First Syrian Rebels, Now Hamas: Qatar Once Again Emerges As "Mystery" US-Backed Sponsor Of War

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It was a little over a year ago when the "Mystery Sponsor Of Weapons And Money To Syrian Mercenary "Rebels" Was Revealed" as none other than the uber-wealthy Qatar (also known as the tiny but filthy rich state in the Persian Gulf that hosts the US Fifth fleet, better known as infinite leverage vis-a-vis the United States), which effectively had been pulling the US interventionist strings in hopes of taking out the Assad government and installing a puppet regime, one which would be helpful in facilitating the passage of a natgas pipeline beneath the country, which would then proceed into Turkey and all the way into Europe, as a means of bypassing Europe's reliance on Russia (which as recent events have shown has all the leverage when it comes to Europe).  It failed.

As a result it had to redirect its puppetmastery skills elsewhere. That "elsewhere" appears to be none other than Hamas, which is now embroiled in a landwar with Israel in a conflict that has claimed the lives of over 800 people. And while we did find the revelation reported by the Times of Israel as surprising, it is certainly not shocking in a world in which moneyed interests fund militants across nations in what has become an explosion of proxy wars around the globe (see Syria, Ukraine, etc).

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, left, shakes hands with Hamas leader
Khaled Mashaal, right, as the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, center,
looks on, after signing an agreement in Doha, Qatar, Monday, Feb 6, 2012
(photo credit: AP/Osama Faisal)

According to the TOI, Israel president Shimon Peres "accused Qatar on Wednesday of becoming “the world’s largest funder of terror” due to its financial support for Hamas in Gaza."

A spokesman for Peres would not comment on the information on which the president was basing his accusation, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former security adviser said Qatar was relentlessly financing Hamas terror.


Qatar’s recently attempted to transfer funds for the salaries of Hamas civil servants in Gaza, following the formation of a Palestinian unity government, but was blocked by the United States, which pressured the Arab Bank not to process them. But former national security adviser Maj. Gen. (res) Yaakov Amidror told The Times of Israel that the emirate’s funding for the organization’s terror apparatus, including tunnel diggers and rocket launchers, has continued unabated.


“Hamas currently has two ‘true friends’ in the world: Qatar and Turkey,” Amidror said. The small Gulf state is currently Hamas’s closest ally in the Arab world, after the movement’s relations with Egypt soured following the ouster of Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi in June 2013. Qatar, which has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in reconstruction and infrastructure projects in Gaza, is also home to the movement’s political leader Khaled Mashaal in Doha.


The one supporting this organization financially, almost alone, is Qatar,” Amidror said.


Qatar isn’t only being accused of funneling funds to Hamas. Israel and Egypt are also blaming it for blocking Egypt’s efforts to broker a ceasefire in Gaza. On July 17, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri said that Qatar and Turkey were undermining Egypt’s quiet-for-quiet ceasefire initiative, a position echoed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman.

Bloomberg admits as much in its latest sweep of the land:

Qatar and, to a lesser extent, Turkey are providing Hamas with alternative channels. Erdogan “has taken a very vocal and emotional pro-Palestinian line,” said Sabra. “It’s good for him domestically, but it limits his ability to play a regional diplomatic role.” After Qatari-backed rebels in Syria lost ground to the rise of more radical forces, “it’s not a surprise that they’re leaping at an opportunity to try to play this role,” said Sabra.


Israel, looking to its traditional partner Egypt, rejects mediation by Qatar and Turkey, particularly after Erdogan said Israel’s “barbarism has surpassed even Hitler’s,” according to an Israeli official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss diplomatic developments.


Hamas is looking at the prospect that Qatar would sweeten a cease-fire deal with financial aid for its Gaza government, including the salaries owed to about 30,000 employees, Elmenshawy said.

Israel also has objections against the Qatar-backed news channel Al Jazeera, whom it has accused of spreading "incitement against the state of Israel":

Another aspect of Qatar’s destructive influence, Israel believes, is state-backed news channel Al-Jazeera. Communications Minister Gilad Erdan requested of the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council this week that it stop broadcasting Al-Jazeera due to its “extremely severe incitement against the State of Israel as well as enthusiastic support for Hamas and its terrorist actions.” Liberman said his ministry was examining the possibility of shutting Al-Jazeera’s offices in Israel, Israeli news site Walla reported.

