Man Carrying Ebola Virus In World's Fourth Most Populous City, Dies In Quarantine

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Update: It has been confirmed that the Liberian man who died in quarantine, did in fact have Ebola. Cue panic mitigation.

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While the state of Sierra Leone is scrambling to locate the missing woman who is "on the loose" in the capital Freetown with a documented case of Ebola, we can at least close the book on the other developing story we reported yesterday involving a person who collapse in the international airport of Nigeria's megacity, Lagos, and who was being tested for Ebola. The man has died.

From Reuters:

A Liberian man suspected to have Ebola virus has died in quarantine in Lagos, Nigeria, a Nigerian official in Geneva told Reuters on Friday.


The man, who collapsed on arrival at the airport in Nigeria's commercial centre, Lagos, on Thursday, was being kept in isolation by authorities and had not entered the mega-city of 21 million people, he said.


"While he was in quarantine he passed away," the official said. "The Liberian came in and he was quarantined at the airport and not allowed to go to the city. While he was quarantined he passed away. Everyone who has had contact with him has been quarantined," he told Reuters. 


If confirmed, the Liberian man would be the first case on record of one of the world's deadliest diseases in Nigeria, Africa's biggest economy and with 170 million people, its most populous country. However, Ebola is one of a number of viruses that can cause hemorrhagic fever. 

It is unclear if he passed away from natural causes, such as being beaten to death to avoid any loose ends, or because the Ebola virus he was carrying was in very late stage.

No matter the open questions, we are confident that there is nothing to worry about and that the risk of anyone else encountering the man (who may or may not have died from Ebola 24 hours later) while at the airport, and certainly flying off to non-African destinations, is below zero. In fact, we are confident that no matter what the story is, it is bullish for risk assets and certainly for global healthcare companies.

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90's Child's picture

Infect the masses.

Beard of Zeus's picture

Mother Nature's way of controlling the population.


May it spread throughout Africa and Asia.

90's Child's picture

Do the math.

Let's say he died from the virus. That means he had it infecting people for at least 28 days before he started showing signs.

How many people you come in contact with in 28 days?
Let alone in a city of 20 million +

If he did infect just ONE person that's all it would take off the odds to get this wild fire spreading.

Bad day for sure.

Pheonyte's picture

The incubation period is 2 to 21 days, not 28.

90's Child's picture

Thanks for the correction thought I read 28 days some where.
Gettin my virus and plagues all mixed up. To many too keep up with.

kurzdump's picture

Yea, that was '28 days later' probably, or '28 weeks later'.

AlaricBalth's picture

“The earth is attempting to rid itself of an infection by human parasite.” 
 Richard PrestonThe Hot Zone

(Thanks to hedgeless_horseman from a previous thread)

hedgeless_horseman's picture



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AlaricBalth's picture

From Reuters today: "Earlier on Friday, WHO spokesman Paul Garwood said: "He departed on the plane initially with no symptoms, he reported being symptomatic on arrival. I understand that he was vomiting and he then turned himself over basically, he made it known that he wasn't feeling well. Nigerian health authorities took him and put him in isolation," he said."

From the Hot Zone by Richard Preston: "He open his mouth and gasps into the bag, and the vomiting goes on endlessly. It will not stop, and he keeps bringing up liquid, long after his stomach should have been empty. The airsickness bag fills up to the brim with a substance known as the vomito negro, or the black vomit. The black vomit is not really black; it is a speckled liquid of two colors, black and red, a stew of tarry granules mixed with fresh red arterial blood. It is hemorrhage, and it smells like a slaughterhouse. The black vomit is loaded with virus."

Four chan's picture

jesus! now thats some writing!

August's picture

The Hot Zone is an old (early 90's?) book, but well worth the read.  "Non-fiction thriller".

It's like opera:  everybody dies at the end.

ShrNfr's picture

Hemorrhagic fevers are hemorrhagic because they basically cuisinart your cells. The reproduction in the cell is so rapid it bursts it. Not just here and there, but all over the place. That is why you Bleed out of every orifice in your body, and I do mean every. Nasty stuff.

BlindMonkey's picture

You guys are taking doom porn to the next level today.  Bravo!!

Buck Johnson's picture

Good god this thing is explained in nasty detail.  There is no way that others haven't been infected.


The_Virginian's picture

Do we really have overpopulation goons here? 

Okay, Ehrlich. 

pilager's picture

28 days, That's the plague called vaginola that infects the female species.

Groundhog Day's picture

Can someone say "12 Monkeys"

Headbanger's picture

Yeah.  So how much longer until it kills you, Einstein?

