Presidential Crisis Management Through The Years

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Presented with no comment...



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That says it all.  Fuck Obama!!

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but but but "Busch did the same thing an boath party's hour the same"

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Nice to see Osama drawn as a white man.

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HaHa... He missed the ball.

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"HaHa... He missed the ball."


Nice catch! lol

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He misses Reggie's too, and the wookie's if those are gone as well.

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So what if missed the ball.


He will mark a birdie 3 down on his scorecard regardless.

If you question his scorecard  ------------  you are racist!

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Chalky is pink, and she gets pinker every day.

What a fucking embarassment.

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Obama's not in charge. He gets it. Maybe if we took notice that he's not in charge, we'd ask, "Well then, who is in charge?"

The banks.

"What? The banks? How did they get to be in charge?"

We'll, it's kind of a funny stor--.

"Wait, can you remember to tell me later? The game's coming on."

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Been asking that myself for a while...who's in charge...check out the "Club of The Isles" (form. British East India Co.) owns (+ nearly 800 billion USD in annual opium receipts).

Material Wealth - 48% of world's diamonds, 45% of world's platinum, 25% of world's gold, 10% of iron ores, 12% of copper reserves (c. '96)

Club of The Isles (umbrellas) - Anglo American-DeBeers, Rio Tinto, HSBC, Barclay's BP, Royal Shell, KAS, KMS, Crown Agents, Executive Outcomes Inc, Defense Systems Ltd, Sandline Intl., (inc. 6 Leading Grain Cos.) Cargill, Continental, Louis Dreyfus, Bunge and Born, André, and Archer Daniels Midland/Töpfer.

Follow up USDIA report(c. '99) "The privatization of national security functions in Africa" reveals their private mercenary, military forces, in order to loot more valuable resources.

Most men can be bought or intimated by threat of death, or stopped by assasination

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Actually, from the point where the Iraq war started in 2003, Bush stopped playing golf.

Dont fall for the lies.

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That nazi POS! You're actually saying that he was trying to manage the war so he stopped playing golf? He was just another globalist stealing as much as he could, while he could, for himself and his nazi pals. You can take another view about it, but then you'd be wrong.

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I'd rather he play golf than come up with another political gimmick like the King Lincoln did.

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The way things look right now the next picture should have our new president snorting coke off a whores titties!

Evev if it happens to be hillary snorting it off of bills bitch tits


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Huma Abedin, for those less well-informed on these matters.

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Not sure, but she does have a weiner.

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How can ya have any pudding, if ya don't tweet yer meat?!

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You can thank Lincoln for paving the way for an Obama presidency ......

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No President has been worse than Czar Lincoln the Terrible.

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Fitting ZH, in typical support of the GOP agenda, dislikes Lincoln. Right, right and hard right in support of the NEOCons.  You people are the fringe slime that the rest of the country has no use for.

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So are you the guy that keeps updating the Wiki page about how the Malaysian flight got shot down?

Where's the data proving the GOP dislikes Lincoln?

WeNeedaRealGovt's picture

Where's the data proving the GOP dislikes Lincoln?

I was referring to the posts on this thread specifically. I do not update Wiki.

ZH is another flame job of the GOP. Whatever you particular flavor of conservatism, it amounts to the same thing. Enabling the NEOCons through the GOP national party.

God help us...

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I would vote for the GOP if a member - any member at all - came out publicly criticizing Lincoln.

I'd dare one of 'em to do it. That's how sure I am the none of the lot has the balls to tell the truth about Mr. Lincoln and his War.

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Lincoln liked to wrestle as a youth, but he gave up childish things when he became a man.

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One President 'delayed' the breakup of the United States, while the other is 'accelerating' it.

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So maybe Obummer is unwittingly doing a good thing?   (As opposed to Stinkin Lincoln going to war to keep the states from seceding, and upon winning, liberty was destroyed.)

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Except in this case, nations will break up in order to create the "mandate" for a global union, rather than the decentralization attempted in Lincoln's day.

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Sure, we will go for the "creative destruction" theme.

Great opportunities lie in our future, I'm sure of it.

