Pentagon Says Russia Preparing To Transfer "Powerful Weapons" To Ukraine

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No red lines, no YouTube clips, no "satellite images" of WMD this time: just more "straight to propaganda" speculation by the Pentagon. From Reuters:

The Pentagon said on Friday the transfer of heavy-caliber multiple-launch rocket systems from Russia to Ukrainian separatists appeared to be imminent with the arms close enough to the border they could be handed over "potentially today."


"We have indications that the Russians intend to supply heavier and more sophisticated multiple-launch rocket systems in the very near future," said Army Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, adding that the weapons were in the over-200mm range.


Warren indicated the weapons had been seen getting closer to the border and the Pentagon believed a transfer was imminent and could happen "potentially today."


"We believe that they are able to transfer this equipment at any time, at any moment," he said.

So Russia "could", "potentially today" transfer rocket launchers to Ukraine. But wait, wasn't the same Pentagon reporting hours ago that Russia is now, with the entire world clearly watching, no longer even pretending to be not engaged and is firing at Ukraine forces directly from its own territory? Why would they stop now? And surely with every US spy satellite trained at east Ukraine, the moment this happens it will be blasted to every media outlet. Right?


A multiple-launch rocket system is a wheeled or tracked vehicle mounted with multiple tubes capable of firing a half dozen or more guided or unguided rockets in quick succession at targets scores of miles (km) away. The rockets are generally 100mm to 300mm, with those over 200mm in the heavier-caliber category.


"We're very concerned with the quantity and the capability of weapons flowing from Russia into the Ukrainian separatists' hands," Warren said.


"There has been a continuous flow over the last several weeks of weapons and equipment from Russia to Ukraine," he said, noting that the "most egregious example" was a column of more than 100 vehicles crossing the border.


The Pentagon's assessment that a transfer of heavy weaponry was imminent came as Russian authorities accused Ukraine of firing a volley of mortar rounds across the frontier into Russia on Friday while a group of investigators was in the area assessing reports of cross-border shooting.


A Russian security official said up to 40 mortar bombs fired by Ukrainian forces fell in the Russian province of Rostov near the border where Ukrainian government forces are fighting pro-Russian separatists. There were no reports of injuries.

Then there was this:


And then, just to hammer home the message that crazy Putin, the "West's Public Enemy Number One" is about to invade Ukraine, we get this from Reuters:


Ok, we get it: the former KGB spy is on full tilt and deserves every #hashtag the West can unleash. So please activate the sanctions already, those including Gazprom and not the purely theatrical ones to date, and let's all sit back and watch what happens to Europe's economy.

In the meantime, due to popular demand, here is some cover art courtesy of William Banzai.

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Yep, Putin is a swetheart, it's not like he's ever poisoned any of his rivals with Polonium... I trust him 100%

RevRex's picture

Cue the cowardly down arrowers who can't refute facts!

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powerful weapon

they call it the Derivatives Anti-net-net Debt Manifestor


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So the US doesn't hold the monopoly on arming the rest of the world?  I smell another cold war coming, or maybe a lukewarm or tepid war.

toady's picture

Exactly. Russia gets to arm both sides in this one.

Ruble ruble bill yo.

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NATO will counter this with massive weapon sales to Ukraine. The war will heat up, but can the US supply enough Nat Gas to Europe for the winter months? I saw Red October... the Russians have subs and aren't afraid of fire works demonstrations.

Don't believe me... aks the Malaysians?

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Report of Ukraine military purporting to say the MH17 shoot down was due to a poorly run Ukrainian excercise:


“On July 17 the commanding officer of 156th Anti-Aircraft Regiment was instructed to conduct a training exercise of ground troops stationed near Donetsk, which involved deploying the troops, and carrying out a routine tracking and destroying of targets with the Buk-M1 missile,” the source said.


The source added that the actual launch of the rockets was not intended.


The launch of WWI was not intended either.



Pinto Currency's picture



Ukraine looks like it may have a desertion problem and is being routed in the East:

ACP's picture

Powerful weapons? Did they invent some kind of new triple-refried bean burrito?

Son of Loki's picture

<< powerful weapons >>


Pure arm pit sweat from 100 unshaven geriatric Ural Mt women bottled and undiluted.

Pinto Currency's picture




Await warning of a mineshaft-gap with Russia from General Buck Turgidson II.

ZerOhead's picture

When they write about Hitler in the future they will describe him as like Putin...

TeamDepends's picture

Ah yes, the doomsday machine.  Too bad this movie is being directed by rank amateurs and not Kubrick.

crazzziecanuck's picture

More Phun With Photoshop.  Here are the next two Newsweek covers that have been "leaked."

Must confess I'm ripping off Lee Camp's future headlines bit by making up future Newsweek covers.

Mr. Lucky's picture

Caption contest:  No more Mr. Nice Guy

Anusocracy's picture

The US has more powerful weapons:

The smegma like substance that accumulates in the skin folds of millions of morbidly obese Americans.

