US Stocks Are Open, Time To Dump A Billion Dollars Worth Of Gold Futures

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Another day, another opening plungefest in gold futures...


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What part of "buy stocks" don't you understand?

- Janet Yellen

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wake me up when it is 17 trillion, then maybe we will have something to talk about.  SSDD

by the way, next recess is scheduled for end of 2015.  i'm out, but expect the market to top out sometime toward the end of this year.  2017 was always the latest arrival, but it appears to be sooner.

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Are all you insane?   Why do you see conspiracy here  -- it is more like panic!  This trade is people just trying to save their bacon and get out of paper gold before it is worthless. Why the negative tone -- this is the best thing that could happen .   The TPTB types get out of paper gold and start buying physical.  BTFD you cry babies.

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Goldman calls for a gold crash, then sells a billion worth at the open. Lucky for them it's only paper. Meanwhile we trade govt paper for golden phyzz...

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Why can't we persecute while we buy?

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How many more years till they're done?

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I see it as a desperation move for liquidity. Someone needs the cash.

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There could be some other explanations -- like China, who wants to keep gold cheap for awhile so they can buy as much as possible...

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All just a paper ponzi.  

Anyone catch this: 

U.S. ally cuts off communications with Obama and seeks new trade outside dollar

or this:

Sanctions on Russia Hit German Economy Hard

Jim Willie's "Ukraine is the Waterloo event for the U.S. may be in fact very accurate

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Jim Willie is a dope...these sanction hits coming from Europe against Russia will be...indeed are...catastrophic.

They're not going to have a repeat of Hitler over there and Ukraine securing its border is like opening an oyster and finding a pearl.

There are a dozen regimes in the East in peril should Poroshenko succeed...and Putin's is one of them.

"They'll need to sell into weakness" which in my view is driving down not just gold and silver but all commodities in general.

The deflation well underway in Europe is absolutely staggering as well.

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The sanctions are indeed catastrophic... for energy starved Europe. Most countries who sanction Russia would be commiting economic suicide. I doubt countries like Germany or France will do any real sanctions at all.

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A lot of regimes in Europe are in peril should Poroshenko succeed, too.  Merckel's is one of them.

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There are a dozen regimes in the East in peril should Poroshenko succeed...and Putin's is one of them.

Your delusional, bro, one too many hits to the ol' steel pot years back.  So what you believe is that regimes cannot wait and overthrow their "ELECTED GOVT" and then SHIP all their GOLD to the FED in the US to have it sold off to China?  Sounds plausible.   

The moment Europe's sanctions hurt Putin, will be the moment we find just how much energy the US really has.    Hey DisabledVet are you buying some of this market for your fiscal well being?  Good stuff, buy some stawks!!! (like the ol' war bonds back in your days)

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Yep. It's getting so bad i'm starting to look at the other side. How does gold stay so high with all the force working against it?

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also VISA IBM save the Dow as usual

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Why do that....I like eatin gold

(and hot dogs and tater-tots)

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Vroom, vroooom

[China backs up truck]

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gold is likely to head back down to 1180 support over the next few weeks


USD up marginally - USD upside should drive gold and oil down hard

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We'll see if oil prices collapse or not.

Certainly the cost of refined product has collapsed again and since only North America uses unleaded gasoline the collapse in consumption combine with the boom in production ...well, let's just say no problem with exports there.

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Free gold and silver technical analysis posted daily.


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It just doesn't end.

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They can "sell" gold short futures contracts, backed by 1% actual metal (if that), as many as they wish, anytime.   The same banks that sell this paper can buy it back again later or use a proxy to do so...maybe three or four banks take turns buying and selling these long and short paper contracts!  You win on the way down or up what you lost initially on the way up or down!

This will continue until a)some big entity enters the Comex playpen and strips it of its little pile of metal or b)the ability of unbacked paper contracts which are never redeemed in metal to influence "the gold price" is removed, or c)all the gold is held elsewhere and trading is done in some other currency.  Roubles? Renminbi?

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" It just doesn't end. "

It will end.

Problem is : when it does, some people out there will inevitably deploy other tools (more coercive ones) to get what is left in your pockets.

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The S&P was at 1343 just 20 months ago!

Nah, no bubbles here Janet.

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Nah, nah, nah.  Doesn't work like that.  The priese were DEPRESSED at that level.  Now they are FAIRLY-VALUED.  I'm sure you would agree.

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The S&P is so about to collapse into its footprint, it will make the WTC buildings look like they were a controlled demolition....wait a minute. 

Anyhow.  No QE, no stock market gains.  The stock markets will give it all back.

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We still at best only manage "growthiness."

The two Party System has failed.

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i hereby pledge to buy a couple more gold Maples.
just because I know that somebody at the BIS doesn't want me to!

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This is it. The big one. This dump shows the true fighting behind the scenes for phyz. get out there and get all you can get your hands on because this shows it's desperation time with the big boys.


Uh huh.


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Come on, that is the best way to get yourself the best price. Dump them all in one big lump and take out the bidstack.

Fuck it, I am gonna do this trading thing and just have a low ball order in every day at 8:25.  Then sell it later that day.


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minutes ago:

Israeli fire hits UN facility in Gaza, killing 15

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That's a good start.  Do they have any missiles that can hit the UN building in NY ?

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They had two back in 2001 but the gravitational pull of the World Trade Center Twin Towers kept the UN building from being hit.

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AUD and Gold having a race


Gold will not follow technicals unless TPTB want it to....paper gold will be whatever the Criminal Banksters want it to be.....they will play this game up until the time they are dragged from their terminals to their guilloteine.


OR Putin and Xi want to have a bit of fun, and through thei proxies buy up billions in gold, AND take delivery.


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A billion dollars and it will be right back up in no time.

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Chump change! 

Only a BILLION ?

When we print 10's of billions each month, maybe 100's of  billions if you count all the shadow/dark printing - month after month after month. 

Don't friggen wake me up again until they dump a TRILLION, please.  zzzzzzzzzzzz

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Someone (likely GS prop desk) sold many August and September GLD puts.  This is how they accumulate via puts too make what they are really doing...  Helps to have the Squid "Strategists" telling clients it is a Conviction Sell.

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Someone (likely GS prop desk) sold many August and September GLD puts.  This is how they accumulate via puts too make what they are really doing...  Helps to have the Squid "Strategists" telling clients it is a Conviction Sell.

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Sorry, I was just rebalancing my grandma's IRA ...

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COMEX expiration

Gold below 1300 silver below 21.

mission accompilshed for another month


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OMG!  Look at that price drop.  You better sell me your physical gold now, before it becomes worthless.