In the meantime, the diplomatic tensions as a result of the US breakdown of influence in the mid-east have managed to drag even largely netural regional superpowers as Saudi Arabia and the UAE into a conflict:

A diplomatic tug of war has been underway in the Arab Gulf between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — both staunch supporters of the new Egyptian regime —  on the one side and Qatar on the other. On Tuesday, Qatari emir Tamim bin Hamad arrived in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, to discuss the Palestinian situation with Saudi King Abdullah. No details of the meeting were immediately available.

And so on. The problem as we showed last week with the following chart, is that international relations in the middle east are so complicated, virtually everyone hates, if not is engaged in outright conflict with everyone else.


So while the grand vision that US-backed Qatar (and hence Hamas) has in the middle east is still unclear, what is even more confusing is just what its energy intentions are (because in the middle east it is all about energy trading and/or the Petrodollar until its replacement with some other reserve currency of course) with Hamas, and Gaza are: after all the sliver of land is landlocked on the east by Israel and shares a small border with Egypt on the south: an Egypt whose allegiance so far lies with Israel, and thus will hardly assist Gaza in any capacity.

We hope to find out more clues about what quite confounding chessgame Qatar is playing shortly.

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Dow's off 150.  I'm not buying until I see the ZH article about it.  Then I'll know it's time to BTFD.

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I wonder what Bandar Bush is doing these days since his unemployment began?

svayambhu108's picture

The ME is like that in the present context just wait 'till the enhanced oil recovery breaks down.

quintago's picture

This is bullshit. Qatar is not helping Hamas. You believe the Times of Israel? Good for you.

bonin006's picture

The action by Hamas against Israel seems to be harming Hamas (or at least the people around them) about 100 times more than Israel, so you are correct in saying Qatar is not helping them, but could be using them like a puppet.

john39's picture

funny, i see it the opposite way.  Israel's true nature has been fully exposed on the global stage.  Not only that, but anyone paying attention can now see that in certain cases, their governments, like the U.S., are owned by Israeli money and influence. 

As for as Qatar is concerned, like SA, it is just a puppet state... and like SA, looks like its time to get thrown under the bus.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Qatar... The national boundaries were not established until after the discovery of oil....  Oil concessions were the reason the British had to 'give sovereignty' to Qatar in the first place.

Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, sponsor pretty much all the terrorism in the Middle East, let alone the world.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

A perfect example of drawing some lines in the sand, and thereby separating the largest concentrations of populations in the area, from the largest concentrations of OIL AND GAS. 




Where do the people live?  A lot of them in Yemen, alot in Arabia (which is about the only one to have significant pop. and resources).   Of course these lands were unified with Turkey and Egypt not long ago, which reduces the amount of 'related parties' to the resources quite significantly.

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America needs to get out of the Middle East.  Our departure is right around the corner.  Bitches.

Crash N. Burn's picture

"A perfect example of drawing some lines in the sand, and thereby separating the largest concentrations of populations in the area, from the largest concentrations of OIL AND GAS."

 Interestingly, can you guess where another of the large sources of natural gas is, trillion cubic feet?

"It turns out that Gaza has quite a bit of natural gas on its coastline. One of the largest sources in the region. British Gas, which holds a joint exploration agreement for the area estimates that the fields hold at least 1 trillion cubic feet of gas. That gas belongs to the Palestinian people and they should be the ones to benefit from it. Israel disagrees.

(An interesting side story on this issue: At one point Russia was bidding for a chance to develop Gaza's gas fields.)

After the death of Yasser Arafat, under questionable circumstances, Israel has controlled those fields, and British Gas has negotiated with Tel Aviv.

With power divided between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, the Palestinians have been too weak to put up any meaningful ,resistance and Israel would like to keep it that way. The Unity Government between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority threatens Israel's control of those fields, and as such it has to be destroyed."