SF beatnik's picture

If Putin had evil designs, he'd stand back and allow Ukraine to become yet another US Vietnam, this time pushing ourselves over the cliff, once and for all.

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Ask yourself why it is OK for western Ukrainians to blast the crap out of eastern Ukrainians with heavy Russian weapons but it is NOT OK for eastern Ukrainians to blast the crap out of western Ukrainians invading  east Ukraine using heavy Russian weapons.

By the same logic the US should sponsor London in blasting the crap out of Scotland if it votes for independence in November.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Because "territorial integrity" is paramount.

Well, as long as you aren't a Kosovar Albanian, then it's partition time.

Latina Lover's picture

THe USSA is used to threatening anyone and everyone.   But times are achanging....

tncaver's picture

Hey wetback lover, do you mine telling all the other squats to quit crossig into the US illegally. The country you love to hate has to take care of these peons. I for one would rather spend my money on American citizens not mexicans.

zhandax's picture

"The country you love to hate has to take care of these peons."

Actually they don't.  From the introduction of the sling, countries throughout history have simply shot invaders crossing their borders.  This may be the first country in history to cross the border themselves and advertise for foreign invaders to cross our border in order to pass an unfavorable immigration bill, though.  But then again, history is littered with examples of fucked-up political tactics.

HamFistedIdiot's picture


you lost me there


things are pretty grim. the awake are VERY awake, while the masses walk around in a stupor. Mr. Putin, with a 4 hour lecture and the facts on his side, has a very difficult time overcoming the propaganda coming out of western media. You can thank Common Core -- and its Federally controlled predecessors --  for the acceptance of Putin = Bad by the average American. Will enough see through this? 

conscious being's picture

The whole world is watching, not just "exceptional" America.

The greater audience can end dollar hedgemony, by getting out of the dollar.  The shock to the system, of all that coming home may jolt the patient, bubus americanus, up off the table ... finally, to defend his interests.

r0mulus's picture

He was already doing that though, it's called Iraq and Afghanistan.
They have a lot of first hand experiencing in knowing what a treasury sucking endeavour occupying middle eastern countries is.

This is a bit different. Ukraine is right on their doorstep. A comparable equivalent might be if Canada was being puppeted by China and the US responded by annexing Vancouver or Toronto: it'd be right there in our vulnerable underbelly and we'd be mad as fucking hell about it too.

All this in an independent country which for 200 of the last 225 years has been a part of something called Russia or the USSR.

Not Too Important's picture

Desertion problem?

Poroshenko quit because he can't pay anyone, all the way down to the field cook. Those Uke soldiers are dying with no paychecks. Their families are starving, no healthcare, and they're being ordered to kill other Ukrainians.

They're fucking pissed, and if the generals don't shoot them in the back as they run, they're headed back to Kiev for some payback.

And this is all before the general public faces down IMF austerity for all the weaponry being shoved down their throats.

The big question is, are they using Depleted Uranium rounds, and turning eastern Ukraine into a lethal hot zone, while at the same time sterilizing themselves?

Very popular in Western armies, by the way. Western soldiers have been self-sterilizing for two decades or more. All that military surplus given to police departments? Still radioactive. Take a long drive in that MRAP, sheriff. Oh, what, you weren't told?

Jack Burton's picture

If true, and I am not saying it is, it would be the secondtime Ukraine has shot down a passanger jet with a anti aircarft missile during training operations. Not long after 9/11 Ukraine shot down one over Crimea while training operations of their systems. Until Russia provided evidence including radars and radio transcripts and black boxes, the Ukrainian government denied having anything to do with the shoot down. Now, does that sound familiar?

Anusocracy's picture

One might start thinking that both were deliberate.

sushi's picture

Speaking of evidence does anyone else find it strange that the USSA reports having satellite imagery of a Ukrainian Buk-M1 position for which it is claimed that the crew was on a boozer due to the number of beer bottles found littering the emplacement?

If you have the technical capability to count the damn beer bottles it must also be possible to image a 20 feet missile and all of the associated flashbang. And if you can see a 20 foot missile then it should also be possible to view the 50 foot TELAR that launched it. 

But sadly the only thing we get from the billions spent on sat recon and other arcane arts is a beer bottle count.

"Where are the enemy positions, soldier?"

"Over by that large pile of brown glass yonder, sir"



SDShack's picture

Not only the missle, and the launcher, but where are the photos of the 30,000 foot plume of smoke the missle left behind en route to the airliner?

socalbeach's picture

There's this sattelite video, but I don't know it it's legit.

(July 24, 2014)

Boeing fired at APU, with territories controlled Kolomoisky.

conscious being's picture

No witnesses. No one saw what should have been an obvious streak in the sky.

Remember the Mystery Missle over Los Anglese??  Big streak in the sky.  Lots of phone calls.;_ylt=A0SO8xrkF9NTcFUAjxBXNyoA;...


The Longest Call's picture

WMDs again!  What do Saddam, Ghadaffi, and Putin all have in common... NO WMDs

Let me guess, Germany next...

