ObamaFraud: GAO Study Finds Almost All Fake Applicants Are Approved For Subsidized ObamaCare

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Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg

ObamaFraud: GAO Study Finds Almost All Fake Applicants are Approved for Subsidized ObamaCare

Although it hasn’t been a focus for a while, the incompetent disaster that has been the ObamaCare rollout has been well documented on this site. Here are just a few posts on the subject:

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Well the hits just keep on coming. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), recently conducted a study in which investigators attempted to use fake identities to sign up for subsidized healthcare under ObamaCare. The results are frightening. All but one phony applicant was successful. Moreover, the GAO more broadly notes that “about 2.6 million ‘inconsistencies’ existed among applicants who had chosen a health plan.”

The Washington Post reports that:

In undercover tests of the new federal health insurance marketplace, government investigators have been able to procure health plans and federal subsidies for fake applicants with fictitious documents, according to findings that will be disclosed to lawmakers Wednesday.


The results of the inquiry by the Government Accountability Office are evidence of still-imperfect work by specialists intended to assist new insurance customers as well as government contractors hired to verify that coverage and subsidies are legitimate. The GAO also pointed to flaws that linger in the marketplace’s Web site, HealthCare.gov.


According to testimony to be delivered before a House Ways and Means subcommittee, undercover GAO investigators tried to obtain health plans for a dozen fictitious applicants online or by phone, using invalid or missing Social Security numbers or inaccurate citizenship information.


All but one of the fake applicants ended up getting subsidized coverage — and have kept it. In one instance, an application was denied but then approved on a second try. In six other attempts to sign up fake applicants via in-person assisters, just one assister accurately told an investigator that the applicant’s income was too high for a subsidy.


The GAO’s account of fictitious applicants obtaining subsidized coverage goes beyond a related problem that surfaced this spring and that the investigators also cited: The government may be paying incorrect insurance subsidies to a significant share of the 5.4 million Americans who signed up for health plans for this year through the federal marketplace.


The GAO testimony contains updates on that problem, saying that, as of mid-July, about 2.6 million “inconsistencies” existed among applicants who had chosen a health plan and that 650,000 of them had been resolved.

Just more proof of a completely disconnected and incompetent government. As if you needed any more evidence.

Full article here.

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zerozulu's picture

one step closer to socialism.

TeethVillage88s's picture

One Step Closer to Military Coup.

One Step Closer to Multiple Impeachments.

One Step Closer to Rigorous Inspections, Audits, Independent Auditing Reforms, Accounting Reforms, and Military Style Inspections of US Government Agencies.

-No Glory for GAO
-No Glory for CBO
-No Glory for US Ratings Agencies
-No Glory for Wall Street
-No Glory for US Corporations

-An End to US Congressional Lobbying

-An End to Blackmail of Supreme Court

-An End to NSA Spying on Citizens

-An End to NDAA Civil Rights loss in this Dirty War, and an End to the US Patriot Act

-An End to the Federal Reserve Abuses to the Little Guy on Main Street

-Welcome the new Era of Anti-Trust, Anti-Racketeering, Anti-Lobbying, Anti-Big government, Anti-Defense Subsidies, and Anti-Israel Lobby

TeethVillage88s's picture

Clap yourself on the back. It is a celebration.

old naughty's picture

Faked applicants.


One step closer to Civil War 2 / War of the Worlds !?

wee-weed up's picture



The Obozo Admin will give free sign-up to ObozoCare...

For all the illegal undocumented DemoCraps flooding across the Southern border...

And then claim fabulous enrollment and sign-up numbers!

And the MSM will have orgasms in reporting those sign-up numbers!

boogerbently's picture


This is the problem with ALL gov. programs, and why GOP/conservatives are against them.

They operate on the "honor system". For a largely DISHONORABLE public......using MY money.

Check bank accounts/earnings. Cross check Disability/Welfare/food stamp/IRS records.

I'm NOT against helping someone temporarily "down on their luck".

I RESENT supporting FREELOADERS, ILLEGALS, Gamers of the system !

NoDebt's picture

Cloward Piven.  Obamacare was never designed to "work".  It was designed to overload and break the system.  In that respect, it's working perfectly.