I was going to buy some Obama prints for the range but have decided to matt and frame one with his signature, just to hang on the wall in case things go badly for us. Sometimes it is the little things that make the difference when the swat team arrives.

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Or maybe it is entirely wittingly, after having lost the House in 2010, the POR lost one leg of its stool.  Stool being an operative word for what they were up to.   Now they are destroying as best they can under the circumstances, trying to keep Senate.   You see the Senate approves Supreme Court justices, and they aren't dying out or quitting fast enough for Mr Death, the Grim Reaper of the Republic.   They are gleeful at the prospects for gutting the supreme law of the land that way, rather than via piecemeal destruction of rule of law down in the details of execution, (non)enforcement, prosecutorial restraint/zeal, bureaucratic rulemaking, and of course the relentless large scale dissolution of the culture, families, and individual capacity for independence from them.   

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Scene: Unhappy married couple.

She: "I'm leaving you".

He: "No you're not".

She:  <stands, prepares to walk>

He: <pulls handgun, presses barrel against her temple>  "No, you're not."

She: <sits, resigns>  "Okay".

He: <shades of Lincoln> "There, I saved our Union!"

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Only thing missing in that is she will be jailed if she speaks out against the husband. No habeus corpus for you. Good analogy though. Anyone who idolizes Lincoln is either a tyrant/tyrant sympathizer or a moron who is ignorant of history. We can thank US public schools for that one.

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Public schools are really, really big on FDR.  Lincoln was a rayciss rethuglican, after all. 

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It was for the children

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For a more accurate portrayal:   Add a couple shots to her kneecaps and torch all her possessions after beating her into submission.  And afterward tell your children she deserved it because she was racist.

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Watching CSpan a few minutes ago...congressional hearing on ISIL etc and the status of Iraqi ground forces.  Statements made indicated that during the "surge" we had upwards of 150,000 US troops on the ground, with "between 6 and 8 thousand" opposing Al-Qaeda etc.

Now, with ISIL estimated at about 15,000, the Iraqi ground forces have lost about 140,000  who have simply walked away, and the country seems essentially theirs for the taking.  Say what you want about them , this shows how difficult it is to control a land mass without popular support, and what a small but determined band of renegades can accomplish.

I have stated here multiple times that "the mighty US Military couldn't control an area the size of Texas, there is no way they can control the entire US".  The numbers above indicate that my statement is and has been correct, and that "they" know it.

Given the depth and strength of popular anti-government sentiment in this country, I can safely say that this country is ripe, riper than it's been since 1775.


I am not "suggesting" or "advocating" anything, merely stating facts. 

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"I am not "suggesting" or "advocating" anything, merely stating facts."

Of course not, it is the application of 'divide and conquer' tactics that really...until it gets underway.

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Any movement can be infiltrated or co-opted.  That is something major to be on the lookout for (we already are real watchful around ZH, thats for sure)

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So are we to convert to Islam to find the conviction for resistance?

Our government sees us a sheep, maybe well armed, but sheep none the less. Admittedly I do also believe in the power of deterrents, I just hope our government does as well.

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So right you are AND lets us not forget that since the cause of the 'trouble' will be a dollar failure, the government agents who are supposed to enforce it's wishes will not be getting paid. Even stooges gotta eat. 

It could be a real mess.

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Obama whiffs and still calls "fore" . . . seems about right.

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Here's a video of Obogey's golf swing . Sux is being generous.


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Oh fuck I had to see that, just to know. The amount of time he's been playing I thought, he must be reasonable right ... fuck me, I'm no golfer, but he is utter shit, I mean utter fuckin' shit.

I was crying watching, I was embarrassed watching.

Has he not had a pro golfer help? All that money and time and no one has given him any guidance?????

Hey Mickelson, stop your insider dealing and sort out your president's golf game you douche.

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Dude, he doesn't actually spend that 'golf' time golfing.  OK.  He is in a clubhouse with a couple guys no one knows or has seen before.

Figure it out.

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Oh fuck that hilarious!! 

He's a fucking douche bag at golf too!


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Most of his "golfing" is done in a limousine with someone named Reggie.

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LOL. I loved the dudes giggling as they watched the limp wrist trying to hit the ball