know any better and for them, the US is still Utopia where everybody gets a 100k job

MachoMan's picture

You think they're coming here to actually work?  They can get abused and paid little to nothing where they live...

Cathartes Aura's picture


The White House has asked Congress for $3.7 billion in emergency funds, including $1.8 billion to care for the newly arrived children and $879 million to pay for detention, prosecution, and what is officially referred to as “removal.” Much of that would go to private companies and contractors -- a list that runs from American Airlines to medical practitioners and shelter providers.


nothing to see here, move along. . . just more crony phony propping up of "private companies and contractors" with .gov fiats as the eCON o'me continues to be blended, outsourced


Harbanger's picture

The lying progressive MSM can now give him credit for both opening and "preparing" to enforce the border depending on the audience.

SofaPapa's picture

For all the mess in this country, we are still so spoiled we cannot even see how spoiled we are.  Our trends are horrific, but we are starting from such a high level of material wealth and fundamental societal organization that this country is still absolutely a paradise when compared to many other countries in the world.  In a conversation with a friend of mine from South America, she laughed at me when I began describing the problems we face.  Her comment? "Welcome to how we have always lived.  This is how the world normally works.  You guys just don't realize that yet."  The government of the US is working hard to have us become a third world country, yes.  But these people are coming from countries that ARE third world, and which always have been.  Yes, the US is still better than that... for a little longer.

Arius's picture

this country is still the best place in the world .. where your vote counts and you can be anything you wish to be!

yes, we work hard and party hard ... if americans put their mind into something is nothing that will stop them.


Always, remember the 4 most powerful words in English language: NEVER BET AGAINST AMERICA!!!

Bananamerican's picture

Just in case that's not sarc:

PrecipiceWatching's picture

Up vote for the sentiment.

That certainly used to be the case, but our magnificent citizen-enabling sytem of limited government and individual liberty and autonomy, has all but been destroyed by assorted racists, Collectivists and smug, talentless, unproductive "Progressives".


You probably knew your post would garner a number of downvotes; the worst attribute of this Forum is its infestation with ignorant, reflexively anti-American, angry punks.



Kinskian's picture

"Welcome to how we have always lived.  This is how the world normally works.  You guys just don't realize that yet." 


Third World Country = country filled with Third World people. That's how the world works.

lester1's picture

Have you seen the national debt.. Were at $17.6 TRILLION !!.

WE have passed the point of no return. Allowing in more illegals will only help crash the national budget faster.

Ariadne's picture

Do not go gentle into that good night

j0nx's picture

Weclome to Prince William County and Manassas Park style living bitches. Illegals and their ilk been running anything west of Fairfax County for going on 10 years now. The local government does jack shit about it. The problem is simply turning into a macro from a micro at this point. It will only change when they start to overcrowd and terrorize million dollar neighborhoods with lily white liberals. You'll be amazed at how quickly this shit ends when McLean and Fairfax Station type areas start to have to deal with it on a daily basis. My old neighborhood in Manassas Park was wrecked by these bastards and then they all up and left overnight when the market crashed and the jobs dried up, leaving an epic foreclosure crisis in their wake. Took me 6 years to dig myself out of that underwater hovel and sell it for what I owed to escape that shit. I still grate my teeth when I think about them and their protected species status with governments local, state and federal.

Freddie's picture

Democrats and RINOs are scum like Obama.  Democrat voters are the biggest pieces of shit.

Things that go bump's picture

Get a grip, man. The Democrats versus Republicans meme is just part of the entertainment meant to keep the populace distracted, so expending any energy in that direction is bootless and the equivalent of harboring hatred for your local high school's rival football team and fans. It is meant to divide us. There are no political solutions to our problems and the politicians are not in the business of trying to solve them in any case. They are in the business of enriching themselves and serving interests that are often inimicable to the interests of the country as a whole. They are part of the problem - all of them.

robertsgt40's picture

For those who may not know, the federal govt is constitutionally bound to protect our borders.  Their other two mandates they ignore are paving the highways and "printing the money", which they've turned over to the fed.

PrecipiceWatching's picture

Not at all.