The Gaza Bombardment - What You're Not Being Told


Hmm, terrorists seem to always be real close to natural resources. I'm sure its a coincidence.






sessinpo's picture

john39   funny, i see it the opposite way.  Israel's true nature has been fully exposed on the global stage.  Not only that, but anyone paying attention can now see that in certain cases, their governments, like the U.S., are owned by Israeli money and influence. 

As for as Qatar is concerned, like SA, it is just a puppet state... and like SA, looks like its time to get thrown under the bus.


So Qatar is Isreali money. You are funny. So let's take your anti semitic logic to its final conclusion. ALL money and influence is evil Israeli. Thus YOU and your money is Israeli and YOU are evil too.

john39's picture

Last I checked, I don't print fiat money. Nor do I directly or indirectly control any central bank. The state of Israel was created by central bankers. Now, you were saying?

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The Mossad obviously paying "john39" full time wages to make Palestinian supporters look completely unhinged

Duffy Duck's picture

We can criticize Russia, or the US, or Iran, or fucking Switzerland... and no one claims that such criticism is racism or hate.

It must be wonderful to simply dismiss all criticism of a single country as "hate"  -that way, you never have to spend any time wondering if that state might be in the wrong...because of its racial composition... which, to employ actual semantic (not "semitic") logic - makes you the fucking racist.

Or is it Jewish Supremacist?


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Whatever is going on, that Emir is one ugly dude.  Looks like a villian from a Hollywood comedy.

Day_Of_The_Tentacle's picture

Sheikh Hamad abdicated last year, if I recall the time correctly, in favor of his son. The current Emir Tamim is not too bad - probably taking from his mother, Sheikha Moza, who is a stunning woman - both in her appearance and in her work.

JR's picture

The point is Israel’s primary objective is to get Hamas so identified that it can then imprison what’s left of the Palestinians and move them out without any opposition. “Bring back Arafat,” they scream; “We need a peaceful guy we can roll. Buy him something and keep rolling.”

The news is the Palestinians have found somebody that doesn’t give up and that somebody is Hamas.

Since 1947, this is the first time the People of Palestine can say we’ve got somebody that Israel and the US and the UK can’t compromise.

Your seven up-arrows just prove that the Jews have the largest and most extensive propagnanda machine in history.

Winston Churchill's picture

Hard to see a motive for the Qataris, unless its spite at the Saudis.

There is a whole level of inter tribal hatred within the various Muslim

sects,let alone countries , that westerners know ,or care little about.

Sunnis, and Shiite, sometime combine forces against a certain tribe from either sect.

Seer's picture

"There is a whole level of inter tribal hatred within the various Muslim sects"

That's the nice thing about the Christians, the various sects all get along...

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Seer, I dare you to spend more than 15 minutes reading about Nigerian politics, and get back to me if your head doesn't explode.

Completely tribal.

Winston Churchill's picture

My point was the tribal hatreds far surpass the sect ones when the chips are down,

I never saw any open sect hatreds in years living ,and doing business in the ME.

The occaisional snyde comment, but I say worse about my neighbours.

But tribal animus was evident, and open.You never know who fucked over someones

great ,great etc.etc. grandfather.Its never forgotten either.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Hamas is zionist created and supported morsi in egypt and the rebels in syria. They are useful idiots in th3irnown peoples' destruction. This story is hard to not believe.

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hamas does appear to possibly be a strawman.

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My guess is BB is spending more time on Cote d zure.The business has significantly picked up with escort services and exotic dancing clubs.

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That's him with groucho glasses on isn't it?

Beatscape's picture

That video is obviously staged. The man hadly flinched or reacted in pain when he was shot. Hamas are not only inept with their missiles, but terrible actors as well. 

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

sarc for those less equipped w/ s-dar

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Qatar payroller reported.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Evidence that the Palestinians lack normal "fight or flight" capability: why else would they not move somewhere else with their children when armed thugs-USA/MIC supplied IDF assholes are shooting at them?

