Israel Cabinet Unanimously Rejects John Kerry's Gaza Truce Proposal

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Over the past few days, John Kerry flew to Egypt, where among other things, he proposed a weekling Gaza Truce. Alas, that was one taxpayer funded trip for the Secretary of State flushed down the drain:


AP had some more details:

Israel on Friday rejected a Gaza ceasefire proposal presented by US Secretary of State John Kerry, Israeli public television reported.


"The security cabinet has unanimously rejected the ceasefire proposal of Kerry, as it stands," Channel 1 said, adding that ministers would continue discussing it.

Or, largely just as was expected (because even Bloomberg is now reporting how the entire middle east is mocking John Kerry). But perhaps the reason why gold appears to have suddenly found a bid is the following:


Because just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, John Kerry opens his mouth...

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Elliptico's picture

C'mon, no one can broker a peace deal there.

Squid Viscous's picture

shocking, don't they know he comes from a long lineage of Cohens??

luftmensch's picture

Tyler, you forgot to add that Hamas also rejected the plan.

But actually, Kerry is saying this was all mis-reported, and the deal is still in play.

luftmensch's picture

Wrong Tyler, 12 hour cease-fire now in place. You were misinformed...

Monty Burns's picture

Kerry threatened to cut off the billions in aid the US gives Israel every year.  The Israelis fell over laughing.

ArisAron's picture

Finally getting the respect he deserves.

ronron's picture

hehaw ways fucks up.

alien-IQ's picture

Cut off ALL aid to Israel. Let them go at it alone.

tarsubil's picture

Hehe, those paid commenters at State are quick with the downvotes. All 3 of them. Good to know they are fighting the good fight for Zionism.

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Do you actually vote on comments? How does that make you feel?

tarsubil's picture

Little known fact. I'm the only person that is allowed to vote. All votes up and down are from me. It is just an illusion that others get to.

Squid Viscous's picture

canucklehead you zionist POS - it's over, you lost no matter how many "sub-human goyim" the IDF kills, you still lost... people will not forget this ...comprende ?

Canucklehead's picture

What were you doing 21 weeks ago?

Squid Viscous's picture

been here for five years fuckface... got anything better than that? (but good research... someone would pay you top dollar for that kind of investigation, theoretically)

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So... what other monikers do you comment under? The world is waiting and they don't like to be deceived.

Squid Viscous's picture

only have one, it has changed a few times but always squid related, I'm not into multiple ID's like your zio-trolling buds...

PS- "the world" is also waiting for you to stop being a douchebag and gathering so many downvotes... but i guess we have to just keep waiting...?

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The last time I looked, I had 4 down votes. If you like, I can down vote you so you have 2. That would look nice, compared to your 3 up votes.

What would you do if you got 7 up votes? How about 14? Would you sell your soul for 69 up votes?

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You are no fucking canuck.Hello Kosher nostra,Do you live on Bathurst Sreet,Ont ,Canad?

Syrin's picture

So when there is mass genocide, you'd be okay with that huh?   That's your idea of peace?

john39's picture

pretty sure we have that already... oh wait, Palestinians are not "people" under your ideology.  my mistake.

Syrin's picture

Hey shit head.   The Syrians and Jordanians refuse to take the Palestinians in.   Israel has taken more of them in than the Arab nations.   Meanwhile they lasunch literally hundreds of rockets per week into their country, and they;re supposed to sit there and take it because that's your version of peace.   Meanwhile, they tried to blow up their nuclear facility and airport, and shit heads like you smile and think that's just fine.    Hey dickupyourass, how many rocket attcks would you allow in your city per day?   Isreal told them to evacuate the area, instead they put their rockets inside their schools and made the kids tsay there.   Who treats their people like they're animals again?

tarsubil's picture

Just another angry neocon/zionist wife beater justifying their violence and wrongs by pointing the finger at someone else like a little boy.

john39's picture

the frustration is palpable...  no longer can they intentionally blow up schools and hospitals and explain it away as "self defense".   Interesting that this realization is only starting to dawn on some of them, the rest will keep going, because they can't stop.