America call fall very far, and still be markedly better than 95% of the rest of the world.

disabledvet's picture

The Governor is making this order to secure the border...nice try with you Amish headline though.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

much like the titanic, america does not have enough life boats for all, guess who's got reserved seats in the one's we got? this time the wealthy will not go down with the ship, and some of the lower "renfros" hope to get seats, so they do the evil that the elite demand..they will be fucked with the rest of us, ebola anyone?

1stepcloser's picture

Nat Guard has a tables set up for Healthcare.gov portals.  

IridiumRebel's picture

Telefonos gratis para todo!

IridiumRebel's picture

Not mentioned is that they are being sent to take on Texas, not help.

Cathartes Aura's picture

enabled with the assistance of multiple-times elected Gov. Perry.  voter mandated!

everything moving along nicely. . .

Renfield's picture

<<they are being sent to take on Texas, not help>>

"Help" of course depends on your perspective. I have become very aware of the use of language in this latest world war, where I see it is used to better effect than in the previous two.

Tylers, I know we're all about irony & sarcasm here, but can we stop using the Orwellian "immigration" misnomer for this please? "Immigration" is a PROCESS,  and in fact designed to prevent this very problem. This is the OPPOSITE of "immigration", which frankly it would be nice to see more of. This is cultural destabilisation, a much longer term for our poor MSM readers but calls the situation just what it is. This is a border being overrun - yes, much more slowly than in places like the Middle East - but the effect is in fact more damaging. Because it goes slower, so it is less noticeble to the population being destabilised.

This is soft destabilisation though, and it is one of the ways that a government uproots a population or weakens a culture. The "national" guard is certainly on the way to help...someone. Will they be helping the American population living in that area, though? Or someone else? If Zero Hedge leaves "immigration" and other such propaganda to the MSM, that will make it much easier to identify the real news from such propaganda. Call this what it is. Immigration it isn't. Destabilisation, it is.

Utah_Get_Me_2's picture

I think the term Asymetric Warfare is far more appropriate. Everything is going according to plan. The diabolical demon offspring of REX-84 and the Weather Underground revolution.


Cathartes Aura's picture

informed commentary, as per your usual Renfield.

unfortunately, the mis-use of the word "immigration" is hard-wired for the newsy reportage in amrka

and it's merely half of the divisive phrase "illegal immigrants" so not likely to be clarified any time soon.

page clicks.  tuggin' knee-jerks in minds trained.

Things that go bump's picture

Names have power. I have written of this before and called the authors of some columns out on this for using a mealy-mouthed, wishy-washy, substandard word (such as degrowth or disinflation rather than contraction or deflation) in order to avoid the correct and more common name that has a connotation they prefer to avoid. To name what is going on immigration rather than invasion is to deflect attention. We might feel the need to defend ourselves if they called it invasion. Certain words carry more meaning then their simple denotation, they also have emotional connotation. Stench and reek, odor and fragrant all mean smell, but notice the different response each evokes. Odor is pretty neutral, but stench, reek and fragrant all have an unpleasant or pleasant connotation, and some names are extremely evocative of intense emotion. Anyone with a grasp of how language functions understands this at some level. Some have greater mastery than others - think of the genius of the simple phrase, "Cotton, the fabric of our lives." Those who wish to shape our very thought can afford to employ the best. They have been at it for a very long time, have studied this intensively and grown more subtle and successful at manipulation. I have suspected the Tylers of employing a certain amout of obfuscation in this vein, as well, though they may simply be using the names given us unaware of any purpose.

e_goldstein's picture

It's not just children that are flooding into the state; but ms-13 and other gang members as well. 

IridiumRebel's picture

No shit. 1 in 5 are criminals with records.

sessinpo's picture

IridiumRebel    No shit. 1 in 5 are criminals with records.


Correction. 100% are criminals. They are breaking the law by crossing the border.

IridiumRebel's picture

Have you no heart?!?? They are here for a better life....by weighing down the system and collapsing it via unfunded liability needs that will take the whole ship down so they eventually leave after leaching all they can.

lester1's picture

AND they will all be voting Democratic.. !

Cathartes Aura's picture

not if the Bush family have their way!

and we know what sway they hold on the system, historically.

George P. Bush hopes to be the next in the political family dynasty to hold public office 
theres a new twist on "anchor babies" hmm.