SteveNYC's picture

Oh, I think Putin has plenty of WMDs. Real big, bad ones. Thus the reason he hasn't been invaded yet, as they would prove most difficult to "liberate"........

Not Too Important's picture

His biggest WMD's are intel finds. He knows who's commiting child sacrifices. Fuck the nukes, this'll change warfare for all time.

JR's picture

Washington’s Jewish-dominated warmongers are not dealing with some tinhorn here. They are dealing with a superpower. And they are in the superpower’s zone of influence. And they are lying consistently, making accusation without fact.  If anybody is threatening, it’s NATO. Look up “threat” in the dictionary and it says it’s NATO.

Russia has never threatened except to say, You build up, then we build up.

All through the CIA/NATO-created revolution that toppled an elected government in Ukraine, the US has consistently tried to portray Putin and Russia as a dangerous aggressor. If the Jewish warmongers and their sycophant Congressional puppets and White House Fool succeed in awakening this bear, they may face an enemy far more dangerous than they ever imagined.

Putin has tried in vain to protect the material and spiritual progress he has made for his people since their escape from the  terrors of Bolshevism and its Iron Curtain over Russia. And because he would refuse to succumb to the debt-slavery wave, pushed by America and the IMF, he and his people have been targeted by the Fed's economic hit men.

Maybe John McCain wants war and maybe he will get it. But it will come in Russia’s zone of influence and it will not be the kind of war the neocons are used to: Attacking defenseless nations.

r0mulus's picture

I've heard that Russia has radars that can defeat stealth technology as well.

If so, and the US cannot control the skies, I don't see how they have one chance in hell of holding territory near the Russian border. There is just no way the logistics can be accomplished in terms of putting that much metal on the ground, without putting the country on a strictly rationed war economy. Think Russia would allow even then, an amphibious operation to get close to it's shores, or to allow railroads leading up to it's borders to remain standing? Not a chance in hell.

In such a scenario, it's likely that china would cut us off from our "industrial base" and heap massive amounts of grief upon us.

Beyond simply being a matter of "weak will", this war is logistically impossible to win. It beggars to belief that such a confrontational strategy was even deemed useful. I mean, honestly, WTF?

conscious being's picture

Look back at what happenend to the first USN boat they sent into the Black Sea as Ukraine hotted up.

Got their Ageis electronics fried.  Did it happen?  The ship did get buzzed.  The ship did make for port immeadiately after and a replacement was sent in.

gcjohns1971's picture

That is plausible.

However, it is also plausible that east Ukrainians did it, as they CLAIMED to have a BUK days before the shooting.

At this point anything anyone says in the Ukraine is a contrarian indicator.

Taint Boil's picture



Soooo . they know this but they can’t tell you where the missile came from … OMG seriously.

pazmaker's picture



....says the Russsian news agency run by the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media..


Are people really so naive and gullible on ZH now...  


These are propaganda wars by both sides.  It appears most folks on here think that if one side is lying then the other side must be telling the truth.  It is not so simple, did it ever occur to you that both sides have their agenda and own spin on how this occured?

JR's picture

Please, try your best to separate the lies for the truth; use your eyes to see and read this Letter to the Editor in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.

Letter to the Editor

The state of Israel has accomplished what no Roman Empire, no Nazi persecution, no bigot has ever been able to do. It has made me ashamed to be a Jew. We are witnessing another massacre of the innocents. Anybody who cannot respond to the disproportionate response, to the suffering of the Palestinian people, to the targeting of schools, water plants, mosques and hospitals is truly a lost soul. And it grieves me beyond measure that my government is Israel’s enabler.

As another Jew, killed by our mentor the Roman Empire, once asked: “Having eyes, do you not see?”

– Michael Beer, Richmond

NOTE: Jesus was crucified by Roman soldiers in obeisance to a decision by the chief priests and the entire Sanhedrin; "the Romans had taken away the Jews' right to inflict capital punishment, so in order for Jesus to be condemned to death He had to be sentenced by a Roman leader. The Jewish leaders wanted Jesus crucified on a cross, a method the Jews believed brought a curse from God. They hoped to persuade the people that Jesus was cursed, not blessed, by God." (Lfe Application Bible)

El Vaquero's picture

"The war will heat up, but can the US supply enough Nat Gas to Europe for the winter months?"


We had to import gas last year.  We also exported some, but in the end, we're just producing enough to meet domestic needs.  To supply Europe, that would require rationing, and going back to coal power plants over the natgas ones that we've been putting in.  We'd have some very unhappy campers here.  

Hippocratic Oaf's picture


It's not the facts, we just don't like you.

At best you're an asshole.

Lets all watch ofuckit draw another line and drum up more sanctions.

Gonna be a long 2.5 years

El Vaquero's picture

You think we can both stay afloat and out of WWIII for 2.5 years?

90&#039;s Child's picture

My prep plan is the end of 2015. Then SHTF, and maybe after TEOTWAWKI.

I don't believe we will ever be back running things the way they are now.