Groundhog Day's picture

Did he visit the Fed building?

SubjectivObject's picture


No wish of comuppance for caucasoid banksters, politakeans, and their commensurately degenerate corporape consorts, forthcoming from you?

maskone909's picture

you should write obammmers teleprompter

SubjectivObject's picture

"My fallow Amerwreckans! ....

.... USlessA's!  USlessA's!  USlessA's! "

r0mulus's picture

Just to note: you are hoping for the death of at least tens of milions. Are you serious?

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

If this thing with Russia keeps going, it could be 100's of millions.  Or more.  Or it could be everyone.

BlindMonkey's picture

It has been decades since I saw this but still remember the quote.  It came right up on youtube too.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

We have need to fire bomb the city in order to save it. Tell them to contact the U.S. They specialize in bloodthirsty slaughter and have mountains of munitions perfect for the job.

Clycntct's picture

Let me help correct your post so you don't run up to many negs.

"May it spread throughout Africa and Asia" and Wash DC.

Chuck Walla's picture

Late stage Ebola is like 36-48 hours.


spekulatn's picture

BTFED (BuyTheFuckinEbolaDip)


Good weekend ZH community.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Nothing to worry about until it starts killing the top 20%.  

101 years and counting's picture

the Fed is already working on printing a cure/vaccine.

Urban Redneck's picture

The deceased who brought the plague upon the "civilized" and interconnected world worked for the Ministry of Finance.

God may have twisted sense of Humor

Mammon's disciples may desire to take down the rest of the world with the collapse of their debt pyramid

An irate ZH member may have decided to take bankster suicides to the next level

Regardless, the Fed would be well advised to start "printing for a cure"...

homersimpson's picture

Oh no... he dropped when he came off the plane? Oh vey.

Our future awaits:

Emergency Ward's picture

In the USA that dude would have gotten the DHS full-patdown orifice search.  "Is that snot or a bomb-making component dripping from your nose?"  Poor DHS agent.

I guess some day in the future the DHS airport gropers will be wearing bio-hazard suits -- because nothing, nothing, nothing is more important than agent safety.

MsCreant's picture

No need for suits, they ARE biohazards. We need a suit of protection from them.

Right now, you could not pay me to fly.

IndyPat's picture

I fly more often then I'd like to...which is to say, none at all if I could avoid it. Outside of the TSA, airlines have adopted Hobbit sized seating so as to cram more folks in which isn't compatible with my Yeti like build (6'4" 345lbs)
Anyway, I always opt out of the body scanners and so does my wife.
The main TSA Toady that checks your ticket/drivers license said after I told him we are opting out said "the scanners are perfectly safe, they emit no X-rays or radiation"
My wife and I busted out laughing at him. He got mad and said "it's true!"
To which my wife, who introduced herself to the stooge as the Neuro Oncologist that she is told him "keep telling your self that. I'll be seeing you soon. Then you'll be the one being poked and prodded. And you'll have a brain tumor the size of a volley ball."
He turned a whiter shade of pale, and waved us through.

This is the third time we've had to give that little info dump.

Then over at the violation pat down area, stooge 2 asks me if I'd like the pat down in private.
I said "no, I like it here in the open so everyone can see exactly how disgusting it is. Maybe a few will wake up"
This one gave me a knowing look and said under his breath "I hope so, too. I hate doing this"
I said "then don't do it and spill your guts"
He shrugged.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

e ward, lets keep that to ourselves here on ZH, those goons at TSA- I have no charity for - SS gestapo deserve a break more than these child molesting skunks. all they (tsa) need to do is a little reading about how much america hates them, but they keep that job," it was orders you know", panamundo judges say guilty.

Silky Johnson's picture

They gave the guy the Marcellus Wallace treatment, "I'ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin' niggers, who'll go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch."

Serves the son of a bitch right for travelling with that shit coming out of his orifices.

SubjectivObject's picture

"... in quarantine."

Dewd, I gots you a great deal ona brij ...

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

know someone flying to lagos next week...some how I will not be waiting for him on his return, if .gov is smart there will be no  return flights until ebola burns out..but then that would be racissst.

jmcadg's picture

The guy flew in to Lagos. Good luck to everyone on that flight and their family and friends and their ... Fuck.

medium giraffe's picture

So much doom porn recently.  Bought myself some Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses.

medium giraffe's picture

Yup.  Medium sized towel too.  I'm ready rock.

jon dough's picture

We need to wrap Lagos in an SEP Field.


Just to buy us some time...

youngman's picture

It would be nice to know his history..where he was at ..who he was he got it in other words..I would hate to be the person sitting next to him on the plane..