Yeah I understand that Gaza is small, but the scum sucking IDF do not have the entire city surrounded, so I think it is not a stretch that a normal person would take their family at least a few blocks away so as to not allow the fuck heads from Israel to shoot them.

Now if you have missles in your living quarters: the shit head IDF will fire upon that area and once again a normal person would not let their love ones stick around that place.

Cleary the Palestinians lack normal "fight or flight" and any asshole who lets his child(ren) stay in a combat zone (fight) is responsible for their death cause they could have ran away(flight).

ThirdWheel's picture

13,069 people per square mile is the population density of Gaza. It is the most densely populated place on Earth. The population in 2014 is expected to grow over 2%. Right or wrong, good or bad, sane or insane, where can they go and be safe?

Ookspay's picture

Sad indeed, too many missed shots. Perhaps the soldier thought the pal was activating a device with that iphone. And exactly what was that young man up to anyway, looking for his puppy?

Duffy Duck's picture

Not calling for an ambulance?

Or maybe the coward IDF sniper is just an actual racist cunt psychopath who thinks non-Jews are less worthy of life?

Is there any chance, if I did a web search of comments from prominent Zionists and Israeli rabbis or Jewish texts I might find a line or two that could be "taken out of context" by some Jewish soldier, dozens or hundreds of yards away from an unarmed, injured man, that might make him murder that person out of some fucked up religious zeal?


Naah, couldn't be, right??



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Good luck with ISIS fucktards.......

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So this means the NWO, Pentagram flying Zio-Yids control Qatar too?


Who knew!

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Or,  maybe it's just the smart-n-savvy people cooperating to the screw the dumbasses for fun-n-profit.   Kinda how things work here;  and every place else on the planet.  

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The trick is to keep 'em more or less even, and fighting each other. That way, the little ones don't get squished and the big ones don't merge up and attack the "developed" world... notice that ISIS has a solid row of red dots in that chart. Hmmm.

 so many spinning plates, and so few clowns

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It's the more animalistic screwing the more human.

Happens worldwide because savagery and humaneness are tails on a bell curve of man's traits.

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Let ISIS take over lots of territory and get all Badass. Then Iran will get all whooooaaa and then The Saudis will go like duuude and then the Syrians will say woww brrraaa this is sooo wow and then the whole place just freaks out and war rages on for years. Muz on Muz, sunni on shia, Fuckin beautiful!

Let them direct their unrequited hatred on each other for a while, culling the herd as a bonus, keeps 'em off of our ass and Israels too!

We close all ME Mil bases and get the hell out, well of course we sell both sides lots of weapons, duhhh, we can't leave them defenseless!

I'ts a Good thing the US is now the worlds largest oil and natural gas producer as Oil from the gulf may slow to a trickle for a while...

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quick take their natural gas..bring democracy there

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how qatar is sleeping at night letting their palestinian brothers get murdered?

tony wilson's picture

part of the jewish zion way is to fund all sides including hamas

these mi6 mossad run actors are just a front for the zionist puppet masters

sessinpo's picture

tony wilson  part of the jewish zion way is to fund all sides including hamas

these mi6 mossad run actors are just a front for the zionist puppet masters


And to take your point to its logical conclusion. Since the Israeli's own the banking system and currency that YOU use, that means that YOU, tony wilson are part fo the zionist evil ways. Those evil Jews have funded you.

tony wilson's picture

i am jewish

my dad is a banker

my brother is a mossad

i make love with my circumscribed penis i use a sheet with a hole in it.

i am a guilty zionist with self hate issues

i am dislaxics

Ookspay's picture

It seems very, uh, crowded in your mind tony, just sayin'.


PS: Can I buy some pot from you? Animal house


roadhazard's picture

Or Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Hezbolla, Iran, Jordan. Even the Palestinian Authority think they are morons.

Hamass is out of friends.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

The palestinians are the equivalent to "those people" in the US.    There's always "those people" to piss on, in every society.

NotApplicable's picture

I don't know how you could ever consider billionaires and the down-trodden masses to be brothers. You're focusing on the wrong type of family. Isn't Qatar itself basically a slave state?