SafelyGraze's picture

when you consider the number of people around the world who are being denied access to medical care, you realize that it's only a tiny step forward to provide insurance to all residents (whether documented or undocumented) in the US.

a better, and fairer, plan would be to extend this much-needed service globally

and remember: fictitious persons need insurance, too


sylviasays's picture

"when you consider the number of people around the world who are being denied access to medical care, you realize that it's only a tiny step forward to provide insurance to all residents (whether documented or undocumented) in the US. a better, and fairer, plan would be to extend this much-needed service globally and remember: fictitious persons need insurance, too"

Either you forgot your sacrcasm tag or you're delusional. How will health insurance programs controlled by corrupt big government elites provide better access to medical care for people around the world? 

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Healthcare is an inalienable right, doncha know. Democrats say so. The pope agrees.

Excursionist's picture

And this cuts to the heart of the most divisive piece of legislation in U.S. history:  is healthcare a basic human right like freedom and the pursuit of happiness?

I do not believe so, but I seem to be in a diminishing minority.

edotabin's picture

It could be that, as the economic lanscape of the country has been decimated, more and more people stopped paying the exorbitant prices healthcare companies wanted.  As such, they make contribution mandatory and now we all have to pay for it whether we want to or not.

I am not wise enough to make a judgement as to whether or not healthcare is a basic human right. I am wise enough to know that being healthy is a state that is achieved, to a large extent, by personal choices. I am also wise enough to know that we do not have healthcare but "sickness management" as the root cause of disease is rarely, if ever, addressed. Rather the solution usually required pills, pills and more pills as well as treatment, treatment and more treatment.  I am also wise enough to know that disease is on the rise and not the other way around. Just look at cancer statistics, for example.

So, I say, it is a way to keep everyone on the hamster wheel.


XitSam's picture

GOP elites are the other wing of the Collectivist Party.  As for "conservatives", they are for government subsidies/handouts as long as they are the receivers.

sylviasays's picture

"As for "conservatives", they are for government subsidies/handouts as long as they are the receivers."

Only a big government socialist libtard used to taking would make this assumption about all conservatives. 

Democratic koolaid's picture

Using the moniker "liberals" to explain socialsim and new age pinkos seems to give liberty a bad name. Prefurably they should be called the "left"  cause they have left all scensible thoughts forgot.


XitSam's picture

You're totally clueless.  Show me a conservative owned business that doesn't lobby some level of government for subsidies, assistance or restrictions on their competition.  Show me just five (5) conservatives that refuse Social Security benefits.

As to how my statement makes me a "socialists libtard", I can't even fathom.  I'm about as committed an anarcho-capitalist (that's libertarian for your simpletons) as can be.

Next time, consider alternate explanations before you open your mouth and say something even stupider than you actually are.

doctor10's picture

GOP/conservatives "against" them?!!!

LOL!!!!Boehner and the House can defund ALL this shit in20minutes with a vote if they really wanted to do anything about it.


Mebbe the NSA "made them do it"

FeralSerf's picture

". . . why GOP/conservatives are against them."

If this is true, please tell us why the GOP (along with their partners in crime, the Democrats) "gave" us Medicare Part D.

"Check bank accounts/earnings. Cross check Disability/Welfare/food stamp/IRS records."

The NSA is doing just that and much more. Are you happy now?

"I RESENT supporting FREELOADERS, ILLEGALS, Gamers of the system !"


edotabin's picture

In the beginning we had people "gaming the system". As things have deteriorated, I'm finding the system itself is the game.

TheReplacement's picture

There is no need for .gov to force you to help people down on their luck.  ACA, however, isn't about helping people.  This country has a glorious history of individual charity.  The ACA only appears necessary because of the concerted effort to make charitable giving impractical or unrewarding.  This is about control.  The ACA is simply a mechanism to further the control by the few of the many.

Once .gov starts taking from you to give to others you have landed on a slippery slope and you don't control gravity. 

Crawdaddy's picture

Nah. Another step closer to choosing sides. Good vs evil. Thats all.

Antifaschistische's picture

I'm not sure the GAO gets it.   The backdoor/frontdoor for bogus applicants was a design issue.  If it weren't not for this feature, POTUS would have never been able to hit his target numbers.

OFA had a mini army off applicant churners to help hit the targets...that's how they roll in Chicago and now DC.