Totentänzerlied's picture

Virtually none of the rockets ever hit anything, and many of them don't even have warheads. Judging by the death tolls, I'd say 3 Israeli lives are worth 800 Palestinian lives.

If a kid throws a rock at your window, I suppose you kill them and their entire family and their extended family?

Though in order for the analogy to be correct, you'd first have had to break into the kid's house and occupy it, then turn the original occupants (the ones you didn't kill initially) into your serfs.

knightowl77's picture

"Virtually none of the rockets ever hit anything, and many of them don't even have warheads"

Foolish thought


In So Cal, we have a lot of former Third Worlders...they think firing guns into the air every year on New Years or Cinco de Mayo is fun...Enough numbnuts do this that every year someone is wounded or killed by the bullet falling back to earth...(no warhead-no nothing, just something fired skyward because some asshole was drunk and wanted to celebrate) LA County & City have spent millions on systems to track down the shooters. The cops are sent. When they catch you - you go to prison if you surrender. If you don't put down the gun, they will kill you. These people are not in war zone, 99.8% do not intend to hurt anyone, yet they do.


Gaza fires thousands of these rockets into the air with the INTENT to hurt, kill or frighten. They don't care if they land in a school or a home. They can't even aim these things at the IDF. Their SOLE purpose is to frighten, hurt or kill an Israeli. Probably an Israeli they never met, but they want them to die... They celebrate if the rocket kills an Israeli....

The police responding in Los Angeles is legitimate law enforcement...the IDF responding to Gaza is genocide...hypocritical


I Write Code's picture

If the kid throws 2,000 rocks, and sneaks in at night with a knife, and you chase him home and his parents are like you defending his right to do all that crap, then yeah, him and his dog and his family.

where_is the_nuke's picture

A fucking retard. If some cunts steal your land and kill your family what will you do? Throw chocolates? Cocksucking zio cunt.

Parisnights's picture

Toten-  You're reasoning is a bit off/  Let's try again.  It's not the FIRST rock at the window that drives you to pick up the gun- its the 900th rock.  Not sure?  Grab 900 rocks, throw 1 per hour at your neighbors front door.  Might not get the door every time, but you will get their attention.  Pray your neighbor isn't waiting with a gun on the 50th thrown rock.  Next.  Gaza isn't occupied by anyone other than Gazans.  Period.  As far as original occupants and serfs.... Well try your soothing words on the potomacs. cherokees, hopi. etc.  Get it?  

Squid Viscous's picture

Israel has "taken them in" ... lol... you motherfuckers are nuts - and will not be forgiven

ThePeanutMaster's picture

So you're just going to completely ignore the 20% of Israel's population that is of Arab descent. Ok, you keep ignoring that fact and I'll keep supporting the country that actually lets minority religions and ethnicities live with full rights and opportunities as everyone else.

Squid Viscous's picture

huh? who was there a hundred years ago before your khazar parasites decided to find a new carcass to feed on? oh, i forgot it was a "barren wasteland" just waiting to be cultivated... how convenient!

you can't get away with your bald-faced lies for much longer... but maybe i'm too optimistic 

knightowl77's picture

In 1947, according to the UN, the population of all the land in the protectorate was approx;

1.2 million Arabs

0.6 million Jews

0.12 million Christians

Squid Viscous's picture

how about 1917, before the Balfour Declaration... or maybe it was like a Walmart pre- Black Friday opening the doors? seems believable...

john39's picture

certainly to be accurate, you should start before the waves of european immigration, not after...  very disengenuous otherwise...  and we know that zionists are always straight forward in their arguments, right?

FeralSerf's picture

What were the populations in Palestine before the war and all the post-war ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION of Central European Ashkenazi Jews?

Americans don't like illegal immigration from Mexico. Why would Arabs feel differently about illegal immigration of Jews from Europe?

knightowl77's picture

Once the Ottoman Turks were thrown out by the British during WWI, the place was ruled by Britain....

Britain set the immigration policies.....


During the First World War an Arab uprising and British campaign led by General Edmund Allenby, the British Empire's commander of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, drove the Turks out of the Levant, a part of which was the Sinai and Palestine Campaign.[2] The United Kingdom had agreed in the Hussein-McMahon Correspondence that it would honour Arab independence if they revolted against the Ottomans. The two sides had different interpretations of this agreement. In the event, the UK and France divided up the area under the Sykes-Picot Agreement, an act of betrayal in the opinion of the Arabs. Further confusing the issue was the Balfour Declaration promising support for a Jewish "national home" in Palestine. After the war ended, a military administration, named Occupied Enemy Territory Administration, was established in the captured territory of the former Ottoman Syria. The British sought legitimacy for their continued control of the region and this was achieved by obtaining a mandate from the League of Nations in June 1922. The formal objective of the League of Nations Mandate system was to administer parts of the defunct Ottoman Empire, which had been in control of the Middle East since the 16th century, "until such time as they are able to stand alone."[3] The civil Mandate administration was formalized with the League of Nations' consent in 1923 under the British Mandate for Palestine, which covered two administrative areas. The land west of the Jordan River, known as Palestine, was under direct British administration until 1948, while the land east of the Jordan was a semi-autonomous region known as Transjordan, under the rule of the Hashemite family from the Hijaz, and gained independence in 1946.[4]

During the British Mandate period the area experienced the ascent of two major nationalist movements, one among the Jews and the other among the Arabs. The competing national interests of the Arab and Jewish populations of Palestine against both each other and the governing British authorities matured into the Arab Revolt of 1936–1939 and the Jewish insurgency in Palestine before culminating in the Civil War of 1947–1948."

Squid Viscous's picture

excellent cut and paste, but who was living there before 1917? can you cut and paste something useful to the argument?

r0mulus's picture

You should read this:

Basically it's made of what amounts to FOIA'd stuff from the time of the Balfour Declaration.

It's pretty damning.

alien-IQ's picture

It's a waste of time and a distraction to engage such propagandists in conversation. We all know that Israel pays people to post "positive" things about them so let's just arm ourselves with facts to counter their hateful rhetoric. Here's a good piece with some useful facts:

Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza—Debunked

Israel claims that it is merely exercising its right to self-defense and that Gaza is no longer occupied. Here’s what you need to know about these talking points and more.

Squid Viscous's picture

it's still fun, because they are on the wrong side of history, morality, ethics, etc ... and they know it...

john39's picture

I guess under your logic, California penal system has taken in a lot troubled youth too.  how very big of them. 

FeralSerf's picture

"Israel has taken more of them [Palestinians] in than the Arab nations."

What a crock of lying bullshit!

Israel has expelled millions of Palestinians from Palestine at gunpoint and confiscated the land they and their ancestors have owned and occupied for over a hundred generations.

Those Palestinians refugees fled for their and their children's lives. What remains of them now live in refugee camps in Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon.

sunnyside's picture

Because the Syrians, Jordanians, and Lebanese sure as hell don't want them either.

Squid Viscous's picture

good lesson bro, no one wants them ...

except maybe they want to just stay where they were born? but that's unacceptable...

and you're not a racist scumbag either...i'm learning new stuff every day, what a brave new world!

sunnyside's picture

Sucks for them, but it's true.  Those other countries don't want them. 

And, they don't want to just stay where they were born.  They want all of the land and to drive all the Jews into the sea.  Why did you say that it is unacceptable to stay where they were born, becasue I sure didn't.

PS:  I'm glad you try to learn every day.  Keep at it, because you have a long way to go.

where_is the_nuke's picture

What a faggot! You rob someone and  then ask why someone else is not giving him the money you stole from him. Only a hasbara ziocunt can come up with this kind of logic

sunnyside's picture

Not really sure what my sexual orientation (faggot)has to do with supporting either Israel or Gaza.  Can you explain?  Or is faggot just a pejorative that you use to for someone you think wrong/inferior?


BTW, I'm completely straight.

FeralSerf's picture

What a surprise!

I would have concluded from your posts that you were crooked.