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

I’m making $3000 a week signing up people for Obamacare on my home computer!!! My system is so simple I can train any body to do it!!! Last week I signed up my dog and my wife’s 3 cats!!! They qualified right away and now they’re signing up people from all walks of life to get the same great Obamacare benefits!!! You can too!!! Call me and soon you’ll be on your way to fun and profit making the Obamacare home referral difference!!!

boogerbently's picture

Can you get me a reduced interest rate on a home I shouldn't qualify for ?

max2205's picture

Free phone...check

Free rent check check

Free bealth care check

Free food check

Free utilities check


We r fucked

Barack Obama's picture

Chief Wonder Bread,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping out your fellow uninsured Americans. It is people like you that will help to achieve our goals in the upcoming elections. I look forward to receiving your substantial campaign contributions.

Uncle Remus's picture


I signed up [...] my wife’s 3 cats


Excellent. I have 3 older cats and they are really starting to rack up the vet bills. Question, will O-Care cover the cost of the meat processor when it is time for them to er, go? I mean, I fed the little bastards for umpteen years, I oughta get something out of the deal - I am sure I can find an ethnic group in a college town that enjoys cat.

SF beatnik's picture

When liberals like me start to sympathize with that notion of military coup, expressed above, we're in a whole lot of trouble.

Renfield's picture

I'm a liberal too, as opposed to the large group of 'illiberals' out there. Illiberal: a statist voter, thus by definition neither liberal nor conservative.

Liberals are in just as much trouble as conservatives. (These groups are not necessarily opposite.)

XitSam's picture

There won't be a military coup.  Why do you think Obama is purging the officer ranks?

junction's picture

Obamacare is how the government works these days.  Just rubberstamp the approval code on applicants you want to receive government payouts or licensing, be they oil company executives, drug companies with miracle drugs that kill or bad software vendors.  Almost all of Obama's henchmen are multi-millionaires thanks to their government service.  By the way, this is not socialism, it is fascism.

PT's picture

How often are election promises broken???  How often are laws enacted that were not even debated during the election process???  How often does the "other" party get voted in, just to continue with the direction of the original party???

Do the plebs win when medical costs, or any other costs for that matter, are pumped up to artificial highs?

"Socialism" is the packaging.  "Theft" is the package.  The banksters get the T-bone.  The plebs get the scraps.  The plebs can't get the T-bone because they have no power.  The banksters can't get the T-bone unless they promise to give it to the plebs.  But the banksters get the first cut of the steak, and even if it is only a small cut, they get to control a lot of steaks.  Or, in this case, the medical industry gets first cut of the steaks - but then has to shuffle most of it to the insurance industry so the banksters win again!

It ain't socialism until the plebs have the power.  The banksters have the power.  The plebs get the scraps.
"Have mercy, I have a wife and three kids to feed."
"Have mercy, I have three thousand workers to feed."
"... and those three thousand workers have three thousand wives and nine thousand children."
"Have mercy, I have ten million students to feed.  You need to lend them some money!"

Socialism is the packaging.  Theft is the package.

PT's picture

Does your medical insurance cover the whole bill or do you still have to shovel money out of your own pocket to cover some kind of "gap" between insurance coverage and the bill in your hand?  Who benefits?

PT's picture

Re "the banksters get the first cut of the steak, and even if it is only a small cut, they get to control a lot of steaks" :

The banksters also get to determine the size of the steak.  They can also make it bigger.

Crawdaddy's picture

NWO is what is inside the last little Russian doll, a Matryoshka of bad tidings.


Brought to you by the globalists and their implementation monkeys around the world.

When you get the ebola cough, make sure you hug one of them to show your appreciation for their devotion to your well being.

zhandax's picture

"make sure you hug one of them"

Hugs are so blue team.  Be non-partisan and shake hands with them all.

James-Morrison's picture

Are we still pissing on a dead ember...

Who but a maroon doesn't know that Obamacare is also known as Healthcare for Dummies?

hobopants's picture

They should conduct similar studies in other entitlement programs, I'm sure the results would be "Shocking".

TeamDepends's picture

Barry:  E Plurubus Unum

(cut to Wizard of Oz)

Wizard:  E Plurubus Unum

-There's No Place Like Utopia, Joel Gilbert

what's that smell's picture

hey america!

the gubmint just destroyed your health care system....and you did nothing.

the gubmint just destroyed your national borders....and you did nothing.

the gubmint just destroyed a civilian airliner to demonize the russians....and you did nothing.

it there any outrage that will make get off your asses and do something? anything?

oh yeah.....somebody said the "n" word.

stupid bitches.